Thursday, March 8, 2018

Russia or Eastern Europe?

Last call for people wanting to meet up in St. Petersburg, Moscow, Lake Baikal area, Perm, Estonia, Poland, or other locations in Eastern Europe. I'll be there from March 17th until the first week of April.



  1. Little is known about ordinary sociopaths attitudes. Do they think sports are silly? Do they like movies where psychopaths are involved? Can they be friends with other socios?

    1. Yes, yes, and yes in my experience.

    2. It's no wonder that "anonymous" wanted to see more of Kats hilarity

  2. Hello. I'm from Russia, but not from area you are going to visit. Let me ask you are you a Mormon indeed?

  3. So M.E.'s new book is looking like an historical and personal exploration of sociopathy, maybe with an anti-discrimination angle.

    Just sayin' 'cause I'm bored. The sociopaths and psychopaths on Quora like to present as clean, harmless and superior. I'm finding it a bit sterile, although there are some interesting insights to be gained and good private chats to be had.

    I do prefer the colour here.

  4. Visit Greece it would be a fun experience meeting you though I don't know if there is any other Greek visiting your site.

  5. Strange connection between sociopathy and murder. The "proof" seems to have to do with a lack of conscience. Is murder some sort of "exclusive crime" only done by socios? How many murders are committed by drunk non-socios? 80%? If scientists constructed a divided town where socios lived on one side & empaths on the other, which city half would have most crimes? The result would probably surprise many..

    1. The literature indicates it depends on the type of murder.

      Spousal homicide:
      ‘Psychopathic’ perpetrators, who generally are over-represented in most violent criminality, were comparatively uncommon. Only seven (4%) in the study group met the diagnostic criteria for psychopathy as measured with the PCL:SV.

      Sexual homicides:
      Results indicated that most (84.7%) of the sexual murderers scored in the moderate to high range on the PCL-R. The majority of victims (66.67%) were female strangers, with no apparent influence of psychopathy on victim choice. Homicides committed by psychopathic offenders (using a PCL-R cut-off of 30) contained a significantly higher level of both gratuitous and sadistic violence than nonpsychopathic offenders. Most (82.4%) of the psychopaths exhibited some degree of sadistic behavior in their homicides compared to 52.6% of the nonpsychopaths.

      Characteristics of murders by psychopaths:
      Hypothesized that psychopaths seldom commit violent crimes colored by intense emotional arousal and that their victims are likely to be strangers. A detailed analysis was performed on the most serious of offenses committed by 55 psychopaths (Group P) and 46 nonpsychopaths (Group NP). Results are consistent with the prediction. Most of the murders by Group NP, but none of those by Group P, occurred during a domestic dispute or during a period of extreme arousal. Most of Group NP's victims were female and were known to them, whereas the opposite was true of Group P.

      Comparison of self-reported homicide descriptions by psychopaths and non-psychopaths:
      This study concurrently examined the characteristics of violent actions (homicides) and the manner in which the violent acts are described by the perpetrators. N=50 offenders incarcerated for homicide were classified as psychopathic or non-psychopathic, according to the Psychopathy Checklist-Revised (Hare, 1991, 2003). The instrumentality/reactivity and major details of their violence were coded from the official files. Further, the offenders’ own accounts were coded on the same variables by independent raters. Results indicated that whereas psychopaths were far more likely than their counterparts to have perpetrated primarily instrumental homicides, this difference disappeared when examining the self-report descriptions. Overall, although psychopaths and non-psychopaths both tended to exaggerate the reactivity of their homicides, psychopaths did so to a greater degree. Psychopaths also were more likely to omit major details of their offenses.

    2. I don´t think sexual killers are motivated by an inner, icy voice telling them to kill because this seems computer-rational. I guess they have a disturbed sexlife where violence, torture, sex & death have "melted" together. if they also are socios, then they probably don´t hesitate to do what they do. It´s like talking about retarded serial killers and trying to tell others that this mental handicap motivated a strong yearning(!) for murder, this is unlikely. Ordinary psychopaths are more dangerous than other people when they have been insulted, assaulted or made to look like fools..


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