Thursday, February 5, 2009

Sociopath utopia?

Many detractors have suggested rounding up sociopaths and sticking them on an island somewhere. This sociopath reader suggests sociopaths rounding themselves up and living in a sociopath commune:
Hey I posted a few times on your site, think its a grand place. I respect your point of view. I live in the middle of nowhere. I decided to build my village into something more. In my homeland we (sociopaths) govern ourselves. Nothing to stop it from happening. Just no one's thought of it yet. I see how it can be made. "Whatever the mind . . . can conceive it can achieve." I want to build homes and one day a University. A place to learn for free, a place for Logical thinkers, dedicated to evolution(of the mind and body). I learned to calculate from empaths (four out of five people in this area), the rest are socios and then the sane (it won't be changeing the over all populations way of thinking/planning/living, just a larger scale).

I don't want to hide, and I want rights. Would you live in a place that you were consittered in the 'norm'? Is that such a crazy idea? Theres enough of us out there. If we have nothing to gain from eachothers defeat, can't we work together as a whole? The last thing on my mind is to make waves for the world. I want -peace-. Is change possable, while maintaining peace? Would it be possable to keep such a place stable? Im tired of singing the Un-birthday song.

I've been called the Devil. I may very well be evil, but thats Just a point of view! I value your thoughts. I may let this pass and let the next generation think of it (But where would the fun be in that?). Is it worth the trek? To be accepted. Through out history, socios would have been labled heros... Im not looking for somethin so high, I would just like to be labled human beings. Maybe Im just ahead of my time.

I hope to call you friend,
Thanks Daemon. I have sometimes wondered what a society of sociopaths would be like, or at least a society where sociopaths can come out of the closet. I think sociopaths are generally disassociative, though. I wonder if they would willingly band together unless pressured to do so by some sort of empath/sociopath war. And there are some of us who insist that we stick to our old, parasitical ways of doing things, which would preclude outting ourselves and living in a commune. Thoughts?


    The Gulag Archipelago 1918-1956 Abridged: An Experiment in Literary Investigation (P.S.)
    by Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn


  2. Ha ha, it occurs to me that some of you dumbasses (who haven't read Solzhenitsyn) might think what I mean by posting that link is that IT'S SOCIOPATHS WHO WOULD CREATE A CULTURE WITH SECRET POLICE AND SEND EVERYONE TO GULAG DEATH CAMPS. Maybe, if the "sociopaths" were boorish dumbassses.
    My point in posting that is that when Solzy got to the Gulags, he experienced people who could be described as "The Strong." He was surprised to find strong, honorable people to whom integrity was important.
    Now go back to assuming that "empaths" are the ones who care about personal integrity and "sociopaths" are the ones who are trying to get away with something.
    See you in the Gulags.

  3. Oh yeah, "dissociative" does not mean unwilling to interact with other people. It means "withdrawn into the self," or into one's own mind. It means not oriented toward reality, living behind a mass of rationalizations and delusions.

  4. As much as I'd like to meet other sociopaths, I don't think we'd make a good society. Far from it. I'm parasitic by nature, living off others rather than being productive save in fits of obsessive interest that usually end with incomplete projects.

    In a society of sociopaths, however, I would do horribly. Besides the fact that a parasitic existence would be hard in a society where everyone expected that from everyone else, the continual dominance games and petty crime would quickly become exhausting.

    A secret society formed within normal society might work, but even that would be filled with infighting.

    No, sociopath utopia is, as far as I'm concerned, the same as everyone else's utopia. A society that seems perfect and so is especially vulnerable to people who care little for social conventions, rules, and laws.

  5. Phage, this kind of utopia seems to me like the kind of 'Chaos is peace, peace is chaos' utopia.

    The only problem with this type of area is control. I doubt the sociopaths could honestly keep themselves in control of their urges and care enough to even want to keep peace. It is just not like them.

    This also seems like some sort of 'feeding the wolves with wolves' kind of thing.

    Maybe it could work in the same way vampires work together in cults.

  6. I know a place where sociopaths are free to do what they want: it's called Hollywood ;)

  7. ... or the boardroom.

