Monday, March 9, 2015

Am I a sociopath?

From a reader:

I am not sure if this is the correct place to ask but I was just wondering if I am a sociopath.

I grew up and I knew that I was not your 'average Joe' growing up, I was bullied for being different, however when I got slightly older (about 14) I was able to use my charm and intelligence to manipulate people's thoughts on me and I became a very central part of my year. I was basically the heart and soul of my school, everyone knew my name. I wasn't the most well behaved child either, however I could get away with murder, using my charisma to manipulate my teachers thoughts of me, everyone loved me. Once I had a bout of my usual impulsive behaviour, this time aggressively, and swore at my teacher; however after speaking to the Headmistress I got away with almost no punishment.

I cannot stick to one thing at a time for long as I get bored of it very quickly, I am a jack of all trades but master of none. I amateur in playing the piano, drums, guitar, didgeridoo and trumpet. I get interested in certain parts of history and learn almost obsessively about them and then move on to a different period in time. I am 16 at the moment and am attending one of the most prestigious schools in the country, I aspire to be a Barrister (like you) when I graduate from a Russell Group University.

I have a high level of respect for people that can maintain an interesting level of conversation with me. People that I deem either vulnerable or thick (don't interest me when I speak to them) I toy with and manipulate to get my own way. If necessary (or I am bored) I will manipulate anyone I come across. I don't really feel anything for the people I speak to and I don't feel guilt or remorse on any level for anything. I feel love for only 5 people in my life (my mum, dad, two brothers and my best friend) I would not really manipulate them for fun, but if there was something I wanted I definitely would. I also lie a lot to people, never to my best friend for a reason unknown to me, but I do regularly to my family.

P.S. I love your book!


  1. You sound very sweet. A musical little baby just like mommy ME

    1. Anon,

      M.E. is not his mommy, and that has nothing to do with the message that she is trying to convey.

      M.E. has been trying to make an important point for quite some time, and it has to do with not being OBSESSED over being a sociopath or not (as the title shows, "Am I a Sociopath?"). And just like it was written in her post from yesterday:

      "But I am less hung up on whether I'm a sociopath or not and more interested in figuring out what degree of freedom I have in choosing who I want to be rather than relying on my genetic or environmental programming."

    2. "But I am less hung up on whether I'm a sociopath or not and more interested in figuring out what degree of freedom I have in choosing who I want to be rather than relying on my genetic or environmental programming."

      Read that too. That was well said. I liked her reply to that post.

    3. Superchick, understanding this point is a good thing. Finding happiness is what truly matters in life.

    4. Thats cute. Those are very cute things to think about.


  2. You sound like you could well be a sociopath, but it is impossible to tell on the basis of such a short letter.

    Read some recent studies on the topic and decide for yourself.

    1. A, This is great advice! - "Read some recent studies on the topic and decide for yourself."

  3. Given that you feel love for some people in your life, you are not a sociopath.

    1. This is quite true, Anon. Real, unconditional love can only originate from, and grow within, a loving soul. A true, unbreakable bond is rare, and certainly hard to find.

    2. Where, exactly, did you get the idea that sociopaths can't love?

    3. Sociopaths don't waste their love on people they don't care about.

    4. ...And we don't waste our care on people we don't love.

    5. @ A and Damaged:

      A tear fell on the sand, on the sand fell a tear, kind of a loopy thought you got going, this caring seems to come mostly from satisfying your needs, so is this what you mean by love?

      Does this process involve "feelings" in the empath sense? Please explain further...

    6. @M.P.

      I'm not sure what you mean

    7. Ancient Greek has 4 words for love: Agape, Eros, Phila and Storge. Agape refers to brotherly affection, goodwill and charity. It is love for one's fellow men, and God. Eros refers to intimate love, especially sexual passion. Phila encompasses affectionate regard among equals, friendship and loyalty, and storge refers to the natural affection one might have for parents and children.

      To practice these, I do not believe that a significant emotional investment is required. For example, I love my parents, and I demonstrate this though my *actions*. But I don't always feel it.

      Thankfully, love comprises a commitment and a choice- it is not just a feeling. My feelings are often fleeting, and a bit vague. Sometimes I have trouble identifying them. Anger is an exception.

      I struggle with this. I am often told that I don't do enough to express my love. I can be emotionally neglectful of people, and this has impacted my relationships. Without strong feelings, the expression of love can sometimes feel like a chore.

      For instance, I may profess Philia towards my colleagues, but that doesn't mean I'll lose a wink of sleep over their troubles. I also do not require that my "love" be reciprocated. I am not emotionally dependent on my "friends". I could move away and not see any of them ever again, and it would not have a significant emotional impact on me.

      I cannot feel what they feel. My capacity for emotional empathy is severely blunted. My husband says it is nonexistent- but he is wrong. However, I am am able to sympathize with the plights of others. I believe this is what is known as "cognitive empathy", which doesn't require emotional engagement.

      My feelings are blunted, but they are not non-existent. I can make up for that through choice, commitment and a sense of duty.

      Does that answer your question?

    8. @ A: yes, that answers my question from you. Maybe different socios would have different perceptions, yours is very clear. Empaths also have different ways of feeling and expressing love. I'm impressed by the fact that some sociopaths are committed to their relationships when many empaths are not, even though one might think that because they can "feel for you" they'd stick around longer or be nicer. What do you think about that? how long have you been with your husband?

      @ Damaged: the sentence:

      "Sociopaths don't waste their love on people they don't care about...And we don't waste our care on people we don't love" doesn't take me anywhere in understanding your point.

      What do you mean by care? what do you mean by love? What makes the difference between the people you "love" and those you don't?

      From what I've read and experienced with sociopaths, it's a matter of meeting your needs, so I wanted to know your point of view, can you "love/care" for somebody who doesn't meet your needs?

    9. @A:

      I tend to see things in a similar way regarding "love." Yeah, there seems to be some fleeting feelings - the ones for my kids are stronger and more enduring (and quite special). But I see "love" to be a whole lot more than that "feeling." Love, as you say, has a lot to do with commitment and choice.

      I struggled with this notion as a teenager (ah...the 1980's...good times, good times...) for a variety of reasons - the usual hormones and the expectation of pairing and such. But I could see that I wasn't like the other kids. I didn't understand so much of what they were talking about or why they cared about it - I could reason it out, but I hit a wall where "that emotional connection" was supposed to be - I still don't get I compensate.

      For me, Eric Fromm's book, The Art of Loving was helpful in making me see love more as something we do - a verb, if you will - rather than just that feeling. So when someone or something becomes important to me, I "practice" love. I choose to nurture them and generally do nice things (I love bomb my kids, but, again, that is different).

