Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sociopath quote: Darkness

And they shall look unto the earth and behold trouble, and darkness, dimness of anguish, and shall be driven to darkness.

Isaiah 8:22


  1. Is it not right to love what a sociopath gives to me? I enjoy his mind, his thoughts, the adventure. I JUST found out recently he is a sociopath. He left me because I didnt want to go to his house for the weekend because I wanted him to think about our future. Then I locked him out of our swinging website. Next day he left me. I was baffled. Did some research come to find out his is a sociopath. He is curently with someone which I know it isnt' going to last with his track history. I just need to know is it bad to enjoy what they want in a sexual aspect. and be ok with not entwined with each other?

  2. Strange question. Is it bad? You ask sociopaths if it's bad to have sex with us? What answer do you think you'll get? Sociopaths are good in bed, ask Grace. How can you help yourself?

  3. Well then is it bad to want to be with a sociopath.? I sort of feel torn and I want his attention and I want the play we had.

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  5. Thks Aerianne....I told him I know what he has and he should of told me so I would of known what I was dealing with. Prior to me finding out what his condition was he infuriated me and I went on a social network and exposed his sex play wants and comments. I am emailing him and texting him but he isn't responding. He just started seeing someone else which I am positive it will not work out. Just confused I guess how to move forward. But yes you are correct am I prepared to handle any possible consequences.

  6. He's with someone else? How do you know he'll want to get back with you? Don't get emotionally attached or think about about a future. That's all I can say about that.

    My ex was great in bed! I swear I felt euphoria!! I loved every fake thing about him. He was smart though and that's a truth.


  7. Yes he is with someone else. I don't know if he will want me back. But, the situation he is in right now I know will not work. He has a son 5 years old. And he and his son require 100% attention. The new girl has a son about his son's age. That is where the conflict is going to happen. His son will always be first. He will not feel anything for the other child which is very sad. So I know it won't be long until he puts his son in front of this child and that's where he is going to turn off his light switch. But in the meantime, I sort of understood him prior to me actually knowing. I gave him his space we spent weekends together and some weekdays and then he had his free time. I will say he was always honest with everything. It may have hurt my feelings but he was always honest. Except for our future that was always something he would alyways say what he wanted but always changed his mind. Right now he has a new toy and he is in his a game of seducing. I just really enjoyed our time together. Yes there were times where he would be in his own space and ignore me. Which I found odd. Or He would pick me up and have this different look on his face and give me the silent treatment for no reason. Or the time I had his car and he saw some dirt on the rug and started making a bigdeal and I told him it was just dust. So when he
    parked the car and went to the storeI just dusted it off. When he returned he said "What did you do lick it with your tounge"? And I said " No I used your toothbrush" Then he was nice. I just think I knew how to handle him

    @Grace LOL luv that line "I loved every fake thing about him"

  8. I think someone should devise a "Sociopath Fuckbuddy" service. Just a herd of sociopaths on call, waiting to go to town on people. The normals get the best sex of their lives without all the mess and the sociopaths get... well, that's the only sticking point, really. I can't think of anything that we'd get out of the deal. Get out of jail free card? Some kind of government sponsorship? I dunno.

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  10. OMG LMFAO ....Wow I haven't laughed in a bit! Yuh, sign me up! All jokes aside I think the "S" gets an ego, powerboost knowing they pleased in a sexual way.

  11. I agree Lisa. Sex can be such a powerful thing for a sociopath to use on an empath. And it works well for both. Too bad there's nothing more.

    Maybe I'll be a sociopath for Halloween and experience this great gift of giving. I saw a pair of thigh high boots the other day. That's all I'll need to work my magic.


  12. LMFAO Grace HYSTERICAL...With a T-shirt I am a Sociopath and I will not apologize!!!

    Amazing, we make jokes but to be honest it's actually making me feel better.

    Well, lets see how my story ends up! I will continue to take everyone's advice and think of what I would be sacrificing if I would like to be in that type of relationship.

