Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Interview with an Empath (part II)

Empath: There are things to appreciate about sociopaths, like my friend. His special areas of interest are mass mind control, individual manipulation, and "performance art." I cannot consciously allow myself to manipulate people the way he does, but there is something brilliant about it that I have to respect. And he often restrains himself from the most outrageous behavior if I request it.

.: Outrageous behavior?

: I used to be disgusted and horrified by some of his antics. He has moved beyond the base, largely. By base, I mean obsession with the writings of Sade, completely depraved porn, pointless cruelty, and the practice of shocking people just for the fun of it. Now he has aimed his sights on larger issues, issue at more of a societal than personal level.

: But he still is an artist, so to speak?

: So to speak. My friend will find things that really irk someone and touch upon their deepest insecurities and just nail them with it. He likes to claim he is breaking down their character structure so that they can be rebuilt without these insecurities. He will encourage women to prostitute themselves and then describe it for his amusement. He will deliberately taunt people he knows have been abused or hurt in some way--sometimes I think he does it just to observe and see what they will do.

: Interesting. Sounds sort of like Bunuel's Viridiana, which should be a sociopath favorite if it isn't already.


  1. More interviews with Empath!

  2. Interesting that you were outed by a gay empath, so to speak. One of my most valued friends "outed" me the first time we met. There was a large crowd of people, some dancing, some talking, yet they walked right over to me and initiated conversation. I later asked them why, out of everyone, they decided to engage me. Apparently I had let my guard down too much, lulled by the security of darkness and the anonymity of a crowd, and they had caught a glimpse of my unadulterated fascination as I was people-watching. "Out of all the people standing alone, you were the only one who looked like you were alone by choice, not by circumstance," they later explained. I was admittedly embarrassed by my public slip, but I'm glad that it attracted their attentions. They're a fascinating person in and of themself; a very fine addition to my cadre of acquaintances.

    They've also remarked that "You know, I never realized that you're actually pretty attractive. I would definitely go for you, but I've always gotten this strange feeling that I wouldn't be able to connect. As in, if I tried to go deeper, emotionally, I wouldn't find anything."

    Something about those gay empaths. They're masters at hiding in their own rights.

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  4. More people need to be on http://sociopath-community.com/

    !!! it used to be connected to this blog but was disconnected over a year ago. We need fresh blood and lots of interesting things have happened recently (relates to kiwifar.ms drama: https://archive.is/M2tXa) that will go down in the forum's history!


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