      It is through this lens that I understand (or don't) what ME means when she says that a sociopaths love is a different cocktail from other people. For us, it's more of a choice (if we're self aware and all that).

      I also come by it honestly - both parents were blunted and manipulative and self absorbed. They were also "old school," so beatings were the "go to" parenting tool for them. I don't blame them - it's the best they could do and they got some stuff right. I hope to do better by my spawn.

    10. A,

      The fact that you defined and conceptualized Agape, Eros, Phila and Storge in your own manner of expression shows that you have truly pondered these meanings, which is more than the average person would embark on as a path into introspection, or sheer understanding.

      In my mind, while love is a commitment and a choice, it is, foremost, an intensely original feeling akin to a strong, high and soaring passion that never dies. There is no chore in it, and it springs forth naturally, originating from that distinct connection that knows no bounds. It makes one feel alive, seeking it, and truly knowing that it is the love that s/he has always meant to experience in all of its strength.

    11. Excellent bull-shitter trying to talk to a practical, rational mind

    12. Damaged,

      In general, people don't give their love to those they do not care about. However, I believe that love is what makes a real difference above all else.

    13. Anonymous at 8:50 AM,

      You are calling it "Excellent bull-shitter trying to talk to a practical, rational mind" because you have never felt love as I described it. Besides, there is no reason to insult a person when you disagree with him/her. A reasonable, practical and rational mind, as you have described yourself, would not do so. As it were, take a moment and actually think about it.

    14. I think Anon 8:50 is makes a very good point.

      Anon, are you in a long-term relationship of any kind? Have you ever experienced this "high, strong and soaring" passion that never dies? As in- for more than just a few months?

      The empaths I know who insist on defining love in such overly romanticized terms invariably end up divorced, because they think that once the passion simmers down, the "love" is gone. They then assume that the person they are with no longer meets *their* needs, so they couldn't possibly be their "true soul-mate". They do not allow their love to mature, and be experienced in different nuances: Amiable companionship, friendship, mutual practical care, partnership, a safe channel for sexual experimentation of every kind, a receptacle in which to pour lust, etc.

      I think many empathetic types are a bit histrionic, dramatic, and illogical regarding "love".

      Feeling-centered love is *self-centered*. Navigating through life primarily on the basis of feelings leads to irrational decisions.

      Then again, so does the sociopathic tendency to be aggressively impulsive. But that is a different discussion altogether.

    15. @MP: My response to you touches on what I said to Anon above. I think sociopaths can remain committed to long term relationships *because* we don't rely on feelings as much in the decision making process. Empaths who view love solely in terms of a feeling invariably end up disappointed when the person they are with no longer provokes these strong emotions. They then make the mistake of thinking that they need to move on so as to recapture those feelings.

      Sociopaths are used to compensating for blunted affect by parsing our choices through a logical, rational lens. The danger for us resides in our just not giving enough of a shit to make the effort to meet the needs of someone else while our own are met. This is true particularly when our partners go through demanding, frustrating emotional trials like depression or grief. I tend to get irritated when someone around me is sad or hurt. I have no patience at all for depression and self-pity.

      Dealing with persistent emotions in someone else that we cannot relate to requires selflessness and patience. This is not our strong suit.

      If you ask me, feelings are over-rated. :P

    16. @HL: Fully agree about the parenting thing.

      Need to work on my empathy, though. Yesterday my eldest said I belonged in Sparta. It is not the first time she has said this. And her friends call her "Spock".

      I run a tight ship.

    17. “Anon, are you in a long-term relationship of any kind? Have you ever experienced this "high, strong and soaring" passion that never dies? As in- for more than just a few months?”

      Yes, I have, since the love for my soulmate is perpetual; it never dies.

      Your rational and logical love sounds very boring to me. I would never want to experience a relationship, or a type of love, like yours.

      You’re calling yourself a sociopath, but based on what I have read so far in your comments, you don’t even understand what a sociopath is, as well as what sociopathy entails. You’re just an aggressive person who derives satisfaction from insulting others. I find that to be highly inane.

      “I think many empathetic types are a bit histrionic, dramatic, and illogical regarding "love".”

      I don’t think of love as you do, and I don’t see it as sociopathic or non-sociopathic love. Soulmate love is above anything that you can possibly fathom or understand. The love that you and your partner have sounds mediocre to me.

      “Feeling-centered love is *self-centered*.”

      That is not real love. True love has high intensity. It knows no bounds, and it makes one feel alive. What you describe sounds like DEATH to me. Since you’ve mentioned this detail in connection to Damaged, I don’t see how your logical/rational love would involve anything related to BDSM. None of this makes any sense to me.

      “Then again, so does the sociopathic tendency to be aggressively impulsive. But that is a different discussion altogether.”

      That does not make you a sociopath. You can just be an extremely angry and aggressive/violent person of any kind. You should really reassess your thinking and behavior.

    18. A, You're not even a sociopath. You're using the term to justify your excessive aggression. Re-direct your anger into a different direction, and stop pretending to be something that you are not in real life. Pretending in this way looks really bad on you.


    19. A,

      You're not describing sociopathic love. That's for sure.
      However, empathic love can be or become logical and rational.
      Overall, true, soulmate love is neither sociopathic, nor non-sociopathic. It just is.

    20. Please, Yoga, in your infinite, pacifist wisdom, describe for us exactly what *you* think a sociopath is, since you are so heads above the rest of us terms of your knowledge of such matters.

      Who needs science or cutting-edge psychology when we have *you* to explain for us the *true* nature of personality disorders and "inimitable soul-mate love"? Lol.

    21. A,

      "You wish. No soup for you!"

      "Lol." /s

    22. Exactly what I thought. You have no clue.

      So do everyone a favor and stop spouting authoritatively about stuff you have no experience with, and lack the capacity to understand.

    23. A,

      You're so fake.

      "Exactly what I thought. You have no clue.

      So do everyone a favor and stop spouting authoritatively about stuff you have no experience with, and lack the capacity to understand."

      But you do? Let's watch:

    24. I dont know how to respond to that, because your analogy doesn't make sense. As a self-described empath (assuming you were the one waxing all poetic on deep passionate love, earlier) you are in a better position to what.....? Describe "truly" sociopathic love? Advise people in general?

      What draws someone like you to a place like this?

      I'll ask again, since it even fits in well with the topic. What do you think a sociopath is?

    25. I did some research and as far as I can find, there are types of sociopaths, so couldn't this person have a very small group of people they care about to some degree?