    Like when i'm old and gray and in a diaper!

  13. Keep having sex with the sociopath and you'll be old, gray and in a diaper before you know it!

  14. I much enjoyed my dude's depravity. Too bad his dick didn't work all that well...

    It's a pitiful thing to see how he deals with age. Not well, and most certainly not gracefully. Probably part of the reason his penis was literally lame... psychological problems.

  15. He looked like a cadaveric nordic Satan though, which somewhat made up for it.

  16. Best I ever had. Phenomenal sex and connection on that level. He took me places I never imagined. It's over and I accept the 'over'. The best thing you can do is take what you've learned and move on to a new relationship. Being clingy with a sociopath won't serve you well. He'll further dismiss you or retaliate. And the last thing you can do is to convince him to come back to you. He'll do what he'll do, and you presuming that he (or any guy with normal compassion) won't survive his new relationship will only drive him farther away.

    I miss my P., but I enjoy what I learned about myself in the process. He was great for a while and I'd have preferred that 'a while' lasted longer. But we can't undo the past and to try to get a sociopath or psychopath to feel badly for you is an absolute lose-lose.

  17. Thank you @openminded

    Everything you say is true. I guess actually facing it would hurt so much more than trying to get him back.
    I am not trying to make him feel sorry for me I just would like to have back what we had.

    As you say accepting it and learning...It's something that I toss back and forth with.

    Everyone on this post has been amazing and so uplifting. I will continue to keep reading and resonding. Hopefully, I can write back and say HE longer exist in my mind

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  19. Thks Aerianne

    I will work on what is important....reading the posts really seemd to bring me back to reality.

    Which is it never was...

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  21. Really? Aerianne

    Ok I will take that advice and continue reading the blogs and checking in. Funny as I think of everything I always have to have the last word and that I think bothers me the most. He got the last word. And all he does is just ignore,ignore and ignore.

    But I don't feel alone now.

    Thank u sooo much

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  23. So true Aerianne so true!

    Well what I did do today was block all my emails so he cant contact me when and if he would like to.

    Amazing human beings they are. How the brain operates and creates a personality disorder which they have to walk around for the rest of their life.

    I wouldnt wish that on my worst enemy. How venting here has let me to slowly understand as @Aerianne it was a lesson learned , with the best sex I have ever had.

    Wow how the creater creates us. Makes a person the best intimate lover that anyone can experience. But also makes them the worst person anyone can love.

    Damn if you do and Damn if you don't!

  24. UPDATE: So after reading and writing on here I got the courage to tell the "S" I wasn't sad about the break up but actually happy that it haapened.

    Because y would i miss something that wasn't real!

    I used Aerianne's line. And how I wish him all the best in his new realtionship.

    He's actually flying with her to Paris & London. Been there done that : )

    So the good news is he is not her in NYC and the better news is he's away for two weeks and even better when he returns he will be so far out of my mind!

    Thank you guys sooooo much

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  26. Good for you, you have a good attitude. No need to let him know any of these thoughts though, just fuels him with attention, probably. Silence is the strongest weapon.

    Me, I'm still having a hard time letting go, and it's been 4-5 months now. Every once in a while it bowls me over, like right now. Especially when I live in a city where I am one degree away from anyone else.

    I don't know what my problem is. Even though I know better I am still very very weak, fighting a deadly depression, and really fucking messed up and blaming myself for everything. I don't know who the fuck I am.

    I think I'm broken and damaged for good. Come on socios, tell me how weak and pathetic I am! And how powerful he is! Stone me with my own weakness and emotionality!

    Congrats to him, it seems he "won". I'm completely empty and dead.

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  28. I struggle some days too Medusa. It's normal to feel like this so don't worry and just let it pass because it will. Don't label any of your feelings as weak, guilt or anything else. Just let them be. You'll be fine.

    And he didn't win you so he won nothing.

    It's been the same amount of time for me too. Hope this helps you.


