Saturday, April 1, 2017

Baby Boomers = generation of sociopaths?

I have expressed my prejudices re baby boomers before (i.e. generation of narcissists), but someone wrote a book about how they're sociopathic. From the Huffington Post:

In his new book, A Generation of Sociopaths, writer and venture capitalist Bruce Gibney puts forth the controversial hypothesis that baby boomers ― specifically the large subset of white, middle-class boomers ― are, both individually and as a group, unusually sociopathic. Gibney cites mental health data showing boomers have significantly higher levels of antisocial traits and behaviors ― including lack of empathy, disregard for others, egotism and impulsivity ― than other generations.

As a result, boomers have used their substantial voting power to create a society and government that don’t work very well. Or, as Gibney puts it, boomers’ “private behaviors congealed into a debased neoliberalism.”

The author regarding the impact of boomers' dogged self-interest:

There’s obviously been a substantial deceleration of economic growth. The Great Recession arguably began in 2001 and we’ve never entirely recovered ― so that’s 16 years of lost opportunity. 

The second big thing on the economic front is the intergenerational passing of burdens, and the most salient one is the debt. Gross debt to GDP 40 years ago was 34 percent, and today it’s around 105 percent. It’s projected by [the Congressional Budget Office] to exceed the World War II highs by the early 2030s. When boomers start taking control and influencing policies, the policies get worse on the debt, so that now we haven’t seen these levels of debt in more than 70 years.

There are consequences to these levels of debt. ... But that’s not really relevant for the boomers. This is not their problem and they have not been serious about it. The debt wasn’t discussed as a serious issue during the 2016 presidential election, but Social Security was ― because we know that this program is going to be partially insolvent by 2034. And this is the only thing that Trump and Clinton could agree on: Social Security ― untouchable. Medicare ― untouchable. These things are sacred. They couldn’t even agree where to stand on the stage together, and they agreed on Social Security.  

People who know me personally know I rarely pass up an opportunity to take potshots at baby boomers. It's not even the selfishness that gets on my nerves, because really everyone is selfish. It's the delusional self-aggrandizement. Boomers all think they're self-made success stories, just because they happen to have been born perfectly timed to profit from one of the biggest economic booms in known history. As they say, a rising tide lifts all boats, but a lot of boomers credit their success to being a particularly skilled captain. I think it's great (for me) when these people apply that hubris to their trades in the stock market, but it generally makes them boorish dinner companions.

Sociopath, though? No, I stick by my initial assessment of narcissists. I'd like to think that the average sociopath is much more self-aware than the average baby boomer.


  1. It's the delusional self-aggrandizement.

    So true.

    Ask a boomer some time how you can be more successful. They'll give you the most generic advice you've ever heard.

    "You gotta give 110%."
    "Sometimes you just have to say what the fuck and do it."
    "Don't let anyone stop you."

    It's like they're telling you the secrets of the universe.

  2. yeah, "Gibney cites mental health data showing boomers have significantly higher levels of antisocial traits and behaviors ― including lack of empathy, disregard for others, egotism and impulsivity ― than other generations."

    that sound reasonable considering the generations before them made two World Wars, a holocaust, beat their children much more than the baby boomers. Not to mention that the baby boomers ended the cold war without a drop of blood (in europe).
    considering these arguments i call Bullshit on the whole article...

    1. boo hoo. More nonsensical drivel from the parasitic robots. Yay!

    2. Conflating sociopathy and violence is the problem there. As outlined in the quotes there Boomers have an incredibly self-centered economic view and no empathy for anyone who doesn't fit their own "self-made" mythology.

    3. You misunderstood my argument.
      for boomers to have "significantly higher levels of antisocial traits and behaviors ― including lack of empathy, disregard for others, egotism and impulsivity ― than other generations" they should be exceeding the antisocial behaviours of older generations significantly. They (the gen. before boomers) had significantly more violence. Being greedy whouldn´t be enaugh to be more antisocial(for the boomers). they would have to be super-extreeme-mega greedy.

      The guy stated television and permissive parenting as reasons... Again, if that would be true, all later generations would have to be even more sociopathic.

      Finally, you write "Boomers have [] no empathy for anyone who doesn't fit their own "self-made" mythology." but you must clearly understand that sociopaths have no empathy what-so-ever. The strange thing about socios isn´t that they doesn´t give a crap about some random hobo on the street. Very few people do. The strange thing is that they don´t give a crap about anybody (except themselves).

