Sunday, January 6, 2019

Texas and Louisiana in February?

I'm thinking about hitting up some of my Central and East Texas and Louisiana people who have reached out to me before I go to Mardi Gras. Email me if you would like to meet up. 


  1. The paradox of sociopaths: can easily start a conversation but are not interested in human contact. Not really.

    1. Incorrect. Antisocial does not mean that you have no desire for human contact. What it DOES mean is that your behavior is outside the parameters of what's considered 'socially acceptable'.

      Sociopaths actually tend to be like social butterflies... if a butterfly had a wasp's sting and a hornet's bite. (Mohamed Ali pun not intended.)

      By contrast, the very WORST people I've ever known were narcissists. I think they're actually more dangerous than a sociopath because if you do a narcissist a bad turn, they WILL go out of their way to hurt you back. No questions asked. They will make themselves into your personal nemesis. You've wounded their precious pride, and for that they will make you suffer.

      A sociopath (particularly ones not prone to violence) will weigh the risks and rewards very carefully. Is getting back at this person really worth the potential pain-in-the-butt it could turn into later on? Chances are they'll just write it off and then move on to greener pastures - no use wasting time and energy for something that gains you nothing of any real temporal value.

    2. Socios fluttering around like social butterflies, a parody of human interaction. Some need a superficial "court", yes. But they remain enclosed, bored by real human contact.

    3. Relationship is very difficult without trust.

      A sociopath might enjoy a degree of intimacy, but not at the cost of losing freedom.

      First and foremost and all the time, they want the ability to determine their own fate.

    4. Further to this, and I would welcome genuine perspectives, **-* said to me yesterday that if I have predictability that means I have control.

      I think this is entirely consistent with his elusive nature and I'm wondering if this is also a more general phenomenon with sociopaths.

      Thanks in advance

  2. Hello dear M.E! What a relief to hear your book on YouTube. At last I know who I am. I have made so many notes! I want to make the world a better place, to help the neurotypicals over their emotional obstacles and into action. I’m 92% on Levenson, 40/40 on PCL-SV, booking a shrink now for proper evaluation. I want to stay out of prison and use my strengths for good. Love Charlie

    1. this means you be total pirate and she got like zero revenues, you asshat LOLZ


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