  29. Thank you, ladies.

    See, I'm doubly damaged. Dated him twice, two years apart. Was actually pretty angry those two years in between, I actually knew then that I wasn't the fucked up one. Actually went kind of insane this last time around, though. I turned into a paranoid obsessive lunatic (which is not me at all), and I lowered myself into my own grave of self-worth. Said crazy things. Found myself playing power games and becoming manipulative because I didn't know what else to do. Betrayed him by contacting his "crazy narcissistic, the worst thing that has ever happened to me" ex because I was so confused. Why do I still feel so terrible about having done that?

    Now I am quite sure he thinks of me (if at all) as really pathetic and psycho. Though he seems to think all women are crazy...

    I was happier with myself than I had ever been when he re-entered my life. He managed to bring up some very old insecurities of mine; massive trigger.

    Was only with him a few months each time, and it wasn't like he even did anything overt like cheating (not that I'm sure of anyway) or stealing my money or anything like that. He did lie a lot and was very shady, and has a very dark past. My gut screamed at me from the depths while I was with him which kept me from eating and sleeping for most of the time I was with him and I became very ill, but I didn't trust the feeling. I began to wonder if it was my own insecurities causing the feeling; he certainly thought so.

    It's like I had a temporary case of Borderline Personality Disorder, or suffered some severe narcissistic injury. It makes me question my entire life to the point of paralysis. Felt like a complete whore at the end, though I am very far from being anything like that.

    It's the jumping back and forth between being angry at him and them angry at myself that is really doing my head in. I'm not sure who is to blame or how to reconcile anything. It's like in my mind I'm becoming him in order to deal with it (which is why I am here), and now I cannot seperate him from myself.

    I just now am trying to date again, and one guy I am in contact with is in a bowling league with him (he doesn't know I was involved with him, I guess) and he's invited me to join. And I want to, because the league is centered around the music scene I am involved in, and it would be highly valuable in furthering my "career". But I can't! I will be accused to stalking! And who knows what he's said about me to everyone, or how he would react. And the lanes are only a couple blocks away from where I live... it's like I'm trapped.

    I've been trying to keep from vomiting all this stuff out on this site... oh well.

  30. Medusa

    The actual realization of knowing what you are dealing with is probably the same notion of probably dying.

    Your sense of intelligenace is questioned, your values are tested, your strength is tested and your loyaty is tested.

    And once you pass each and every test by sociopath standards. He leaves you. And you literally gave him your soul and heart on a platter and he flushed it down the drain. How are you ever going to get it back?

    You are and you will. You may have to act a bit immature but not for long, You may try to get pity that will never work as we all know. And you will get angry. Then you will find peace.

    I was in bed for three weeks literally couldnt move just drinking water.

    Its a process and you need to go through the withdrawal. You see they are so attentive it isnt even normal how attentive they are.

    But that is the weapon which will bring you down that is what was carrying the realtionship and the sex!

    So once it stops you are standing on air and you fall on your face.

    Go with the emotions, let it out, take jogs, listen to music, cry but be strong!

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  32. I say go bowling!! Walk in there with a smile on your face and have fun. F him who cares how he'll react. Don't let him control you and if he has said anything to anyone about you then there really is nothing you can do about that. But don't let him control you like that. No matter how uncomfortable you are get out there!! What's the worst that could happen? Accuses you of stalking...he wishes.

    Unless of course there might be a possibility of being in contact with him outside of that situation. That would be a reason to stay away.


  33. I assume that Anon 6:26 is you Grace. You are awesome, you know that?

    No worries about responding to all my spewing tonight... I just need to vent.


    He tried to tell me what he was on a couple of occasions, but I wasn't hearing it. One of the last times I saw him, on Valentine's Day, he told me he had a "limited range of emotions" and about how he has to fight against a very dark side of himself every day. Then he followed that by saying he was extremely empathetic and extremely sensitive and afraid of people finding out his insecurities in case it made them not like him. How could I not see how all those statements DID NOT add up? How can you have a limited range of emotions yet at the same time be extremely empathetic?

