Thursday, March 19, 2015

Feline sociopath

This funny SNL skit with a shout out to a feline sociopath at 3:27. "It's not that he's evil, he lacks empathy . . . "


  1. Hahaha we suggest he's adopted with another cat who can be the focus of his cruelties... I wish it was like that with kids too, funny video, I liked the co-dependent cat, maybe I can relate :P

  2. Today is Casey Anthony's 29th birthday. 29. She's got at least 40 more
    years. I REALLY would like her to make the best of those years.
    I'm pretty certain her material needs will be met, unless her "protective network"
    toppiles like a bunch of bowling pins.
    How does she manage to remain hidden from sight?
    Most people have more important things to think about then her plight.
    But just remember, in Casey we have a LIVING LABATORY.
    The most noteworthy criminals do SOME time and drop from sight. Susan Smith
    MIGHT get paroled after serving 30 years. Casey is a "prisoner" where ever she
    Lizzie Borden is the closest is example.

  3. Mrs Vorhees, was she evil or had she only lost her empathy somewhere along the way..?

  4. LOL!!! I love that skit!

    So which one is Smartie and which one is ^CAG^?

  5. hey i got some empathy if you need just $5.45

  6. I think all cats are sociopaths. They will puke all over your furniture and never think twice about it.

    1. No, i think you have a valid point. They look nice and close they're eyes when u pad them... ...but when you don't look they scratch you without any warning. I don't like cats for that reason. Or horses, i don't trust them either. Dogs are much better. I can fight with that animal at least. Without him getting nasty

  7. Good point: cats are very much like the zodiac sign Scorpio, and these are not empaths.

  8. Fictive Mrs Voorhees never really got the praise she deserved back in the grainy VHS-days, did she? I think this was the first movie character, other than Norman, I was truly "shocked" by as early teenager? The "depth of the psychosis", or was it extra dreamy psychopathy?, really stood out. Mother had "taken" Norman & Jason spoke/lived through Mrs Voorhees. My vote goes to Mrs V, one of the few really scary stars of slasher-cinema. (If I not remember wrong a real serial-killer in prison "went ape" after seeing the original movie, its (for its time) "raw horror" had something that got to him)..

  9. re-posted by OldAndWiseMarch 19, 2015 at 7:55 PM

    People do not like to have someone point out all of their broken parts. The ego resists criticism even of the most constructive, pragmatic sort.

    Yet the way in which you frame this process... This sociopathic "gift" of ego stripping... conveniently excuses the sociopath's blunt lack of empathy and consideration when delivering brutal truths. There is a degree of enablement in your assessment, possibly groomed into your relationship with your sociopath, by your sociopath. I watched my father, who is almost certainly a narcissist or psychopath, gradually manipulate my mother into a state of passive enablement, in which she excused all of his antisocial behavior.

    To extend upon the "oiling" analogy, I can use a lot of lubricant when penetrating someone's ego, if I so choose. :) But if I think for one moment that I am justified in doing so, I will thoroughly relish bearing my claws.

    Make no mistake about it. The sociopath "stripping the person of his ego" is on some level, enjoying the process. Do not mischaracterize this as altruism.

    It is gratifying for a sociopath to watch the efforts of his building up and breaking down.

    It is key for a sociopath to find an environment in which this skill proves useful, where his natural ambition and talents will be rewarded.

    Another thing that cannot be overstated in terms of helpfulness is for the sociopath to have a partner who can put him in his place. Not necessarily another sociopath, but an intelligent, rational person who can strip the sociopath of his ego, expose his weaknesses, and be less susceptible to manipulation. Someone who is not overly sensitive, and forgiving of faults like inconsistency, insensitivity, impulsiveness, and occasional bouts of irresponsibility.

    1. I thought this post from A had so many insightful twists, I posted it again. Blush.

    2. "It is gratifying for a sociopath to watch the efforts of his building up and breaking down."

      It works both ways - I kind of like "tearing down and building up" (in my own image?)

