Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Pedophilia = not a crime

A reader sent me this New York Times op ed, "Pedophilia: A Disorder, Not a Crime" written by a law professor. I thought there were some pretty strong similarities to other hated mental disorders, and the comments section is a little disheartening with people talking about how this law professor would not be saying the things she is saying if she knew how disgusting and sick these pedophiles really are. One was from a prosecutor, talking about how he has prosecuted exactly two of these cases in which the details were apparently disturbing, so therefore feels like an expert on the subject: "These people don't need protection; children do." False dichotomy (can't they both need protection?), and one that you could really use for any class of people based on the actions of a few individuals, e.g. couldn't we make the same argument about NFL players based on their seemingly expressed propensity for violence (either on the field or with their wives and girlfriends?).

The article is worth reading in its entirety, but here is the probably the part that most closely parallels other maligned mental health disorders:

The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders defines pedophilia as an intense and recurrent sexual interest in prepubescent children, and a disorder if it causes a person “marked distress or interpersonal difficulty” or if the person acts on his interests. Yet our laws ignore pedophilia until after the commission of a sexual offense, emphasizing punishment, not prevention.

Part of this failure stems from the misconception that pedophilia is the same as child molestation. One can live with pedophilia and not act on it. Sites like Virtuous Pedophiles provide support for pedophiles who do not molest children and believe that sex with children is wrong. It is not that these individuals are “inactive” or “nonpracticing” pedophiles, but rather that pedophilia is a status and not an act. In fact, research shows, about half of all child molesters are not sexually attracted to their victims.

A second misconception is that pedophilia is a choice. Recent research, while often limited to sex offenders — because of the stigma of pedophilia — suggests that the disorder may have neurological origins. Pedophilia could result from a failure in the brain to identify which environmental stimuli should provoke a sexual response. M.R.I.s of sex offenders with pedophilia show fewer of the neural pathways known as white matter in their brains. Men with pedophilia are three times more likely to be left-handed or ambidextrous, a finding that strongly suggests a neurological cause. Some findings also suggest that disturbances in neurodevelopment in utero or early childhood increase the risk of pedophilia. Studies have also shown that men with pedophilia have, on average, lower scores on tests of visual-spatial ability and verbal memory.

The Virtuous Pedophiles website is full of testimonials of people who vow never to touch a child and yet live in terror. They must hide their disorder from everyone they know — or risk losing educational and job opportunities, and face the prospect of harassment and even violence. Many feel isolated; some contemplate suicide. The psychologist Jesse Bering, author of “Perv: The Sexual Deviant in All of Us,” writes that people with pedophilia “aren’t living their lives in the closet; they’re eternally hunkered down in a panic room.” 


  1. Cry me a river.
    Oh the poor, poor pedophiles! Living in panic rooms. Oh the humanity!

    If they haven't actually done anything, why are they so terrified?
    There is a lot of stuff that turns me on, but would make others cringe or declare me a sick monster. So fucking what? I don't act on those urges in any way that does not involve 2 consenting adults, and only discuss it with those I think can handle it.
    Above all, I don't feel a need to live in fear, or whinge and cry why oh why are people not openly accepting of my personal turn ons?! Oh why oh why must I be thusly cursed?!

    As for the child molesters: this is karma I can believe in :D

  2. Well, the reason for these ancient taboo's was to perserve health.
    Take "Don't eat pork." People could get sick that way. Or, Don't engage in
    incest, or anal sex."
    Most of the ancient health prohabitions have become redundant.
    How about incest? With birth control should that prohabition still be in place?
    Let's say you have a mother and son, and the age spread is 16 to 20 years.
    The mother is in good shape and the father is not around? Why not? They
    could "marry" in a way. Be intamite, sleep together, and cuddle in each other's
    arms. The boy enters where he once exited. It's pure bliss. It's Heaven on earth!
    It might be different for girls and fathers. Less choice involved. I know of few
    males that could resist their attractive teachers, mother's or even grandmothers.
    A woman MUST keep up her appearence as she ages. That's her "ace in the
    BTW, this may seem like a "gross" question, but as a male, I was always
    interested in the answer. Most men would be to embarrised to ask this question.
    The want to put "it" inside. They want sex, sex, sex, but the female body wierds
    them out. Here goes:
    A woman has her period every four weeks correct? Does it always happen percisely 28 days later? (Except if she's pregnant.) Does she stick a tampon
    "up there" on the 27th day, in antisipation of the 28th day? So no "accidents"
    occur? Or, does she wait for some "feeling" of "wetness" to tell her it's time.
    If she doesn't have the tampon already in place, she risks and accident. So,
    does she put it inside BEFORE the scheduled time?
    I've read adds that seem to indicate that a woman's greatest fear is "leakage."
    And I've seen the spotting on clothing. That was due to "pads" correct?
    With tampons that rarely happens. I just want to know when she puts it in.
    On the day before, or on the very day.