    (First thing he said when he picked me up that day was "You are not my valentine, my mom is!" WTF?)

    The sociopaths love to talk a lot about how much they value logic and reason, yet they blame us for being confused when they are not being logical or reasonable?

    It brings to mind Aerianne's comment on the most recent blog post about psychopaths having emotions:

    I think this is where being in a relationship with a psychopath becomes maddening. You see some behaviors from them that seem so genuine that you have no reason to doubt them. At at later time you may see behaviors that so contradict the earlier behaviors that you are left feeling like everything was bullshit and you got conned. Then a loop of trying to analyze the behaviors sets itself up and you get trapped. You are pitting the two behaviors against each other expecting one to be true and one to be a lie. The truth may be something that you never expected: Each of the behaviors were genuine.

    Though it could just as easily be that each of the behaviors were false... or even that the sociopath himself isn't even sure. Or that there is little to no difference between being "genuine" or "false" in a socio's world.

  34. What also maddens me is that we try so hard to be open-minded and to understand them, but they have no desire to understand us. It's still them having a (perceived) power over us that is inherent in our desire to figure this shit out.

    If someone started an EmpathWorld blog I highly doubt many socios would visit.

    Daniel would probably be an exception to all this, but then again he's not a full-out sociopath.

  35. 6:26 isn't me Medusa. But it's all good stuff. I'll sign Grace at the bottum.

    "What also maddens me is that we try so hard to be open-minded and to understand them, but they have no desire to understand us."

    I know how that goes. I don't think they want to be understood. I think they do understand us but only to use it in their sceamy plans. I don't know what the hell they want in relationships, other than sex.

    Daniel isn't a full-out sociopath? I thought he was the biggest one here! When I first made some comments here he destroyed me. Not kidding..him and UK. Once I read more of their comments I got with what they were saying. They're nice now though..but they sure know how to get rid of us if they want


  36. I view this site as a way to help me understand the man I was involved with, not to bash people like him. I can't help but think that if there was a empathworld site, that sociopaths and the like wouldn't presume it is okay to come into that site and bash.

    There are support groups for victims of psychopaths online (emotional victims, too) and there is plenty of support on those sites.

    I personally view this site as a place where they can discuss and be themselves, and lately it seems to have been hijacked by people bitching about the very people the site was created for.

    I may be stepping on toes or way out of line, but it seems to me that the solutions are so simple. If you were involved with a psychopath or close relative and it ended, move on. If you're in a poor relationship with one, move on. If you feel you need help or support, join one of the support groups for victims. An excellent on is:

    By and large, the psychopaths and sociopaths that inhabit this space can be learned from. The members here are largely intelligent and articulate. They provide insight into how they think - insight that benefits all of us. Their wiring can't be changed and they didn't choose their condition. They are members of the human race with their own challenges as they also try to understand us.

  37. Um... what are you talking about?

    I've been on this site for quite a while, I know what is going on here. This just happens to be the first time I've gone on about my own personal situation. Am I not allowed to talk about my own experiences? Where does it say this is only a place for sociopaths to talk about themselves? Is this a jerk-off site? I don't think so. Isn't it more useful to ANYONE to be allowed to discuss their experiences? That's the beauty of this site... it's not about one side or the other, in terms of the comments and discussions. Just a few people who are trying to be a bit more self-aware, no matter what/who they are.

    Where is this "bashing" you are talking about? How long have you been here? The regulars here generally know each other's stories, socio or no, and generally know where each other is coming from. Besides, have you not seen the rampant empath bashing around here? I've done my own share of "bashing" on both sides, if that's what you wish to call it...

    Perhaps you should go back and read more of the older posts and the comments from myself as well from others who have been here a while. This thread just happens to be lopsided as the socios seem to be avoiding it or are not interested, or are lurking out of curiosity or amusement without commenting. Sometimes mostly empaths comment. Sometimes mostly socios comment. Sometimes it's a nice mix of both. Sometimes the conversation is ugly, sometimes it is not. Sometimes I am understanding, sometimes I am pissy. So what?