    3. I read this before, but i half skipped trough it because i disagree slightly. Is a psychopath really after someones ego? i don't think so. It's personal to break a person done, not specifically his ego but more the image of that person that is projected onto others. So that others can see the failing or damage. And when it's not personal the socio finds a weak target. It's easier.
      And the part about the partner... ...too much ball and chain, murder of the free spirit and killjoy

    4. Oh John... where to start with you?

      Let's start with what you said a few days ago when I asked you to tell me a little about yourself:

      March 18, 2015 at 9:33 AM
      "and nauseate you some more" :).

      I realized i talk a lot to myself. Explaining things and gaining inside that way. Its like i review my own thought proces. I never show myself to a woman with who(m?) im close with. I'll scare here off. It's not beneficial and it kills the good mood and connection (for the night). I don't seek a soulmate because i feel i don't need one, or at least don't want one. Being alone used to come as a shock to me. Now it frees me. I don't have to pretend.
      I come across as a charming, nice well mannered person. But if i spent to much time with the same person without a break you will see me getting annoyed. When im alone i've the mindset of Ted Bundy. Albeit i don't carry through with murdering anyone. I would just get caught eventually.
      People never trouble me, they always act nice. If they don't i give them a hard look and they back off. I never get angry. I lost it ones with my brother but i think he's a psycho too.
      Yesterday a person troubled me for the first time in a very long while. She cut the line in a convenience store after a new registry opened. I said: "excuse me.." and she replied "thats the way it works doesn't it? you stood behind me in the other line" i felt anger rise up and pass while i smiled and said "whatever you want". So pretty much im a nice guy :). Next time though... i'll tell her i will see her very soon (and smile). That ought to startle her a bit. And maybe add that it's really easy to gain a address from a license plait. Just to finish it off.

      Now, let's start with where you said that when alone, you have the mind set of Ted Bundy. go out of your way to be nice, even when some pushy bitch cuts in front of you.
      Then you start rambling that NEXT TIME you will show her...

      Bullshit. You will not do fuck all next time either. You will smile and let her do it to you again, feel all that impotent rage boiling up, then indulge fantasies about how you will show her what a dark, manly sociopath you are next time.

      You know what that is called?
      Being a bitch.
      You are a bitch, John.
      That's why you have all those Ted Bundy style fantasies. All that repressed rage.

      You claim you don't want a partner because you are essentially scared to tell them how you really are. You are afraid it will kill off the good mood...

      That is called being insecure. Afraid of rejection. Afraid of real intimacy because you are afraid of rejection.
      So afraid that you put on masks and hide and play the good boy.
      Not to get what you want, but because of your fear.
      You would be surprised what some women can handle. Not all are precious flowers with delicate sensibilities.

      Doesn't it wear you down to live with so much fear, John? Having to hide and lie like that?

      So don't give me this shit that you don't want a partner because it is murder of the free spirit.
      Your fears and insecurities are the real murderers of the free spirit. And the cause of your loneliness.

      Cheers ;)


    5. Dear G.E,

      Your post put a smile on my face. It's a shame you had to call me names. This could have been an insightful reply, but now its not. I don't like rude people. Think whatever pleases you the most.

      Warmest regards

    6. Dear John,

      Of course my post put a smile on your face.
      I expected absolutely nothing more from you than to smile and take it.
      Again. Like a good little bitch.

      Kinda was the point ;)

      Now, would you like a recommendation for some good rape porn to watch to satisfy that impotent rage, or is your imagination alone still adequate to get the job done?



    7. Well, you're just pathetic.
      So tied down by your partner the internet is the only place you can vent your rage. Making wrong assumptions on all fronts.
      I don't even like rape porn or rape for that matter.

    8. Lol!

      The best you have is a particularly weak version of "I know you are, but what am I"? You manly sociopathic badass, you.

      Can't really save face after what you have revealed, John.
      You... are... a... bitch.
      Claim I am wrong all you like, it's all there.

      So afraid of rejection that you have resigned yourself to being alone and go out of your way to be nice to everyone, then tell yourself next time. Next time they will see.