  3. Didn't Louie CK take some heat for observing that to be labeled a pedophile is about as bad as it gets, and yet, it's so compelling that people keep doing it in spite of the consequence?

    But, until someone acts on their "thoughts and feelings," we are talking about "thought crimes."

  4. I wonder, do most pedophiles do what many others with obscure sexual fetishes do, which is to seek pornography suited to their tastes? If so, then even if they don't act on their desires, they create demand for child pornography. Also, while it's taboo and heavily prosecuted in the U.S., anyone with the resources can justify a trip to Cambodia to satisfy their needs, and could probably even justify it to their conscience by telling themselves that those kids are already so broken that whatever they do is just a drop in the bucket.

    Self-control is admirable, in sociopaths or pedophiles, but perhaps it's better for everyone, including the individuals themselves, for these things to remain whispers in the dark.

    On that note, I wonder if M.E. is making a statement, with the backgrounds all white. There's no hiding here, just bright illumination highlighting thoughts penned in black.

    1. To hear the news, that is often how they are "caught." It's easy to seize a computer and download the spank bank for all to see (Gary Glitter anyone?).

      I would further argue that seeking and viewing real child pornography (as opposed to adults playing to a fantasy) is victimizing the kids. In seeking it one creates demand and in viewing it, the invasion is repeated over and over for the child.

      I agree with HB's post at 1:09PM - spot on.

      Now, to talk out of the other side of my mouth, as it were - it seems not all that long ago that homosexuality was considered a "disorder." And I believe the evidence is mounting that there is a biological basis for it. And, I'm fairly sure that it's well established that it's not uniquely human, does that make other neuro-types "disordered" or "acceptable?"

      To me, it comes down to harm done.

      As Jackie Gleeson once said (in Smokey and the Bandit?), "you can think about it, but DOOOOOON'T do it."

    2. @HLH what about consensual harm? If a person willingly consents to submitting to another's will in a BDSM relationship, the harm done is harm that was agreed upon beforehand. I doubt you were specifically talking about BDSM but I have to hope maybe BDSM can follow homosexuality as a more culturally acceptable thing. I'm curious whether or not sadism and masochism also have neurological roots. It seems like there's a correlation between sadism and sociopathy...

      I think it's easy to argue that BDSM is acceptable because it's consensual, but I'm pretty sure people would be more likely to accept me if I came out as bisexual than if I came out as a domme, although I'm both things (and can sometimes be submissive if I find a person worthy of me; I've only ever found one man, who, funny enough loves the police and the military and all of that conservative sociopath oriented stuff other people have mentioned).

      Thoughts anyone?

    3. I also hope BDSM, and kink more broadly, will become more socially accepted. I don't routinely practice BDSM, and honestly I find the trappings of BDSM kind of tiresome and silly. But I also don't mind playing either role at times.

    4. @Dorian Do you have a FetLife account?

    5. If there's consent, then I don't see it as "harm" in this context. That would be a transaction in my view - all parties are getting something they want out of the deal.

      I don't care what people do among consenting "adults." What constitutes an "adult" and who can really form consent are where things get grey. I think most people in the developed world would agree that it's somewhere between puberty and mid-20's. Beyond that...lots of debate.

      I've done my share of BDSM - might again if the mood hits me. But in general I'm more inclined towards interesting places and situations - getting "away with it" as it were.

