Sunday, February 2, 2020

Trading stocks like a sociopath

My friend sent me this NPR quick 10 minute piece on investing in the stock market and what tends to be the best strategy overall -- buy and hold.

I remember talking about this just a bit in the book, about how I have beat the market year after year. I don't think I am super good at picking stocks. Maybe just a bit better than average. I think this is one thing that I am super great at, though, which is not letting my emotions dictate whether I buy/hold/sell. I do think sociopaths might be bad at stocks for other reasons, including impulse control short sightedness, and a novelty seeking tendency to self destruct a bit every few years or so. But if you can somehow avoid those sociopath pitfalls, I do think sociopaths can have a bit of an advantage long term over the average investor. 


  1. Impulse spending is a massive hole to fall into I'm starting to learn. So in that regard I can see how things can easily get out of hand. But on the other end of the scale I know some Socios' have a way of planning every minute detail that could possibly matter to the situation at hand. In that way I could see them as doing extremely well in the stock market setting but I also wouldn't color that trait exclusively to sociopaths. But then that begs the question what outside the detail intensive preparation sets the sociopath at a higher tier than most normal people.

  2. Who is the first psycho a small psycho "recognizes"? The cat. The creature they love to torture & burn? Pure socios don´t harm cats. Why should they, they don´t assault their tv-chair with an axe?

  3. If a person "knows" what a cat is all about (without being a feline expert), that person may be a sociopath. If that person think that cats resemble a fusion between owl (ears), lizard (eyes) & snake (hissing), then that person may be a socio. If that person sees the cat as very different from all other ordinary pets, then that person may be a psychopath. If that person hate cats he most likely is not a socio. If that person loves cats he most likely is not a psycho (people loving cats often are removed from thoughts about a four legged psycho in their lap).


  5. Holding was totally my strategy, especially being a little more frugal and buying a little bit more as prices went down...
    until I got a margin call.
    I'm financially upside down lol
    I'm also a little averse in trading options in these volatile times because you're paying a huge premium no matter what side you try to get on.

  6. Any investment tips here for trading during corona virus times? 😉


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