Wednesday, June 21, 2023

Psychopaths DEBATE!



Confessions of a Sociopath: A Life Spent Hiding in Plain Sight author M.E. Thomas joins friends Pretty Morbid, Victoria, and newcomer Juliet Tango in a panel discussion on topics like love, gender, sexuality, mishap stories, crushes, sense of self, attachment to other people, gray rage, and intuition. 

Victoria videos:

Part 1 of this series:  

Part 2 of this series:

Part 3 of this series:

Part 4 of this series:

More from Victoria on willpower:

Pretty Morbid videos:

Part 1 of previous Pretty Morbid chat:

Part 2 of Pretty Morbid:

Pretty Morbid the Movie Tar:


  1. ** Strategies for social engagement **

    Interacting with others entails both opportunities and risks for resource management. Generally speaking, having good control of resources confers survival benefits and promotes achievement of inclusive fitness; that is, copies of genes in the next generation.

    The simplest strategy is trust: that is, fairness. I treat you fairly and you treat me fairly. Conversely, tit-for-tat strategies. Things with pretty smoothly this way. But humans are complex so it's never bump-free.

    Contracts help. They define relational boundaries, incentives and penalties. This is especially useful in complex arrangements where varied interests might derail the main objectives for collaboration.

    Some of us don't innately approach interactions with fairness as the strategy. Some of us prefer to be sure resources will fall our way and like controlling for outcomes that suit us.

    This is anathema to those who innately use a trust strategy. More than that, it's unimaginable. So they can be duped easily, but for a limited timeframe, because no one tolerates unfairness when they have knowledge and choice.

    Anti-trust folks can be engaged with constructively if contract terms are established and favourable to both. But this is not likely to be a permanent solution; anti-trust people will eventually (opportunistically or of necessity) find loopholes. They require advantage.

    Generalisation, of course. But it might help those of us who forget the differences and revert to our own paradigms.

  2. man this place really died.... no commenters... this is aspie circa 2010... me destroyed the blog.. maybe there is more narcisissm here than she would like to admit

  3. here is a song for you:

  4. sorry me but this blog has become very stagnant


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