      Whatever works -

    6. @HB, I don't have a FetLife and I guess I'm not hardcore BDSM either...I don't have a dungeon like Christian Grey's and I've never needed to seek out subs on the internet. For some reason, I seem to attract submissive people who are willing to try things with me. I can be vanilla too; I don't need BDSM to have a good time and it depends on the partner. I find that most relationships naturally have some power dynamics to them whether or not made explicit.

      @HLH where's the best place you've ever done it?

    7. I actually don't really use FetLife as a place to indulge in kink, but there are some good forums on sociopathy and psychology that I've become somewhat fond of.

    8. What sociopathy forums are there?

    9. "Thoughts anyone

      @Dorian... Yeah. I have lots of thoughts on that subject. I am married, and engage in heavy s/m on a regular basis. We occasionally do things that most people would consider sick and outright dangerous, including various forms of edgeplay, from which we derive a lot of mutual pleasure. For us, the practice is very sensation-oriented; rooted in thrill-seeking, and the unrestrained expression of raw, lustful depravity, as opposed to a desire to assume specific Dom/sub roles, which tend to be more circumscribed and rigid. (To each their own.) There is also the sadomasochistic aspect in which pain, when skillfully applied, translates into sexual pleasure for those of us so inclined, not unlike the way in which the slow building heat of a good hot pepper blend is delectable for those of us with a taste for it...

      I am not at all submissive- but I will bottom for my husband on my own terms, which he respects. I will likewise top him, and respect his limits- which are not identical to mine. Consensual sexual power exchange, in my view, is a satisfying and less harmful way for people with sociopathic personalities to sublimate some of their most potent and visceral urges.

      As for the sociopathy and sadism, check out this interesting article, which substantiates their correlation:

  5. I think socios hate pedophiles. I think socios hate folks stealing others underwear so they can sniff them and have a wank. There is some "weird" link between republican norms and sociopathic thinking. Psychopaths respect "hard men", military stuff, cops, brutal political solutions, images of nazi-troops goose-step marching etc etc..

    1. There are plenty of kinky socios out there, I don't think it's about conservative values so much as it is about power and being free to harm others.

      For ex. I work in a very regulated industry and I follow the law to the letter. Not just to avoid trouble, but because it gives me the power to deny others what they want and hurt them. And when I do that I appear lawful, not sociopathic.

      Also Nazi uniforms are hot, that might be part of it too.

    2. You sound as though you have a truly structured method of conducting your activities, Scarlet. What techniques do you practice when exercising your power to deny others what they want and hurt them?

    3. I don't care in the least what gets other people off. Everyone is entitled to their kinks, just as I am. I'm probably as non-judgmental as one could be in that respect.

      I also agree that Nazi Uniforms were sexy.

  6. Regardless of possible neurological origins, I believe that absolutely everything is, in fact, a choice.

    1. I think the point of the article is that pedophilia is so taboo that even people who make the admirable choice to not act it are vilified, just for having thoughts or attractions that they didn't choose and don't control. The effect of that vilification is that people avoid getting help, which may in turn make them more likely to make a bad choice.

      It is a decent analogy to how people think about sociopaths, and in turn how sociopaths act in the face of widespread condemnation.

    2. HB, That is what I meant as well. Due to possible neurological origins, pedophiles have certain thoughts or attractions that they did not choose to have, but there is always the choice not to act on them. Unlike children, adults have free will.

    3. "Unlike children, adults have free will."

      What is "free will" and how do adults get it? Why don't kids have it?

      If someone says, "pick a number between 1 and 100" one will pop into my head. Am I free to choose the numbers that don't occur to me? Where is the free will in that process?

      I go to the store and I forget to buy something. Was I free to do that which never occurred to me?

      "Free will" is a serious topic - if people really have it, it is logical to hate them for being "evil". If people can't do otherwise, how does it make sense to hate them for doing things that they "shouldn't" have done?

    4. Free will is a distraction here, at least with regards to children. Consent is the issue. Unlike adults, children can't legally consent to sexual activity.

      It is relevant, at least regarding the question of whether a pedophile has "free will" with respect to their predilections.