      "The disempathetic type is able to feel an emotional connection to a restricted group of people. This group may include friends, pets or family members. The sociopath regards people outside of the group as objects. Typically, people have a wide circle of empathy for others; however, the sociopath differs from normal people by having a tiny group of people whom they seemingly care about."

      I'm open to different perspectives on this.

      Read more :

    26. ANON March 20,2015 2:17
      The love that the dysempathic feels is selfish love, he/she doesnt feel true love like empaths do.
      Example: Theres 2 people, an empath and a dysempathic sociopath
      Empath: He/she loves her/his mother because... Reasons, therefore un-selfish love
      Dysempathic: He/she loves her/his mother because she feeds the sociopath, because without her the sociopath wouldnt have his brand new laptop or wouldnt have this and this and this blah blah blah, this happens even after the mother isnt needed in the sociopaths life, he still cares about her somewhat, if she died the sociopath would feel something like "Oh, bummer" but he/she wouldnt cry or feel sad, therefore Selfish love
      Sociopath: This cant be called love, more like cares, but doesnt necesarily care about his/her mother, the sociopath cares about what happens to his mother because without her no one will buy him stuff, feed him or lend him money, after what the mother has to offer to the sociopath is no longer there, she will not be cared about, and if she dies, the sociopath will not give a flying fuck and would take a dump on her tombstone for the lols

    27. Anon,

      The important thing is to disallow anyone (empath or non-empath) to take advantage of your love or care. Essentially, this is what one should protect and guard against. I understand this quite well.

  4. Psychopaths usually do not "have favourites", they behave the way they do against everyone. But some exceptions to this rule exists, a brutal "hollow" hit man that treated his wife like a princess, for example. Some psychos "hate mankind" but treat their pets better than most people.

    1. Yup, exactly. Sounds like my husband. But he's not a jerk to people.....more blunt in his response. Some get him... Some don't. I train him a little.... and he trains me.

    2. I call him mountain man. ;) that's him in 25 years... wanting to move to the Yukon or Alaska.

    3. Superchick, Life calls for all types of communication, and, sometimes, being straightforward is needed for one to be understood, especially when the cause is worthwhile.

    4. I just replied to this and it wouldn't post. It said comment should not be empty. I lost eat. Grrr. ... :(

    5. Chiquita,

      Too bad. I would have liked to have read what you wrote.

      Could you elaborate on how you and your husband train each other?

    6. If I had to label my husband ; I'd say he falls under the label " almost a sociopath" lower end spectrum if there's such a thing. ;)

      I'd fall under the traits if a borferline; not full blown diagnosed..just traits doctor has said.

      Sometimes he has to ground me to look inwardly when I'm too emotional and get a bit of tougher skin. I admit.

      Then I have to remind him at times that what your saying makes lots of sense.. but it's your tone and added remarks that could've been said without afterwards.

      Example. Blah blah...blah.... going good hearing what he's saying about a particular somebody..... then he will add what a fuckeen idiot. <---- could a done without that. He just needs to validate more. But I was proud of him the other day. I was totally emotional over something that he chucked out that meant something. He was like, I get it, I understand but the was drywall shit was in it I thought it was garbage. Even though I was kinda disappointed he chucked it out ; I was just proud to hear him. I get it....I understand.

      That is a leap forward. And I let it go. I told him well done ! Haha

    7. "I'd fall under the traits if a borferline; not full blown diagnosed..just traits doctor has said....Sometimes he has to ground me to look inwardly when I'm too emotional and get a bit of tougher skin. I admit... I thought it was garbage."

      Keep talking about yourself, Superchick, as well as about your partner in real life, A.

      Superchick/A, this is what you sound on here, together with your aimless aggression/anger (classless and crass):

      "I'd say he falls under the label " almost a sociopath" lower end spectrum if there's such a thing. ;)"

    8. Anon, your fault-finding orientation being projected through the comment sections - is just a reflection of your own cowardly attitude. You mirror out your own diarrhea parasites. Stinky. Your trolling is quite boring.

      I can't believe I even took the time to write you back. It's taking away from my Amish mafia programme.

    9. 2 Superchicks trolls!

      "Are you talking to us?" You make me nauseous. The two of you are UGLY on the inside and on the outside.

  5. She sounds sociopathic. But only a doctor can diagnose that. Sociopathic individuals can love ; it's usually felt among family members and real close friends. Why would anyone want to love anything else? Respect and courteous gestures to others , yes, but why do we have to love other people or empathize others with an emotional bond. The cognitive and compassion empathy is more useful than emotional empathy.

    Cluster b personalities can care far more than the average empath can.

    Or maybe it's because I'm cluster b bpd and I have a bit of distorted thinking myself. LOL ;)

    1. And now I flip a coin and see the useful tool of attachment like empaths do ( but don't overly attach) -- but I also see the useful tool of sociopaths empathy which is more on the spectrum of compassionate and cognitive .

      Attachment is good for maintaining long term friendships. Which is special in itself. But I'd rather have a small circle of close people in my life and the rest I'm courteous with. :)

  6. Hi Thomas,

    I have been dealing this one guy who has confessed to her girlfriend that he is a sociopath (girlfriend suspected this and kept asking) and from what I have seen, I can really believe it. Personally, I have nothing against sociopaths per se as I see people generally quite selfish. But is what stroke me when I communicated with this man, was that I felt quite strongly (I'm pretty empathic) that this was guy like a child. He had a mind set/emotionality that of the child. This was actually quite uncomfortable since this guy is practically my enemy, and normal people don't want to hurt a child.

    I'm interested in knowing what is your take on this? Do you see sociopaths as child like creatures? I guess these child like qualities are also the reason why sociopaths can actually be quite nice people to hand around. Obviously if this is true, it can hard for a child like sociopath to evaluate what is means to be an adult. Nevertheless, I would like to know what do you think of it.

  7. Couldnt there be som "twist" in this eternal topic, like people wondering if there´s any chance they´re starting to "fit into mainstream values" again after years of feeling like wildlife or cadaverous moral zombie or ice-queen refrigerator? Maybe they found some small clue to why things are starting to change, most likely a false lead or some misunderstanding, but still..?