      As for rape porn, I thought you were claiming to have the mindset of Ted Bundy? Rape and murder were pretty much his thing.
      But on second thought, you probably wouldn't be able to handle even a fantasy of such confrontational violence. Gives new meaning to the term impotent rage :)


    9. I don't want people to see who i am (completely). I just want them to be afraid enough to not stand in my way. I don't like to hurt others, hurting others is mere a means to an end.
      And i knew what you would type about Ted Bundy when i submitted my previous post. Maybe it's your inferior intellect (that also drives you to keep calling me bitch) and maybe because this requires a mans point of view but Ted never raped anybody. That was not 'his thing' as you say. He knocked them out or killed them prior to the sex.
      p.s. I don't care about saving face and why would i? people haven't even seen it here. You think i care that im going to lose my precious online followers/friends... sniffs. :' (. I wasn't sure what you were after here. But if it is to discredit me you're doing a terrible job. lol

    10. John, John, John...

      It's not often that something I see here surprises me. But you did it.
      What you wrote above actually made me stop and ask "Dafuq did I just read?", then reread it to make sure you really did say something so profoundly retarded.

      Discredit you? My job here was to get you talking.
      Your job was to show what a complete twat you are.
      Gold star for you! :D
      No wonder you don't want to talk openly to women.

      Keep fantasizing about being this powerful, in control sociopath so you don't have to face the truth about how weak and fearful you are and actually address it.
      Even that woman knew it...
      The only one you are fooling is yourself.



    11. Thanks, O&W.

      G.E.... Spot on and beautifully articulated, as usual.

    12. You are funny. I guess you open up to everyone. (ow right... you don't). So you're scared... bs logic.
      You are a brave internet though girl. I would love a conversations face to face. To see how brave you really are.
      Talking to you makes no sense otherwise.
      I see you as a scared whipped girl who wishes she was someone she's not trying to proof the internet she is.

    13. Why thank you, Alter! That was lovely of you to say :)

      No amount of projection and talking yourself up will change the truth.

      You can jerk off to the thoughts of being strong and in control all you like. Talk about how tough and cool you are. Align yourself with Bundy in your mind.

      But... you are still the one whining about how you can't let yourself get close to anyone.

      How you try to bury all that rage.

      How a random woman at a supermarket made you her bitch.
      It would have been one thing to do nothing. But to spout all that crap how you will get her back next time?
      Even you seem disgusted by how weak you are.

      I'm not going to go into the unbelievably retarded claims you made regarding rape. But I will say one thing: that, combined with the way you talk and your little fantasies, makes it crystal clear that you are a deeply insecure, inadequate man who got rejected until he stopped trying.

      And now trying desperately to convince yourself that those grapes are much too green and sour :)

      The real shame is that you could get away, to an extent, with being such a twat. If only you weren't such a bore as well.


    14. Nice, thank you. You start to sound like a broken record. I doubt this discussion is entertaining for the readers. But at least you a have "A" other fan.
      You try so desperately to sound like M.E. that you nearly picked her name G.E..
      She claims she experiences love too, but you are (like her) lying to yourself or you are just a abused girl with aspd (read no psychopath).
      And maybe later you will claim something lame like you can’t handle knifes and go see a shrink like she did. To be honest im getting a bit bored with you and your incorrect assumptions so this will be my last post on the matter.

    15. Oh Lord above that was funny. One of the least insightful posts I have seen here so far. And that is saying something.

      With all your talk of superior intelligence, you were too stupid to figure out that my name on here is Green Eyes (and occasionally Bite me), or to do a five minute search that would tell you all about my relationship with M.E.
      Another gold star for you :D

      Deny and try to deflect all you like, the same part of you are clearly broken.
      Be grateful that I was the one who felt like playing with your sad self a little. Alter would have had you on the scrapheap...


    16. Watching you avoid what A and G.E. [I don't believe we've met] are saying is very entertaining. It just makes it worse though. Sit still and respond directly to their comments.