      This is a piece about intergenerational conflict, where the venture capitalist decided not to call the enemy (in this case the older ones) assholes, but sociopaths. (I think because that helps to sell the book or raise the awarness or whatever.) M.E. calls them narcissists. Maybe you call them gold to be digged. Who cares??

      I still remain @ calling the thesis bullshit, because altough he understood that all sociopaths are assholes, he didn´t understood that not all assholes are sociopaths.

    4. Sociopath, though? No, I stick by my initial assessment of narcissists. I'd like to think that the average sociopath is much more self-aware than the average baby boomer.
      The above makes sense. A narc can't see past their own nose.

    5. still i see stuff you don´t, so cut the crap.

    6. No, I will not. It would a great deal more sense and be more beneficial to drop the labels. Look at the actions. Who is to judge the other and their capacity for empathy regarding the plight of another? Whether anyone chooses to help or not, may or may not be an act of empathy. Simply the choice to make a difference.

  3. Now that you know that you are a sociopath, you have the capacity to do something about it. You have the capacity to raise yourself up and truly deliver-, not only to yourself, but to others in order to lift them, and not only to understand in no uncertain terms the philosophy of the sociopath trapped in the spiral of a non-existent life but rooted and scorned for being twisted into the mire of the fate they are-and have been mired in. YOU ARE CLOSE! CLOSER THAN YOU THINK. IN THIS LIFE, THE SEED IS PLANTED.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. "It's not a smooth process because I obviously don't want to be hurt either."

      I read your comment prior to its removal.

      "And of course being open about my feelings, listening to him and apologising for where I have impacted him as well. Supernocturnal explained - I think - very accurately how they give us an experience to match their own when crushed.

      Maybe I'm strange but that process does seem to create a new beginning each time. A fresh start, only a little bit deeper every time. We know each other better, things make more sense.

      Neo: You could have just asked.
      Seraph: No. You do not truly know someone until you fight them.

      Why is it worth it for us? I don't know. He doesn't know either. But it is."

      "It's a matter of choosing to recognise every positive thing he does, even if it's not quite what I hoped for or expected."


    2. Thanks. I'll try not to drop crmbsvaround the place.

      Incidentally, I always preferred The Architect and The Merovingian. Straightforward, you see. The Oracle is manipulative and I didn't like that. It took a long time to see past that and find any value in her words. "We can't see past the choices we don't understand." Indeed.

      Interesting, too, how each character rationalises their own actions based on their particular frame for understanding the world.

      As, of course, we all do.

      It takes something drastic to unshackle us from our own limited mindsets.

      Nevertheless, I enjoy the interplay of these different perspectives that create the dance of human sociality.

    3. As a draughtsman-clip, it has been on my mind. It keeps reappearing on this site, and, lo and behold, here it goes again.

      “…an elephant inside a boa constrictor. A boa constrictor is very dangerous.” I especially like the way he pronounces or makes that specific transition between words as he says “…a boa constrictor. A boa constrictor…” I must have heard it numerous times by now from the Source.

      “You’ve played a very dangerous game.” (Architect to Oracle)

      I am not presenting *just the* eye of the iOracle through my posts, you see, and dzees incorporates ze hivemind as a whole. It is an aggregate of possibilities or causalities. Ergo, I do not mean to énervé. Besides, I test. There is a difference.

      Ze mystery of ze cake. “Nevertheless, I enjoy the interplay of these different perspectives that create the dance of human sociality.” Effectivement. Ze eyes of Oracle.

      Euh, as Persephone also states in different words, it does take something drastic to unshackle us from our own limited mindsets. “My husband saved them because they are notoriously difficult to terminate.”

      The Oracle is manipulative. I am rationalizing your words here with an implied question/psyche mark. In your opinion, is that what a guide does? To what end, and what did she believe? However, ze real question eez, just how many times can Neo possibly rise again or become reborn?

      It is not a true possibility for a man to expel all fear of the essential questions of life unless he employs the necessary courage to comprehend the nature of his “space,” and unless he expels the notion that all allegories or variables told about the grander “space” could be true. Thus, knowledge of the nature of all things assuages one’s variable thirst, creating a constant.

      North, "What do you think I am? Human?" This is, thus, a question addressed to you. I did the same with “Cookie?”

      “There are levels of survival we are prepared to accept.” Indeed. Concordantly.