  8. Letter to Young Folks:

    Dear Young Folks

    You´d never wanna be a vampire for real: these things are "living Death", smelling terrible because of the cursed way they have to eat. So you think psychopathy is different? Part of you then is DEAD, but there´s usually no smell, other than the one often related to insanity (people who dont see soap as a priority). This means you´ll never experience things in life the way its meant to be: forget loving relations to others, forget love, forget friendship, forget most things which normal people enjoy. Reduced to a more primal state, more like an animal. There is a vacant space inside. A hole which nothing can ever fill. This is what drives the more "up" specimens to run around like deranged hamsters in a hell-wheel to try and fill it with material goods, sex, money and prestige. Will their attempt lead anywhere? Dear Young Folks, it will not. They´ll end up lost, lonely, confused & broken, with few clues how it all ended in nothing. And even if they ended up with something this is just "midas stuff", an expensive asylum for a crazed critter feeling little but that inner aching black hole, just bigger and darker than before. Dear Young Folks: don´t wish for that curse.

    1. Gee, Anon. I didn't realize that being an assertive, socially dominant risk taker with excellent persuasive and manipulation skills also automatically made me a hollow, heartless, soulless monster.

      I guess the trauma I experienced as a child, combined with those pesky genetic and epigenetic factors, which left me unable to feel things as deeply or intensely as you, means that I am "a person who doesn't see soap as a priority!" It's all starting to make perfect sense, now.

      I have *you* to thank, Anon, for helping me to understand that my struggles with impulse control, emotional callousness, and irresponsibility- all of which were modeled for me as a child- mean that I can forget about ever having loving friendships or relationships, because I am dead inside.

      You see, I had believed the ridiculous notion that I can affect my own fate and circumstances by virtue of rational, well-thought out choices. But thankfully, you and your warm, fuzzy feelings have come to set my understanding aright.

      Your insights are a credit to the challenging task of helping the greater public understand the true nature of psychopathy.


    2. Who says knowledge is "sweet like candy"? Psychopaths dont generally suffer from their "dead spot" inside, they like their condition. And it has many advantages in a capitalist "sink or swin" society. But one should never "glamourize" horror in front of youth, whether this has to do with being a "G in da hood"(!) or fantasies about some suave race of half-vampires, living large due their scheming abilities and sexiness! This crap has got to go. Face reality & look at insanity. See empty lives. See desperation disguised as ambition. Look at utter isolation, almost like some drifting entity in outer space. Where´s the party..??

    3. @ Anon March 9, 2015 at 2:09 PM

      What a great description of the reality of psychopathy, so accurate. People who think it is somehow cool have no idea of the gaping void at the core of it.

    4. No. It is not "a great description" of "the reality of psychopathy". It is a caricature based on a lack of understanding of what this disorder actually constitutes.

      We are not monsters. We are not DEAD inside. Mental illness is not akin to some ridiculous metaphor in which we supposedly do not clean ourselves enough. We are not vampires who can forget about ever experiencing meaningful relationships. And hello! Psychopathy is not a choice. That comment is a stinking pile of ignorant refuse.

      We are people with our own emotions and struggles, just like everyone else.

    5. A,

      Stop pretending. It is CLEAR that you're playing two roles here. After all, just like you wrote in a previous comment, you're her to PLAY.

      You can't be both a sociopath and a non-sociopath against sociopaths.

    6. Correction: [here]

    7. My, my. We are confused. :)

      I have a lot of sociopathic traits, and I identify with and relate to these characteristics in others, but I don't consider myself disordered.

      I don't know if I'm a sociopath, and I don't particularly care. Why should you?

  9. so i read a couple of stories last night. They were very comical (SB88 lol). Two things maybe the author is a bit confused. Also you know the painting with thw caption "the only way she can cum" perhaps the reason she needs a black eye and to be in trouble in order to climax is because SHE has not yet full excepted her HOMOSEXUALITY. a little food for thought.......

    1. Right! Because a woman who fails to "except" her sexuality automatically needs a shiner to climax. I'm sure that's *exactly* what Rockwell intended to convey.~

      If that's what you call "food", we'll all starve. :P

      Best leave the cooking to your betters. I can smell the wood burning from here.

    2. U and that girl might have something in common according to my analysis. So what was his message, power and conformity? U and ur pussy cronies HAVE NO POWER get that through ur very thick head. Opressing ur own citizens can only last for so long ask Hussain and gadaffi. And speaking of power, it was the military of which country that put an end to both of their tyranical rule. And describe the leader of that military

    3. A,

      "except' or accept?

      I have no idea whether to except or accept you? Things with you must be borderline, never the middle ground.

    4. Anon,

      Except in rare circumstances, you should accept what I say here with a grain of salt. :-)

      I'll leave it for you to decide whether to "except" or "accept" me. After all, you're the best judge of how you should react to the people in your environment, don't you think?

  10. No. I will do no such thing. I have absolutely no desire to discuss or debate matters of geopolitical import with you.

    Instead, I will mirror the inane gibberish that you try to pass off as content, and reflect it right back at you, until one of three things happens:

    1) You get fed up and leave. (+5 if I can incite you to a flamboyant, dramatic exit)
    2) I get bored
    3) You start to better elucidate your thoughts and actually make sense.

    Don't believe me? I already made you more conscious of your grammar in that post. Your ranting was significantly less disjointed. At this rate, I'll have you using the spell check soon xD

    And you said I have no power. ;)

    Power to the Pussy!

    Pussy. :P

    1. Speaking of grammar, after your 'except'?

      You are so angry, bitch. Here to fight with people? You'll be trashed back to your white trash.

    2. I used "quotes" around "except" for a "reason", Anon- which was to draw Drw's attention to his error. Instead, I incited your indignant confusion. Bonus! :D

      Why on earth do you think I'm angry? I couldn't stop giggling the entire time I wrote that. I come here to play.

      I guess those things flew right over your pretty little head. Don't try to think too hard, sweetie. You need to save what precious little energy and mental prowess you have to conduct your trashing campaign.

      How's it going, so far? ;)

    3. A - you're my kinda women. You're the type that I'm drawn too when my bisexuals tendencies come out.

      Rwar. ;) beautiful....

    4. "A - you're my kinda women. You're the type that I'm drawn too when my bisexuals tendencies come out."

      Keep talking to yourself Superchick = A (or to your partner)

    5. O doc. Get yr self a dildo and talk to it. . Fuck ur anonymous posts and come out of hiding... mhas x

    6. Thanks Chiquita. You're kinda cute yourself. ;)

      1140- *You're* the clueless sort that draws me here, again and again. Easy prey.

      Keep talking, brainiac.

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    to begin with. Some can't acheive the Ketosis state because they have abused
    food all their lives and wrecked their systems. My question:
    Has anyone else tried the diet? And what did you do about the bad breath? There's no escaping that you WILL have bad breath in the Ketois state. It doesn't end until you consume enough carbohydrates to get out of it.
    I'm not worried about offending anybody very close to me, because I'm repulsive
    and never expect to be employed or have sex, but I was wondering what others
    did to elievite the bad breath problem without interfering with the ketosis state?
    Remember, too many carbohydrates take you OUT of ketosis, which is the heart
    of the diet.

