Tuesday, October 4, 2016

An Introduction to Psychopathy

I am still surprised by the amount of disagreement about psychopathy, sociopathy, antisocial personality disorder, etc. that you'll get from any source -- academic, pop psychology, etc. With that small caveat (nothing is definitive), I found this article on psychopathy to be a good overview with academic cites (and links in the original). Here are some selections:

While it is past antisocial behavior that is particularly important in predicting future criminal activity (Walters, 2003), it is CU (callous unemotional) traits that are at the core of developmental trajectory associated with psychopathy (Frick and White, 2008). The disorder is developmental. It has been shown that CU traits in particular and the psychopathy more generally are relatively stable from childhood into adulthood (Lynam et al., 2007; Munoz and Frick, 2007). In addition, the functional impairments seen in adults with psychopathy (e.g., in responding to emotional expressions, aversive conditioning, passive avoidance learning, reversal learning, extinction) are also seen in adolescents with psychopathic tendencies (see later).
Psychopathy is not equivalent to the psychiatric conditions of conduct disorder (CD) or antisocial personality disorder (ASPD) as defined by DSM-5 or their ICD-10 counterparts. The diagnostic criteria for these disorders focus on antisocial behaviors rather than on etiological factors such as the emotion dysfunction seen in psychopathy (Blair et al., 2005). As such these psychiatric conditions describe individuals with difficulties in executive dysfunction (Moffitt, 1993), as well as individuals with symptoms stemming from CU traits. Consequently, individuals with psychopathy are a more homogenous group than those individuals meeting the criteria for CD and ASPD (Karnik et al., 2006). It should be noted, however, that DSM-5 includes the specifier for CD ‘with limited pro-social emotions,’ which stem directly from research on youth with CD and CU traits (Pardini et al., 2010; Pardini and Fite, 2010). Furthermore, the diagnosis of ASPD now includes components of psychopathy (APA, 2013). While the disorder of psychopathy will still not be equivalent to the DSM-5 diagnoses of CD and ASPD, there will be greater overlap in diagnostic conceptualization.

Psychopathy is characterized by an increased risk for antisocial behavior (Frick and Dickens, 2006; Hare, 2003). While several psychiatric disorders and neurological conditions, including CD and ASPD (APA, 2013), confer an increased risk of reactive aggression (Anderson et al., 1999; Leibenluft et al., 2003), psychopathy is unique in that it conveys increased risk for instrumental aggression (Frick et al., 2003). 

Interestingly, an article that was cited included this assessment of treatment options: "While treatment recommendations are currently sparse, recent work has shown that previous assessments of treatment amenability in this population may have been overly pessimistic."

Also, because I had to look this up too:
"A classic measure of stimulus-reinforcement learning is aversive conditioning -- the individual learns that a particular stimulus is associated with threat. Individuals with elevated CU traits show marked impairment in stimulus-reinforcement learning. Indeed, an individual's ability to perform aversive conditioning at 15 years has predictive power regarding whether that individual will display anti-social behavior 14 years later (Raine et a., 1996)."


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      Since I was offered the "6-Toed Cat Army", should I ever need it, I was going to let Damaged win.:)

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  2. "I can spot your weakness, but I can also spot your passion, I can read your strengths and desires. It is up to me to attack or uplift"

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    6. attack, uplift, or DO NOTHING... I think our biggest problem (I know its one of mine.) is that we always feel the need to DO SOMETHING, when this is often not a very good idea. People who land on the ASPD spectrum should think first, act second (in some way, shape, or form we'll be acting anyway, won't we?)

    7. Hehehe. Yeah. But thinking first is a thrill-kill. I *like* to drop word bombs and watch people scurry around like bemused lab rats who don't know how to reconcile my blunt statements with my persona- almost as much as I enjoy building someone up in unprecedented ways they'd never anticipate. Keeps the boredom at bay. :)

    8. Agreed, but this isn't something the rest of society enjoys or appreciates all the time. We/I need to TRY harder.

    9. No. I have no desire to TRY harder to conform to societal expectations. More often than not, my m/o gives me the upper hand.

      I don't give a rat's ass whether or not I am "appreciated" or "enjoyed" by others. (Although more often than not, I find that I am admired for this attitude. The irony! xD)

      My opinions never uniformly conform to those espoused by any group. I am a heretic who wears many hats across several domains.

      Screw societal expectations. I'm in to win.

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  3. "Individuals with elevated CU traits show marked impairment in stimulus-reinforcement learning. Indeed, an individual's ability to perform aversive conditioning at 15 years has predictive power regarding whether that individual will display anti-social behavior 14 years later (Raine et a., 1996)."

    Age 29 in astrology is very significant. Saturn return, which represent a period of culmination. Full manifestation of adulthood.


    Thanks for the explanation. Not sure I understand but that's my problem. I appreciate the clarity of your effort.

    Hi A. Nice to see ya around. I'm curious about the quote, too.

    Mr. Hyde

    1. Mr. Hyde-

      I am a Capricorn, and from what I understand, Saturn is my ruling planet.:)

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    1. Not so much, lol. Sometimes I ask questions because something in her post has been thought provoking to me and I'm curious. Sometimes a question is a way of offering an alternative viewpoint.

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      When I post questions/comments to M.E., I am just sharing my thoughts, and don't expect answers/follow ups.:)


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      PS-I had some of my favorite Thai Fresh Rolls on Friday, and it made me think of your garden.:) I think it would be cool to have my own garden someday, and be able to make my own Thai Fresh Rolls, Spring Rolls, etc.:)

      I've seen the movie "Fried Green Tomatoes", but never knew they were an actual dish, until I went to Arkansas.:) They were on a menu at a restaurant I went to, so I had to try them, and THEY WERE DELICIOUS!!! They had some sort of special sauce, that you could put on them, which was SO YUMMY!!! I've seen green tomatoes at my local Farmer's Market, and I want to buy some, and try to make "Fried Green Tomatoes" with that special sauce!!! One day, maybe I'll be able to grow my own "Green Tomatoes".:)

      I enjoyed your fishing stories-thank you, for sharing those.:)


      Starting with tomatoes, jalapenos, bell peppers, and cucumbers, sounds perfect.:)

      You mentioned waiting to plant your garden, until after the hurricane. I didn't know, that the hurricane is supposed to "Boomerang Back".:( I hope everything is OK with you, and yours...


    4. Vegas,
      Yep, Matthew is supposed to hit a U-ee. Fortunately if it does it'll come back weaker. I really haven't followed up on it though. Round one in Miami was just a bit of rain (And I spent a day putting shutters DX I called it). Thanks for the concerns.

      As for the garden, it's easy to start. Before the raised gardens, I used to just pot them up. Then, you can even put them on a patio or balcony if it's in an apartment building.

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      Hein... It's chill... but sucks to live in. Wheather is hot and moist all year long (two season summer and spring), rains alot during real summer and spring. People are cool though, don't discriminate much since it's a melting pot. People are crazy though. Way better than Orlando though. Love MIA but wouldn't want to live there all my life (plus its expensive).

  5. Peeps, what are your thoughts on vulnerability? It's often discussed in relation to trust.

    As I'm learning and changing, vulnerability is a very personal thing for me. It's simply acknowledging what I want or need in any particular situation, allowing myself to understand what that is. That's the hardest part, admitting it to myself - and it takes quite some digging to work out what that is. From this point, though, I don't feel scared or reliant on anyone to meet that need. I can ask for it... and either get it or not and that's ok. I'm definitely getting better at asking for what I would like, although there is plenty of room for improvement.

    In the span through which I work through my feelings in order to discover what I want, I do often wonder about the other person's intentions. That can be pretty scary, the prospect of me needing something while the other person has bad intentions! So that can be quite scary (and again, allowing myself to feel afraid is something completely new, too.) This is quite a struggle for me sometimes; there's an old pattern of catastrophising that I am working to change.

    I think there's a point, though, where you can get stuck at the fear point and not move beyond to the quiet place where you work out what it is you want or need. Once I find that place, there's really nothing left to be scared of.

    How do you work out what it is you want or need? Does it take you long or is it clear from the beginning? Or do you act without knowing why?

    How do you experience vulnerability? I think all humans are "vulnerable" at times because we are a social species and we do need other humans for survival.

    I'm very keen to hear your experience of social need, vulnerability and trust.


    1. I myself tend not to trust people, I feel like it's mostly due to projection. When someone tells me something, especially when people brag (Dude, I was at this club, this girl came onto me. Or, two guys came up to me trying to fight I owned their asses), I tend not to take their words for it. Even if the event seems totally plausible. I know how easy it is to sell a lie to someone without giving any hints on your face. Even with evidence I may still be skeptical. As for trust in the sense of dependability, I don't trust... I don't like to rely on people, nor do I expect them to own up to their words when they tell me I can count on them. My father often feels hurt or angry because he feels I should be able to trust my mother and him, if anyone at all. Your parents love you unconditionally, they say... but I know that if we're speaking in emotional terms I don't know if I love my parents like others who say they do (though I would kill for each one of my family members... don't fuck with what belongs to me). So how do I know what my parents feel or mean when they say they love me.
      Social needs... I'm fine with what most people call boredom, though it is more enjoyable to smoke and do stupid stuff with an entourage. Plus, most people look up to me (or at least pretend to) and I enjoy "deep" conversations, which I usually lead, and people seem to enjoy listening to. Sex is a definite at least several times a month. I've been told I hold it over people's head (idk what that means). For some reason, I don't go after friends or people who "like" me but, mostly for strangers. Friends and admirers I usually tease the hell out of. Though I call myself straight, I realized that I'll even flirt and tease wguys that seem attracted to me, even if I have no sexual interest in them (I do feel like I could change that if I wanted to sometimes...).
      I'm not sure how I feel about my vulnerability, I guess if I get caught in a lie or something someone could hold over me, I'd feel vulberable. I don't think there's many things someone can tempt me with and threaten to take away that'd make me fall into line. Not sure if that's what you were asking for but here's a couple of cents...

    2. hey north, I think the issue of trust is always there. in the world we are living it's impossible to don't trust other people and sometimes trust is your only option (unless you can do or know it better). and I believe it's deeply connected with vulnerability. in my experience I hate to trust people because this usually makes me vulnerable to mistakes of others. I also hate the feeling (I can't really describe it) when there are people around me who have a broader knowledge or are more intelligent because then I have to rely on them regarding certain topics. I know it's impossible to know everything but gaining knowledge and hence be less vulnerable and more powerful is the driving force in my life. regarding the intentions others have, I think most people do feel bad (like guilt) if they dissapoint the people who trust them or if they secretly have bad intentions... what's your experience there, north? (well this all is related to things which have a positive or negative effect an one's life but not to stories someone is telling or stuff like that)

      hey tii, I think you also trust people... for instance if you buy LSD you trust you dealer that he sells you pure, not contaminated LSD in the right dosage (I think it's sold in sugar cubes or on a blotter paper or something like that?). so actually you trust him with your life because it would be quite easy for him to kill you (also unintentionally) (unless you are synthesising the LSD by yourself). If you feel good or bad when trusting someone is a different story I think.


    3. Alice,
      Yah the stamps are little sheets of papers. I actually learned a trick from a guy whom I was asking how he new his ecstacy (which is sorta hard to find pure these days) was pure, I myself had never done it, nor LSD at the time because I didn't want to be given some crap Molly or LSD. He told me that you can purchase that same kit the cops use to test paraphernalia with online, and that it would let you identify what other chemicals were in there before you ingested them. I still haven't tried any form of MDMA but, it what I use to test my acid. If you want something done properly do it yourself, don't take others word for it (especially with any form of drugs).

    4. Some quotes on trust.

      Trusting your individual uniqueness challenges you to lay yourself open.

      James Brought on

      As soon as you trust yourself, you will know how to live.


      We're never so vulnerable than when we trust someone-- but paradoxically, if we cannot trust neither can we find love or joy.

      Walter Anderson

      Trust your instincts. The nose knows that the pope doesn't pee holy water.

      Mr. Hyde

    5. Hi North,

      That's an interesting way to look at vulnerability and desire. But why do you couple your own desires with being at someone else's mercy? I believe it is a position of weakness to be at someone else's mercy, and I loathe weakness. In fact, I associate vulnerability more with being at someone else's mercy than anything related to my own desires.

      You first say that you associate vulnerability with your own desires, but then pivot and say that you don't feel scared or reliant on anyone to meet that need. Why would your own desires be a vulnerability, unless they put you at someone or something's mercy? Do you feel that your desires make you vulnerable simply by being present--that your desires are being "forced" upon you somehow, which puts you at the mercy of whatever is responsible for your desires?

      I think that if you equate desire with vulnerability, you are looking at things the wrong way. Vulnerability is a state of weakness where other forces are able to trample on your will. The polar opposite of this is a state of strength, where your will is able to be exercised freely. In such a state of strength, with a freely-exercisable will, what would you do? Achieve your desires, of course!

      I aim to freely exercise my will by dominating and controlling all aspects of my environment. I always have a plan to get what I want, and multiple backup plans if that fails. If I must become momentarily vulnerable to achieve my objective, then that is simply a calculated risk that I choose to take of my own free will.

