Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Mardi Gras, South Africa in January? and Coachella 1st weekend

Just for people's planning purposes, I'm pretty sure I'll be at Mardi Gras in New Orleans this year, if you've ever wanted to go and wanted an excuse.

Also, I already have tix for Coachella's first weekend. Again, if you're going to be there anyway, I'd love to meet up, or maybe you've been interested in checking it out before but this might help you plan.

I'm also in the early stages of thinking about going to South Africa in late January and early February.

By the way, everyone that I have met, thank you so much for your hospitality and your friendship. I've loved meeting every single one of you and count you all my friends. Truly, let me know if there is ever anything I can do for you. And I hope to meet many more of you. Again, even if you have emailed me before, if you'd like me to try to swing to your area of the world, let me know.

Thanks all!


  1. Happy Halloween, M.E.!

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  3. Got your book yesterday; part-way through. Brilliantly-written. Fascinating personality. Now, please diagnose a problem: My lover's 40 year daughter (who has never met me) told me on Facebook to "stay away from her dad" and later messaged me (when I asked her father to post photo of her two young daughters) "You will never see a photo of my daughters." She is so hostile, but also is a master manipulator, controlling her father as much as possible, telling people he has AD (which he doesn't. He is very sharp and witty). I'm more of am empath (emotionl, but not shrinking violet). Tough when I have to be. Don't know how to deal with her AND keep her father happy with me. Any suggestions?

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