    17. yeah, well. I did a 2 minute search on the site and saw that you have been doing this since 2009. Trying to let people slip up or trying to get a rise out of people (like me) with the support of A, Faust and Damaged. Speaking about sad....

      And after all that time you couldn't get a rise out me. You failed after 6 years of practice. That is so sad...

      This suddenly became a very dismal place, so i will abandon this site.
      consider this my last post

    18. If i would like you i would feel sorry for you

    19. How glorious to start the morning hearing the little birds singing in my trees, seeing the clouds outside begin to turn pink, smell the sweet smell from my frangipani trees that are so laden with flowers...
      Then read that this spectacularly stupid person has had a hissy fit and left SW.
      Aaah, lovely :)

      John, I know you are going to be reading this.
      First of all, it appears you can't even perform a basic search, even when I outline what to search for.
      I came to this site in 2012.
      I am not M.E.
      I haven't really spoken to Faust or Damaged before now (if memory serves)

      You really do excel at painting yourself as a compete twat.

      Second, I know you will be back. You rely on that image you have of yourself being a strong sociopath to avoid ever seeing just what a sad, lonely, fearful little pussy you really are. And heavens forbid having to do anything to remedy it.

      So I know you will be back. Under a different name. Trying for that validation all over again.
      But guess what? There will always be people like Alter and me around. And they will see through you and smell your desperation and weakness every time.

      Thirdly, I couldn't get a rise out of you? Really?
      You got very huffy to the point that you were babbling semi coherently in several posts.
      You made an utter fool of yourself.
      And now you left.

      And I also know that that shrivelled up little thing between your legs will rise when you indulge all those Ted Bundy style fantasies of what you would love to do to me to show me you really are a man.
      When you do, picture my green eyes sparkle and my red, plump lips curve into a small smile. As I tell you that you...are...a...bitch.

      I got a rise out of you in every possible way, John.


    20. "Didn't get a rise"? LOL. Oh Teddy, G.E. gave you *such* a rise that you rose up and left, with your tail tucked between your legs, thereby confirming for everyone just how astutely she managed to read and shred you. You are the one who has failed: to convince anyone that you embody the strong, sociopathic persona you try so desperately to convey, or even to express a singular thought coherently.

      This site has become "dismal" for you because of the uncomfortable reality that the sociopaths among us can see through your ridiculous facade. It is ironic and fitting that you chose to compare your mindset with that of an abject loser like Bundy, who was so socially awkward that he had to resort to forced intimacy with corpses, because he was too inept to even hold a conversation with women- the objects onto which he projected all of his fear and self-loathing.

      You are not a psychopath. You are merely fodder for those of us who come to this site in order to amuse ourselves by tearing down pathetic phonies like you.

      Good riddance.

      Well-done, G.E.

    21. John said "This suddenly became a very dismal place, so i will abandon this site.
      consider this my last post"

      That's disappointing. If nothing that G.E. said bothers you, why would you leave. This is the internet and we are anonymous. Even empaths don't have empathy.

      The other day, my good friend 'A' tried to tear me down. (I like to imagine that she has a decent body with resting bitch face.) She perceives me as a bug to squash. I perceive her as a fly in my peripheral. Some people on this site have to get their fix and this is a harmless place to do it.

      That being said, this is all anonymous and are we really expecting sociopaths to tell the truth. I've only posted using this name, but it's not unlikely that I post under other names. Maybe not me, but certainly other people. Perhaps commentators do not actually exist, and M.E. has these conversations with herself?

    22. Still thinking about that? Is your ass still chafing?

      "Perhaps commentators do not actually exist, and M.E. has these conversations with herself?"

      ...Or, what if all the commentators, except you, are alter egos of m.e.? And what if I am choosing to reveal myself to you now, because you're on to something.... And I like me a pretty little boy next door to bugger, then squash? Lol.

      If you hosted a sociopath blog, would *you* mess with your commentators' heads?


  10. People have been arguing for many years, if we have passed the point of "peak oil." Just when we thought we would have to ride horses and pull buggies, we learned to fuck and frack, saving the SUV before it goes extinct.

