Sunday, April 29, 2018

The Evolution of Trust

Sorry, I truly forget whether I have posted about this, but a friend sent it to me again. I remember going through the entire game and finding it very interesting, and also a good explanation for trust. All sorts of people talk about how empathy was necessary to build tribe cohesion, etc. so that people could trust each other to stop killing each other and cooperate, but I wonder. Try the game out and let me know what you think.

Also, don't forget I'm in Oregon in May and Hawaii in June, if anyone wants to meet up.

Here is the game:

For some background on game theory, including perhaps the most popular, the Prisoner's Dilemma:


  1. Do sociopaths live in a delusion that THEY caould have built the society that non-psychopatic people created? Surely they must understand how silly such daydreaming sounds..?

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  5. Some seem obsessed by the theory that socios dont have any morals. But all socios that weren´t raised in caves by wolves surely have morals? This most likely has to do with upper class-stereotypes in movies. But isn´t the problem then upper class-related, not a socio issue?

    1. its you again. sounds like you have alotta questions...alotta weird ones. i dont even understand what you are asking half the time to be honest.i just hired this haitian guy today. cant understand what the hell he's saying. he claims to have a masters degree though.

    2. no.
      they can pretend to have them
      but than again non are usualy not to consistend when it comes to morals (in current society does it really pay to follow "the rules" and how do rules get enforced when you have power)

    3. Why would rational creatures pretend to have morals? Morals have nothing to do with zero conscience: its about believing in something. Sure, some are just self-serving (the mentioned upper-class behaviour), but even that IS a pale moral. Real moral of course have principles involved that will not make exceptions. I don´t think a sign of psychopathy is the inability to have intellectual beliefs. Morons may have severe troubles with that one..

  6. watch?v=CfzC4Tkg6gQ

  7. lol jordan peterson on psychopaths...that was a good one


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