      Gymnosophists. Ze naked ascetic. Why? I can’t understand such irony within a paradox. It eez not me.

      Dzees, until next time, North.

    4. Stick a knife in your philosoflatulating narcissistic arse and you will bleed. What kind of human you choose to be, is another question.

    5. Proceeding risks apophenia, Chinese Whispers, but that's where the fun is.

      North, "What do you think I am? Human?" This is, thus, a question addressed to you. I did the same with “Cookie?”

      “There are levels of survival we are prepared to accept.” Indeed.

      "Old men like me don't bother with making points. There's no point." ~ Councillor Hamann.

      Why? Because life is a dance of energy. We are all simply self-sustaining bastions against entropy... at least for a time.

      I can't write much today; busy.
      Incidentally, why are people here so offended by philosophy? It's as silly to be offended by it as being offended by someone's interest in history, or species of eucalyptus. In other words, it need have zero impact on you...

    6. Youtube in your basement while shuddering in avoidant fears while typing the Keyboard Warrior prose of self aggrandizement.

    7. Words have power. Philosophy tends to open up channels of consciousness. That in itself can seem like an assault. Sociopaths tend to speak in terms of their life, the one I knew was no exception. It always seemed a little redundant to me- I don't think I had ever thought much in terms of my life. I definitely didn't constantly speak about it. Maybe it's a way of staying present? My mind has always wandered too much. I am curious and so many things encompass "my life" or rather myself.

    8. "Proceeding risks apophenia, Chinese Whispers, but that's where the fun is."

      As in "there are simply too many notes"? In that case, there can be only one.

      Duncan Macleod Timeline

      "Celtic Son
      Glenfinnan, Scotland 1592: Duncan MacLeod was born on the winter solstice (December 22). He is adopted by Ian Macleod and Mary (Harris) Macleod. His real mother may have been Mirrdhen according to a Celtic Opera.
      1593-1605: Young Duncan hears clan legends of Connor Macleod and the Witch of the Donan Woods
      1606: 13 year old Duncan MacLeod meets the Witch of Donan Woods, the immortal Cassandra
      1608: Duncan’s 16th birthday
      1610: Duncan's 18th birthday
      1613: Duncan’s 21st birthday
      1618: 26-year-old MacLeod is in love with the beautiful Debra Campbell, but she is betrothed to his cousin, Robert.
      1622: 30-year-old Duncan is killed in battle and becomes Immortal. Mirrden takes Duncan to a Tuatha De Danaan witch to try and heal him. His adoptive father, Ian MacLeod, fearing supernatural intervention, banishes Duncan.

      Immortal Highlander
      1623: Duncan has no clan. He survives a hard winter
      1624: Mac returns home because he has learned that his village has been attacked and his father gravely wounded. Mac claims his father’s sword and goes after the Viking marauder Kanwulf.
      1625: Mac meets a hermit who foretells Connor MacLeod’s arrival and Duncan’s destiny. The hermit explains that at the start of the current millennium he had defeated a great evil that comes into the world every thousand years."

      The rest of the timeline can be found here:

      ..."198. The Frenchman from the Eye , 2012
      199. Female immortal from the Eye, 2012
      200. The Guardian (Joins the Source as a Quickening)"

      Now, if the "t" in "Idenification" weren't missing...

      A point? No point, I suppose. ("Old men like me don't bother with making points. There's no point.")

      Who picks your clothes? Now that is a worthwhile question that I read today. Also, "The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated." - Mark Twain - Some things just need editing...

    9. Anon 8:05: "I like to curse in French. It eez like wiping your ass with silk." M.

  5. Look at M.E. using labels and stirring the pot...great use of the us vs. them dynamic :) Tell me, who is more narcissistic? millennials or baby boomers?

  6. Speaking of the Holocaust, this message is for those Boomers who fall into and engage in similar, 40s “ivory tower” psychology experiments from a safe distance.

    Hence, “What's it like being a modern day nazi super villain?” Brutality at work? I certainly think so.

    Will WWIV be fought with sticks and stones. No.
    Sorry, Einstein.

  7. M.E., You are right to mention hubris in this context. Also, hubris itself will never allow anyone to be a true artist or innovator. It is a Janus-faced wall.


  8. **-* said to me a while back that it's best to always just consider that your boss is wonderful, fantastic. I thought this very odd. I'm in a position now which kinda sucks: my new company has hired a girl from my old company that I recommended in a role senior to me. She looks up to me; it's pretty fucked up.