    When did we pass the point of :"Peak empathy?" Was it the Holocaust? Was it the Rwanda Genocide? The Turkish Armenian genocide? The Spanish Conquistadors in Mexico, Haiti-Cuba-Dominican Republic? Cromwell taking out the Irish?

    Will we ever run out of empathy? Or is it an endless supply? I am lighting a candle in my shrine to Ted Bundy and Belle Gunnness tonight.

    1. wanna talk about what you've done and still do to native americans and blacks? and started doing to hispanics?

  11. Any suggestions as to what that environment would be?

  12. We've got to go "back to the future." That is our ONLY HOPE.
    I remember the culture of the fantabulous 50's, and early 1960's.
    The quality of life was so much better then. Right Radical Agnostic?
    The films were better. The music was better. People were better behaved in
    every respect. Google the song "Sugar Shack," by Jimmy Clamer and the
    Fireballs. I think the turmoils of 1968, make the end of America. The U.S. today
    for all intents and purposes is crap.

    1. A classic theory: the golden past? Only problem with this theory is that if the person with this opinion could travel back in a time-machine he would hear folks in that time saying the same thing and if they asked their parents they would be told of even more shiny times in another past and so on and on..

    2. Anony 5:37 am.

      My "fantabulous 50's and early 1960's sucked big time. I grew up in a very sick family that probably caused so much damage that I keep coming back to this web site and pretending that I am as sick as you seem to be. Somehow I managed to turn myself into a person who can pretend to be normal. Why are you here? Besides posting drivel like the comment you just posted.

  13. No. He is an arrogant sexist piggy bitch. Nothing more. Men and women like him need to be put into the little square box where they do belong in life. They are nothing more than powerless thought patterns trying to be someone that they are not in society. Its pathetic. It would have been more wiser to chose a less able far inferior woman to target for his terrorisms. I am not that little inferior woman by any means. How fuckin dare these people. Some of the people that targeted me are the most pathetic petty insecure pissy little overt people on the planet to me. If empowered with attention, the negative attention granted to them would enable grandiose, delusions, hallucinations and illusions. Did their outcome want to show exactly the kinds of shit for people that they entrusted by falsehoods and wrongfulness to begin with? I warned them before they ever started their sociopathological/psychopathic behaviors. If you entice limited people of ethnic, cultural, educational, financial, emotional, physical, psychological theologies, they should have profiled who they were allowing to violate with their violence beforehand. Because my rebuttal towards them has been factual. My truths vs their lies. Society makes statements that there is 3 arenas of truth. The truth, the lie and what is between them. The gray that the black and white letters of communications is unable to perceive and or capable to perceive. If illiterate in any manner, or fundamentally too dumbass/idiot/moron/oblivious to comprehend that that particular person gets lost in their own mindset. Falling into their own worlds of non experience and depreciation of who they are and I am not. I am not her, thankfully. Do not call me her. Do not treat me as if I am her. Do not place your displaced anger about her upon me or my life. I am not to blame, she is. My refusal and rejection is in direct defiance in regard to that occurring. I am confident. I am assertive. I am not attune to being forced into aggression by violent vicious threatening primitive people who have been falsely and wrongfully empowered. I am educated. I am experienced. I am knowledgeable. I know who I am as a woman. My anger has been appropriate. My response to them is predictable by anyone that has ever known me. The last thing I needed, desired or wanted was to have uncivilized moron idiots for emotionally unstable people think that they could violate, label, call, treat, define me for what they all factually are as them. I have dealt with that kind of overt little beast too many times in my life. And do not tolerate that kind of person what so ever in mine. A simple "Get the fuck out of my life", should have been clearly received and a retreat been accomplished. They allowed too many of the most uncivilized defiant little self lackers for people to target me. Why I did not become violent like them truly amazes me. I did take advice. I did as requested by people that were put in my path in response to societal violations of injustice by sociopaths for people. Individually as psychopaths, group as sociopath. Where in my opinion the woman is to blame the most. My opinions are formed over decades. It is learned behavior. Wisdom is my strength. Therefore, inferior little woman, time to start cowering to me.

