Saturday, May 12, 2018

Stonehenge and Bath

Ok! Finally we get around to England/London. Next rest of London, Paris, then Russia and Eastern Europe.

The first day in London I went to the British Museum, which is free like all other state run museums and open late on Fridays like most. It was really great -- the type of place where you round a corner and essentially run smack into the Rosetta Stone. Also, they have thieved great parts of the Parthenon from Greece.

I stayed just this one night at the Millennium Gloucester Hotel London Kensington, which was good and close to museums -- the National History Museum, Science and Victoria and Albert. I stayed there because I had to wake up at like 5:00 am (jet lag, what?) for my sunrise Stonehenge tour with Premium Tours. I was surprised how much I loved Stonehenge? That place is photogenic as hell. I could have stayed there forever. And definitely I think it made a big difference that we had the special early entry (can also be later entry) in which we got to actually go inside the stones. Don't touch! Don't kiss! Definitely don't lick!

The tour continued to Bath, where I was going to meet my first new friends! I don't know what I expected, but I was surprised at how young and tall S was after our conversations and his girl petite. They were both so fun. He said that he has relative empathy -- that is he could feel a sort of empathy if he himself has felt and/or had access to that same type of emotion himself. He is also high for fearlessness, with stories like driving and having the bonnet of the car pop open, but he doesn't freak out or even slow down too fast, just looks between the crack at the bottom and steers onto the next off ramp. He says that it is difficult to finish a thought because as he’s thinking all sorts of other parallel thoughts, like a static electronic ball that shoots off little electric bolts (what another sociopath called a chaos brain). He has olfactory issues, which is an odd crossover but a verified one. He can't tell the difference between coffee and orange smell with his eyes closed. He works with his hands and he does say that he is more prone to accidents than others in his profession. S was super sincere. He said one of the things he doesn't like in other people (maybe the root of his antisocial views) is the hypocrisy and lack of sincerity in others. They just wait to talk, he said. He also has interesting ways that he learns from mistakes (sort of learns caution or a sort of respect because he has internalized the physical harm he has experienced, but only after severe or repeated exposure to the bad consequence and he never gets around to fear) that I get into more some other time maybe. Sometimes I would chat with his girl alone and she would tell me that she feels badly for him because he has no one to talk to about any of this, that is why she was so excited to meet me. Yes, I do think it is often a little sad and hard for sociopaths to have no one to talk to about how they view the world. But her situation seemed just as bad, if not worse. It seemed odd to me that they would have many people they could talk to about any BDSM stuff they get up to, because that at least has earned a degree of acceptance in the world, but she will probably never be able to talk to anyone what it is like to love a sociopath.

Bath is nice too, probably worth the trip. It's made all out of the same pale yellow stone (Bath stone) and built basically at the same time in the same Georgian style. It's a little reminiscent of inner Paris that way with the Haussmanian architecture. Also the roman baths are very interesting, beautiful, and historically fun, and finally, this part you can lick!!! (the water has a very strong mineral taste that is a little reminiscent of blood.)


  1. There seems to exist an agenda to prove that socios cannot be innocent, or just plain, even if their actions show nothing unusual. Sadism is part of the "package", according to chirping birds. But is this true? I´m not denying that socios seem to have the ability to rage and "overdo" things, but it appears to be related to provocations or assaults. If not other "players" start the "game", most socios just mind their own business. That is not sadistic behaviour.

  2. S was super sincere. He said one of the things he doesn't like in other people (maybe the root of his antisocial views) is he hypocrisy and lack of sincerity in others.

    **-* is quite like this.

    but she will probably never be able to talk to anyone what it is like to love a sociopath.
    This is the reason I am here. And now Quora since this place is pretty quiet. It's hard because there's so much to learn and it has to be done alone. He doesn't help much.

    There are a few people on Quora who talk about what it's like to love psychopaths. But they also kowtow too much for my liking eg by disparaging emotions and praising "rationality."

    I can love a psychopath without being critical of my nature or his. It's pretty easy when you realise there's very many valid paradigms of human experience.

  3. Interesting and for the fact that sociopaths do not understand why empaths would love them yet actively encourage it, beyond the normal manipulative behavior. She is right of course some taboos are still that even in these...enlightened times.

  4. Are violent (stupid) psychopaths sadistic? I think such behaviour is a crude & childish version of intelligent socios mindgames. Are (pathetic) sociopaths mocking of retarded people sadism? I think this is dummy predator-behaviour: impulsive wrath when weakness is spotted.

    1. so if you are violent you are stupid? god damn you are dumb

    2. Violence is "frustration-behaviour", resembling a childs yelling when not getting ice-cream. Immature antics. (Self defence is something else).

    3. Violence usually comes when the person perceives no other more effective option.

    4. Sociopath-violence is used to dominate others, more bright psychopaths use language to do the same thing (for example by being "haughty" or rude when first talking to somebody).

    5. I don't really get why? What about naturally violent folk? Ones who just get off on fucking people up like? Throw into the mix a lack of consience, and you've got a violent psychopath.
      And if the weak among society, become easy prey, then that's more, almost a natural selection no?
      I think it's a bit daft to label violence as stupid, it's leverage like anything else. long as you know what you're getting in to, and, like you and your purpose here and on Quora, are trying to understand not change, then yes, it's perfectly doable.

  5. There's always an effective avenue.

  6. Oh! Im in london! But discovered this too late!

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