    1. Hi Anon,

      Good for you for seeking to lose weight! If persevere, you will be successful. Try to eat as much healthy, clean food as you can.

      Sending your body into a state of ketosis can damage your internal organs over the long term. You may wish to try the Paleo diet instead, which I am told is very effective for carb addicts. Forcing your body into starvation will actually *slow down* your metabolism, and vitamins do not constitute a means through which to sufficiently compensate for the nutritional needs you will fail to meet. If absolutely want to opt for the fasting route, try a short-term juice fast (in which you juice plenty of fruits and vegetables). You can also fast for a few days and eat sensible portions for the remainder of the week. This "tricks" a sluggish metabolism to continue to burn calories at a high rate even when you're fasting. Again, fasting for too long induces ketosis in which your metabolism will slow down, and cause your body to hoard every precious calorie because you are sending signals to your body that you're starving. And don't forget that Atkins died of heart disease. :P

      I'd like to draw your attention to why you think you are so repulsive. Is it your weight? That can be changed. Your poor hygiene? Easily remedied by improving your habits.

      What, specifically, do you think makes you repulsive?

      Remember when I asked you to list 5 good things about yourself? Can you manage 3?

      I bet I could find many things about you that are not repulsive. In so many ways, we are what we project.

      Instead of focusing solely on your weight, try thinking in terms of a holistic psychological and physiological overhaul. Your weight is just a symptom of your real problem, which is your poor self-esteem. That likely feeds your belief that you are "repulsive", which causes you to project that to others, which in turn reinforces your negative self-image. It is a self-destructive cycle that you are responsible for perpetuating. Change it!

      Good luck.

    2. Ketosis is the state that diabeticians aim to avoid in their patients: long-term it causes neuropathy and finally necropathy. You'll stop worrying about your bad breath when your foot has to be amputated and you go blind.

    3. Better go for a low fat diet for everything mentioned above and because you don't have to measure portions, you can eat all the vegetables, grains, and fruits you want. A few animal products every now and then is ok, just not too much and preferably low fat (like skim milk and turkey instead of pork).

      I lost 50 lbs that way and have maintained that for over 5 years, it's harder to stay away from carbs and count portions. Have you watched the movie Forks over Knives? I highly recommend it.

      I did research on obesity interventions for a few years but got tired of it, the answer is not a pill. I wish you the best!

    4. +1 to the paleo idea. I went paleo not long ago and love it.

      You might also want to consider a juice fast. Lots of people do them for 3 or 10 days. Some do it for 60. Check out and the movie "Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead". You can watch it for free on Hulu. If you do a juice fast, do it before you go paleo.

    5. I enjoyed juicing in my past. Lost weight as well. Then when I tried it again this year.... my dam potassium levels dropped. ; ( I ended in ER with potassium supplementation tey had to give me.

      My heart rhythm was all wacky. Who would a thought..

      Anon, if you mechanically eat every 3-4 hrs for one year yr body adjusts to the size your support to be. But it takes one year for your body to programme it self.

    6. I used to be a (tall) size 10, but I went down to a 6 gradually over the past year or so, by counting *every* freaking calorie, and lifting weights. (My arms are ripped now, bonus!)

      I essentially developed a short term eating disorder that I was happy to drop the instant I reached my goal weight. I love to cook- and I love good food- so I was happy to toss that obsession out the window. When bacon bits on cheese-flavored rice crackers remind you of cheeseburgers to the extent that you salivate, you know you've got a problem, lol.

      I'd be lying if I said I did it by cutting out all the crap. Some days, I wouldn't eat at all to make sure I had room left at night for beer and chocolate, lol.

      I liked "Fat sick and Nearly Dead". It inspired me to try juicing. I liked it, but I dislike starving myself.

      I have a sluggish metabolism. I have to eat like a toddler to maintain this physique. I look good, but it's a pain in the ass. :P

    7. there some interesting info about low-card diets and ketosis at

  12. A helps me see what is wrong with me. Awwweeee.

    She is so proud, so knowing, and so wrong for a lot of people that in turn she is unknowing at the end.

    This is the basis of personality disorders. Excess in any direction leads to totally opposite. Knowing too much to not knowing shit. Indeed, the sidom that comes with age is all about knowing when to shut up.

    So, the reader who is trying to understand if s/he is sociopath, and is at the age of 16, work on learning when to shut up when not. Once you can figure that out it really doesn't matter whether you are a socio or not. This is a goal you can actively work on. Take it from someone who is 61, your digit-sake.

    1. sidom not.. old fingers losing order and strength. meant wisdom.

    2. What do you think I should "shut-up" about, 61? My response to Anonymouse @ 2:09 and his *heartfelt* plea to young people, in which he so brilliantly exposes the true nature of psychopathy for impressionable young minds? My consistent prodding of Drw's droll inanity?

      What did I "help you see", Anon?

      I've said it before and I'll say it again: If you don't like what you see in the mirror, change what's being reflected.


    3. Some "sociopaths" are so sensitive one would almost like to label them hysterical empaths? Maybe thats what they really are. Maybe their "sociopath"-identity is some kind of shield they think will protect them from life? Maybe they embrace senseless ideas that they are "tough as nails" & "without remorse" like its some kind of adult teddybear? Maybe life has been too soft & cosy, perhaps they need some hardship to stop crying? Maybe life has pampered them beyond point of no return..?

    4. You know, if half as many people without any knowledge of medicine dispensed medical advice the way misinformed people authoritatively spew about sociopathy, we'd have at least 100 quacks for every legitimate doctor. (And in the spirit of this conversation, I pulled that statistic right out of my ass!) :D

      Oh. Wait a minute. LOL

  13. It's not surprising that so many true sociopaths no longer bother to come to this forum. A bunch of "wannabees". It's really pathetic, a damn shame.
    It's also not surpirisng that so many young people come here to vent-looking for attention-"me, me me!!" The drama, the self-pity, the stories of manipulation...
    Have any of you every studied child psychology? Does anyone understand the various stages of development? Adolescence and young adults are know for being narissistic, trying on different masks, trying to fit in-and if you don't fin it, well then, I guess you just will decide to be a "sociopath" because then you have an excuse to behave the way you do.

