Thursday, April 9, 2020

Spotify playlist and regular Zoom meetings?

I thought some of you might enjoy listening to my favorites (mostly chill) for your WFH.

If you want to chat about the music sometime, I might set up a Zoom or something. In fact, I enjoyed the aforementioned Killing an Evening Zoom webinar so much I thought maybe we could do a similar format on the regular, maybe Sundays (to replace church for me). I'll try to get the details to you ASAP, but let me know in the comments if that is something you'd be interested in.


  1. Zoom meetings would be fun I'd be interested in that! Sucks I couldn't get into the Killing and Evening webinar, I bet it was very interesting!

  2. So how are folks enjoying lockdown?

    Now that I'm settled in, I'm finding it quite enjoyable. Work discussions are far more selective, meaning the priority is on productive and pleasant conversations. Lots of walks and bike rides. Can't do group rides but can still shred with one buddy at a time. No annoying travel. More time with the kiddos and the dog.

    No **-*, but we can't necessarily have everything we want in life. Plus I think it's only worthwhile having him around if he wants to be around, otherwise he is painful beyond measure. Maybe I understand a bit more of what ME meant when she explained to me that it's really take it or leave it regarding the deal a sociopath puts on the table with you. There's no actual negotiation, none that works in the long run.

    The death toll concerns me; it's quite mind boggling. But the pandemic hasn't touched me, so it's not as though I feel it deeply.

    I did see a family by the side of the road last weekend, a little boy on his daddy's shoulders and the mum with signs that read "Please honk! I'm 5 today". That brought me to tears. That was the first time I had the mental bandwidth to process the human impact through a really rather busy time.

    Yet I'm hopeful that we'll see some paradigm shifts in societal structures through this period that lead to improved sustainability, productive and creative decentralisation of working, innovative business models and better governance. Who knows. Pretty sure there are lots of opportunities and plenty of spirit to drive innovation. Life always expands into the available space.

  3. I really enjoyed the Killing an Evening seminar! You shared interesting insight into psychopathy, and would love to hear more from you.

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  5. I’d be interested in participating in something like that.

  6. Interesting mix hope we get a chance to discuss it and the new book. Sorry to have missed the Zoom sessions. Next one if you have one will make sure to take part.


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