Friday, April 3, 2020

Waking up to Self

I recently stumbled upon this very old comment that I thought was interesting and relevant to current events:

We're born narcs, then our parents starts to exhibit control and dominance. In other words, they are psychopathic towards us. "It is for your own good". This role is later taken over by the society. Collectivism, mores, police and so forth.

But already as children, most people give up. They give up their true desires and personality, and then start to create something, which most aren't. They define themselves by their creation. "I am lawyer"... Not you're not. you have studies laws, because you had to get a fcking living and salary. And you probably picked something you suspected would maximize income per effort. And deep down we all know it. It is just so hard, and often impossible, to find an alternative escape from that fact and from the "dominators". So if someone comes around and remind "you" of reality, "you" become frustrated, because "you" had forgotten about being "arrested", being "under control". You had accepted it, and even developed the Stockholm syndrome. You were doin fine till someone reminded you that it is all just bullshit. So you fight. You have to keep the false ego in place. Even though you know it is false. Because, in reality, alternatives are very few. One of them is suicide. And some people opt for that. Others need a very bright mind. Most people don't have that.

I have learned that parents, in my society, are allowed to do to their children, what a grown up would be imprisoned for years for doing. And I just had to ask why it is like that ? Well, I think I have touched some possible answer to it in my first paragraph.

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  1. I a yarn a man in an (rather empty) diner thought to himself: "I´m a delicate eater, I eat little. I munch on chicken, this lets me know I exist. There should be laws against slurping in diners. Society is still like it was in medieval times: castles have turned into corporations, the high rule the low with money instead of swords. Robots don´t liberate the working class, they liberate their owners." Just then a disgusting hobo sat down next to him and started picking his nose. The man had wanted coffee, but now he needed to leave.

  2. Well we do have the breaking down of the rules now and everyone can see just how much is a construct. People are finding themselves; some volunteer to help others, some profit, some panic.

    The fear is a universal one and this is not unusual except it is in this case inescapable. The conditioning can still be seen on the fringe with old religion vying with new age for best nonsense.

    But in the main science and reason above emotional reaction has won out. We do what is best to survive and the ones that control there emotions have the best chance. The cold and unfeeling will in the end save the most.

    The sociopath is who you want at the helm because with this situation saving yourself and the rest is one and the same.

    As to parents; always thought we give to much attention to them in the people we chose to be. One thing for sure the empaths know who they are, what they are. Many may see more of the sociopath in themselves than they thought.

    Keep safe and more important keep me safe:)

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