Sunday, August 30, 2020

Road trip!

 Hello friends! I am on a roadtrip, slightly different locations and dates than I first tweeted. I'm looking for people in the DC area going east to the Smoky Mountains the second week of September.

Also if you want to meet me at Six Flags in either New Jersey or Virginia the first week of September. 

Or Orlando the third week of September. 


  1. Would be awsome if I were in the states. Please keep updating on your travels. Interesting time to travel.

  2. Woah!! Orlando! I'm back in Florida from Bangladesh. and in Tallahassee so a few hours away from orlando. It'd be cool to meet up.

  3. I'm from Orlando hope we can meet

  4. Just started reading confessions of ...
    Interesting stuff , I relate to a lot of it

  5. Hey, Thomas.
    I am a foreign, but yet your book and words in it, deeply touched my soul and as I think even sociopaths have soul.
    I liked the ending the most, where you are admiting, that after all, sociopaths have a lot of vulnerable sides. In order not to waste time I am going straight to the question, which I thought of:

    At the begining, you show sociopaths as a ruthless predators, but already at the middle of the story you admit, that you've chose your victims among the weak people of the society, who have weak sides and masochistic willing. It means that you are not such a strong predator, but a scavanger who parasites on the weak. Truly, science says, that predators in nature prefer eat first the weakest, by that helping to the natural selection. What I am trying to say that - sociopath's will are not so strong to deal with some kind of people. Have you met ever people who can't be manipulated? I do. There are strong people, that can't be defeated by sociopaths. Isn't it kinda embarasing for you? Our will for power is limited by some type of people.

    Do you now how to deal with this people? Or sociopaths always will took a niche that isn't on the top?
    Despite the will of power, most of the sociopaths cannot achieve top places, because of people that are stronger mentally? Have you met such people? How can a sociopath deal with them? Were you ever been scared by strong empaths, who would be stronger mentally? What did you do in such situations?


    1. She didn't answer you. Your question is too irrelevant for her.

  6. Hwy! I missed your travel post. If you are in Orlando (or further south) would love to have drinks or a meal!

  7. Cooperation is the narrative of the strong and the only hope for the weak.

  8. Oh yeah, I live in Orlando. Would love to meet up!

  9. Any plans on coming to the UK?

  10. Great! Wish you all well on your upcoming road trip! Have fun!

  11. Great! I wish you all the best and hope you have fun on your road trip! Have fun and hope you have memorable experiences.

  12. I wish you all the best on your trip and wish you good luck! Enjoy! ;)


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