    5. “Virtue lies in our power, and similarly so does vice; because where it is in our power to act, it is also in our power not to act...” Aristotle

      Within this context, free will is power. A child is always powerless when brainwashed by a pedophile. Consent is unceasingly non-existent for the minor.

      A pedophile has power or "free will with respect to their predilections," but the POWER not to act is there in equal measure. When examining other possible causes, having lacked power in previous, critical life situations, the pedophile is prompted to seek it by abusing children. However, they can regain that lost power by not acting at all, since restraint takes a great deal of power when considering the possibility of neurological origins. A rational, forcible mind can use this "other" power as a deterrent and fill in that gap.

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  8. I went SHOPPING today and I think some ppl watch to much hbo canada (SoA). Watch less wankster dramas and more professionsl level martial arts.

  9. Intuition has started telling me, frightfully, that "pedophilia" seems to be a more "commoner", "non-psychopathic", as in payting taxes and following the social contract, crime. Sick...

    At some point, "psychopathy" starts to be a compliment. If we normalize pedophilia, were getting pretty close.

    1. A psycho sees a pedophile as WEAK: a sick disgusting slimy worm..

  10. I am suspecting that pedophilia already is kind of "normal". A lot more common that one are supposed to believe. But if it does become acceptable, that is the day I shall take honor of being labeled a psychopath.

  11. Anything goes. That you can get away with.

  12. Socios and pedophiles "in the same boat"? Two sides of a very liberal coin? A "hippie" may sit in the same boat as the legal pedophile, they may find each other stimulating company. Just dont invite the psycho or the zodiac Scorpio. These fellows usually are not very liberal at all. They usually see the world as a VERY traditional place. If folks want to do all kinds of sick shite, they may not care at all. Just as long as they don´t have to see them do it or hear them talk about it.

    1. Scorpio may himself be "deeply perverted" but this feature is "candy for the chosen few" in his worldview. OTHERS are not supposed to munch on forbidden fruit, THEY should "keep in line" & doing things the way things were meant to be. Some may call this "twofaced behaviour" or similar things, but Scorpio is such a powerful creature its almost like trying to lecture a "dark deity" for doing naughty stuff himself. To do so one perhaps have to be godlike..?

  13. Paul condemned pedophiles and homosexuals. An FBI profiler wrote in a book I read that pedophilia is a natural state as much as being a heterosexual is. I believe that. But what do you do with that information? There has to be an age of consent. You cannot buy and sell children in this country. Not all pedophiles have the means to travel to another country. Not all of them are mentally stable. So their options are limited. A prison of their own making or one of society's. Let's hope they choose one or the other.

  14. This post was difficult to read.

    HB @ 1:09 pm made the most rational argument, but Once pared the issue down to a bare essential: We always have a choice to act or not. (Unless you happen to be delusional.) As well, I would add that we have a choice whether or not to indulge our fantasies. If fantasies fire a person's lust for children one should choose to forfeit the pleasure altogether. Under no circumstances can we as a society allow adults to interact with children sexually, on any level. Of the literally thousands of women I've met who were sexually abused (nearly every aboriginal woman in the facility where I work has been a victim, of either a sick relative or more often, a wily foster parent.) In my opinion, the damage caused is beyond imagining. Nearly all of these women are now addicts and hookers. Many are also thieves who steal from their patrons, despite the danger of getting killed. Without exception, these women hate men with a passion usually seen only in videos of gun-toting terrorists, or from crazy Republicans. Perhaps the closet pedos need to join a group of victims so they can witness first hand the lifelong suffering their selfish acts create: Years ago a study in Oregon used 'empathy reform' or some such therapy on convicted serial rapists. The rapists had to sit in a group of 20 or so women who were raped and listen to their stories; after these men were released over half supposedly did not rape again. That is the power of witnessing the pain that you have caused.

    To play devil's advocate: So the pedos brain is different. Same with socios, autistics, bi-polar. What about the rapists brain? If his brain works in an obsessive way unacceptable to society, through no fault of his own, does that really mean he's not responsible? If so, pretty much any heinous act can be viewed as not our fault if fMRI results shows an 'abnormal' brain. What exactly is a normal brain anyway? This is slippery stuff and the science is very new; we have much more to learn before we can say with absolute certainty what's going on neurologically speaking.

