Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Hello kitty

A reader referred this blog to me from another self proclaimed sociopath. It has a few interesting entries. As always, I can’t be completely sure whether someone else is or is not a sociopath. This entry in particular however, humorously displays the thought processes of the lazier sociopath pretty well:

Here..kitty kitty

There's a cat stuck in the cellar. I wonder how many days it will last. I hear it every night mewing away. At first I thought it was a woman moaning or crying but no it was just a cat. I know the correct thing to do would be to tell the owner and have them do something but I owe rent and it's really too much of a hassle. I am the only one who can hear it, in time the noise will fade and when the smell kicks in, I'll let them know. For now though I just have to grin and bear the nuisance of having a dying cat in the cellar.


  1. Eh, I'm seeing mostly songs and poetry on that blog. The actual content is a bit lacking.

  2. I understand you're a sociopath, but, the landlords may wonder why you didn't call them when you heard the cat crying? I personally am what you call an 'empath' and this saddens me, but I've read enough about sociopaths that I know you wouldn't care.

    You can't be changed.

    Your blog is fascinating because I would like to study the sociopathic mind.

  3. Well unless you want your apartment to smell like roadkill, you'd best call someone who can remove it. It'd be much more of a hassle to inhale mummy putrification whenever you're inside.

    Then, I do have a weak spot for cats.

    Obviously I'm not a sociopath, despite what the idiot shrinks told me.

  4. Cats are god, highest form of reptilian. Having qualities of night vision, stealth, seduction, hunting, navigation, and many others . Therefore become cat.


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