Sunday, July 12, 2020

Arya and Frances Interview Youtube link

Here's the interview with Arya and her ex Frances. From the YouTube description:

Arya (boo of M.E. Thomas) interviews her ex-girlfriend, who was the one who told Arya she might be a sociopath, had Arya read "Confessions of a Sociopath", and sent Arya to meet M.E. They talk about the role of mercy in relationships, the possibility of change, empath/sociopath relations, emotional growth, getting better, strengthening sense of self, kismet, spirituality, personal boundaries, relationship boundaries, etc.

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  1. On falling

    "Control and letting go... That's a funny two words. It's a super fine line to be on"

    "And it's almost like a heightened sense of control, going out of control".

    I think I live most of my life on that line. And maybe it was with **-* that I learnt to let go and find that zone in which action is quite autonomous. Perhaps that domain is one of heightened awareness and responsiveness rather than control. That's my experience, anyway - on the bike, with **-* and in my career.

    I don't think letting go changes me in any way, and it doesn't change reality. What it does, though, is create a peace with reality, and in that place of non-forcing, I can see more, I can do more. On the bike, it translates to being relaxed, flowing, adaptation to the trail: the skills needed emerge, and even a crash is... part of the song.


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