Friday, December 7, 2018

Time Paradox -- Please do this Quiz!

One thing that Daniel and I talked about in our hitchhiking and other Italian adventures was the different ways that people perceive time and how we thought sociopaths tended to experience time.

I learned that Philip Zimbardo (of Stanford Prison Experiment fame) had a book out in the last decade talking about the different ways that people can and do perceive time.

I wonder if y'all wouldn't mind completing this short test Zimbardo uses to suss out who perceives time in what ways:

And then if you could report what you got in the comments with a rough score on what you are 1-10 in terms of sociopathic traits (bell-curve style, like I was probably an 8 at my peak, now a 7.5 and 10 is basically not functional in modern society without a ton of special accommodations), I'm interested to see if Daniel's observations are correct. Maybe even tell me what type of sociopath you consider yourself, male/female, low or high functioning, successful or struggles, that sort of thing.

Thanks friends!


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  2. Time Perspective

    Past-negative: 3.20
    Past-positive: 3.56
    Present-fatalistic: 2.78
    Present-hedonistic: 3.93
    Future: 2.92

    Not sure what my sociopath score is... but evidently I am pretty well rounded according to this :)

    1. I also do not believe I am a full blown soc either maybe tendencies and high functioning.

    2. 2.50

      Maybe 7.5 on a bad day.
      Or good day.
      Depends on the viewpoint I guess.
      High functioning.
      On a good day.


    3. Past-negative: 2.00
      Past-positive: 2.56
      Present-fatalistic: 2.56
      Present-hedonistic: 3.47
      Future: 3.46

      Not a socio. More schizoid. But maybe we should post our Levenson self report scores.

      Primary: 2.6
      Secondary: 2.4

      But I don't relate to the frame of reference in that test

  3. Past-Negative: 2.1
    Past-Positive: 3.67
    Present Fatalism: 1.67
    Present Hedonism: 4.33
    Future: 3.69

    My score is about 7.5-8.7 at most. I am a female. I consider myself to be pretty high-functioning (I've consulted a psychologist about my sociopathy and it was nice overall). I can't exactly predict whether or not I will be a successful professional yet, since I am just starting with college.

  4. Past-negative: 2.00
    Past-positive: 2.11
    Present-fatalistic: 2.89
    Present-hedonistic: 3.73
    Future: 3.08

    I'd say I'm a 6ish, I'm pretty functional, no empathy but I'm not that impulsive either. Kinda in the middle.

  5. socios appear to think that the past is just a misty dream & that today is the only reality? Bad psychos in prison seem to think that its rather pointless to dwell on past crimes, and just seem to think that do-gooders that keep reminding them about those events are more boring than grey paint?

  6. Thanks for this key which is going to help me to understand my struggles

    My results :
    Passé négatif: 3,40
    Passé positif: 2,11
    Présent fataliste: 2,67
    Présent hédoniste: 4,47
    Avenir: 3,15

    Not supposed to be a sociopath but a woman with borderline personality disorder, high functioning and emotional hypersensitivity

  7. Past-negative: 3.20
    Past-positive: 2.56
    Present-fatalistic: 3.33
    Present-hedonistic: 4.20
    Future: 2.00

    Maybe a 4-6? Unlikely much higher.

  8. Time Perspective

    Past-negative: 1.90
    Past-positive: 2.67
    Present-fatalistic: 1.78
    Present-hedonistic: 3.60
    Future: 3.77

    Definitely not a sociopath. But I was bitten by one about 8 years ago. People do change. I am one of them.

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