    I do not have a victim mentality, nor do most of the other people around here that have stuck around. The ones that do either learn, go away quickly, or set themselves up for a metaphorical stoning. The rest of us are very open-minded, intelligent and have had some wonderful conversations.

    Besides, I'm not even so sure I'm an empath...

  38. Medusa said, “Daniel would probably be an exception to all this, but then again he's not a full-out sociopath.”

    Awww! Thanks hon! (I’m assuming this was an unintended compliment.) I’m an exception to a great many things as it turns out.

    But I gotta say, no, I wouldn’t visit a blog called EmpathWorld. Why would I since I live in empath world? I am surrounded by emotionally driven and hormone soaked “empaths” every single day.

    Grace and Medusa, most of the intelligent commenters on here, whatever label you give them, have made a study of people. We’ve had to in order to survive. Perhaps Medusa, your “socio” didn’t try very hard to understand you. Or perhaps he understood you all too well…

    I have to also say that it was getting a bit thick here with the woe-be-gone tales of psychopath heartbreak. I mean for a second, I thought I was actually at Love Fraud! I kept waiting for someone to break out with the old negro spiritual, “Nobody knows, the trouble I’ve seen!” Please! Snap out of it ladies. Open Minded is right. The solutions are simple. Read the featured comment too. That should clear all that right up.

    But if you really want a show, beg UK to come on this thread and read y’all the riot act. Man is he good at tearing the broken hearted apart. He could probably put you back together again once he’s done destroying you too. I have read the comments here (skimming over the more overtly whiny parts) but decided not to comment because the “my sociopath broke my heart/but I love him!” stuff just isn’t my shtick.

  39. Its a maddening process trying to figure out the why's following the aftermath of a relationship with a S, especially if it ended badly. Trying to understand "why" is just an excuse to continue to engage. If you were stuck in a burning building would you sit around trying to figure out why the fire happened or would you get the fuck out of the building? Sometimes things don't make sense and if you have to just cut your losses and move on. I know easier said than done as I have been trying to wean myself off of my S for many months now. I liken it to a harm reduction strategy as I've tried the abstinence based approach and the withdrawals were just to much to handle. I'm almost ready to cut him out for good. I have my sex (actually much better than my socio!)waiting in the wings to cushion the blow and I realize that he really is not worth the hassle. Use this heartbreak to learn your lessons and vow never to make the same mistakes again.


  40. Okay now that I've calmed down...

    I suppose I wouldn't go to an EmpathWorld blog either... sounds gross. My sense of empathy is very weak and I would get very bored. If someone else wrote my comments in this thread I would yawn and totally skim it myself.

    Yeah, this is quite the whine fest and I'm certainly not proud... sometimes I just get pissed and need to whine because I have no other recourse for revenge/control. I think he hurt my pride more than anything, which to me is like an original sin.

    I've extolled the virtues of the featured comment a few times. It's absolutely true what Ukan and others say, sure. Lately, though, I get annoyed at the one-sidedness of it.

    Logic and reason isn't always the most powerful force. "Move on" is so easy to say. I haven't spoken to or seen the man in many months, but sometimes a person gets stuck in a mental/emotional quicksand. Not much different from a socio's "impulse"... just imagine a single impulse lasting for a long long long time.

  41. Medusa said, “Lately, though, I get annoyed at the one-sidedness of it.”

    That's par for the course though, right? Sympathy is the last thing to expect to receive on a blog called SociopathWorld. You must be in an emotional place since I know you are smart enough to know this, judging by your other comments.