    Get over yourselves. And by the way, a true sociopath wouldn't be hiding behind Anonynous" labells, and as an adolescence, they would have no interest in figuring out who they are.
    If you believe you have some of the natural tendencies associated with ASPD, try to develop them into something positive.
    You have the choice, free will does exist. Life is boring a lot of the time, get over it.
    You'd be much better off finding your purpose and moving toward it instead of glorifying sociopaths and getting off on manipulating others for personal gain with a total lack of remorse,
    Eventually your looks will fade, your body will sag, your stories and lies will get old and people will see through you.
    eventually you will be left with nothing but yourself, you will become a pathetic excuse for a human being.
    But hey, enjoy it while it lasts-just don't be surprised when you are near death lying in a hospital bed, and no one will visit you. And entuallly you will die. Do you think any one will miss you? But of course, it won't matter to you because you're a sociopath with no conscience, no remorse. Enjoy!
    You will die alone, ja pathetic waste of a life.
    Have fun!

    1. Surely "real specimens" would never use a fixed name, instead opting for their "cruel personality" to shine through, all by itself, proving their "genuine status"? When I encounter "devious shapeshifters" I estimate that the chance for having met the "real deal" has increased by at least 75%..

    2. Remorse is a feeling. How can one force oneself to feel anything? Manipulation is a tool that can benefit others. It is possible to be a "good psychopath". Some of us *do* try to apply those "natural ASPD" traits towards positive ends.

      But I'll tell you a secret. I'd wager that most of us want to die alone.

      And why should we care if anyone will miss us when we're gone?

  14. Sociopaths don't exist....................

    1. You probably have not realized that they may be closer to you than you think

  15. You're all failures and pushovers looking for answers as to why you suck at life. ME is not a sociopath. The DSM can suck my brown nuts. I can't believe this website still exists and you people still read into this shit.

  16. I'm afraid you folks have never read the Atkins books.
    There is a lot of disinformation to rectify here.
    First, Atkins DID NOT die from heart disease. He slipped on a patch of ice in April.
    An ironic way to go, but that's how he went.
    The Ketosis state is NOT harmful. Except for when you have diabetus. Plenty
    of people have lived solely on meat, like the Eskimos for example.
    Eating 0 carbohydrates is NOT starving. You are eating meat. Meanwhile, the
    body is living off it's STORED fat. If you eat foods with a lot of sugar-even fruits
    the first place those foods go is around your belly. THOSE are the foods that get
    stored as FAT. If you eat protein, not only can it build and repair tissue,
    (Carbohydrates cannot, they are only for energy) it can ALSO be used for energy. The body runs on the food you eat, which gets TURNED into sugar.
    A peice of meat will be broken down much slower then an orange, which will
    FLOOD the blood stream with sugar VERY QUICKLY. Insulen is then produced
    to bring down the sugar and you actually experience LOW blood sugar!
    True enough, meat is devoid of MOST vitamins, so that's why multivitims must
    be taken. In Alaska and other places, the natives consume the ENTIRE animal
    even the hoofs and claws. That's how they obtain vitamins. Polor Bear liver has
    10,000 units of vitamin A, for example. In the western countries, we generally
    eat muscle meats, not organ meats.
    Eventually, carbohydrates CAN be added to the diet through vegatables and nuts. But NOT wheat. Wheat is letheal for humans to consume. (See the book
    "Wheat Belly.)

    1. Atkins was hospitalized for heart disease near the end of his life. The Medical Examiner's report stated that he had a history of cardiomyopathy, congestive heart failure, and hypertension.

      His wife denies it, but she had good financial motive to suppress his medical records. I am not entirely convinced that his diet was unrelated to the deterioration of his health. But then, I am not a doctor.

      It's your body to treat as you wish. But since you're already so repulsive, don't you think it would make sense for you to adopt an approach that *doesn't* cause you stink like a slab of rotting meat? :P

  17. It is exhausting and unforfilling to chase this life, trying to fill out that empty space inside, with different kinds of worldly stimulations such as speedy roller coasters, wild parties where you drink your brain out, boredom because your life lacks depth and true meaning. All of these things, and more - are no substitute for what you're in need of. Can we agree on the fact that all of us are creatures? If we are created, then there must be a Creator. The Creator gave us a heart and a soul. He made a natural need and space in this heart and soul to worship it's Creator. So, no matter how and with what you'll try to fill out that emptiness inside, it'll not work, unless you fill it with worship and love for your Creator, your God.

    1. You misunderstand the nature of sociopathy. It isn't something that just "goes away" with a change of outlook or attitude. Faith doesn't cure it.

      I believe in God. Faith doesn't quell pervasive boredom. It hasn't caused me to care enough about things to be truly responsible or conscientious. I still love roller coasters, and occasionally drinking my brains out.

      My faith in God has impacted my life choices. It is the *only* thing that keeps me from being completely and utterly depraved. But it hasn't "cured" my shallow affect or thrill-seeking. It hasn't allowed me to experience deep or transformative remorse. I don't feel guilt strongly or persistently enough to change certain hurtful behaviors. And it hasn't made me empathetic.

      It *does* occasionally compel me to reign in my impulses- but only with great difficulty, and often, only temporarily. I am terrible at resisting temptation.

      Cleckly said something about a psychopath's desire to occasionally "vacation in filth". I am drawn to dark, illicit, depraved things. I take pleasure in things that repulse most people.

      I can't help it. The only thing I can do is try to cultivate self-discipline and self-control.

    2. Hasn't worked for thousands of years, for every conceivable religious group there is. Why the fuck do you think you will have any different results? Especially as God (aka Satan, there is no difference; it's bi-polar) is clearly a psychopath/sociopath/PD?

    3. I don't believe in God because I am looking for "results". I believe in God because the idea that an impossibly vast universe, in which there are more stars than grains of sand on Earth, all emerged out of nothing, without purpose, is patently illogical, in my view.

      Precisely engineered biological machinery, the fledgling field of bioinformatics, which describes the encoding of DNA within a molecular "language", the Anthropic Principle, quantum entanglement, irreducible complexity.... All of these things point to intelligent design, in my opinion.

      I'm not interested in debating religion or theology, here. I've discussed this topic ad-infinitum on this forum and others, and have concluded that it is thoroughly useless to debate with anti-theists. They harbour too much pride and vitriol to humbly accept the notion of a loving Creator. They truly some of the most resolutely closed-minded people I have ever interacted with.

      To each their own.

    4. Hello “A.” At least you have more of a “name” than “Anonymous.” That's intelligent and brave, for this slimy web site full of secret scumbags. My Name is Stephen Kahn. I live on Whidbey Island in Washington state in the United States. Are you brave enough to tell me where you live?