  14. You have a direct dare and challenge pathetic little overt beast of a woman. Otherwise, please by all means stay with your perfect male counterpart of inferiority to me. Sorry! Thanks! Bye now! (window has been slammed shut), psychological medications for the both of you necessary and demanded immediately. And I am qualified to make that statement. You are not. Put that in a skit on SNL. Not one of my brilliant jokes that your fakery and posing of me thought that you have the entitlement to and become me, instead. It is my creativity, my brilliance, my strength, my abilities that you lack. Try riding on someone else's coat tails. Not mine. You are pathetic.

  15. otherwise, you are all placed into a category of primate parasite by me and are required to cease your apathetic behaviors in the grandiose delusions in regard to yourselves immediately. You are not me, little overt woman. He pathetically made statements that he cloned me? ROFL. Really, I am sure that he can become even more pathetic and laughing stock as well in his madness, absurdities and lunacies. His supposed clone is and has, malfunctioned as me.

  16. oppps! For the old school, old fashioned niggas! Typos and gramacy for the dog. While pitbull backwards is llubtip. And dog according to an infamous man of Ocean Beach, CA once stated to me, his god. Your beast of a man is a lessor god dog then than his and mine were. Let all of your deficient know that loud and clear fact. My Phoenix did comprehend that simple word no as a dog god then. You and your man lack that comprehension ability, and make that clearly obvious.

  17. Most dog gods in perspective are gentle in nature. Its the owner of the dog god that makes him/her vicious attacker. You have been poorly trained. Piss in your own yard. I will grant you a god doggy bag that is environment friendly. doggy spelt backwards is not yogi. Its yggod. aka your good god is me. Today I am your Jesus. Read, learn and weep the truth. idgaf about your unethical behaviors. Your entitlements as a people. You are what you are and indeed inferior to your so called Satans child as religious lunatics for people. Go balance your evil, Vatican.

  18. Feel that huge omnipoint down by me, yet? Good. Try my advice. Stick on thumb up your asses. The other straight into your mouths. Then switch hit them every second or so. This way self implosion in regard to yourselves will be derailed temporarily. Too late to take your prescribed medications that were required, needed and demanded by me. Go bow your heads in your embarasing abilities of you being you as usual. You are severed. You are rejected. You are refused. You are banished. You are vanquished. You are exposed as what you factually all are. Re read all of my statements till it sinks into your one brain cell. Possible synaptic firing requires bodily metabolism and circulation. Btw, your frozen minds and frozen hearts have no circulatory ability. Your vampiring cannalbalism can be treated with my donated blood at the Florida Blood Bank. Stay out of my life, losers. You lost your peckers as unmanly men and then your women started grabbing their own. They are the kind of women who will put your testicles upon their walls as bookends. Then one step out of line and your brains will end up between the ends for a creative flair effect. I pity you. You men have my sympathy. You must like the abuse by them Do not take your complete bullshit out on me due to the woman that is with you. I am not her. That's pathetic. She is your master now.

  19. what a rant... ...most people only read the first lines then they skip, So you wasted your energy for nothing smartass

  20. Can you please tell me if you're a sociopath, do you start to 'lose it' as you grow older? Do you find you can no longer be bothered with masks? I think this is what happened to my mother when she turned 55 and after. She would wake up and forget and become more and more anxious and unsure of herself. She couldn't seem to find an anchor in the present reality anymore. It really upset me and at the time I didn't notice she was psychopathic. Now I do know, I think she has become more herself. She is not the nice lady i knew into children I grew up with, but more cynical, depressed, narcissistic and hopeless.

    1. I'm not being funny, but have you had her tested for the various forms of dementia? Some forms can present quite early in life and several of the symptoms described above do fit.

  21. John,

    You seem to have done some triggering in this person - nice work.

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  23. M.E.,
    (related to your post :)

    “…everything happened for a reason, and would come to good, gave him a laughing equanimity...”

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