    If it makes you feel better and you think you can handle him, why not crush him? Find a way to tear his life apart, piece by piece. Be methodical. That is, do it if you feel you can deal with the blowback, whatever it might be. Sure, it’ll tie you to him, but you are already, on an emotional level, aren’t you? And you might find it fun. Don’t stalk him per se. That’s so passé. Just find out what he desires and destroy his chances of getting it or use his fear against him. I don’t know your situation, but you might be able to do this without him ever finding out. Do it if it amuses you.

    If it stokes some kind of obsessive mentality on your part though, I'd advise against it. Amusement and distraction are the goals; "fatal attraction", not so much.

    sometimes a person gets stuck in a mental/emotional quicksand...

    Fight yourself. When your mind starts going there, invite it to have a nice, big, steaming cup of STFU.

  42. Medusa,

    It can be difficult to get stuck in the same cyclical thought patterns; been there. Sometimes it can feel as though there is no end. I'm angry as well and am trying to determine how to best deal with the situation as the desire for revenge can be a very powerful force. I can destroy him and given how much he has fucked me around and hurt me I am finding it hard to control the urge. Is all fair in love and war?


  43. Medusa said, “Lately, though, I get annoyed at the one-sidedness of it.”

    That’s to be expected though, right? After all, sympathy is the last thing anybody should expect to receive on a blog called SociopathWorld. You’re a smart cookie, judging by your other comments. You know this.

    As for unwanted cyclical thought patterns, I say, fight yourself. Seriously. Whenever part of your mind goes there, invite it to have a nice, big, steaming cup of STFU. Then repeat. And again. Until it gets the message.

    War of the Roses asks, “Is all fair in love and war?”

    You betcha! All is fair because it is equally true to say that all is unfair. Fairness doesn’t matter. Never has. What matters is what people believe and what they do as a result of those beliefs.

    Why stifle the urge to destroy him? Do so if it pleases you and you know you can deal with the blowback.

  44. The thought of it does please me so. The issue is the blowback and the impact it may have on my life as his reaction is something that I am having difficulty trying to predict.There is also the "how". Is one stealth or overt? I don't think he would be violent but I would sleep with one eye open for the rest of my life. Do S get bent on revenge? If I destroy him will he make it his mission to eventually destroy me as well?


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  46. But I gotta say, no, I wouldn’t visit a blog called EmpathWorld. Why would I since I live in empath world? I am surrounded by emotionally driven and hormone soaked “empaths” every single day.

    Just wanted to throw in a "touché". I do notice, though, that you display a certain respect for points of views that are not your own instead of completely dismissing them as many do, on both "sides". You lack a certain righteousness or an outright superiority complex (if you do have one, it is well hidden), and I respect that. You seem to know that no one is necessarily right about anything, and that so-called "truth" is not necessarily a stable thing, if it exists at all. Everyone is fighting and/or learning to accept certain aspects of themselves here, and that's what we all have in common.

    After all, sympathy is the last thing anybody should expect to receive on a blog called SociopathWorld. You’re a smart cookie, judging by your other comments. You know this.

    Yeah, I do know this. Which is probably why I decided to go off on this thread because it's mostly empaths talking.

    As for unwanted cyclical thought patterns, I say, fight yourself. Seriously. Whenever part of your mind goes there, invite it to have a nice, big, steaming cup of STFU. Then repeat. And again. Until it gets the message.

    I may be smart, but emotionally I'm a complete moron. Or to put it in a less self-depreciating way, emotions are so much more powerful than thoughts in my world. Some people are the opposite. Doesn't make me better or worse (though sometimes I do wonder, I admit), but it is frustrating and I know it can be limiting.

    So thanks for reminding me to tell them to STFU every once in a while. I need to be reminded sometimes (or rather, need to learn to remind myself) that I don't have to be a slave to emotion if it's not doing me any good.

    I also notice I get worse when it's been a while since I've worked on music. It's the one place where I can openly be an emotional moron without repercussions. In fact, I am celebrated for being an emotional moron when it comes to that, and I plan to milk that.

    Smarts + emotional idiocy does have some use, as long as one can channel it to one's benefit.