      If I must take such a calculated risk, I always try to come up with at least one solid defense plan to protect my interests if things don't go my way, and of course at least one viable plan of escape if things really don't go my way. These contingencies can take many forms: whether they are simple, practical defenses and countermeasures, tactical or strategic knowledge of my environment, layers of deception, misrepresentation, or misdirection, forms of leverage such as potential favors that can be called in or dirt that can serve as blackmail, or any resource that can be used to bail me out of an unfavorable situation, such as family, friends, or cash reserves.

      If you look at it from this perspective, it's certainly possible to fulfill your desires without being vulnerable. Assume a position of strength from which you can exercise your will to obtain the object of your desire. Move to avoid obstacles when possible. If an obstacle can't be avoided, bypass it. If it can't be bypassed, destroy it. If it can't be destroyed, retreat and find another path to reach your objective. If there is no other path, find a suitable alternative objective. Never give up, never give in. To do so is to become weak--to become vulnerable. Exercise careful judgement and caution at all times--a single miscalculation can jeopardize your objective. Control, dominate, manipulate, outmaneuver, outthink, coerce, deceive, sabotage, destroy--all these things can be done from a position of strength. This is the exact opposite of vulnerability and weakness.

      What do you think?


    6. And to further elaborate: in my opinion, social need is just another desire, of which we have many. Vulnerability is a condition of weakness where outside forces can impinge upon your own free will. Trust is simply a calculated risk.


    7. I was going to post my life story, but I decided to leave this snide comment instead.

    8. hey tii, didn't know that you can buy these kits online. but I think it's quite difficult to determine the purity of the drug... certain substances may alter the results of the purity tests due to different reactions (for instance the reaction of mdma and mda with the testing reagent is the same so it's impossible to tell how much mdma is present) and there are also many other sources which can cause errors in such test... so if you don't trust your dealer you still have to trust the testing kit and hey, chemistry can be a bitch haha... so be careful...


    9. Thankyou very much Tii, alice, Mr Hyde and Nobody. You've given me a great deal to ponder and I spent time enjoying each of your posts and playing with how the pieces fit together for me. Crawl, I also enjoyed your comment.

      I haven't completely synthesised everything so will try not to ramble too much in response!

      There are questions here as to the general relationship of an individual to the social environment: I've enjoyed each of your lenses on that, and especially Tii's and alice's. As an aside, the Machiavellian Intelligence hypothesis (a version of the social intelligence theory) posits that the increase in human brain size is a response to intraspecific social competition pressures:

      one of the important evolutionary pressures on human cognition is the risk of manipulation and deception. Manipulation and counter-measures to manipulation evolved in an “arms race” that led to greater intelligence. That is, as the social intellect in some members of a community increase, so will the exertion of selection pressures on others to show their social expertise, thus resulting in the “arms race” of our Machiavellian intelligence over time.

      Chimps also display Machiavellian intelligence... so it seems unclear how this is distinguished from ecological intelligence.

      Regarding desire and vulnerability: the greatest fear people have, I think, is having to depend on others for getting what you want. This is the case especially while we are children, when we genuinely do depend on others.

      When we are adults, however, we are adequately equipped for negotiating or social and physical environment. We learn to trust ourselves (thankyou Mr Hyde!)

      Then we can see that our desires are our own responsibility. I think this is what you are saying, Nobody. Your environmental campaign approach makes sense. We can and should strategise - I think that's an important point. I personally am not inclined to manipulate or lie, I regard this as a kind of navigational equipment difference.

      There's also the environmental "river", the momentum of external happenings. Shaping external events requires some skill, a balance of approaches between strategic and tactical. There's an intriguing balance between force and flow which is a choice. Do I change the direction of the river or do I steer within it? DO I even change my objective as I go along? I love these choices as opportunities for expression, additional degrees of freedom.

      My approach is to shape the landscape so the river runs to the destination I want to reach... then I let the river run. Very simple example is setting up a project. I influence to have the team I want. I construct the contract so as to have the best chance of success. I create the environment in which the team can perform. I seek to understand what's at stake for people and which way they might pull etc. There's nothing to take personally because we all have our own interests. It's my job to create an environment in which people's interests find full and productive expression to meet project objectives. After kickoff, the real fun starts.

      Similarly with personal relationships. By not taking the other person's preferences, desires and style to heart - as if they said anything about me - the relationship becomes free and full. It's an intimate avenue for expression, exploration and freedom. And if it doesn't work out, I have become a richer person nonetheless, with more experiences and thus more capacity. I tend to be more adaptive, more exploratory and less goal oriented with relationships.

      Thanks again!

    10. Hi North,

      That is pretty much what I meant. Managing your desires is your responsibility. You can choose to be weak and let them make you vulnerable, or you can choose to be strong and obtain what you desire while conceding as little vulnerability as possible. It's really just the difference between passively begging for something versus going out and actively taking it for yourself.

      Also, by no means do you have to go about it in a "bad" way. I was just illustrating the full range of techniques that you can use to achieve your objectives without being vulnerable. Personally, I greatly prefer to achieve my objectives in a "good" way. This reduces the friction between myself and the other people in my environment, which makes it easier for me to get what I want in the future. It's hard to achieve your objectives if you make unnecessary enemies. Each and every person in your environment is a potential resource, but they simply cannot be utilized to their full potential if they become hostile towards you.

      Plus, I think almost everyone--sociopaths included--enjoy the love and admiration of those around them. This is impossible if those people don't like you. So therefore, you should be kind to others if you wish to achieve that goal--or at least, be kind to the people who you want to admire you, as well as those who have the potential to stand in your way, and even those who are observed by those who have the potential to stand in your way. Those three groups encompass the vast majority of people who you are likely to encounter, so you should probably be careful about how you treat them.


      You are a fool for dismissing the value of care and planning. If your own desires are the only things that matter to you, you should do everything within your power to achieve them while protecting yourself from those who would stand in your path. To do less is to potentially deny your own objectives from yourself, which is downright irrational.

      I don't get why most sociopaths are so fucking stupid and never plan ahead or learn from their mistakes. Oh wait, I do. The average IQ is 100, after all. This means that the average sociopath is just as much a moron as the average empath, but unfortunately lacking a behavioral compass to guide their behavior. Inevitably, such cretins end up on a collision course with greater society. They become ostracized and are unable to achieve any measure of personal success, and in many cases are locked up in prison.

      That's why empaths have behavioral compasses in the first place--on average they're too stupid to survive in a social environment without one. It takes a certain amount of cunning to navigate the herd on your own without being trampled by the sheep.

      Truly intelligent sociopaths are by necessity extremely rare. Suppose that you are a sociopath. Congratulations, you're special--perhaps 1 in 25 to 1 in 100. Now, suppose you are a genius with an IQ of 150. That's about 1 in 1,000. To have both traits at once makes you somewhere between 1 in 25,000 and 1 in 100,000. At that rate, you'll probably never have significant interactions with another genius sociopath. Even if you did, you'd both be so good at masking your identities that neither would be any the wiser.


    11. hey nobody, do you think you are a genius sociopath? or only a genius? or only a sociopath? or none of both? just curious...


    12. Nobody,
      You have to remember that to some extent, sociopathd have trouble learning from negative reinforcement. That being said, they persist in attempting to do the same things the same way (would that be a sign of partial insanity?). I think it's partly due to the fact that being so high on their horses they tell themselves that what went wrong the first times weren't the strategies but, some external variable. So they try again, believing they won't get caught, or that this time it will work. If not, perhaps the "negative" reinforcement doesn't bother them much, it does phase them enough, so they don't care to change the way they went about it.

      Sociopath's are high on there horses. Was directed towards me, but I always thought of myself as a genius. People have such trouble looning at big picture, or zooming into the details in their heads. Half the time what they picture is incomplete. Isee people struggling and picking the hardest solutions for their problem all the time. Not to mention that most of the time "moral" stop them from picking the simplest choice.

    13. North your the biggest muppet on this website, i skim through everything your write because your a dullard without an OUNCE of magnetism. your a boring sackless faceless loser and you will live your life with out making any impact on the world. im just telling it like it is because as an expert judge of people's character i can tell you need a slap in the face because you arent going anywhere you fucking nonce

    14. Nobody,

      Thanks for elaborating. I think we understand each other well.

      Regarding your comment to Crawl regarding sheep: it's an interesting lens your offering. I like to think of sheepness as an efficiency for most people. It's a good strategy for the organism because it's safe. Emotions and emotional connections are like autopilot: evolutionary gifts for social navigation. But adaptation and cultural growth always occurs at environmental boundaries: the species has a lot to thank the explorers for.

      Tii: I like your external variable hypothesis.

      TheRealest1: you've picked the wrong motivation. I'm yet to see any troll here nail it; neither would I care if they did.

    15. Alice,

      In grade school, I was IQ tested by a psychologist and she determined that I was a genius. From observing my own accomplishments in life, I know that I am exceptionally talented. I was born into a poor family and grew up in slums. I was educated in one of the worst public school systems in the United States. I have always excelled in academics, even when I barely put forth any effort. My parents never encouraged me to succeed, they left it up to me to choose my own path in life. Almost everyone I knew growing up was stupid and poor, and yet I, having no professional network and no family connections, landed a six figure job before I even obtained my bachelor's degree. I became a self-made millionaire in my 20's. I don't even have to work anymore. I have become the master of my own life and evey decision I make is guided by my own will to power.

      I have never been tested for sociopathy, and I do not know if I am a sociopath or not. In fact, I don't believe that there is a philosophically meaningful difference between empaths and sociopaths. Allow me to explain.

      (Continued in next post)


    16. Tii,

      You have a good point. I think the rash and impulsive behavior of most sociopaths stems not only from a lack of intelligence but also from narcissistic delusions. But surely, shouldn't a significantly intelligent individual be able to dispel such narcissistic delusions? Maybe that's just wishful thinking on my part, though. After all, you can't just will or think away mental illness.


      I think North is one of the smarter people who comments on this blog. By all accounts, she is a highly intelligent woman working a successful career as a business consultant. She just seems very confused about her own desires and what is best for her. You on the other hand, don't even know how to use the word "you're."


      Agreed. Herd behavior is an excellent choice if you are too unintelligent to think for yourself. That's why animals on Earth evolved it. But intellectual outliers can transcend the herd and forge their own paths. As you have rightly pointed out, most of the great leaders and otherwise successful individuals throughout history have been "explorers" who rose above the herd and guided it to achieve societal progress.


    17. FYI: There's something wrong with this blog and my above posts ended up out of order. The third post was meant to be a continuation of the first.


    18. (Continued: 2 of 3)

      I would describe myself as an atheist, an existentialist, and a rational egoist. From my understanding of the natural world, the one and only connection humans have to their environment is via their nervous system. All of our sensory organs send their input to the brain, and hence the mind via nerves, and the only way we can interact with the outside world is to operate our body via nerves. Our entire experience, everything we know about the world has been transmitted to our mind via our nerves. The implication here is that every person's perceived reality is 100% subjective.

      We are isolated brains in jars, receiving and transmitting signals not to each other, but to our own bodies. How do you know that the universe is even real? Because the electrical signals transmitted hear containing sensory input said so? How do you know that these are even electrical signals in the first place? How do you even know you have a brain? What if you are just living in a computer simulation, and everyone else is an A.I.? What if you are an A.I.? You don't actually know. To think otherwise is a delusion. All of experienced reality is subjective, and I simply assume that what I perceive to be external reality is real, because that is the simplest explanation and I have no data to indicate otherwise. Occam's razor.

      But the fundamental fact of existence remains the same. There are no objective values or truth outside the scopes of our own minds. Empathy tries to delude us into thinking otherwise, but in the end it is just another subjective experience.

      (Continued below)


    19. (Continued: 3 of 3)

      As an individual, the only desires which I am able to feel are subjective. They exist within my mind only. Why my desires exist is irrelevant, the only thing that matters is they exist. I act rationally to fulfill these desires, because that is the only thing I am capable of doing. I even have conflicting desires, and I have no choice but to weigh these desires and act accordingly. I believe that all humans are the same in this respect. A person cannot do anything without exercising their will. We are only capable of doing what we decide to do, therefore all decisions made by an individual are inherently selfish. Every "selfless" decision made throughout the entire history of mankind was consciously or unconsciously chosen by a mind based on subjectively held desires and values and subjectively gathered knowledge. Therefore, every decision we make is inherently selfish and it is a delusion to believe otherwise.

      Since I am only capable of feeling subjective desires, holding subjective values, and knowing subjective knowledge, I am only capable of acting selfishly. Therefore, as a rational self-interested actor, I act rationally to further my own selfish agenda. I believe every single human on Earth is this way, some are just deluded. Because I am highly intelligent, I plan ahead, know my weaknesses, and make contingency plans.

      With that said, I believe that there is no philosophical difference between empaths and sociopaths. The difference is purely functional. Sociopaths just have one less subjective drive--empathy--than everyone else. Therefore, as rational self-interested actors, they end up acting a little bit differently than empaths. I think I can feel empathy, but I also have the self-awareness to see it for what it truly is, and I weigh it against my other selfish desires and values when making decisions. I weigh each decision separately and do not blindly adhere to any specific code of behavior like an unintelligent herd animal. So I'll leave it up to you: do these thoughts and actions seem like those of a sociopath? I'd actually be interested in anyone's opinion on the matter if they'd like to chime in.


