Saturday, October 7, 2017

Your Friendly Successful Psychopath

This TED talk is from a reader. It discusses some research about psychopaths and loss aversion (they don't experience it) and suggests some ways that non-psychopaths could learn to be a little more risk seeking themselves.

It also mentions (and this is the first I've heard about this, but does not seem wrong) about how psychopaths have naturally high mindfulness because they are laser focused on whatever task is in front of them.

A third point was regarding how to influence people by doing favors for a person. I'll let you watch the explanation for that one.


  1. He was not any good as a speaker

  2. there are no good psychopaths only good liars

    1. fuck you, sociopaths do NOT lie about every single thing

    2. was that a lie?

    3. Nah, we tell the truth when it benefits us more than a lie.

    4. Sociopaths say whatever they believe will benefit them the most. Usually, that means dishonesty.

  3. Perhaps more than most, persons with aspd choose the goodness they show. Lacking the emotional payback, I think this requires more strength of a kind the non-aspd would label "duty" without being held hostage to it to the point of hypocrisy.

    That's been my experience, watching one in my circle.

  4. Haha this ia great. I don't know if I am fully assessed as a sociopath as i never took a professional diagnostic, only online ones I always score pretty high on.

    I've noticed that I have no fear of losing what i've invested efforts into. I can spend alot of time on something and if it doesn't prove profitable or worthwhile I can switch tracks or get rid of it in a heartbeat with no emotional attachment.

    The downside to this is I may give up on something too early but I have found in my life it has led me to spending alot less time in fruitless activity and really developing my strengths.


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