Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Pretty Morbid talks about "being" identity

Confessions of a Sociopath author M.E. Thomas talks to Pretty Morbid about what Pretty Morbid calls a "being" identity that many normal people experience, as opposed to an "acting" identity that is more in line with what M.E. Thomas and Pretty Morbid experience. The being identity is characterized by a sensation of going with the flow of life and not really choosing things but allowing things to sort of arise organically. In this Part 1 they discuss some of the characteristics of this type of identity and the distinctions between this and the acting identity. In the next part they criticize the being identity.



  1. I play guitar and I have always had one electric/one acoustic/one bass. I remember when I was recording a long time ago with my punk rock band the engineer got frustrated with us asking him to press the magic button so we would sound great and he eventually told us- "you can't shine shit". I think multiple guitars are an effort to shine shit sometimes- if its a great song and a great band, you can play out of a $200 guitar and people will still go wild.- Francis

  2. Been awhile… things have changed. And then again, not really. Right?

    Hope all is well, ME.


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