    20. Nobody hello. I'm wondering do you have memories of feeling different as a child? Different from the other children or even different than you feel now-as if at some point in your adolescence you became something else. And also what is your blood type. I know that's a strange question.

    21. Nobody,

      There's plenty I agree with in your comments. I don't have time to respond properly today, unfortunately. I perhaps look at things more organically but the resulting position is similar... and that currently leaves me with a question that time will provide an answer to but that I'm hoping Mr Hyde will have a view on :)

      Will write when I can.

    22. hey nobody, thanks for your detailed answer. I really enjoyed reading it. I agree with you, that all our experiences are subjective because they are simply electical signals our body is processing, but I think that science is corroborating a lot of this. for instance if we touch a surface we think it's soft etc. and that's a subjective feelig. but since we have several methods to examine surfaces (like electron microscopes) we can determine the actual consistency of the surface with all the molecules, atoms and even electrons etc.... of course it's also possible that all this is just a very sophisticated computer simulation (maybe like in the movie "matrix") and yes I don't know the truth. but I want to figure it out and I believe science is the most promising way to do so. it's really an interesting thought and I hope we will solve this riddle.
      "I simply assume that what I perceive to be external reality is real, because that is the simplest explanation and I have no data to indicate otherwise."
      aren't you interested in other possible explanations and in collecting data which could prove if your simplest explanation is true or wrong or maybe somewhere between?

      "Why my desires exist is irrelevant, the only thing that matters is they exist."
      I think it's quite interesting why our desires exist. I mean yes we can just act and try to fulfill them (either rationally or emotionally or whatever), but I think that's kind of primitive. it's much more interesting to explore why we have them and how they emerge. I guess this also helps to learn about our weaknesses. hence it has a positive effect on our ability to make plans etc.

      hey crawl,
      "Those calculating chessmaster types with a solution for every eventuality only exist in fiction. In real life(which isn't as rigid as a movie plot hence the need to adapt) manipulative people don't have to meticulously plan and plot and calculate and Art of War stratagize because the kind of tactics that allow them turn a situation in their favour are already hardwired into their brains."
      chessmasters are very good in calculating different possibilities at every move they do. well unfortunately the human brain doesn't have the capacity to calculate every possibility, so the chessmasters have to limit their calculations to a few possibilities. for instance computer programs can run these calculations a lot faster and more effective. hence they can caculate every single possibility and can be invincible or nearly invincible. And regarding the manipulative people, I think it's not about how meticulous the plan is but how many different outcomes (and varying reactions) are considered. for instance if you want to manipulate someone you can either just trust you insight into human nature and assume the person will react a certain way and plan you further moves or you also consider other possible reactions (and moves). what do you think will make the better result?


    23. Anon,

      I've always known I was different, even as a child. But I didn't realize just how different I was until after I entered the workforce. Only once my peers became more serious and "adult" did I realize that I truly did not share their values--and after some introspection as to why I didn't share their values, I finally realized how different I was.

      As to becoming something else in my adolescence--yes, this happened to me. For most of my childhood, I was a lazy, unmotivated child who was completely uninterested in academics or social interaction. At some point in my teens, however, I became more self-conscious, started comparing myself to others, and developed an implacable drive to succeed in life.

      I have no idea what my blood type is.


      Of course I'm interested in any data that would change my understanding of external reality. I just haven't seen any such data. If any such credible data existed, I would be all over it in a heartbeat.

      It's nice to know why we have certain desires, but this doesn't change the simple reality that we have them in the first place. I believe that desires are fundamentally irrational and out of our control--i.e. one cannot simply stop being sexually attracted to other people. From our knowledge of the natural world, we know that that life has evolved this desire so that individuals are compelled to propagate their species. But from the individual's perspective, they may as well just act to fulfill the desire regardless of its source. What does it really matter where the desire came from? Do you think that knowing the sources of your desires grants you power over them?


    24. "What does it really matter where the desire came from? Do you think that knowing the sources of your desires grants you power over them?"

      Nobody, I think it grants an atonement with them. One no longer feels any need to fight against oneself or to rationalise one's actions or to squash one's own being for whatever externally imposed reason.

      I feel that sociopaths are even better equipped to benefit from this than neurotypicals... regardless of the results.

      But for whomever, what one achieves with a science-based nihilism is choice.

      I choose a vast and rich life... and I am choosing to find out what that means, however circuitously.

    25. hey nobody, yes I think knowing the sources of my desires will give me kind of power because it leads to a better understanding of myself (it's like if you want to build something like an electrical installation. I guess it's better and easier if you understand what you are doing and how the installation works than just follow the instructions blindly)

      hey north, I agree that "One no longer feels any need to fight against oneself or to rationalise one's actions or to squash one's own being for whatever externally imposed reason" ... I really like this post. But I don't really understand why you feel that sociopaths are better equipped to benefit from this... I think everyone can benefit from this, they only need to realise that understanding their desires is beneficial...


    26. Hi alice,

      I found your post! I subscribe to the comments so had seen it in my inbox. Finally made it back here.

      Yes, I agree, everyone can benefit.

      From what I understand, sociopaths tend to operate according to their own value systems.

      I've observed there is one of those dynamic, dichotomous facets of the sociopathic condition in which the individual stands tall and confident* in their own individual system yet expresses a tension, a desire to show value of some kind. This is palpable. I could be wrong, this may be a neurotypical-feelz lens to something that isn't there... but I don't think I'm too far adrift.

      In comprehending that humans imbue things with value, seeing that value is socially constructed brings a very specific sort of resolution to the tension: it eliminates the need for any justification of difference. Sociopaths do deliver value as everyone does under the social contract.

      Consider these differences to be a pattern of neural adaptations to an emotional deficit. The reason animals have brains to begin with is to move and interact with the world; the sociopath does this in a different way to the neurotypical, just as a colour-blind person interacts differently.

      That's how I think of it. It's why I'm no longer mystified, but proportionately impressed with the human brain and its adaptive capacity and interested to learn more. We are all bundles of neuro-patterns.

      "they only need to realise that understanding their desires is beneficial..."

      Yes! and this can be a forever unfolding learning experience. Our desires generally run in the direction that benefits us. It takes some practice though to zero in on the best targets, though, and develop techniques for hitting them. This is the case for all organisms. We can always improve our patterns of moving through and responding to the environment.

      Bit tired, I hope that makes sense.

      *I picture **-* standing tall when he speaks of something he believes in: I see a little of that confidence in the people who write here

  6. Ti, :) I love this guys view of cannabis. I do smoke it occasionally but I believe in the vibrational match he's talking about later on in the video. Listen to the whole thing to get the full perspective if you get a chance. What do you think ? Just curious of your thoughts.


    1. Yes! I had watched a few of his videos back when I first started smoking, I digged them because of the similaroties between his views and Rastafaris. At the time I only smoked before yoga, or during meditation and prayers. My consumption only went up after I met people who also smoked and started hanging out with them more often. But I totally agree with him. If hemp and cannabis were cultivated and used to their full potential, so many problems would be solved (especially deforestation). You'd be able to use it for soap, paper, cloth, medicine, and so much more. There's a reason why Ras like to call it "the healing of the nations". Imagine the economy if we started to use all it's purposes... it'd be cheaper than cotton, paper made out of tree, healthier than most soaps and toothpastes (no fluoride!!). And being that it grows within a few months and regenerates and spreads like crazy, there wouldn't be the issue of abundance.

    2. Ditto. It's a miracle plant, demonized by Big Pharma. And, it helps people detach from emotions in a good way, opens the mind and expands the imagination. I'm writing a story about it a fantasy -- having a blast!

      Mr. Hyde

    3. Ti, I like how's he's open about his upbringing in the church and his views changed as he got to a higher level of consciousness. He doesn't put it down it just changed form to more expansion and growth. Another video I was watching he made reference to that.

      Ti, why is it that there are so many ancient teachings way before Christianity that ruled the world that kinda represents the same Abrahamic books. Is it all metaphoric? Is it literal? What came first? Christianity or them? I hear story after story about the " son " being born to a "virgin." But those ancient teachings respected women far more than Christianity teaching has I believe. The bible has lots of power over women.

      But the ancient teachings look up to women as goddesses and priestesses. Equality among the sexes were valued far greater....

      Constantine, I heard , made various cultures conform to Christianity and fear-mongled nations into believing in a literal hell if you do not follow the biblical way. You would go to hell.

      Check this video. I like it.


      Mr. Hyde I agree I need some hemp cereal with my morning Java. :-)

    4. The way I see it ancient civilization understood the creation of the universe as well as us. I think instead of using nouns they used name to explain the way energy worked to form the world. Kemetic Medu Neter talks about how within the infinite chaotic waters (which I've started thinking of as the Higgs particles) Atum start forming things one at a time in chain reactions (Bible also mentions the spirit of God hovering over the waters in the first few line of Genesis), each thing He creates is seen as his child and given a name, and these children go and create there own. Even when you look at it in a scientific point of view it's similar if you understand that these Gods are not supernatural beings, but natural aspects of the universe. I've always seen virgin births as (my grandparents taught it to me that way... even though they're crazy Catholic) a mother whose righteous, free of sins, or the idea of sin. A woman who is untainted (sex doesn't make you dirty, it's a basic function for the survival of humanity), so virgin as in a virgin sheet of paper. It makes sense to me that a wise, righteous woman would raise a wise, righteous child who could teach the people around him.

      PS. The ancieng Hebrew word for "virgin" was the same as the word for "young maiden".

    5. Superchick,

      Ever eat hemp hearts? Delish and very healthy. Great on salads, cereals, on yogurt.

      Mr. Hyde

    6. I have Mr, Hyde :) when I go to the nutrition house I pick some up on occasion. Delicious.

      Thanks Ti for explaining that. I enjoy reading your thoughts on it. I'm pretty bagged. Happy Thanksgiving . Nights x

  7. Nobody I think ur talking nonsense. U sound like a bond villain plotting ur next move on a chessboard in ur underground lair while stroking ur cat. In all realness manipulation is adaptive on the fly behaviour that just comes naturally to certain personality types much of it occurring on a subconscious level. It's an automatic style of interaction rather than a thought out implemented strategy . Ur thoughts on ur own vulnerability or lack thereof r nonsense as well. I'm not sure if u actually believe what u said or if ur just trying to present urself in a certain way. To believe urself invulnerable makes u all the the more vulnerable cuz everyone has a weakness, even the strongest of people, and u can't shore up ur defences if u refuse to accept there's a hole in the wall. The only way to protect against ur vulnerabilities is to accept and understand them.

    1. Yea like these geeks you see on forums asking how they can become charismatic. If you need to ask how can i become charismatic, then there's no hope for you. Charisma is an instinct it's as much a part of you as your hair is black or blonde. Charisma isn't a skill, your born with it or not. If you see a charismatic leader an you watch a tape of them when they were 5 you'll still see those same traits they have as adults. Charisma is undefinable, if it were definable tons of people would study it and have it, but as we all know only a tiny minority have it.

      Charismatic people don't think 'how do I say something witty' or look interesting, they just instinctively act in a charismatic way. Thinking is the enemy of charisma and that's why virtually no scientist types or scholars have any charisma because they think too much. And it's why thugs, fighters and mafioso types have more charisma as a group.

  8. Tii. Ur sexuality feels fluid for the same reason ur personality changes depending on who ur with. Ur weak sense of self makes u impressionable. I certainly left an impression on u considering the name change wouldn't u say.

    1. I wouldn't call it fluid though, sexually I'm attracted to women but, I do like to play with people.I think the fact that I see sexual orientation as a matter of preference is the reason why I feel like I could change it (never tried though, and never really been attracted to guys that way). As for impressionable I don't know how much of it is true but, I did crack up after seeing how bluntly you used the phrase... reason why I kept it.

      Don't know about how much of an impression was left though...

    2. Don't know about how much of an impression was left though...

      Liar. :)

      You changed your name on his account. I can tell you from extensive trolling experience that a person appropriating the nick-name you accord them is direct evidence of just how much of an impression you've left upon them.

      Right, Swop? ;)

      Crawl is nailing you, through and through.

    3. A, I have no problem in admitting I think you're pretty awesome as you know, yes, the suicide whisperer was inspired, so I'll doff my cap to you young man.
      I can't say anyone else on here holds any kind of interest for me, and, if you weren't such an arrogant, pig headed, clinically obese, friendless, excessively hairy mammoth of a man, you'd have the balls to admit it's reciprocal.

      I'll gladly give you a more original name than A, then you can pretend I didn't and that you're not actually secretly in awe of me and wait with rancid, baited breath for our next tourade. [I may well have made that word up, I'm sure you'll put me straight]

      My mrs told me she wanted a rape alarm with all the recent clown events sweeping the planet.
      So, after finishing another mundane minimum wage night in work, I went home, snuck into the bedroom, slammed some duct tape over her mouth, flipped her onto her front, yanked her arms behind her back, taped them together and viciously fucked her up the arse.
      When I was done, I bent down and whispered in her ear "time to get up for work babes"

      What the fuck have you done to Vegas?

    4. I fed her to the clowns.

      If by "tourade" you mean "tourettish tirade"- you know I'll win.