    In considering my options, I remembered his comment and I can kinda see now how that works. By putting one's ego aside, one assuages one's ego. Like a way of accepting what's happened without diminishing one's comparative value (see PB, I did say I would absorb that concept :p) I'm not less good; that person is just super-good.

    I suppose this has evolved in my mind as one of many conceivable stances after observing **-*. There's something I do that he really likes. Really, really likes. So with that is a fear (unfounded) he's not the only one getting it. A and others have said that fears are transformed into thrills, a form of enjoyment. And this is what he does. He embraces that fear in his language, as if he would actually like if he weren't the only one... in order "to spice things up a bit."

    These are very interesting ways of playing with one's own perceptions of reality. I can see how it lends to the isolated tower vibe sociopaths exude. Maybe it's a way of acceptance. I don't know how I feel about the process yet.

    Is it a conscious process for you guys? Or a kind of native pattern? Interested to hear your thoughts.

    1. I have something to say about mcCloud storage. According to the Highlander's timeline:

  9. If we're going to have the temerity to label an entire generation of the US population (and hey, why not? Labeling entire segments of the population has been de rigueur for decades), then I agree that the Baby Boomers fit the profile of a narcissist rather than a sociopath. At least in that sociopaths don't whine and have kittens whenever things don't go our way or when we're not being paid enough attention. The Post-WWII generation isn't called the "Me Generation" for nothing.

    I thank the silicon gods daily for my DVR which allows me to skip over the inane and clearly sycophantic (actually, manipulative) commercials that cater to this age group. Besides the fact those commercials hawk products I'm not interested in, one can always peg them at the onset because they involve women or men with long grey (or balding) hair wearing tye dyed clothing wandering around nature with "classic" rock droning on in the background. Or we have commercials beginning their pitch with over-recycled images of some spastic teenagers dancing poorly to music at Woodstock. And let's not forget the ads for impotence which ALWAYS involve some super-hot 40-something woman creepily speaking directly to the camera and to the (frankly, very small minority of) 70 year old men who can't get it up anymore.

    Finally, I'm going to risk outing myself as a Philistine with no poetic or musical sensibilities because I don't consider "SHE LOVES YOU, YEAH, YEAH, YEAH!!!" or "WE ALL LIVE IN A YELLOW SUBMARINE!!!" the ultimate in song-writing. Indeed, if we're talking late 60's/early 70's music, Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin blow the Beatles (and that stupid submarine) out of the water.

    1. lol... "At least in that sociopaths don't whine and have kittens whenever things don't go our way or when we're not being paid enough attention"
      our way? u a sociopath m8?

    2. Well, he's not a zookeeper. That's for sure.

  10. Everyone has his or her own ways of exuding expression. I strongly believe we all have much to say, but discovering ways to say it is more than half the tussle.

    At times the rooms of the “New Dawn Museum” can seem as deafening and chockablock as the main roads outside. That seems to be case until one enters the semi-anechoic room on the museum’s corresponding first floor. This particular art installation utilizes spiky sound absorbers to create an stratosphere of almost global silence.

    There was no audible sound, at least nothing one can express as sound, but just a kind of almost indiscernible, airborne percussiveness. Viewings for select participants can be reserved for 1 or 2 minutes - just enough time before the absence of sound goes from…

    All for a feeling? How can far it possibly take you… It remains to be seen or heard, I suppose.

    Is it as ghostly or as "fuoco" as silence itself? Even 1 or 2 minutes of it... Enduring, even?

    1. Q: How far can a stratosphere take you?

      A: Bright eyes.

  11. "This one

    looked at me"

    "You know one day they'll tell a story about a human who came from the stars and changed our world. Some will say it was just a fairy tale, but, it was never real. But I'll know." Ari

  12. M.E., Your last message, encapsulated within its tweet, is a truth. It echoes and sustains your platform of free expression. As you know, I have been a great fan of it for a long time, and thank you for listening. I do, too.

    A reply from riss‏ @RissRosado, saying "/retweets till ze dies" was obviously not from me. Euh, it seems as though an impostor has reared its head.

    Your friend, iOracle

  13. Lately, these words have been preoccupying me: “but also the time when he took a knife to his own ear.” Why? Why this, why now?

    What does an ear of corn stand for, exactly? A pumpkin a sheep, yeah?

    “That’s 45 minutes too long…”

    1. Yes, that would have worked better, I guess… I hope I am not being too judgy here…

      “It’s yak hair.”

