Thursday, April 14, 2022

M.E. and Victoria on Killing Eve Finale

 Confessions of a Sociopath author M.E. Thomas and Victoria (see video links below) and Victoria's husband Victor talk about identity, diversity/equity/inclusion workshops, and what the finale of Killing Eve got right and wrong about psychopath portrayals. 

More Victoria:

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Part 5 of this series:

More from Victoria on willpower:



  2. Wokism is the natural evolution of critical theory. It is the retarded offspring of insecure narcissists who fancy themselves "well educated", and the propaganda they spread like detrietus, in places where enlightenment once reigned. It's a fake ideology, peddled by opportunists and frauds, to mentally enslave the stupid and the weak.

    Embrace who you are, and fuck anyone who doesn't appreciate it. Be proud of your heritage.

    Everything woke turns to shit.


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