      And what the fuck are *you* doing working for minimum wage? You're smarter than that.

      While we're on the subject of fucking.... Ffs, Swop, you amateur, use bondage tape when you rape your missus, unless you're a fan of flayed-lip fellatio.

      There are more subtle ways to get your woman to wax her upper lip, you know... Since you seem to like 'em hefty and hirsute. ;)

    5. As for my name, it suits me.

      A cums first. :D

    6. I wouldn't change your name A, it suits you.
      Sounds like anal.
      But I could and would if I wanted to, and the ├╝berdom that you are would roll on her back (there's plenty of time Tubs, no rush, that's it, push off with one meaty fore arm, twist your weight and the momentum of your pendulum like gut will carry you through the roll, that's it...goooooood) and show your belly to the domliest dom you've had the panty quivering pleasure to, ahem...cum, across.
      I thankyou.

      You can cum now.

      I don't really work for minimum wage jerk off, who do you think I am? Cunt? Hey Cunt (don't reply to that 'hey' please, I was being polite, go convince Crawl that pushing people off bikes and throwing school books is very Lecterlike), I'd be a pretty successful guy by now if I'd chosen the right trade, and if I didn't have a heart the size of a fucking Chevy v8 engine block and give so much to so many.
      (Cunt, don't ask for money. If it's money you want, I can tell you now, I have none)

      I don't like bondage tape, I see it's appeal certainly, but just not fussed on the stuff. I don't really duct tape her chops, see the 'short stick' advice for North.
      I'll tell you what I have just recently bought though, and would highly recommend you try out is an electric puppy training shock collar, strapped to her thigh at dinner it's rather entertaining old boy (bit of British colloquialism there for you)

      I'm going to miss Vegas, but I guess she went out smiling at least.
      Albeit a very forced fake smile as she was doused in bucket after bucket of glitter and beaten round the head with ladders.

      Oh and A...yes dear, you most certainly would.
      My ego says so

      Goodbye Vegas ;)

    7. That's quite a mental picture you paint there, Swop. Obviously, you've spent some time fantasizing about floppy forearms and quivering bellies.

      Which allows me to deduce that you *like* big girls.... Don't you?

      Come on. Admit it. There’s no shame in getting off to emotionally unstable, fat goth emo chicks in cheap lingerie. After all, they’re thankful for any attention at all… And they’re pretty experimental, wouldn’t you say? They seem to get off easier than all those uptight skinny girls. And then there’s that hot mess of blubber to worship… Hm? :)

      Woe is me, I don't fit the bill. I'm fit, and look more like Pollyanna than Elvira. Definitely not your type. :P

      But I’ll cross swords with you any day. You’re a hoot.

      And yes, the respect is (begrudgingly) mutual. But that’s all you’ll get out of me. No anal for you!! (Not my kink.)

    8. Mneh, I'll be honest and burst the bubble sorry, tubsters don't do it for me, I've no problem with them, some are extremely sexy, but in my line of preference (being one hell of a vicious domly dom), I aim for the petite femmes...it's not the same when you try and drag a heifer round by her hair and have to concede and say "look, for fucks sake, will you shimmy along the floor a bit so my ego at least thinks I'm dragging you?".

      I was going more for anal as in, scrutinitive more than backdoor in truth.

      The big uns do have a bit of a thing for me though, at kink events they have a tendency to gravitate to me like I'm iced and have a huge cherry on my head.
      Or maybe the floor is sloping and inertia is a cunt.

      I don't know who Pollyanna is I'm afraid, but I'll assume she has Hagrid traits?

    9. She's pretty. :P

      I'm gorgeous. But frankly, I'd rather be admired for my other attributes. Beauty doesn't last, and it invariably gets in the way. When I was younger and unmarried I literally had to beat the guys off with a stick. (Which, as you will attest, is quite enjoyable. I'd whack 'em any chance I got.)

      On the upside, it does allow my winning personality to take people off guard. Nobody ever expects such high-level snark to come from a girl who looks like me. :D

  9. So basically, you have assholes, then SUPER assholes. I hope you all rot in hell.

  10. Ive been watching ww2 documentaries lately and it got me thinking. What would you all do if you were dictator? This morning me and my Indian friend from my local paki shop were talking about this. He said he would help the homeless and typical do gooder boring shit. I said if I were dictator I'd have 20 different women every day, I'd take all the money for myself and if any service person or people on the street disrespected me I'd have them shot. I'd exterminate all criminals in prisons and i'd bring back gladiatorial games except it'd be more bloody than ever. Also I would invade Africa.

    1. 20 women a day (must go through testing) could definitely ve a thing... women would probably throw themselves for power. Besides that I'd just try and govern my country like I think would make it prosper, make psychoactive plants, and shrooms legal, and enjoy my power. Gladiatorial games wouldn't work for me... If you're a big time criminal and win... you're still losing your head. By the way Africas a big place... might have some trouble with some of it's allies...

    2. For me dictators are the strongest men in life, the ultimate winners. Think about it in democracy we are all trying to beat the next man and get ahead of him, attain the most power and prestige. Isn't that what western life is all about. The dictator could say to himself 'i look around in this democracy and everyone is trying to become stronger than each other, they lie to attain their goals and it's 'white lies', mistreat their inferiors and call it 'strong leadership' I have come number one in this race called democracy, a dictator'

    3. N.W.O


    4. Until his military party disagrees with him and sets a coup.

  11. Tii u seem confused. Ur telling me that u could change ur sexuality at will but u don't consider it fluid? And that ur orientation is a matter of preference but ur inately attacted to women? Whaa? U don't seem to understand urself one bit probly cuz there's not much there to understand. U say u like playing with people but from what i've heard ur the type of person who ends up the play thing of others. U want 2 believe ur a social chameleon, a shape shifter, but ur mor like puty waiting 2 be formed by someone else cuz u have no shape of ur own. Some anon told u to read up on borderline pd in the last thread. Now i'm pretty skeptical of alot of these disorders the head shrinkers think up but regardless if ur looking for a label u may have better luck with that 1. It's characterised by an unstable sense of identity and feelings of emptiness(that void u spoke of). You probably thought that void feeling was applicable to aspd cuz the tv tells us sociopaths r empty and dead inside. They're not they're just bored and restless cuz they need more extreme sensations than most people to get their jollies. U on the other hand claim to be very comfortable with boredom. I think alot of people who don't quite fit in in one way or the other and r like u looking for answers gravitate toward sociopathy cuz it makes u feel strong and superior. A wolf among sheep. U start 2 overanalyse and overestimate the significance of trivial events in ur life like getting attacked by some junkie at a gas station or how u felt or didn't feel wen ur mum fell off her bike cuz it means u get to be a psycho without doing anything remotely antisocial. Then u come to sociopath world where u can hide behind a wall of internet anonymity and live out ur fantasy. But the u end up spouting alot of cringy tryhard drivel trying to tik all the boxes of sociopath characteristics u read about on wikipedia or wherever. Like up there when tried to justify ur protective feelings for ur family by saying "don't fuck with what belongs to me" . Lol that was almost as cringy as that Nobody clown with his contingency plans. I liked the the line after that where u said "most people look up to me ( or at least pretend to)" as well. I thought it highlighted ur insecurity quite nicely.

    1. Crawl,

      Would it be better to put it as it wouldn't bother me to be with guys but, physically I'm attracted to woman... emotionally not really attracted to anyone (which is why I say I could pick and choose). Hey, sure maybe you are right... like I said I've never been diagnosed. Never thought I had any type of PD... Matter of fact if you look back at my older posts, you'll see that I don't believe in PDs, and don't really like labels. People all have their personalities and can't be grouped up that easily... but their are patterns, and tendencies that you can't really ignore. So yes, I do use the labels assign to generalized. Why do I think I have sociopathic tendencies (when that idea had never really come to me previously)? Because people started calling me that while meaning it negatively. Didn't give it much thought, figured it'd be the same as calling me evil or asshole, and that didn't bother me. Then, like I mentioned before, a girl who used to tell me she loved me, called me that to and told me I should seriously consider to getting checked (she seemed more worried than insulting). I became curious and started looking up the topic, noticed that more than a few boxes checked, and along my research fell here.

      Long story short, I don't really care whether or not I'm ASPD, BPD, NPD, Autistic, a fool, or plain average... At this point I'm just sharing my two cents and experience. I admit though that I do believe I have more in common with people with ASPD and BPD, than the average empath.

      If this can be of any solace to you...

  12. Yawn. Go away. You crawl highlight your insecurity quite nicely.

  13. 20 year old college male. I seek someone similar to me, that i can resonate with. My whole life ive ran from the abyss that slowly approaches to consume damaged innocence. Ive worn many masks and nobody could see that inside i was withering. When id tell people that i had an immense emptiness inside, they would simply brush me off and say that it was part of being a teenager. Frankly, people repulse to the point that i could puke in disgust. Rarely, am i able to form sincere connections. I have no friends but people like me. At this point in time i feel as though i am a panther stalking through the forest, although a part of dismembered child self still cries. Hardly do i feel any empathy or remorse now days and ive begun to self medicate as i am having a harder and harder time blending in, my masks have begun mal-functioning. The only type of anxiety i feel is social anxiety. My therapist said diagnosed with me with RAD (reactive attachment disorder) but i have been misdiagnosed multiple times and although i train to be a psychologist i take little solace in a label. I need guidance.

    1. You need to grow a pair mate, you sound like a born loser. If you were so 'above it all' as you try to project, then you wouldnt go to a therapist. People repulse you because your repulsive. You need to like others to be liked as the motto goes. Get real son. If you need more life advice I'll chat to you after I eat I just ordered a large dominos, then I'm going for a run. You see when your as smart as I am you can eat anything you like an not pay a cent.

    2. Went to a therapist because I was charged with aggravated assault mate. I enjoy my freedom,and still have it thanks to a fucking miracle. The universe has a purpose for me, my reason for existence is unclear except for the fact I must exist.

  14. the other day i was standing at the bus stop waiting for my bus and there was about 30 people at this stop but nobody was talking and the mood was too uptight so I picked up this 2 litre glass bottle i saw on the ground and launched it high in the air it came down and smashed all over the road. i did a wager with myself before i threw the bottle and betted nobody would have the guts to say anything to me after such a courageous act and sure enough nobody did. i like doing random spontaneous acts that creates fear or a reaction in people. in school when everyone was doing some important test i picked up this heavy huge text book and threw it at my class mate in front of me it barely missed him and broke the side of his desk, i did it because the most strict teacher in my school was staring over everyone they were afraid of him. He had too much control and i wanted to unsettle him. In his classes I would rip all the art off the walls, start fires and throw new books out the window while he was watching me. I told my classmates not to speak up and they didn't because I was the funniest guy in the class and their only source of entertainment. Every year I was elected class president because I was so entertaining.

  15. Adam,

    "i threw the bottle and betted nobody would have the guts to say anything to me after such a courageous act"

    Courageous for throwing a bottle on to the road?


    You seriously need to visit my hood and then we'll see how brave you are. With your princely, swaggering attitude, I'd wager you'd be dead inside a month.

    Thanks for the laugh,

    Mr. Hyde

  16. Nobody. I'm not not denying the value of careful planning in certain situations. What I'm saying is that claiming to always have a plan and multiple back up plans to get what u want is both retarded and hard to believe. Those calculating chessmaster types with a solution for every eventuality only exist in fiction. In real life(which isn't as rigid as a movie plot hence the need to adapt) manipulative people don't have to meticulously plan and plot and calculate and Art of War stratagize because the kind of tactics that allow them turn a situation in their favour are already hardwired into their brains. Like I said it's automatic. Lets say ur in a club and a sort catches ur eye and ur only "objective" is to fuck her. Do you carry out a recon mission and file a report before making ur move? Do make a contingency plan for when she rejects u for being a greasy pretentious nerd with delusions of grandeur? Cuz that's how u come across to me. Ur philosophical existential ramblings r tiresome there's not 1 original thought in that steaming 3 part pile of dog shit u dumped all over this comment section. I could hear the same from any stoned college student so next time keep it to urself cuz the last thing this miserable site needs is another psudo intellectual.

    1. Crawl,

      I'm enjoying your viewpoint.

      The more one sees, the better one is able to select. Open-mindedness is the foundation of a genuinely adaptive style. Being open to the 'how' of others' operations is a very practical rather than intellectual consideration.

    2. North is a gay cunt

    3. North , I just went on the blog and saw that ^. I never wrote that rude comment. Someone's impersonating my name. I don't blog so I don't have an account, so it's easy to do without me on blogger. Hugs X pay no attention to it.

    4. No worries, Superchick xx.

      The troll picked absolutely the wrong name... as well as the wrong angle.

      "We do not see the world as it is, we see it as we are" ~ Anais Nin

    5. North that is a perfect quote. When I read that above post I knew superchick didn't write it. It makes me wonder if sociopaths factor their degrees of *offness* in. They must take that into account. The absolute knowledge that they are going to be off in their calculations. Or perhaps that is the crux of why they can never get it quite right. Their refusal to see *they* make mistakes. They remain frustrated outdated computers instead of becoming what they were meant to be.