    Lastly, I'm afraid I've been tainted by having to bear witness to too many victims. If I caught anyone, man or woman, sexually abusing a child, I would very likely become instantly enraged. Perhaps even uncontrollably enraged. As a rape victim who almost killed the man who defiled me, but felt I couldn't, I look back now and wished I had: He went on to rape and murder a 9-year-old. I suppose I'm rather biased when it comes to sexual abuse. I've seen too much suffering.

    1. I was sexually molested as a child, and I don't think it had much, if any affect on me. I certainly wasn't traumatized by it. I'm not a pedophile and not trying to excuse their behavior, but I don't think you can make blanket statements about abuse any more than any other experience, that different people will absorb in different ways. I think the fact that it will traumatize some children is sufficient reason to make it illegal and discouraged, though.

    2. Well, HB, given that being molested didn't affect you, I can't help but think you were VERY different than most children. This particular kind of abuse is felt by most victims to be quite different from "any other experience." What other experiences are you comparing it to? Torture? Murder? If you mean being dumped, fired, betrayed, etc., is equal to the damage done by sexual abuse, I'm afraid I disagree.

      Like I said earlier, though, this so called neuro-disease cannot be tolerated by a civil society. And I'm not sorry to say that I'm prejudice in that stern outlook. I can and do tolerate a very wide range of deviant behaviors but not this one. I'm not saying lock up people who fantasize; I'm saying they should avoid those fantasies at all costs. If I see a pedo acting out they'd better run! Ma Grizzly is coming for you. Going to jail wouldn't even cross my mind. And if it did I wouldn't care; some things are worth fighting for. Children are one.

    3. @Faust, if society goes the route that criminals are not responsible for their actions because of brain abnormalities, virtuous non criminal people who have brain abnormalities will also suffer.

      The easiest thing to do to prevent crime if society goes the atypical neurology route would be to kill everyone with an atypical brain.

      Because there are plenty of non NT's who contribute to society and live non criminal lives, it seems like criminals must be held directly responsible for their actions and suffer whatever consequences result.

      I have no empathy or even sympathy for pedophiles. They are the one class of people I would be down for completely exterminating. Killers, arsonists, rapists, thieves, con artists...I have some degree of sympathy for all of these, but people who hurt children or even fantasize about it are far beyond despicable and absolutely irredeemable.

      I am sorry for your ordeal, Faust. I honestly can't imagine it.

    4. I do believe that if someone breaks "the law" then they should expect society to at least try to get "justice." If they are a danger to others, I think it's reasonable to remove them from society.

      Having said that, I wouldn't stand by if someone was harming a child in my presence - and if it was my kid, the term "bloodlust" would be a pale description.

      But I do believe that seeking a biological basis for our behaviors is the best avenue at this time. The science is very immature, to be sure and there are lots of debate to be had, but I think that's where the answers will come from - at least in my lifetime.

      I don't see it as an excuse for anything - but understanding it is the first step in dealing with it rationally.

    5. Dorian, Thank you for acknowledging my ordeal. It's odd that this is the place I would even bring up my 'ordeal' . . . I've never talked about it much. It happened long ago and there was no 'justice' from the courts; he got away with it and then stalked me for months. Finally a gorilla of a friend set him straight and he backed off. Guess the rage is still alive and well; part of that is guilt, for not having whacked the guy when I had the chance, before he killed the little girl. I should add the ending to the story, however, for the sake of closure. Ironically, I ended up counseling two of his sisters years later at a women's shelter years: he had raped them and their children. As for the asshole himself, he was beaten to death while serving time for killing the little girl.

      Harry, I agree with you completely that neuroscience will bring many answers. Perhaps even discover ways to engage neural plasticity to help with control, etc. But in some ways the brain-imaging-management movement terrifies me -- god only knows how it will be implemented in the lives of real individuals. The ole "Off with their heads" is an attitude that seems to be growing everywhere.

      Sometimes it appears to me rationality in our culture is receding faster than the speed of light.