      I agree that there is no point in debating religion or theology. I do indeed harbor too much pride and vitriol to humbly accept the notion of a “loving Creator,” an imaginary creature that created a world full of suffering and evil, to show it's love for you and me, and if the claims of billions of deluded religionists (such as you) are to be believed, will send most of all of us to burn or freeze for eternity in an imaginary hell because it “loves” us so much. I can't believe that you and your fellow Christians and other religionists believe such tripe. If you are wrong, think how “noble” it makes you look to imagine such a monster as would create such an evil monster as the “God” and “Christ” you praise. Aren't you proud of yourself. If God exists, I would feel it my duty to suffer in Hell and oppose it for all eternity.

      Fortunately, one of these years I will cease to exist, and it will be as if I never existed. The same will happen to you. I suspect in your case, it will be good riddance of bad rubbish. Now tell me how much you love me and the monster God you invented loves me, you bag of lying shit. Have a nice day.

    5. Haha! I'm flattered that you feel the need to prove to me how "brave" you are, but your desire is unreciprocated. Unlike yourself, I have no need to prove myself to anyone- let alone a bitter, miserable man such as yourself. Your view on the cosmos is about as rich as your perspective on sex: boring, unimaginative, and stunted.

      After all, Mr. Impotent-in-Washington, you know where you are, and exactly where you're going. The cosmos, for all its infinite wonder, holds no mysteries for you. It's no match for the big brain of a little meat bag such as yourself. You've got it all figured out. You must be very proud of yourself.

      As such, why would I waste one iota of time trying to convince you that you are not headed straight for exactly where you proudly admit you belong? :)

    6. I don't know why you should waste one iota of time trying to convince me of anything. Why are you? What more important thing do you have to do, little sniveling coward?

    7. What, exactly, do you think I'm trying to convince you of, Flaccid?

      What a petty, vitriolic husk of a man you are?

      No need. You are already so convinced of your own worthlessness and insignificance that the mere mention of *someone else* harboring hope sends you into a venom-spewing frothing frenzy. It would be comical if it weren't so pathetic.

    8. To A:

      A February 25, 2015 at 2:11 PM

      "You speak only for yourself. Change your behavior. Take a shower. Wash your clothes. Your "freakish, asocial, repulsive" nature is self-imposed, and provides a convenient excuse for self-victimization. You are not a "misunderstood", special snowflake; you are crushed by the weight of your low self-esteem and self-defeating attitude. Self-deprecation, which you express as waving your freak flag high, has become your armor. Shed it, and perhaps you will attract the kind of person that deep down, you do not feel that you deserve, but wish you did. When you take responsibility for yourself, perhaps you will finally arrest the bitterness, resentment and hatred that fester like cancerous ulcers in your soul. Your torment is thoroughly unnecessary."

      "What, exactly, do you think I'm trying to convince you of, Flaccid?"

      Do you actually believe that you're significant, Tourette?

    9. And if I did, what's it to you? :)

  18. Neat virgoans (a member of the zodiac scorpio family) are said to sometimes "stray" into seedy streets. They usually get in trouble there because they dont belong, but they still "take that ride". This may have something to do with certain members of that orders interest to "see the high ones fall on their noses in a pile of soft shit"? Never "play Saint" with the virgo, he´ll most likely will be consumed with an "appetite to corrupt". And the fallen ones have fallen, they did not pass the test. He´ll watch on the sidelines, his kind features slightly distorted by a sneer..

  19. Damaged,

    You commented in an earlier post that you think sociopath women are easier to get along with. I have some related questions for you.

    Are you friends with any sociopath women?

    Why do you think they are easier to get along with?

    Have you ever taken a sociopath female as a lover? If so, what differences did you find between the sociopaths and non-sociopaths?


    1. > Are you friends with any sociopath women?

      There's 1 woman that springs to mind right away. There's only a couple of people, of either sex, that i would consider a friend.

      > Why do you think they are easier to get along with?

      I think they would understand...

      if I'm tired of dealing with people and want to be alone while I watch a movie and have some cocktails

      if we're in a social setting and I ask her why other people are acting a certain way

      Things like that. A non-SP woman would worry, or yell at me, or something.

      > Have you ever taken a sociopath female as a lover?

      I never have.

      Believe it or not I haven't know many sociopaths. Most of them weren't that smart and looking back I wouldn't call them sociopaths. I would call them "assholes".

    2. Damaged,

      I have always believed, and this is what I focused on for several years of my life (this is the reason it comes up in my conversations quite frequently), that only your soulmate can truly understand you.

      The one you're really meant to be with in your life would give you the space you need, and she would certainly not yell if you were to ask questions about other people in a social setting. She might worry, though, if you would not feel well or if you would feel highly uncomfortable, but your soulmate would know how to undo, or even alleviate, that in you.

      Above all, and no matter what happens, the one you are meant to be with will always understand.

      To me, a soulmate feels like these sounds, depths and vibrations. It would be an effortless type of understanding:

    3. Uurgh. I think you have an overly romanticized view of love, Anon 829. "Sounds, feelings and vibrations"? Lol! Have you met your "soul mate"?

      A soul mate might not give him all the space he needs and never yell at him- unless his soul-mate turns out to be a very demeure, quiet, sensitive, woman. (Who would probably bore him to death after about 2 weeks.) Besides, such a woman wouldn't want to watch Ichi the Killer with him and play beer pong. What good is a soul mate to a sociopath who can't engage in kinky sex ("Hold me.. Make love to me! Be gentle!" LOL) or enjoy a bit of gratuitous violence? :)

      She might, rather, call him on his shit, demand a higher standard, and generally whip his ass into shape. If he's a good partner, he'll accord her the same respect and honor.

    4. "There's 1 woman that springs to mind right away."

      Are you referring to me?

    5. "There's 1 woman that springs to mind right away."

      "Are you referring to me?

      No, A. Bad joke.

      1. Obviously, Damaged was not referring to you.
      2. You're not even a woman.

    6. " She might, rather, call him on his shit, demand a higher standard, and generally whip his ass into shape. If he's a good partner, he'll accord her the same respect and honor."

      Well said. ~

    7. A,

      Yes, I have met my soulmate.

      It is not a “romanticized” view of love as you understand it in your “rational ways.” What we have is completely different from anything that you can ever fathom or comprehend. You see “romance” as “Ichi the Killer” and beer pong, which tells me everything that I need to know about you (there is not much to you beside the shallow, judgmental and aggressive surface). Truth be told, real love as I and my soul mate know and feel is quite irrational, its meaning being something that you cannot and will never grasp. True, unconditional love is irrational, since it cannot be explained or rationalized as you do with your husband. Your way of loving, or, better yet, your rational way of understanding love, sounds extremely boring to me. There is no soulmate connection, lacking in its original and inimitable intensity.

