Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Sociopath lessons Part 1

 Author of Confessions of a Sociopath M.E. Thomas offers to give "Tony" lessons in being a psychopath, specifically in this part 1 of a continuing series, why feelings of self-consciousness are undesirable and how to avoid them.


  1. About a third of the way through. Many of your suggestions relate to good practices taught by psychologists that benefit many people, which is good to see.

    Un-selfconsciousness has benefits and drawbacks as you've noted. It's recognisable in people with psychopathic traits (yes, I still use that term because labels are generalisations), and for the ones I've cared about, I often feel they over-expose themselves and that people will take advantage of them or respond poorly to them - which sometimes happens, and I think this is one reason they prefer to keep to themselves.

    That said, they can be accepting of everyone as they are, which is a great gift for people such as myself who also perhaps had a weak sense of self. I felt they have me space to grow into who I am.

    In my experience, emotions are strong signals from our brain. There are reasons for them. Feeling them right through gives you the best information about yourself: what is important to you. It's hard to tolerate at first but once you realise your feelings emerge from your history as a gift to protect and support you, you find not only peace but increased capacity to thrive. Feelings have energy and they facilitate neuroplasticity. That's my story.

    ME, I note your questioning of why we would be concerned about something that people themselves don't worry about. I'd say it's just part of who we are - to consider implications for people that matter to us. I think we all do that in our own ways.

  2. Hi Author, i read your book. It was excellent. Not entirely convinced you came out of your childhood unscathed. I just want to offer you unconditional love. If you saw me, you would want to act out fully, but i would see you a thousand miles coming. I would still want to offer you unconditional love. Nothing can hurt you , only yourself xxx


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