    6. But then again I believe what keeps sociopaths trapped is their complete refusal to apply knowledge. But in the grand scheme getting it wrong seems to be what they are meant to do. Causing confusion. But for perfectionist who pride themselves on being calculated tacticians continually getting it wrong must be a constant blow to the ego . The drive to continue over and over despite this is amazing.

    7. It's staggering, isn't it. I think Tii might be onto something when he says they naturally assume some external variable is at fault.

      Grandiosity / self-belief must be essential when facing the complex social world without the aid of rich emotions. Backing your own judgement and flowing easily past mistakes, always looking for opportunities: these are adaptive... Of course, it is better to learn from mistakes but they don't recognise their errors. That is a drawback for them.

      As for causing confusion - interesting question. How much is intentional and how much is the natural result of their strange modus operandi? I wonder do they often claim confusion or collapse where it wasn't intended? Many here have written how they caveat their own behaviour - flag it then blame the other person - because they know things fall apart.

      They must disrupt, they must hold more information which gives them options and limits the avenues available to others.

      Do they want things to fall apart or do they go full throttle on the control when they don't know how to fix something? Is that hounding control, the construction of the false information economy the way they push away because it's too dangerous to collaborate? Perhaps they don't feel it, but giving away their position when the environment is uncertain would certainly be dangerous for them.

      Control is a poor but sometimes effective means of improving prediction. Add to that the psychopaths utter goal fixation and you get a pretty relentless spiral towards implosion.

      "The drive to continue over and over despite this is amazing."
      There is something wonderful in their persistence, in their childlike unself-consciousness. I do admire them, and the incredible human brain, for their adaptations. Even if they are self-limiting within a relationship. We all have our limits in various contexts.

      Well, that was just a bunch more questions. One thing I do know is I have no clue what the circuit-breaker is. It sure as hell isn't discussion and capitulation is totally off the table.

    8. I'm now at the point where "solving" is futile and I revert to my own space. There's zero richness when they implement lock-down :p

    9. We delight in what is freely given: he seeks only that which he has coerced. Perhaps, Anon, this is all he can comprehend.

    10. They must disrupt, they must hold more information which gives them options and limits the avenues available to others.

      Being disruptive is a way of throwing people off balance, and maintaining the upper hand. We do like to possess more knowledge than anyone who might seek to oppose us. But often, it is not that we "hold MORE information", so much as that we re-frame what we DO know in such a manner as to provide compelling evidence to bolster the perception we wish to perpetuate,. This is a very subtle form of manipulation. Much of the time, we don’t even operate this way on a conscious level- until we become self-aware. At that point we can become more deliberate and effective in our usage of this tactic.

      Do they want things to fall apart or do they go full throttle on the control when they don't know how to fix something? Is that hounding control, the construction of the false information economy the way they push away because it's too dangerous to collaborate?

      We don't like losing... Control, or anything else, for that matter. When a threat to our perceived "power" rears its ugly head, we will batten down the hatches and protect our position at all costs.

      *Genuine* collaboration entails letting go of power. It is disproportionately hard for sociopaths to do this, because it requires a measure of openness to the person with whom we are collaborating, which necessitates vulnerability. We do not trust easily, and we despise feeling vulnerable, so we hold our hands close to our chests. We’re the “strong” ones… The ones to whom others turn and lean on in their weakness- and never vice versa. This is often why we often push others away, and are reluctant to let anyone into the “inner sanctum” of our underlying motivations and inner landscapes. Revealing our true selves can pose a threat to our position.

      I think this is why we like to “vacation in filth”, sometimes, and fly off the handle by doing ridiculously impulsive and destructive things on a whim. It is liberating, and the adrenaline is addictive.

      Better to channel this propensity into things like extreme sports. That’s what I try to do- with variable levels of success. But I still engage in moronic risk taking from time to time. :P

      Control is a poor but sometimes effective means of improving prediction. Add to that the psychopaths utter goal fixation and you get a pretty relentless spiral towards implosion.

      Hyperfocus upon goal attainment is a good predictor of success. Success is the ultimate form of supply for sociopathic types, I think. When we are in danger of failing, we’ll go off like loose cannons, because we just won’t give a shit about the consequences engendered by our actions anymore. We’ll brush ourselves off, and start again in a different domain. We don’t allow our failures to define or paralyze us, nor to foul our self-perception for any amount of time. We’re still ‘da bomb. ;)

      "The drive to continue over and over despite this is amazing."

      We don't give up easily. We hate losing. This is our Achilles’ heel. But it is the only way for us to learn genuine humility, because it strips us of the protective shell encasing our egos.

      There is something wonderful in their persistence, in their childlike unself-consciousness.

      Aren't we charming? :D

      Well, that was just a bunch more questions. One thing I do know is I have no clue what the circuit-breaker is. It sure as hell isn't discussion and capitulation is totally off the table.

      Losing is our circuit breaker. Be it an argument (good fucking luck), a loss of power, or the loss of someone important to us.

    11. Thanks A.

      There's no threat. It's in his head. But I understand what you've written. And I understand what he perceived as threat. I just can't do anything about it.

    12. I've also learnt the sorts of things he responds to. But that's a bleak road I have no interest in. That's not fun to me.

    13. North I've realized they just took all the magic out of it. I'm wondering where they start and all this other business begins. Where are they? Were they ever there? I just wish I felt better about totally turning my back. Its just so unnatural to me. Its so hard to believe something is so hopeless.

    14. I haven't been keeping track of your ongoing saga with **-*. I just responded to your comment off the cuff, so I have no idea whether it is even remotely relevant.

      But what you both respectively perceive as "threatening" probably doesn't correspond to the same definition(s) or thresholds, and your natural responses are probably equally different.

    15. Anon:
      **-* was there. He still is, I think, but he's definitely in battening-down-the-hatches mode. It's very different to last time. Strange, beautiful fellow.

      They see the world so differently. A's comment above is very helpful.

      I know what you mean walking away. The solution seems so easily within reach to us; they don't see it that way though. Do you still feel there's something you could have done? Something you could do? Maybe that needs satisfying. I know one thing and that's the heart doesn't let go until it experiences. The heart is the most resolute of questioners.

      What you said aligns almost perfectly with my understanding of his behaviour. Things had been going very well: both expressing what we wanted and listening to the other... The disruption started after I convinced him Saturday would be better than Tuesday, then coincidentally tried something adventurous in the bedroom that he *really* didn't like. I didn't let him get away with his passive aggressive response, so in short, I'm sure he thinks I was trying to take control of the relationship. Which I wasn't, I simply tried to give him an exciting experience... Cue drama, FFS.

      "But what you both respectively perceive as "threatening" probably doesn't correspond to the same definition(s) or thresholds, and your natural responses are probably equally different."
      Spot on. I've been grateful for the lens these last few months have given regarding my own nature.


    16. How was his response passive aggressive?

      I'm into fairly heavy s/m, and when I try to push my partner's boundaries beyond his comfort zone, he virtually always acquiesces. (The sharp end of the blade makes him a bit nervous, mind you... Which is delicious. But I digress)

      He's very flexible and accommodating with me. We switch, but whether I top or bottom, I'm always in control. I don't enjoy it any other way. And this suits him fine.

      But Heaven help the guy if he tries something I don't like. I clamp down, and shut him out with disproportionate irritation. And it's over 'til next time.

      He says I am extremely fickle- and I am. If I like something, I am insatiable in my lust. But I'll turn on him on a dime and leave him reeling the moment something displeases me. (And no- we never "make love". This doesn't appeal to me at all.)

      I'm really not sure why this annoys me so much. Logically, I realize that I am being unfair, and ought to be a bit more flexible.

    17. I actually have to stop myself from being flippantly cruel in such instances. I've hurt him considerably by acting like a right royal bitch in this way in the past, but I honestly don't understand why I get so annoyed by something which ought to be trivial.

      I know it discourages him from taking initiative, which ensures that I maintain the upper hand. Maybe that's why?

    18. Ha! I just re-read my initial response to your comment, applied it to why I react the way I do, and realized that I answered my own question.

      *Genuine* collaboration entails letting go of power. It is disproportionately hard for sociopaths to do this, because it requires a measure of openness to the person with whom we are collaborating, which necessitates vulnerability. We do not trust easily, and we despise feeling vulnerable...

      ^Even though I do trust my partner more than anyone else on the planet, this still applies to some degree, because it is such a deep-rooted aspect of my nature.

      For someone who is so damned good at reading the motivations and of others, I am often clueless regarding my own. :P

    19. A, yes you really nailed it with that para. Thanks for sharing.

      Do you ever want a man to dominate you? I feel a man has to show me he's worthy, it's a real turn on for me. I want him to rise to the challenge.

      Well **-* didn't clamp down initially. It was afterwards. He started by saying 'so that is how women manipulate?' I said 'what are you talking about?' Of course, he didn't answer but started objectifying. He asked me to bring a friend. Other stuff like that. He ignored my messages, didn't want to catch up. Then he surprised me one morning with a terribly objectifying message. I responded with "no thankyou" which enraged him. Boil, boil, boil, massive fight over the next weekend. The only clue he ever gave were complaints I treated him as a lollipop - mixed in with a whole lot of provocation and childish manipulation to make me angry (I did get angry - left an hour's worth of voicemail messages. I gave him a bottle of wine to apologise for that.)

      It took me a while to figure out he didn't like that I gave him our wine glasses to hold. That's what I mean by passive aggressive. He never told me what was wrong.

      He still wants me, that runs through his body. He asked to physically dominate me and I let him do that (it's usually more even-handed) as I thought that would restore equilibrium. Last weekend was pretty incredible in that we played out the dynamics of the relationship physically... it wasn't until afterwards that he really expressed anger at me - still indirectly. And now he's closing down all comms channels etc

      My guess is he probably wanted to trust me a bit but has freaked the fuck out. Nothing I say gets through.

      But I honestly don't understand why I get so annoyed by something which ought to be trivial You're probably right that the behaviours are subconscious, and probably right about the purpose.

      I wonder is the fearless dominance trait necessary for the success you described earlier? How would things be if you weren't ambitious and dominant?

      Incidentally, I noticed that initially (second time around) **-* assumed the dominant position in negotiation. I'd been learning this at work, how easy it actually is to do that, or to take your rightful place, so to speak. It's a sneaky leap of boldness.

    20. A,
      Lmao! Playing with knives... I feel like I'd lend in jail if I ever tried it out XD. Generally I try to keep control by edging them... being in charge of a woman climax gives me great satisfaction. Once you've got them hanging around the borders too long that look of submission, and the begging in their eyes excites me way too much. When I'm almost done playing, I let them to climax a few times, then keep it going through the sensitivity till they can't. After that I play my round.

      If he keeps playing passive aggressive. You may want to try passive aggressively hint that your not in the mood or are to busy when he wants it. At that point its not about you controlling him, it's about him not controlling you. Though if you do play it that way, don't do it too often in a row. At that point to hurt you he might go elsewgere to get his fix. If he does, I promise you he'll have a great time and will do a great job blaming it on you (if not convincing you that it was your fault). I don't know much about handling relationships though... never really been in one.

    21. Do you ever want a man to dominate you? I feel a man has to show me he's worthy, it's a real turn on for me. I want him to rise to the challenge.

      I do allow him to dominate me physically, but I always call the shots. If I want something, I’ll tell him to do it, and he’ll do it, in exactly the way I want it.

      If he were to do anything I didn’t want him to, I would fight back, with disproportionate ferocity. I’ve done this before, for other reasons (he’s never disrespected me sexually) - and he has been rightfully pissed with me for it.

      We are incredibly alike. We are like twin souls- except that he is a bit kinder, and more loyal by nature. He manipulates me, too. Sometimes, when I’ve requested to be in a position of extreme sexual vulnerability, he’ll look at me intensely, like the crazy sadist he is, and do something wild, or new… That I haven’t consented to... and really try to scare me.

      He’ll do that kind of thing in other ways, too. He’ll look at me with a gleam in his piercing blue eyes, and suddenly drive recklessly, or whip me around behind the boat and do his best to make me lose control.

      He’s smart, handsome and successful. He’s witty, shares my dark sense of humour, and makes me laugh my ass off.

      These things show me he’s worthy. They make me want to give him anything he wants- because I see him as one who is strong, successful, and occasionally very fierce.

      When I top him, the dynamic is bit more gentle. He doesn’t like it as hard as I do. I’ll just spank and tease in a different way to coax the slut out of him. I know just how to do it, too. :)

      It took me a while to figure out he didn't like that I gave him our wine glasses to hold. That's what I mean by passive aggressive. He never told me what was wrong

      He still wants me, that runs through his body. He asked to physically dominate me and I let him do that (it's usually more even-handed) as I thought that would restore equilibrium. Last weekend was pretty incredible in that we played out the dynamics of the relationship physically... it wasn't until afterwards that he really expressed anger at me - still indirectly. And now he's closing down all comms channels etc

      He was mad that you gave him wineglasses to hold? I don’t get it.

      Maybe it is because of what Tii alluded to in his or her post. He wanted to be in control, and you ruined his little bdsm game by placing him in what he perceived to be a "subordinate" position. If such is the case, then you've got an insecure, petty, weak little man on your hands. He's not worthy.

      I don’t understand why he was angry- but your description, compounded with my personal experience, allows me to deduce that he doesn’t want *you* to understand the underlying motivation for his anger. Yet he still wants you to suffer retribution for it; that is why he is expressing it indirectly.