  8. What would a society of sociopaths look like? Galt's Gulch, maybe. I've often heard communists say that Ayn Rand was a sociopath because she didn't have sympathy for illogical people. I can see a bit of that in her work, but she turns these traits into a positive. I actually think that Randian Objectivism may be a good philosophical system for sociopaths in general and it could guide them to make the most of their abilities. I actually learned about Objectivism from some acquaintances that I've learned to recognize as fellow sociopaths, and I was immediately drawn to it as well. Its demand that everyone be brutally honest with each other in the name of self-interest and its virtue of selfishness make perfect sense to me, and seem like guidelines that allow sociopaths to live out in the open and without having to manipulate anyone or play any games to survive. They can live as they want to in a system of anarcho-capitalism. Emotion is sacrificed to logic. Mysticism, tradition, and religion are abandoned in favor of what really works. Egoism (the virtue of selfishness) is recognized as the best way to see that everyone lives happily, as they live for themselves and are not bound to empty obligations. This doesn't mean, as some people wrongly interpret, that everyone is free to backstab each other. Egoism recognizes that we have to work together and do things for the betterment of the community as a whole, because this is ultimately in everyone's self-interest. Objectivism encourages independence and contractual agreement in contrast to collectivism, and it spurs the innovation that comes from not being held to tradition or societal standards. Objectivist heroes in Rand's novels are the types who don't care what anyone thinks and who always do what they know to be right, based on their own logic and principles of individual rights, no matter how "heartless" it may seem to other people (who they perceive as trying to parasitically latch onto them and abuse their sympathy in order to obligate them to people they don't care about and guilt them into slavishly doing things for others -- kind of the way that sociopaths are sometimes seen by neurotypical people). Do these ideas appeal to any other sociopaths out there in the same way that they do to me and people that I know?

  9. Being an egoist anarchist myself, I disagree with everything you just said.

  10. I think we all know which way an empath-sociopath war would go.

  11. I think it'd be hell. I live at least part of my life, off of empaths, they're easy to control and easy to manipulate, the idea that I owuldn't have them, that everything I rely on them to di I'd have to do for myself, is hell

  12. I live in Dallas, Tx im not crazy im ultra observant but theres a witchhunt out for me a group of people , religious after me, they follow me, they hack me, phone, networks work. They attempt to expose me, prevent me from achieving my goals like if its personal, but i dont give a fuck about them or their stupid lets stop his wicked ways campaign. They make it hard for me to get employment, and caused me to get fired from my profession because they managed to follow me to work and when I threatened to use violence they played the victims like if I just picked on them out of nowhere, I felt threatened first. They feel if I get in a good position once again to finance myself I will use it for evil or revenge now that I exposed them for not minding their business. I NEED A SOCIO NETWORK, THEY BLOCK ME FROM SUCCESS, BUT I JUST WANT MY LIFE BACK. THEY RUINED MY MARRIAGE, MY JOB, MY FAMILY LIFE!!! Help I AM A HIGH FUNCTIONING SOCIOPATH. I HAVE ALL THE PROOF I NEED TO EXPOSE THEM. I FEEL PERSECUTED FOR WHAT I AM. IM NOT A MONSTER. tweet Pro Socio @DECEPTICONTXS

  13. A society composed entirely by selfish strategists (such as Sociopaths) would self-destruct or they would end up becoming like us by natural selection/evolution.

    The Game Theory is useful to analyze this question.

    ' Adami and Hintze had their doubts about whether following a zero determinant strategy (ZD) would essentially eliminate cooperation and create a world full of selfish beings. So they used high-powered computing to run hundreds of thousands of games and found ZD strategies can never be the product of evolution. While ZD strategies offer advantages when they’re used against non-ZD opponents, they don’t work well against other ZD opponents.

    “And even if ZD strategists kept winning so that only ZD strategists were left, in the long run they would have to evolve away from being ZD and become more cooperative. So they wouldn’t be ZD strategists anymore.”
    - See more at:

  14. my paradise would be more like the movie equilibrium except for the part where the empaths take over and that crap i hatted the ending of it because I thought it was shit y would and how would it be that empaths are more like sociopaths in this movie because they hide but I definitely like the movie

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  16. sociopathology is a dysfunction of the mind---
    yes all humans are beasts and will drown another man trying to save them, at the root core we are all sociopaths. But that core is rooted in some carnal part of evolution that isn't really needed anymore.

    You aren't born a sociopath--- you are made into one by your societal environment. Nature does not create sociopaths.

    I've no doubt you will delete this but really, sociopaths banding together for support? Can anything be more hypocritical and disgusting psychologically? We all have an element of sociopath in us, its the drive and will to survive, why are you making a project of it?

    Last thing, you guys act like you are alone. No. I'd say 3 out of 10 people are obvious and blatant sociopaths. The rest hide it really good. And there is a reason you hide it, because it's a precursor to psychopathology.

    But whatever, be happily sociopathic--- One day when you get old, and lonely, this idea too, will get old. and lonely.

  17. lol you think your Vulcan's don't you?
    Lol Sociopaths rely on people who aren't sociopaths. Without them you aren't sociopaths.

  18. I think a society of socio would be a great idea, yes there is tendancy to do anything to get whats wanted but if a few got together with the same goal it would be unstoppable, plus there would always be the outside epaths to pick on if socio made there own society it wouldn't mean that all other communications would stop any time we feel the need to take, destroy, or manipulate we just target it outward of the society plus havoc is sometimes fun with company especially one that doesn't drag on one, if anyone wants to get together lmk plus it wouldn't even have to be a one location society nomadic society could work too, and if the goal is to more or less functional it's totally doable


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