    6. The sexual abuse of children is a lot more widespread than is generally known. It's not all at the hands of pedophiles. Sometimes I wonder how anyone reaches adulthood. But I wish people would stop thinking of pedophilia and homosexuality, and indeed, heterosexuality as a choice. It's hard-wired behavior. No Rainbow Coalition is coming for pedophiles, though.

    7. Dark Matter,

      If pedophilia is indeed hardwired and they have no choice, then it follows that others are born hardwired to stop them. And since we also have no choice, I suppose we'll act out how we like, too. :D

      I can understand intellectually if not emotionally how people can become sexually attracted to just about anything. Bestiality, screwing cars and bridges, a cow's slaughtered butt hooked up to an electrical socket for a hot time, whatever. (The cow butt lover got zapped and died.) Then there's the sexually opportunistic/desperate hetero who, stuck with guys in prison or on a long sea voyage, engage in a temporary homosexuality. (For a hilarious skit on this theme watch the movie Killing Them Softly.)

      Seriously though, I'm not totally convinced that all pedos are same, which is to say I think some of them can be trained to damp down their lust considerably. As well, sexuality is for many people a lot more fluid and contextual than they realize. Until it happens. As we age sometimes our preferences change, switch from one pole to another and back again. Mine did.

      Sex isn't just about gratification or even power and surrender, giving and taking: it's about finding a connection. Perhaps if the borderline pedos deeply examined what is it that they are trying to connect with through the child, they could retrieve some of the child's sense of wonder and beauty within themselves. The hopeful fact remains that humans are highly social, crave a sense of belonging and of being known for who they are. That's why so many hang on SW. Even callous predators want to belong, experience community. In fact, even the worst bad asses in the city have cried on my shoulder, bemoaning their lack of real friends, people they can truly trust. Mind you, they were falling down drunk.

      Sexual abuse is indeed widespread and the perps do come in every flavor. With pimps like American Apparel, Guess and Kevin Klein sexualizing twelve-year-olds on gigantic billboards, it's becoming normalized to view kids as erotized objects, budding temptresses in need of special 'training' and guidance.

    8. "Sex isn't just about gratification or even power and surrender, giving and taking: it's about finding a connection."

      Not necessarily, and perhaps it's just because my brain chemistry isn't normal, but I've never felt a connection with sexual partners nor have I wanted one. Sex is a cheap thing. I don't hold the people I fuck in high esteem at all; I hold friends in high esteem who do not indulge me in my destructive behaviors and who do not give into my seductions because they know I will discard them and they have more self respect than that.

      The need to belong is also not a necessary part of life, although perhaps it is for NT's because they're more emotionally in sync with those around them. I'm here to learn more about people like me, that's all. Without a strong sense of self, I suffer no emotional anguish from being an outcast. That said, unless I become a hermit (I have considered this), I do need people to like me in order to accomplish things, and I do need to belong in that sense.

      Are you assuming all pedophiles are NT's? I'm also curious whether or not a pedophile could be a sociopath, because we have fluid sexualities. I really hope not; I'm starting to like "my ilk."

    9. Faust, they could try conversion therapy, but I don't think it works. Also, most pedophiles who kill do so because of shame and fear of being caught. Which is probably why some rapists kill, too. I'm not defending either one.

      Dorian, the pedophile sociopath is the man who never touched a child until he became a Catholic priest. I think, for the most part, the people you meet on SW, are main streamers who are non-violent, mostly.

    10. Dorian,

      I was speaking of my own sexuality. I suppose it did sound like a blanket statement/assumption. I'm very aware that 'sex is cheap' for many people. In all honesty, casual sex bores me; had enough of it. For me it's all about merging, and touching them as deeply as I can. The person's body becomes my temple.

      I do not think all pedos are NTs. Haven't studied them enough to know one way or another. Nor do I think most socios are. Many people are sexually fluid. Most never get the chance or take the opportunity to explore it.

      I have been a hermit at different periods of my life, living in the bush, a hundred and fifty miles from the nearest town. Didn't miss people all that much until I hit the 6 month mark. My intense connection with nature and animals provided a sense of belonging.