      This is likely either because he *knows* the real reason is petulant, juvenile, or otherwise invalid (such as the reason I outlined above) - or because you’ve managed to pierce his emotional defenses, and hurt him. This, in particular, will make him react with vicious and disproportionate vitriol.

      Has your relationship progressed to that level? Do you have that power over him?

      My guess is he probably wanted to trust me a bit but has freaked the fuck out. Nothing I say gets through.

      If he made himself vulnerable to you in some way for the first time, he may well be upset with himself for it, and want to push you away.

    22. I wonder is the fearless dominance trait necessary for the success you described earlier? How would things be if you weren't ambitious and dominant?

      In terms of my professional domain, I suppose these traits were necessary to a degree, because I seized upon an opportunity that I created when I perceived a need within my community, in spite of having no experience or investment.

      I undertook all the necessary steps to launch the project anyway, learning as I went along, in spite of the many naysayers who initially sought to discourage me.

      If I were the same person, minus those traits, I would just be perpetually lethargic, retricent, goalless and terminally bored.

      My ambition is what drives and motivates me. I will never gain wealth as a result of this particular project, so I’m not in it for the money. (We have others means of acquiring wealth.) I am passionate about what I do, and that passion is fueled by my desire to excel… To win, according to how I define “winning”.

      In my domain, this translates into helping as many people as possible.

    23. Lmao! Playing with knives... I feel like I'd lend in jail if I ever tried it out XD

      Mmm. Is that so?

      Then you are either very naive, or lacking in self-control. Either way, you don't know what you're missing.

    24. A you surely can write, I'll give you that! You and your husband are certainly further out on the edge than we are - more power to you. Your description is very vivid.

      I'll be a little clearer.

      I have sometimes talked about tying him up. Initially, he was open to it because he was trying to win me back at that point. He's been less keen recently. I attempted to hold his wrists down on the bed and he yelped! Yelped! It was very clear he didn't want to be physically restrained.

      So I decided I would have him hold a wine glass in each hand to effectively restrain him while I went down on him. I'm quite sure he enjoyed it initially, but he had other plans apparently and when I tried to hold him, well it was that he didn't like. He didn't want to come like that.

      He tends to have ideas about what he wants and will often "grant" me the opportunity to do what I want. I find that all a bit funny, but sweet and endearing at the same time.

      He had been generous to me in the relationship and I have grown a lot in knowing what I want and expressing it. I can totally see why the sequence of events would make him feel he'd given me too much scope. Trust was always going to be difficult between us anyway given our history. I'm a little shocked at the duration of the freak out. But we'll see.

      "I am passionate about what I do, and that passion is fueled by my desire to excel"
      Very interesting. **-* talks in these terms about work and advises me to inspire passion in my team. Similarly about excelling against the odds. I find this drive very appealing both in yourself and in him (although he is generally softer, a quieter personality. Almost a vigilante in his passions rather than a brazen leader.) He brings out both the child and the wild in me; I become a deeper in both directions with him.

      I'm not disposed to respond fully at the moment, my apologies. I do enjoy reading about your life, your writing has a potent clarity and insight.

      Tii - cheers! Yeah, that's actually kinda what happened this week. I said no yesterday. More dancing. I'll see him tonight.

      Thanks :) Making sense of this stuff with your help makes life much simpler. As I say, I don't take things personally; it's a matter of learning how to interact with a person who sees life in a rather different way.

      alice - I think you have written a post I plan to respond to - I'll get there!!

    25. hey north, does **-* know you are writing about him on this blog? if yes did he read the things you wrote? ...I'm just curious


    26. A

      Yah... to be honest I wouldn't know how to bring out a butter knife (don't really do s&m, besides spanking and light choking). I feel like any girl would freak the fuck out if I pulled one out on her (I'm not much for asking in that domain, usually just act), unless she's into the freakier type play... which I don't go for.

      Yah... Tying me up? I would be very relluctant to it. Don't trust a person enough to let them tie me when I'm alone with them and at my most vulnerable. Holding glasses for that reason hell no... might as well put a collar that reads "bitch" around my neck. Hilarious though... I would have loved seeing his face when you suggested it. I imagine something like "O.o? The fuck?" How did you come up with that idea? Instead of actually tying him up, try having him hold whatever you use to bind him with himself.

    27. Meant *anything but a butter knife*

    28. Did someone mention playing with knives??!!

      Hey Vegas ;)

    29. North, I think that is very creative. **-* is a lucky sob.

      He probably got spooked because he disliked the idea of not being in control, and didn't want to admit it at first.

      I don't like being tied up. That is something I won't tolerate. It makes me claustrophobic and inexplicably itchy everywhere, all of a sudden. Not my kink.

      I *do* like being the one to do the tying up, though. I enjoy that very much. Watching your partner squirm around helpless and blindfolded is quite a turn-on. I'm sure my husband would love to do this, but I am not as accommodating as him in this area.

      Bondage tape is a great tool. Sticks to itself (not skin) and is flexible enough to be comfortably restrictive, if that makes any sense.

      Tii, dull knives work best, unless you actually want massive carnage, or are into blood-letting, because you can actually use them with impudence, and swipe them around vulnerable bits without killing or maiming your partner.

    30. Blank me then, see if I care (I do) (I don't really).

      You can get a small, semi sharp knife that has a hoop on it to go over your finger, about an inch or so in size, a small curved blade similar to a karambit, you can hold this in your hand and, caress and massage and stroke and other sickly shit...but with a knife.
      I'm more of a scalpel guy, but am well aware that permanent scarring and a very real possibility of proper harm isn't everyone's cup of tea.

      Shoot me down A by all means, but North it sounds like your fella may be a bit emancipated by you leading him, topping from the bottom as they say, is he a naturally dominant person? You may find that if you have a chat and discuss what you want him to do to you, fuck all will come if it, could be worth you bringing it up and showing him what you want by dominating him...with a very specified objective of tuition for both of you...us males are touchy fuckers when it comes to our ego, so might help soften shit up a bit.

      A, as always, love your style, you'd be a hell of a play partner and I'd relish in taking that control from your little self (massively obese, retarded male that you are of course)

      Hey Vegas ;)

    31. Aw A...when you gonna realise that you're my favourite lapdog?

      I'm the same, I pop back now and then, but the incessant whining followed by a massively overly in depth run down of the origin of the whine, bores me senseless.

      I do have quite a thing for goths actually, you're rather astute, but then sitting there using your free time (which, let's face it, is all of your time...apart from the bits where you create your idyllic illusion of grandeur of course) judging the world around you so you can belittle and besmirchify those with a far less articulate and intelligent way than yourself, then a certain level of astuteness is understandable.
      How's the calorie intake these says tubs?

      I've been keeping myself busy, after all, these weak minded obese goths don't keep themselves in line now do they?

      Tell "Vegas" to hurry the fuck up, my massive following of subservient semi retards is drying up and I miss her jovial happiness almost as much as I miss your supremely tender and loving words of encouragement and support for all.

      Hey Vegas ;)

    32. ^Fuck is this?

    33. ^fuck are you?

      Fuck off back to Crawl and don't waste my time.
      Do you see one word aimed in your direction? Hmm? Do you see "oh, cunt" written anywhere? No.
      Fuck off.

      Hey Vegas ;)

    34. LOL.

      Me? Shoot you down for being an insecure little man with a gargantuan ego? Never. ;)

      I will, however, waste no time in deriding you for poor vocabulary usage: to “emancipate” means to liberate. Is that how you intended to use the term in your sentence? If so, it’s awkward- but I stand corrected. Although I probably deserve to be punished. By a real macho dude who can handle all my rolls of pasty, obese, man-flesh, naturally.

      But “besmirchify”? You’ve outdone yourself this time. And you do make me giggle. :)

      As for my calorie intake, we’re between water sports and snow sports season, atm. I work out, but I get so damned bored with my routine that keeping it up often requires more discipline than I can muster. So my less-than-healthful solution has been to eat like a burly fieldmouse in order to avoid gaining any weight in the interim, because I can’t be bothered to exercise enough to indulge either my appetite or my muscles, which are twitching for lack of daily strain.

      North, the insecure little man with the scalpel fixation and the small penis is proffering some excellent advice. Clear communication really is key to making any s/m encounter successful. You are treading into an area where an individual’s greatest vulnerabilities are being exposed and exploited for pleasure. Unless you approach kink with a foreknowledge of the fact that it can dredge up sensitivities and insecurities you didn’t even know you had, and a plan to address them openly and honestly, you’re bound to have issues come up.

      This is especially true for sociopaths, whose egos tend to take up a lot of room. Just ask Swop and his harem of hustling harlots. He knows all about *that*, right Panty Crusher? XD

    35. ... I'm still giggling at your response to Cunt.

    36. Suitably emasculated.
      Damn you fucking Yanks, we were good enough to give you a language, you could at least have the decency to ignore our vocabulary fuck ups and accept them as the way forward for your language.
      Maybe add a 'z' to the mix to give you a sense of originality.

      Oh, cunt...you may join in now.

      As our dearest A so uncharacteristically agrees North...communication is key. So avoid gags. I personally give them a short stick to clamp between their teeth, a multipurpose tool, it shuts them the fuck up, gives them something to bite down on to when things get a bit like A's back (that would be hairy, cunt) and it allows them to spit it out if they need to tell me something.
      You know...like how fucking amazing I am.

      I don't have a small dick either cunt, A just likes to emasculate me, because she knows what the word means.

      North, s&m is a tricky one, do it right and you'll never want to be without it again, the bond between Sadist and Masochist is like no other, A can besmirchify my good name (Swop is pretty good ain't it? In fairness to the yeti, she spawned it), but her and I are very alike...if you put us in a crowded room, I can assuredly say we'd be able to point each other out (because I'd be the frighteningly handsome bugger, and, well, Bigfoot kinda stands out from the crowd) it's an unspoken link, but, do it wrong and chances are you'll be put off for life.

      My harem of hustling harlots will tell you, that having stuff done right to them can alter their entire mindset and take on the world. It's emancipating. Emaciating?

      It's probably a cultural difference, but over here, between water sport season and snow sport season is slang for, PlayStation headsets and takeaway pizza season with the other catfish

      Hey Vegas ;)

    37. I repeat... ^The fuck is this? How do you guys even keep up with each other. Damn... I thought me and my pals knew how to talk shit XD. You guys sound like me when I respond to someone telling me they can out smoke me and that I have bitch lungs... But this shit is so out of the blue XD. I couldn't even help cracking up at his answer to me.

    38. Cunt, you'll probably find that your 'mates' refer to you as the one who talks shit.
      Or as Jon Snow.
      I can't really say we keep up with each other, A and I had the pleasure of crossing swords some time back and our mutual hatred blossomed into something of a mutual understanding and dare say...respect.
      Obviously though, she respects me far more than I her, in my head, she resembles ALF, that said, the woman is insanely clever and has me in stitches.
      Which, given an hour in the flesh and a scalpel, is just how I'd have her...and fuck me we'd be ecstatic.

      Do you have bitch lungs then? The term is a new one on me.
      But I think I'll use it in future when talking to my dear old mother.

      Hey Vegas ;)

    39. Ahem. Yeti-yonis and micro-penes aside, we keep up with each other 'cause we're awesome and clever in all the ways you only wish-you-could-be, wanna-be.

      If you want to join the cool club, you'll have to pay tribute to my pretentious grandiosity by brushing up on your grammar. :P

      And I can definitely outsmoke you. Cunt. XD

    40. Dear boy, it's a good thing you don't know what I actually look like. Really.

      You and I need to stay far, far away from each other. :)

    41. Hey alice,

      Yep, he knows, I told him about 12 months ago.

      Incidentally, we spent a nice evening together yesterday. Explanation by metaphor. Insufficient sleep, will catch up on the thread later...

    42. Class, take note...this is what happens when actual sociopathic sadomasochists cross paths (albeit unseen in person and in different countries).

      A...fist bump

    43. Yes, well, I'm not sure the effect is all that complimentary, as far as "the class" is concerned. (Hey Vegas!) ;)

      I'm not a clinically diagnosed sociopath. I don't think I'm pathologically disordered. I'm just a rational type who shares quite a few traits in common with them.


    44. On an unrelated note... This! XD

    45. Now that is a class video.
      Good work.

      I don't think you need clinical diagnosifying, you just are, so there.
      Just because I haven't been clinically diagnosed as impotent doesn't mea...

    46. "Yeti-yonis"


      I concede to your superior attributes, A. Only you could make up something so fitting and frightening.

      Mr. Hyde

    47. North hi. Your right,the heart must fully feel everything. That has been my strength and weakness in the past. I was always told not to let anyone get the best of me. And I don't know what I've let anyone "get" but I don't think it was the best of me. I think I have always kept it too hidden. Turning my back on them. That is so hard for me to explain. Its more like something spiritual. They seem completely lost. More like damned. Does everyone just need someone to believe in them. I'm so tired of walking some angelic tightrope.

    48. Your sex life must be going pretty stale when you get to the point where you're using knives in the bedroom.

    49. Hahahahaaaa! Ya hear that, Swop?

      The little anonymouse won't even own it's comment! :)

      See, the thing is, we think YOUR sex life must be as stale, crusty and boring as last week's panettone, if you can't even *imagine* how incredibly hot sexual power exchange can be- let alone engage in it.