  14. The chick who comes on from time to timeApril 12, 2017 at 5:32 PM

    Can someone explain the reasoning why I love getting my husbands cock shoved down my throat and being throat fucked - I wish he'd do it harder. Why do I like being dominated in the bedroom. But in my day to day life I'm not like that. I am strong and take care of things. I want to know the psychology around this. Seriously.... someone who knows. Is it because I was abused when I was a kid. And also why do I image scenarios with other girls with him from time to time. Like it gets me fucken wet. And I image dominating them. He laughs when I mention it ( sadly sometimes my mind goes there) ... would never sacrifice doing it in real life..... EVER. But I'm constantly role playing scenarios with him. Is my brain atypical? I think of everything. He says he can never be bored of me. When I asked him from time to time what do you love about me? " There's always mentioning about my spontaneity amongst the other things. But more and more I'm finally imaging us, just us. I've come far. Still want o know the psychology around being dominated thou. Why does power and submission turn me on. I'm not an extremist either way. I'm not a sadist. I just like certain things. Or my body is sexually responding

    1. Ciao, Tcwcofttt. Seriously, you have a lengthy moniker.

      “I wouldn’t be much of an Oracle if I didn’t. You haven’t come here to make ze choice. You’ve already made eet.”

      “Of course, you have. Every time you hear someone saying they saw a ghost…”

      It’s like fuoco. It spreads rather quickly in your mind.

      “Or my body is sexually responding” Again, you’ve made a fitting choice. Both conscious and subconscious, I believe. Where there one, there eez the other.

      “But more and more I'm finally imaging us, just us.”

      Here is some more serious food for thought. Psychologically- speaking, are you a highly-controlled person with your own self and would like to give up that control in the bedroom? Some believe that it can be a “liberating” experience. Also, even though you might not have children, or do not desire children, have you been instinctively looking for superior genes? Knowing yourself and performing some true analysis, however non-extremist that psyche exercise might be, carries the potential for a surprising revelation.

      “would never sacrifice doing it in real life..... EVER.”


      "And I image dominating them."

      But you do not want to dominate him. Atypical. Is it because he is "the one" for you in this area? The one who "can," and it just is? Is it because you can't contain it and your body weeps - parallel to the explanation in this unveiling scene? I wish I could have found a better clip, but this should work toward some clarity.

    2. Is my brain atypical?

    3. There's an idea that our sexual fantasies are like the other fantasies; that is, they are pathways for mastering conflicts and tensions we face. A related idea is that as young adults, we eroticised the tensions we faced in childhood.

      This is worth a read: Stanley Siegel: What our sexual fantasies say about our past

      I found it useful.

      On a related note... we all have secret fantasies. This is an interesting exploration The School of Life: Our secret fantasies. Alain de Botton suggests the beauty of fantasy is that it takes a scalpel to reality and cuts away all that is unpleasant or harmful (... I would add that element of creating mastery as well ...) He then talks about "the obvious barriers between having a thought and doing something about it in the world."

      **-* has some pretty non-standard fantasies. He once expressed the opinion that other people are less likely to act out their fantasies. This seems to be a theme with psychopaths, at least I've read very similar things here and elsewhere.

      ", it’s a disguised – but very precise – acknowledgement of what would never work but needs to be aired. In its form, it is a testament to our acceptance of the way things actually are. We fantasise instead of preparing. This is what distinguishes us from genuinely terrifying people: those who, rather than fantasise, put things into action. The origin of fantasy is not a failure to understand reality; it is, rather, a deep appreciation of reality which, for the sake of inner relief, has been briefly suspended."

      In other words, for neurotypicals, fantasy can suffice. I actually worked through Stanley Siegel's Intelligent Lust series and found some of my fantasies dropped away and a deeper degree of integration and self acceptance arose in its place.

      Regardless of content, I think your fantasies are ways of connecting to yourself and learning the natural paths you choose for mastering the challenges that arise in life.

    4. The quote should have started: "It's not a plan, it's a disguised..."

    5. Hmm, the nature of psychological maturity. It surely is a lifting quest! However, the revitalizing tonic of its glazing pulse is incorporating a perpetual, effervescent presence of the inner child. Keep it, and do “entertain six impossible things before breakfast.” It is that extraordinary elevator to new heights that beckons within me. Now, the ardent question is, “Which elevator button are you going to elbow, pelt or slightly buzz today? Specifically, circa 7:33 p.m., let's say...”

