Saturday, April 29, 2023

Meet up in Paris, Strasbourg, Lausanne, Vevey, Zermatt, Annecy?

Hello friends! I will be in the above listed location starting the first weekend of May and going into the second weekend, if anyone wants to meet up?


  1. I looked back on the catalogue of shared notes, noting the cleverness. He wrote here:

    "I´m like winter: harsh and neutral" the cat said. "-But I must believe in springtime, I cannot just endure harsh times with no shopping & dour cats; I must be able to enjoy myself!"

    This won't make sense to anyone now but to me it's beautiful writing. Of course, I had said I planned to shop and had been documenting various observations about the "dour cat" not being in the least sentimental.

    We need reminding that some among us are like the winter. And that it's best to leave them be when they can't be bothered turning the heater on.

    Goodbye, Dour Cat (Other Cat). Should have been said 11 months ago.

    Neither of the cats said proper goodbyes. So I'll do it this time.

  2. 99 percent emotional muppets here, psychopaths? Nah, even Thomas is plagued by emotions ffs, utter bs

  3. Meet up...if I met you I'd torture you 😂

  4. Paris in the spring time. Have fun


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