    11. Dark Matter,

      You could very well be right. Change is hard for anyone. I doubt anyone could alter my mysticism and imagination.

  15. Even if one does not agree with the politics involved, isnt the image of "the Clansman" a powerful american "icon"? Banjo-plinking, apple-pie southern rural stuff..?

    1. I don't think Hugo Boss designed their white-sheet ghost-hood outfits.

    2. It think of US "druids" when I look at that from an european perspective (I understand the difference in worldviews)..

    3. Good point, HB.

      Anon, "Something" tells me that you're not European.

    4. Correct, scandinavians usually don´t see themselves as europeans.

  16. My friend, how long have you known me? (Nothing ti due with current thred) 4.5 years or longer than that?

  17. We are approaching artificial intelligence. If we create androids/robots/ai's to satisfy our kinky selves are we doing any harm? (I have not seen the new Ex Machina movie yet, but it certainly seems to be poking into such territory. People like the Marquis de Sade actually explored nasty kink as far as it could go (though there are obviously millions of similarly inclined people--he just happened to go viral and become a household name.

    Whether it's nurture or nature some humans are going to swing this way. Should we try and exterminate nasty kink by brainwashing mind control (nature) or by genetic engineering, (nature) or should we just isolate them into "sandboxes" (to use the computer term -- "In computer security, a sandbox is a security mechanism for separating running programs" -- in this case letting kinky people play with artificial beings. Imagine a new kind of "Turing Test." When an AI used by a sexual kink realizes it is suffering and then kills or incapacitates the kink, it has become a sentient being. Uh-oh. They may turn on all of this. [A story written in sci-fi a thousand times already)

    1. Have you seen the movie Quills? It's one of my favorite movies - and it's about deSade

    2. de Sade probably is my favourite virgoan mooner. If Scorpio is "Death" then de Sade shows the reader "mercurian Hell".

  18. Just imagine this sinerio:
    A boy is sexually attracted to his mother for whatever reason. If both are
    attractive, there might even be sexual tension between them. The incest taboo
    has been in place ,but given today's day and age everything is watered down.
    Thoughts cross the mother's mind. The fear of getting caught crosses her mind,
    Meanwhile, the boy cooks up a plan. He may have sensed his' mother's resolve
    tottering. The mother has no other male companionship, and the "incest" idea is
    deliciously wicked.
    The boy sets up a scheme where his mother can "accidently" come upon him
    masturbating. Do you think it could work? Some have said it has.
    So, if the age difference between the two is 16 to 20 years, who's to say it
    couldn't work? They settle into a "married" existence. It's no different then two
    strangers with such an age difference. Children? Many are opting NOT to have
    children today.
    It's been said the genetic affects of such unions have been exaggerated.
    Children are a crap-shoot regardless. But the two partisipants MUST be attractive. DEATH TO THE UGLY.

    1. You my dear have mamma issues. Gross. But in your head it ain't. To each their own..

      This is where I can honestly say it was a good thing I was sexually abused when I was a young child because I know how fucking wrong and damaging this shit is. Some boundaries should never be crossed no matter the thoughts. Period.

  19. My friend, something tells me u have known me for a long time. Is this correct? also have u been to any northern casinos, that "lac" something? I think u might have since I saw u there

  20. pedophiles can all die. Somebody has to be the target of a witch hunt, might as well be them.

  21. Wet ur a pedophile, I saw u on to catch a predator.


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  23. Holy f-ing shit. This is a BS idea. Pedophilia may be a condition- but raping kids IS a crime!

  24. Interesting, there was public uproar when mia freedman compared gay people to pedophiles by saying that like gay people, pedophiles were born that way. People just can't deal with the fact that something they consider bad could be natural. There was a guy with a brain tumour in his frontal lobe area which reduced his control to the point where ended up molesting children. Up to that point he was probably a natural pedophile who could normally suppress those urges. Everything usually comes down to self control, having a pedophile support group where they can all support each other and help each other with self control would be a good thing. Unlike being gay, pedophilia will never be socially acceptable, but if these guys were having sex with realistic child like sex dolls or children in some kind of virtual reality world, I don't see why that couldn't become socially acceptable logically, although I still feel revolted by the thought.


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