      Still, you won't catch us dissing your vanilla cottage cheese. S/m is not for everyone. It clearly isn't for you. You probably don't have an adventurous or experimental bone in your body.

      So go make pasty romantic love on a bed of roses with your partner, just as softly as you please. But don't knock what you've clearly never had the inclination to try.

      Frankly, you have *no idea* what you're missing. And you likely never will, considering that you aren't even brave enough to sign your comment, or sufficiently imaginative to see past your own vanilla honker. XD

    50. @A
      Whatever gets your wrinkly ass off, I suppose.

      Still, I admire your dedication.

    51. That's nice. I'd return the compliment, but there isn't anything remotely admirable about your boring-ass cowardice, mousie.

    52. Fucks sake, I did reply through my laughter, but, mong that I be, it's popped up down under Cunts effort...apologies Cunt, it was aimed at the anonymouse above, not your scary self young one.

      Anon, as our A says, if you haven't got the balls to sign off such a title of a comment, you really shouldn't be knocking what you know nowt about.

      The kind of sex A and I have with our partners, you could never comprehend, the kind of sex that needs a mop and bucket, a stripped bed and an apology to the neighbours.

      Your own brand of easy, romantic, heartfelt loving is your own choice, we'll not knock you for it, but what we do...ah, what we do...it's mind blowing, we have scope to do whatever we want when we want it, to take control.of someone who wants you to take it from them and use and abuse them to both of your massive satisfaction is, phenomenal.
      Try a film like The Secretary and you'll see what love can really be like.

    53. I love the movie "The Secretary".:)


    54. Vegas!!! You're back.

      How was the circus? As entertaining as this one? XD

    55. A-

      I love watching you and Swop interact.:)


    56. Vegas!!! Will you give Cunt a hug please? He's being picked on by all the nasty, clever funny folk on here and he's drowning in faeces and could use a friendly arm around the shoulder to keep his morale up.
      Frankly, I'm worried for his mother's safety.

      Cunt, keep this in mind kiddo...when you're swimming in shit, keep your chin up

    57. Swop-

      Yes, I will give Tii a hug-I like him.:)


    58. Tii-



    59. A & Swop-

      I didn't mean to interrupt you...

      I can't stay, but just had to say, how much I like your exchanges.:)


    60. @Swop
      I thought about it for a bit.

      It seems like a lot of needless effort to me, for only a few short moments of elation.

      Also, I don't think that it builds trust between people, like you've led yourself to believe. In fact, it might have the opposite effect.

    61. Good to hear from you Vegas, I'd stopped 'hey Vegas' ing because I just assumed you were dead.
      A is rather good isn't she.
      Ahem,I mean he, he is rather good sorry.

      Cunt, are you going to cry? Fuck up there's a good lad, you think.we all didn't have this baptism of fire? When I first strutted onto here flaunting my sociopathic traits for all to see, my darling A took a cheese grater to me and ripped me to shreds.
      It was awesome.
      Stop doing the dropped head, looking at the floor, kicking pebbles hurt little boy routine, we're not your mother so font try it with us. Man the fuck up or, as I originally stated to you, fuck off.

      Hey Vegas ;)

    62. PS-

      I love Maggie Gyllenhaal.:)

      In the movie "The Secretary", I would have obeyed, up until the point I was going to "pee" in my wedding dress. I would have "disobeyed" and gone to the restroom, before I had to "pee" in my dress...


    63. Anon, accepted. But bullshit.
      If you have to 'think about it', then it's probably not for you anyway, you either are a kinky motherfucker, or you're not. Watching 50 Shades and deciding to give it a go (and I know A LOT of these types) is dangerous.
      You've kinda made a twat of yourself here too, you've tried to make shit of what we do, as a stale sex life rejuvenator...then admitted to having thought about doing it yourself.
      Stale sex life? It kinda glows from you.

      Then you don't know what trust is.
      Would you, for arguments sake, take a one night stand home, allow said one nighter to tie you down very securely with no hope of escape, knowing that they intended to do whatever they pleased to you, be it sickeningly gentle...or something far more disturbing and blood thirsty? No, you'd be a fool (you are a fool, so this is awkward), because there is no trust there.
      To do what we do, you would have to trust your partner, in every sense of the word...with your life.
      There is no relationship so based on trust and respect than a true sadomasochistic relationship.

      There is nothing short lived about it, you may have in your head a few smacks across the backside or the word 'sir' thrown about, but what A and I do is a lifestyle, every thing we do is connected, I walk the streets and see implements everywhere I go, when she's with me, she's permanently to attention, if we're in a crowded supermarket and I want her pants, then she'll strip them off there and then.
      Again, feel free to ask anything of us, we're passionate about what we do, but don't assume to know anything about it for the sake of a pointless anonymous dig

    64. Swop-

      I'm still alive, which makes me think of the Pearl Jam song "Alive"-one of my favorites.:)

      You know how much I like it, when you say "Hey Vegas", and give me a wink.:)

      You crack me up.:)

      M.E. cracks me up with her funny tweets, too.:)

      I wish I could stay, but I've got to go.:(

      Hopefully I'll see you, when I come back.:)


    65. @Swop
      No need to get your panties in a bunch, you are posting anonymously after all.

      I was offering you free advice. Who are you trying to convince that this is working out for you, do you need other people to nod along to feel that you're doing the right thing?

      You're in denial.

      We both know why you need knives, rope and your implements to feel in control.

      Toss a few more insults my way if it'll help you feel better.

    66. Cracking track Vegas.
      You've good taste.

      Glad we can put a smile on your pretty face.
      See you next time my little Island.

      On that note, I'm outta here.

      Until next time A.

      Hey Vegas ;)

    67. Anonymouse said: Also, I don't think that it builds trust between people, like you've led yourself to believe. In fact, it might have the opposite effect.

      In fact, you’re completely wrong. But how the fuck would you know, when you’ve never even tried? Do you always pontificate and dispense “advice” concerning things you have no practical experience with whatsoever?

      That’s kind of like saying: “Don’t ride roller coasters because they’re bad and dangerous”- when you’ve never even had the balls to set foot in one. Meanwhile, a lot of people on the roller coaster are having a blast. I’m sitting right up front, with my hands up and my eyes closed. But you’re judging me according to *your* subjective standard of “fun”, and saying that I must not *REALLY* be enjoying myself at all, simply because you can’t relate. Do you know what that makes you? An ignorant, opinionated, judgmental jackass, with no imagination whatsoever.

      Newsflash! Just because kink holds no appeal for YOU doesn’t mean it’s BAD for everyone who indulges in it.

      Case in point: my husband and I have been together for almost 15 years… Since we were teenagers, really... And our sex life still sizzles. He makes my knees weak, and I still thrill inwardly when I see his eyes burning into me from across the room, imagining what we are going to do to each other when the party is over. How many couples do you know for whom that is true, after so many years?

      I have trouble bonding with anyone, but I’ve bonded with him. Our sadomasochistic sex life has really helped to facilitate that. We (literally) trust each other with each other’s lives, and we prove it experientially on a regular basis. We are so unified that we finish each others’ thoughts and sentences. Excuse me, but who the FUCK are you to tell me what we do doesn’t build trust- when you’ve never experienced it yourself? I am living proof that you’re wrong.

      I was offering you free advice. Who are you trying to convince that this is working out for you, do you need other people to nod along to feel that you're doing the right thing?

      You aren't "offering free advice", you're disparaging people on the basis of something you've admitted you don't understand. It isn’t about right or wrong, it’s about what feels good between the sheets. How do you figure you’re equipped to advise anyone on what they “ought” to enjoy?

      You're in denial.

      No, you’re judging others the basis of your lack of experience and knowledge, which makes *you* an ignoramus.

      We both know why you need knives, rope and your implements to feel in control.

      No, no. Wrong again. You haven’t a clue. It’s not about “feeling in control”, so much as it is about giving pleasure to your partner, and having your partner pleasure you.

      Oh, and the submissive is always in control, moron.

      Try to use your imagination a little bit, if you even have one.

      And you say our sexuality is “stale”. With such an abject lack of creativity, I can only imagine how flat and threadbare yours must be.


    68. Wee man, do you see what you've done now? You've stepped into something you nothing about, and decided you can preach.
      Whoa...are you Jonaid??!!
      Unfortunately for you, you've stepped into this up against two people who actually know what they're talking about.
      It's like you're a minnow fisherman, trying to talk down two shark hunters, and, in your thigh high waders, you are seriously out of your depth.
      I'm not even going to bother iterating As points, because she's right through and through, and you know it is the sad thing, yet I'm going to assume you're attempting to get a rise out of the ones on here who do the taking apart of yokels like yourself.
      If you want to see how this shit is done, take a look at the annihilation of Cunt, who has gone to his mother to apologise for throwing bottles and pushing bikes, before you try and take pot shots at us. We will spit you out.

      Do you think the, implements etc are what gives control? Really?
      Don't you see that the control is given (kudos A) by the submissive? It's not taken by rope or cable ties, that's rapist territory, it's that concept that eludes you of infinite trust.
      What A has with her husband and I have with my wife you could never fathom, and because of this, you deem yourself a judge who is making himself look like an anonymous twat.

      I don't see any advice in your infantile post, free or otherwise, I see an incredible lack of intellect...to the point you're probably shrugging your shoulders right now and saying 'whatever'. If you have something of worth to contribute, please do. I/we were not advertising anything for nods of strangers heads at what we do, we are passionate sadomasochists, if you had an inkling of the depth of what lies beneath that statement, you'd shut your little anonymous mouth, but you won't, no doubt you'll come back with some unfunny, uninsightful crock of shit.

      A is very good at naming folk, you should go with anonymouse

    69. Would you, for arguments sake, take a one night stand home, allow said one nighter to tie you down very securely with no hope of escape, knowing that they intended to do whatever they pleased to you, be it sickeningly gentle...or something far more disturbing and blood thirsty? No, you'd be a fool (you are a fool, so this is awkward), because there is no trust there.


      As for "50 Shades of Grey", I didn't like the movie very much, at all. "The Secretary" was better, if a little tame. I'm a sensation oriented sadomasochist. As such, I'm not into the role playing aspects of BDSM very much, so I couldn't relate to those parts, but I DO think this movie depicted a more accurate portrayal of this kind of relationship than "50 Shades".

      Yes, Christian's dungeon was incredible. His Red Room was exquisitely apportioned, by someone who is obviously familiar with kink. My husband and I were drooling.

      But the acting was strained, and ffs, just when the action started getting real (and therefore titillating), the chick freaks out, and Christian is thereafter portrayed as a disturbed psycho nutjob.

      I didn't read the series. I couldn't even get through the first book; it is poorly written and trite. But I was told that in the second book, Christian gives up s/m for Ana... He discovers how much he looooves her, and can no longer justify his sadism.

      This is not an accurate portrayal of a sadomasochistic relationship at all. I am sorry, but it just doesn't work that way. You can't stop being kinky anymore than you can stop being gay. Yes, you can constrain your actions, and in some cases, this may well be laudable, but someone who truly loves a sadist should understand that acts sexual sadism *are* an expression of ... lust, yes- but of love, as well.

      When my partner allows me to push his boundaries because it titillates me, he is loving me.

      When I bare my neck for him, I am loving him.

      These are not emotionally charged exchanges, apart from the lust, desire and pleasure they engender... But they *are* a manifestation of a very special kind of intimacy, which is based on complete mutual trust. And in my personal experience, these bind you to your partner like nothing else can.

      Something less intense... Less stimulating... Simply wouldn't cut if for me. I *need* intense stimulation to feel anything at all.

      Oh, and catch ya later Swop.

      *Fist bump*

      (To the jaw.)


    70. 50 Shades was shockingly bad, I walked out of the cinema in a fit of laughter during it. Made it as far as the helicopter and that was me done.
      The books, if you can call them that, are drivel. I suffered the first one, but when she ran off pouting (like Cunt) after he took his belt to her, I was done.
      Fuck me, I take my belt to areas far more sensitive than her ass I can tell thee. And why?...because she trusts me to.
      Role play in The Secretary A? I'll assume you mean the saddling? I can't think of any other bits really, and I always looked at that as more degradation and humiliation than role play really.

      But oh yes, I got that shiver in my liver at Greys dungeon too, quite possibly the only part of the shambolic film where they'd consulted someone actually kinky, not just some anonymouse dick who thinks they know what it's about.

      Keep the faith A

    71. @Swop and A

      You're both clearly upset about a simple observation that was made on a thing as petty as your sex lives.

      You're constantly trying to belittle me, reflecting your own feelings of powerlessness.

      You are desperate to uphold this delusion that you've crafted for yourselves, yet you've been transparent from the start.

      You cannot even bear to have the ugly truth come out on an anonymous forum.

    72. "...you'd shut your little anonymous mouth, but you won't, no doubt you'll come back with some unfunny, uninsightful crock of shit."

      But we've barely even started.

    73. Role play in The Secretary A? I'll assume you mean the saddling? I can't think of any other bits really, and I always looked at that as more degradation and humiliation than role play really. I can't think of any other bits really, and I always looked at that as more degradation and humiliation than role play really.