    Herein lies my challenge.

  47. In terms of revenge, that's a tough one.

    I've always prided myself on taking the "high road" as if that was a superior way to be, plus there's all that stuff about how revenge damages yourself more than the other person, though I'm not sure that is always true if it is done right and not exacted out of pure impulse. I think it is human nature to level any playing field. Hence the popularity of sports and political cycles.

    I wonder if the "high road" is more about appearances than anything else sometimes.

  48. I apologize to anyone I've offended. I took a break from this site, came back in and thought I'd found IVillage!

    Carry on. I'm the newbie here. You guys have been at it a long time, but I agree with Daniel. It seemed to turn into a women's heartbreak site. I was just rather surprised by the shift in a short week.

    Again, I'm new here and haven't watched the ebb and flow for any serious length of time. Apologies.

  49. What exactly is the high road? One can reason that my actions may prevent others within his vicinity from not being taken in. Others who may not have the emotional tenacity and/or strength to deal with his games, which could translate into it actually being an act of altruism. Its all how you conceptualize the matter.

  50. Well one can certainly reason that way...

    But if somehow you were able to keep someone else from being "taken in", who's to say they won't be taken in by someone else? Also, there's a whole line of people out there who might be taken in by him, how are you going to save them all?

    Besides, why would they want to believe you over them? If someone is going to be "taken in", there's very little you can do. You can really only take responsibility for yourself.

    People usually need to learn by experience.

    Sounds like you want to use altruism as a justification, when really your guide is your anger and your desire to get back at them.

    I say, call a spade a spade, no need to dress is up with good intentions.

  51. No I absolutely agree. Just indicating that everything can be viewed through a lens of our own choosing. Society or an individual must decide whether another value is important enough to interfere or take away another individuals "freedom". This can lead to fundamental understanding (or fascism)though most people think it leads to social justice (i.e, my train of thought above). I'm not deluded to the point of thinking that my actions would would be an act of altruism. I was just playing off your comment about taking the high road as perception of what that entails is different to everyone.


  52. Like with all relationships, some work better with others. Some personality types would be better equipped to deal with a P or S, just as certain people are better suited to an overtly emotional person. I'm not advocating that people go seeking a P or S, but I firmly believe that for some people, a good relationship can materialize.

    Mine was pretty darn good. We both knew what we were playing with, but sadly, the ending was swift. I wouldn't seek out another relationship like this, but I don't negate the good things that I also got from him. Life is a journey. Take the best, deal with the worst and move on.

    A lot of relationships with normals are toxic or end on a sour note, but I think that when you've been involved with a P or S, it's easier to dwell on the personality disorder. Best to manage your emotions, figure out what you can do differently next time and emerge stronger.

  53. openminded:

    Sorry to take on a harsh tone with you earlier. I totally get your frustration, though... I usually get annoyed as well when it gets all lovefraudian up in here :)

    Pot kettle blacking is good times.

  54. I keep reading about this lovefraud site here! It's funny cause my aunt told me she joined a site for people who like to I asked her...when did you start knitting? She said..I didn't I just like the people and there's gossip. For the love of God what the hell is happening to people?
    I told her to back to bingo.

    It seems like there are spurts of activity here and then it calms down and sociopaths take over again. It also depends on what M.E. posts. Some of the articles I've seen I wouldn't even read past the second sentence never mind comment on. Way over my head. Sometimes I can relate to it and I want to say something but usually it's in response to what others are saying not so much the posts. I like it here and even if I feel offended at times I try to learn and benefit from it. But I don’t want to step on sociopath territory so there are times I just mmob and read the comments.


  55. Hey, Medusa,

    No problem. I'm also good at calling the kettle black.

    I like this site. It's a good group of intelligent and largely respectful posters. All too often sites become cluttered with inane nonsense. This one seems to stay on track nicely, and when the comments stray, they tend to remain interesting.

  56. AHHHHHHH!!!!!!
    Gotta joke.

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