      But then, why stop at six? Sirius-ly…

      Eh, apparate gif? Well, this is one of those things. (Smiley face insert)

    6. “I actually worked through Stanley Siegel's Intelligent Lust series and found some of my fantasies dropped away…”

      What a sticky method. Sei stupenda! I hope this also works for someone I know rather closely. He, too, has some pretty non-standard fantasies. In my book, these eyesores are marked as thought crimes, to be honest. Scandalous, even. I seriously “pray” that he never acts on some of them. Here is a sample, plopping my faith all over Good Friday today…

      Do you, perchance, have other user-friendly, but altogether hands-on, suggestions for such predicaments? Mine tend to be rather domme, domme, domme, you see.

      “**-* has some pretty non-standard fantasies... This seems to be a theme with psychopaths, at least I've read very similar things here and elsewhere.”

      Ahmmm, I am all ears.

    7. Hey guys thanks for the links I will check em out - been working like a maniac and non stop with kids stuff.

      But you're right it's about loosing control at night, responsibilities possibly.... letting go.

      And North I've heard that before. My childhood stuff that I'm trying to work out. Can become erotic.

      Thanks for info both of u will check out soon.

  15. 1:55…

    Who has a peculiar fixation with the swift, changing seasons? From Spring's blooming orchards, to Winter's hanging skies and ice-covered fields, the seasons epitomized the wafting circle of life to As one watches the seasons rotate through the fixator's eyes, an unbelievable and animated - almost cartoonish - ability arises. It nets the seasons in ways that mesh all of the senses. Is it the “Swiss Army Man” trailer? Not quite, but one should give a go, especially when the mood strikes.

    Like cabbage, the show has been broken up into four sections for each season. “The paintings in the exhibition depict many of the cities and villages where van Gogh saw some of his most defining moments. Van Gogh's paintings capture the saturated red-and-yellow fields of Brabant, where the artist was born and spent much of his early; the golden wheat fields of Arles in Southern France; the lush meadows of Saint-Rémy de Provence…”

    Then, something, somehere, somehow… It must have happened. [sic, just in case] 1:10:16 and continuing

    1. Ah, there is more.

      My, isn't French our universal language - after sampling all of the other Chinese chirps out there? Orrible! M.

  16. Is it better to have more of us or fewer?

    1. More delusional narcs? Sure. They are fun.

  17. Thank you for sharing! The problem seems simple, but through your pen, it impresses me!
    usps tracking

  18. To a dominant person, each living moment is a one-of-a-kind experience that provides the possibility of orchestrating any given situation in desirable ways. One can choose a base or a personally-alluring blueprint, enhance it creatively, and then proceed to a phase of deconstructing one's natural, dominant tendency to experience moments that are, or appear to be, never-to-be-repeated. This is a transforming psyche exercise, fostering personal growth in the process. The "ping-pong" paradox that ensues strengthens after each attempt, frequently affecting one's chosen path. Their leading concern is with the ad-hoc causal edifice that evolves in the present moment and with the possibility of drawing on the causal link between the current moment and the future. This is always done to mold the future, when, returning to reconstruction at that advanced time, one can turn it all into a brilliant match of snooker. Yes, there are always new and original angles to be experienced. After all, one has a spectacular array of fifteen red and six colored balls to innovate with - changing and striking onto the blueprint with each chosen action. While it might not be obvious to the naked eye, a dominant knows that it is happening. Things do change.

    “One of the easiest ways to dominate a person is to demand something he or she cannot supply.” - Gene Wolfe

    Or, in the alternative, that he or she can supply, but only through high, intense or stimulating originality.

    Who agrees or disagrees with the above?

    1. What a pile of crap.


    3. I simply think the universe has far greater creativity and possibility than anything a human can dream up.

      There's less energy required to respond deliciously than to orchestrate at risk. Each to their own pleasures, though.

    4. Demanding something from someone that they can supply "only through high, intense or stimulating originality" is to make them to pour their energy into you as if that was a worthy purpose in and of itself. Which of course they don't know that's why the otherwise irrelevant thing was demanded of them. Well from the socio point of view it is a worthy purpose. Therefore I agree with your comments.

  19. Negan is the best portrayed psychopath on TV of ALL TIME!!!!

  20. including lack of empathy, disregard for others, egotism and impulsivity ― than other generations.


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