      That's what I meant. Degradation and humiliation are a turn off for me, either in terms of giving or receiving. I guess I've always lumped them in with how I define role-play. I don’t really know all the proper terms; I’ve never been active in any kind of scene. I just know what I like.

      I saw the Secretary many years ago, so my recollection if it is vague. But saddling? No-oope. That approaches bestiality a little too much for my liking, which is also a serious turn off.

      I'm very particular in terms of what I like. :P

      The final scene, however, stuck with me. Maggie was shockingly hot traipsing across the screen with her arms and neck attached to that spreader bar, like the little slut that she is. :)

      I walked out of the cinema in a fit of laughter during it. Made it as far as the helicopter and that was me done.

      Lol. I cannot tell you how often I've done that. I have no patience at all for shitty movies. If a film doesn't intrigue me in some way after the first 5 minutes, we’re done.

      The books, if you can call them that, are drivel. I suffered the first one, but when she ran off pouting (like Cunt) after he took his belt to her, I was done.

      Haha! Same. I got so irritated with that Ana character that I couldn’t finish the book. She was insufferable and ridiculous.

      Fuck me, I take my belt to areas far more sensitive than her ass I can tell thee.

      Oh hell yes. Us too.

      And why?...because she trusts me to.

      Personal question.

      Has she let you flog her face?

    74. Oh and A...I forgot to acknowledge you on the 'you can't stop being kinky any more than you can stop being gay' statement and it's affiliates, top notch.

      Anonymouse, are you still there?

    75. I see what you mean, Secretary, wise now sorry A, I guess I look at role play more along the lines of doctor and nurse stuff.

      You have no idea how much alike we are young lady...when Lee walks down that passage way, strutting, I should say, in her spreader bar, like the fucking sex goddess she is...against the painfully shy secret masochist that first walked into his office, ah, it melts me.

      Her face? She would, I have no doubt whatsoever, have I? No. Too wary of her eyes.
      Do you then?
      A soft flogg I guess wouldn't hurt.
      For fucks sake, I'm going to have to flogg her face now.

  17. Tii ur backtracking. In the last thread u claimed multiple times to be a sociopath and even described how u announce it to ur pals. "I've let many people know I'm a sociopath and warn them that I don't particularly feel close to any of them". These r ur exact words so forgive me if I don't believe u when u now say u neither crave or take pride in the label.

  18. Crawl,
    I do believe I am a sociopath, so, yep... If we're on the topic I will call myself sociopath, it easier then listing every aspect of my personality. By older posts I meant before the last thread... As I mentioned, I use to frequent Socioworld before (must have been sometime between 2013-15 can't remember exactly). Now reading what I write and express online is a bit different from actually observing my daily (for some people) behavior. So sure you may not agree but, figure that I do know people whom I see pretty often and do study or work in the psychological or sociological field and have only reaffirmed my suspicions. So... sure... maybe I'm not...

    1. So u believe ur a sociopath but u don't believe in sociopathy and u don't care wether ur a sociopath or not and because u don't care u went and asked ur pals in the field if they think ur a sociopath. Right. Ok. Glad we cleared that up... Soooo, what are these daily behaviours you've failed to mention Tii cunt? You've been holding out on me. I don't want to hear the stories of ur mum falling off her bike I want to hear the good shit.

    2. My mom falling of her bike was actually a moment went I really felt guilty for what I had done... what I meant was that that was the last time I remember feeling guilty.

      Didn't ask anyone... but a few of them had mentioned it. One of them being one of my HS psych teacher after seeing how I treated a kid in class (though if he's just a HS teacher idk how much knowledge he actually had).

      Currently I'm not in a psych ward so you can imagine I've never done anything crazy to anyone. Worst I've ever done to a kid was get him to leave the school we were in. After that it was mostly ruin my relationship with others by ruining there relationship with people (bestfriends, boyfriends, or girl friends). I don't know how specific you want me to be.

    3. Ruined* their*

    4. For fuck sake Cunt. I just told u I don't want to hear any more about ur mum and her bike. Srsly enough is enough. Not particularly interested in ur teen dramas or schoolyard antics either. Is that really all u have to say for urself? Dull. How can u believe any of that piddle equates to a pathology? All kids r bastards. I did far worse in my schooldays and now I'm the nicest guy you could ever meet. This is what I meant when I said ur adding significance to trivial shit. Ur tailoring the disorder cuz it doesn't fit. U do it because ur too much of a coward to live out ur destructive fantasies. Next ur gonna tell me how u didn't cry at ur grans funeral, that old chestnut haha

    5. BOOM!!! Hold that Cunt.
      Crawl, if you took the time to simply write out 'you' and 'are' etc, I'd pay more attention to your work.
      Fairly entertaining, but like reading my kids' text messages.

      Cunt, you've been crucified dear, pack up your shit and head for the door marked Wannabe Fails.

      Say hi to mommy for us

      Ou est vous Vegas??

    6. *Good Cunt ;)

      Sociopathic types feel things... It's just that our emotions are shallow, and short-lived. We need higher levels of stimulation to feel anything at all.

      Cunt, would it be accurate to state that even though you initially felt guilt after the incident, you set it aside very quickly?

      "Guilt" is experienced in a shallow way, so it's easy to switch off. Guilt is a powerful deterrent for most people. Because we do not experience the strong aversion associated with it that most people do, it is easy to keep doing things that feel good, even when they are self-destructive, or hurt others. So we need other means to avoid these impulses. (It doesn’t help that we have poor impulse control, either.)

      There also seems to be an issue with emotional recall. Apparently most people relive emotions associated with events when they reminisce. We lack empathy, and we don’t bond easily, so memories of past hurts that we’ve inflicted on others don’t resonate with us they way they do for most people.

      These are callous-unemotional traits. Does your possessing them mean you're a sociopath? Not necessarily. And I think that’s what Creepy Crawler is attempting to intimate with his puppet. It is only when a specific cluster of traits co-exist in someone at levels that impede functioning that one can rightly be called “disordered”.

      The PCL-R is an old, but reasonable standard. I’d likely score somewhere in the mid twenties. Considering that the average score is below ten, that’s pretty high, but the threshold for a diagnosis of psychopathy is above 30, so even if I were to see a therapist (which would be a waste of my time) I am fairly certain that I wouldn’t get slapped with that label. And it is quite likely that you wouldn’t, either.

      Full-blown psychopathy is a *pathology* - Having a lot of callous-unemotional or "sociopathic" traits isn’t. It is just a normal personality variation that confers to you a lot of benefits- just as overly-sensitive people have their strengths, too. Some of us are better suited as cops and surgeons, others as nurses and grief-counselors. It takes all kinds to make the world go round.

      So why try to convince yourself or anyone else that you’re a psycho?

      Just be who you are. You don’t have anything to prove… Unless you WANT to keep grovelling under Crawl. It *is* rather entertaining for the rest of us.

    7. A

      No... I don't think I got rid of that guilt quickly. I think it actually hunted me for quite a while. Probably happened when I was around 3-4, and I remember, somewhere around when I was 6-7, asking my mother if she remembered that event and asking her to forgive me. I was an angel back then, and it was something that I really wanted to get of my chest.


      Grams' still alive, just turning into a bit of a nutjob, so I don't suppose she'll last very long. No reason to cry for her though, she believes in Heaven.


      Mum says hi. She's wondering if it's still rape when your wife is asking for it... or of it just makes you feel like your dick's gotten bigger when she lets you play with her dripping wet ass a little and pretend she didn't enjoy it so that you could call it rape.

    8. Fuck cunt, I want dick in my mouth!

    9. Wahey! I got my own impersonator!

      Dear Cunt, it was a rape alarm joke, but thanks for being retarded enough to show your ineptitude once again.
      You're really not very good at this are you?
      I don't think it constitutes rape if they ask for it no (hi Mrs Cunt), but you probably shouldn't comment on s&m stuff when you know nothing Jon Snow, I'd be happy to teach you...and your mother...but I don't think you're switched on enough to cope with it and would be a danger to yourself with that ego and any potential play partners (hi Mrs Cunt).
      That said, my office is open most hours for the wannabe sadists out there.
      Dig deep Cunt...bite tidy

    10. I'd be glad to give you some, provided that you ask permission and get the clear from your old lady like usual. Wouldn't want to let her think you're taking off your leash.
      Btw... I was reading one of your earlier posts... what's an Alf?

    11. You want to give me your dick, Cunt? You could at least buy me a drink first, jeez.
      I will politely decline though thankyou, my extensive sexual expertise and prowess are reserved for someone A lot more special than yaw young man.

      You're showing your age Cunt *ALF was a TV show during the 80s, Google it (other search engines are available)

      Evening Mrs Cunt, don't be too disappointed in your son, he may be semi spasticated, but he's giving us plenty of entertainment

    12. Alf was a creepy pedophile disguised as a creepy alien.

    13. Oh... Poor me. I took the imposter's comment as a sincere request from you. Should have seen that coming. Dissapointed.

      On another note, don't think you could handle my mom. She's more of the emotional pain type lady. And, I think I'll skip on the classes, turns out I'm more interested in inflicting emotional pain than physical.

      Oh, and thanks for the kind words but, Mum's already given up on me. She says I lie to much, and only says what people want to hear to get what I want. Apparently she's done caring for someone who cares only for himself.

      Yeah... I'm 21... before my time, plus I usually watched French TV back then.

    14. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha....wait wait, I'm not done...Hahahahahahahahahahahaha
      Baa Hahahahahahahahahahahaha

      Yes, I see your logic, introducing extremely risky implements which take trust levels between you and your partner into the stratosphere and bring you closer than any missionary position could ever hope to achieve is stale yes.
      Silly anon, it's not a case of spicing up the sex, it's a case of getting off on being a bit sick, bringing knives into the bedroom isn't a way of saying 'hey love, you bored? Fancy seeing if getting cut up alleviates it a bit?'
      Dick head.
      Fuck your partner must be going out of his mind when you're sexy times start.
      Go back to Call of Duty and leave the funnies to the professionals

    15. Sexy time isn't my main concern... some don't even get to sexy time until the end (mostly go after the I'll wait till marriage type). Like I said I usually fuck strangers (or acquaintances), there's no time for love with that, just a quick get off. My fun is getting to see if I can get a girl who's made a vow of celibacy give me her virginity. Though, I must admit... I'm trying to live a more zen ras life these days and refrain from playing people anymore.

    16. *Disappointing. Like you.

      Cunt... How can I put this politely? You suck at this. You aren't clever or articulate enough to play this game, let alone use words to inflict any *actual* emotional pain. I mean, seriously... You think that's something to brag about?

      So what will your next sadistic "coup" be...? Boring us all to death with your long-winded antics about how you stole your auntie's emerald brooch doesn't count. :P Next thing we know, you'll be bragging about choking her chihuahua.

      "Ooouuu!! I'm such a badass. I lie to my mommy and hurt people's feeewings" LOL

      Swop is kicking your virtual ass. You may as well bend over, since he seems to like anal so much. :P

      Stop embarrasing yourself, kid

    17. *I'm* Disappointed**
      Causing emotional pain online seems futile to me. I don't usually go around "trolling", it's not my cup of tea *shrug* but, to each is own. I was just letting Swop here know that I'm not interested in sadism and would pass on his offer. I like to think of myself as a "nice guy", so I've picked up on other hobbies.

      PS.I really don't get why or how every point I try to make turns into a dick measuring contest in your eyes. Yes, you guys are more clever at trolling then I am... I've already stated I can't keep up with you guys.

    18. Soooo...you're 21 Cunt, but you were watching French TV during the 80s? This really isn't going well is it sonny?
      Have you considered Facebook?

      Many girls taken a vow of celibacy before you deflower them with your charm and wit then Cunt? Do you live on an Amish community?
      You'll probably find that dear old Mrs Cunt hasn't abandoned you at all champ, in fact, if you holler downstairs, she'll let you know when your mac and cheese will be ready.
      With toasted bread cut into triangles, just how you like it.
      No crusts now Mrs Cunt, or you and that bike are in some serious shit.

      Do you feel like your terrified class mates now that A has thrown the book at you?
      Heed her words stud, this isn't the game for you, your responses are lifeless and tedious, you no doubt read them back to.yourself over and over and high five the mirror, but trust us, you ain't got it chump.

      Crawl and his awful grammar exposed your cracks, you're eroding quickly kid, throw a bottle at the family pet or something, see if they've the balls to dare even look at you, coz you baaaad boy, you just baaaad to tha bone muthafuckas

    19. My mrs feces is wet on my dick. Bend over cunt.

  19. M.E.-

    I love our synergy-you always know, how to make me smile.:)


  20. UKan misanthrope and adam vs sociopathworld


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  22. Alice. Ur question is redundant and u need to pay attention just a little bit. I wasn't refering to literal chessmasters in my response to that Nobody nerd. It was just a metaphor for the manipulative hannibal lecter masterminds u see in movies.

  23. Trump supporters are weak beta males, alpha males don't put anyone before themselves. An alpha male thinks they're the centre of the universe, but differs from a narcissist because an alpha males doesn't need adulation.

    1. Lol, who the heck keeps impersonating my name, I never wrote that.

  24. some nice action for you geeks



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