Sunday, April 12, 2020

Zoom Week 1 YouTube link and Zoom Week 2 Time

Hello friends! Thanks for trying out Zoom with me. This is a link to the video. It's blurred this time, but next time please make sure that you exclude any personally identifying information or any information that you wouldn't like made public so we don't have to blur it.

We're going to do next week during Americas Saturday evening and Asiatica Sunday morning: Saturday 6:30 PDT (Los Angeles). I'll post the link in a bit. We'll try to mix up the format this time too, both technically and substantively.


  1. In a yarn history had started to go backwards (so the old days were back). "-AAam I a schhhozipath..?" an alcoholic liar asked. "-Yes dear, you most certainly are" a hole in the ground answered.

  2. In a tale a hobby philosopher climbed up to a cougar and asked: "-This disability that you have, the aggressive & enclosed behaviour, perhaps we should talk about this?" "-Why don´t we discuss your peculiar softness instead, the lack of hard inner core & vulnerable eagerness to please?" the cougar suggested.

  3. I have a question that I am considering, and I am interested in your insight. Do you think that a psychopath is more likely to find themselves in a relationship, romantic or platonic, with a codependent person or to be the codependent person in a relationship?

  4. I missed the first one and there's a good chance I'll miss the second one too but I'm gonna be on one of them at some point. I have a few questions for you and since we won't be meeting anytime soon I might as well meet you on Zoom!


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