      You are assuming too many things about me and my personality, which you don’t really/fully know, as well as about the relationship that I would have. In reality, you don’t really know whether I am “a demeure, quiet, sensitive, woman” or the opposite of what you’ve described, or even somewhere in the middle. You don’t have any facts about me, so stop passing judgment and being so aimlessly aggressive. You don't truly know what would bore Damage, or what would bore me, for that matter. What’s more, you are quite intrusive into what Damage might or might not like (his love/sex life is none of your business), which is highly REPULSIVE.

      All in all, you’re just a prying, malicious and repulsive stranger on the internet.

    8. Eh. I suspect that I am a much better judge of what Damaged might like than you. :)

      And I wasn't referring to you in terms of being demeure, etc- although your defensive posturing reveals much.

      Calm down and go listen to Enya, or something. :P

    9. Thank you, Chiquita. :-)

      Fyi, the "~" is used to denote sarcasm.

      If you were being sarcastic, I revoke my thanks, and raise you a "you dont know what you're missing". But somehow, as the gf of a guy with sociopathic traits, I have a suspicion that you can relate to those words. :)

    10. A,

      "Eh. I suspect that I am a much better judge of what Damaged might like than you. :)"

      This is the most misinformed and inane statement I've heard all day, but I am going to let you wallow in your suspicion/illusion, because I would never discuss such personal things with you.

      I have some advice for you: Take care of the needs of your partner. Focus on knowing those very well. It would make more sense.

      I am not defensive, and I have been quite calm. Telling me to calm down shows that your judgment is off, which tells me that you would be quite upset if you were in my place. Unlike you, I'm not angry and aimlessly aggressive.

    11. "This is the most misinformed and inane statement I've heard all day, but I am going to let you wallow in your suspicion/illusion,"

      Ya think? Let's ask him what he thinks concerning our respective viewpoints, shall we?

    12. @Anon 8:29

      I don't mean basic concern but acting neurotic.

    13. @Anon 10:47

      > 1. Obviously, Damaged was not referring to you.

      I was.

      >2. You're not even a woman.

      You are so wrong.

    14. > Eh. I suspect that I am a much better judge of what Damaged might like
      > than you. :)

      A has the ability to look directly into my soul.

    15. Why do you do this to me? ;)

    16. A,

      It is quite obvious that you're using Damaged's name. The real Damaged would not write these comments. Your way of acting is highly ludicrous.

    17. LOL

      What do you know, Damaged?

      We're one and the same. :-)

    18. @A 5:38

      it's like a moth to a flame

    19. @A 6:17

      Oh God, there's 2 of me. The world isn't ready...


    20. A @ 1215, just a friendly little tail at the end. I had no idea its used to denote sarcasm. Lol.. ;)

  20. It's not the fat you eat that makes you fat. It's the excessive carbohydrates
    you eat. For example, an apple has 3 tablespoons of sugar, and a slice of pie
    has 15 tablespoons of sugar. Sugar is being snuck into the diet. This excess
    sugar is being stored as fat.
    Many studies have shown that animal fat is NOT the problem. In fact people
    NEED the animal fat. Margerine, and egg substitues are lethel and cancer
    causing. Many pregenant women instinctively eat fatty foods because they
    know the developing baby NEEDS the fat. By "fatty" foods, I don't mean pastries. High sugar foods make you fat. NOT fat on meat. The caveman lived
    largely on meat, and what he could forage. NOT on oranges trucked in from
    Florida in the middle of winter. The Food pyramid is a crock. Vegtables are
    "grasses" they are good for gazelles, but not humans.
    We do need SOME carbohydrate for energy and ruffage, but not much.
    Some can thrive on 30 or some 15. It depends on the person.
    The reason why I am repulsive is because I have Saturn in the 5th house of my
    Astrological chart. I also have lousy placements and squares between the Moon
    Venus, and Saturn. Cassanova, I'll never be. I will die a virgin, though the late
    Kurt Cobain said, "Nobody die's a virgin." Except Jesus.

  21. A: That's true, there's no way all of these things could be without a Creator.. Hold on to your faith, even if you don't feel it's that strong or present in your life. Ask God to guide you, and He will. The more you know about His greatness the more you'll love And fear Him, fear is essential to keep oneself away from evil. Which all human souls are inclined too.

    1. Perfect love casts out all fear.

      But yeah. I generally agree. Amen.

    2. What a bunch of rubbish/nonsense. I will be proud to burn it Hell if this imaginary place actually exists. You can't comprehend how full of shit you are.

    3. "You can't comprehend how full of shit you are."

      I agree with your statement, RA. I am the same Anon who has been telling A to watch and re-direct his anger/aggression. The same applies to his partner.

    4. Haha! You really think I'm a guy.

      I love it. :)

    5. Well, A, between you and your partner taking turns, you're actually a "male-mutt."

    6. LOL

      You are so narcissistically full of yourself that you actually believe your own delusions. No gaslighting required. XD

      But I am curious. What has you so convinced that I'm a man?

    7. A,


  22. @Writer
    You sound like a socio, congrats (and welcome :)). You will know for sure if you realize you don't love anyone. (takes time).

    @AnonymousMarch 12, 2015 at 5:31 AM
    Ahhh, religion. Its' fascinating and i always wondered how well educated people can fall for that racket. I guess its comforting to be able to explain to yourself that things don't happen for no reason. And this idea of creation... what if it just always has been there?

    "fear is essential to keep oneself away from evil. Which all human souls are inclined too...."
    Yeah some more then others ;). A pending prison sentence is pretty repelling too.

    I guess being a socio has saved me from that distraction.

  23. Again, you are a created being yourself, with a heart, soul, advanced brain.. Who created you then? Who sends down water from the skies to let all kinds of vegetables and fruits grow that you eat from? The Sustainer, your God

  24. Well, i just get very sciency from these sort of questions. You've probably heard of conception and of condensed atmospheric water vapor. God has nothing to do with it.
    You thank him for your dinner every day. Try to thank me for your dinner, nothing will change. Ask god to smight you, again nothing will change.

    Ow, he doesn't want to do harm. Last year in Nigeria a church collapsed on the heads of his followers killing 115. Praying didn't save those people.... got them killed. If god was so powerful and existing, why didn't he prevent such a collapse?
    8| maybe got is the true psychopath 8| :). This was fun LOL

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