Saturday, July 7, 2018

New York this week

Just a reminder that I'm in New York this week. If you want to meet up, email me: me @ sociopathworld .com


  1. 'Tis a sad day, when the adverts are more interesting than the comments.
    Good jobs must be very pleased with yourselves.

  2. Yo Swop, why don't you entertain us? Or better yet, head over to Quora and stir the pot. It needs stirring. #QuoraNeedsSwop

  3. Hey North! Been a while...I gave that Quora a glance, but too much going on and the constant email alerts drove me crazy so had to bail. Im not renowned for my patience, and everytime i clicked on a topic, had to wait for it to open and shit, fuck that for a game of marbles. I did have a read through your stuff though, you know your shit I'll give you that.
    There's not much to play with here, some ludicrous fairy tale bonanza and some tosser basically asking itself a load of inane questions.
    Though the Mumbai Movers do do quite an advert I must say.
    How did you find our Lady Of The Lovely Smile?

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Ummmm...riiiight. I uh, I don't really know how to uh, respond...
      Coffee *and* tea??!! What kind of fucked up psychopath is he??!!
      Um, great news about the bike, nothing makes me sadder than a lycra clad, helmet wearing woman on foot.
      And the mother! That's uh, super too!
      Why are you a secret? Is he still in love with his ex? Surely his kid is aware that his old man has a life and as a single man is gonna be putting it North bound like? And you're hardly a new addition to his father's life, you've been trying to get into his mind on here for some years now if I remember rightly?
      Is the kid autistic by any chance? I could do something with that? (Hi Bella).
      Not nagging enough is misbehaving? I so confused.

      I miss this place too, well, the old place, I still do the habitual check ins from time to time, but it usually ends in an "urgh" and I quickly close it again.
      All this "socios are..." shit is numbing. They try to sound so profound, but it's really quite embarrassing, no wonder they won't take credit for their twaddle and remain in the shadows waiting to ruin any thread they can.

      You should always pay attention to the ladies...they pay attention to you dontchya know.

      Yeah that Quora thing is too much "this is not an opinion, what I have to say is fact, the answer to your question is this...and it will not be negotiated or questioned." And I find that shit. Plus, soon as I start reading something, I have to hit the 'read more' bit, and seriously, who has the time for that?

    3. Aw...and now you've removed the story, so now I just look like a mentalist talking to myself...

    4. Sorry man, I was having a moment. Bit too much of an experience. You know us non-psychopaths: the processing takes a while and has many layers. When I wrote the story, I has happy he had rescued my bike and been nice to my mother. Now I'm pissed at him for leaving me on the fucking balcony and letting his ex behave like that.

      The odd thing is that he is processing, too. He said "it me in my conscience" (about the kid) and "that's why we have systems of values". Then he said he would feel like killing himself if something happened with the kid.

      One of the guys on Quora told me he probably meant this but it won't last long.

      And then he said that he should leave blankets on the balcony in case I get stuck there again (because at no stage did he consider that it was 6 degrees and that I would have frozen to death) or clean out under the bed.

      Why are you a secret? Is he still in love with his ex? Surely his kid is aware that his old man has a life and as a single man is gonna be putting it North bound like?
      As far as I can tell, he genuinely doesn't want the kid to know. He went to a family seminar and learnt it takes kids two years to be okay after a divorce so he is all about making it easy for the innocent child.

      I totes agree with your statement that a single man is gonna be after sex. I also think it's stupid to present such a false picture to the kid, but he's set on this.

      And then he does these mental things that are risky, like not answering his phone when he knows the kid might arrive.
      (see, I told you I'm pissed with him.)

      Is the kid autistic by any chance? Dunno. Apparently the kid struggles. My kids struggled too, but you know, I've helped them through it and they're good now. They know I'm seeing someone and we're all clear this person will not enter our family life and that they come first.

      Where did all the socios go? Where is the life? I know y'all don't like me messing around with your fun but I did like it. I learnt a lot. And I threw my hat in the ring occasionally. Quora is sterile and yes, they block you if you dissent from their agenda-driven views.

    5. The balcony situation says it all. He will never think of me and I don't need him to.

      I'm not geared to have someone care about me. I don't know what that feels like. I was glad at the time that he didn't blame me. My narc father would have.

      But this is all learning. I've learnt to be this way. Underneath there is more potential for me. Just don't know how to find it, I guess.

      I am sorry I scared the hell out of the girl downstairs.

    6. She'll get over it.
      Will you?

      "The balcony situation says it all. He will never think of me and I don't need him to."

      Unfortunately my friend, you've just seen the light, I've seen you try to fathom **_* on here for sometime, and it looks like you've just sussed it.
      Throw your hat in the ring, it's good to have someone with something to say.
      I know nothing, as is plain to see, but you know your shit, and for someone who knows her shit and sees black from white, you seem blinded by this toss pot. Is he all that? Would you take this shit on the pitch? Or smash it and trott away flipping the bird?

      Does the kid screech?
      In my head the kid screeches.

      I'm no amateur psychologist, but you are, be objective, stand back and look at it like the way you look at Quora.

      I so drunk.

    7. Thanks Swop. The decision in my mind is always am I ready to stop making the schizoid compromise? Do I have the skills for a real relationship yet? And I love the stupid fucker. He wants me. I don't know if that's different or not. I don't think it is, really. How often do you find that? Meh, if a decision is coming, it will come. One thing I promised myself was to look at reality for what it is and not force my own decisions. I will move when ready.

      The kid was calling "papa." He knows he's loved, I could hear it in the way he was knocking, the way he was calling. The kid wasn't worried at all.

      Appreciate it Swop. Thanks man. Yeah, on the field, I would smash him and tousle his hair :p IRL, I will set and enforce my limits.

    8. All this cringe lol.

    9. Yea north quit bein wait don't stop bein cringey, i'm entertained

    10. My toes are curling too ok? But what am I to do? Watch this place die in an anonymous whirlpool?
      Like, I love a four slot toaster, I want one, I'd give it a blanket on my balcony any day.
      Papa is as autistic as it gets, papa is French for isolated, we all know this.
      What am I to do?
      See that Trump dude is over here. I don't get the shit that fella gets, he told you all what he was gonna do, and then you all voted for him to do it...and then when he does it, you cry? He's come over here and told our Prime Minister exactly what's she's doing wrong...going against what the local folk done vote for, and he's being slated for it, you lot confuse the fuck out of me.
      it's like this place on a grander scale, you all want the cringeworthy entertainment of it, but you don't like what it stands for. A sociopath talks, and he's a cunt for it.
      I really so drunk.

    11. Yea i luv cringe entertainment. I dunno why anon is complaining.

    12. Swop, you did a good job. Yeah, some toasters want the royal treatment, polish, pride of place on the kitchen bench, that sort of thing. Hey man, you want your toast just right, no? Yeah, and you know I have electric teeth, right ;)

      Anon 1:03 is bet-hedging because why? Just bored? Must have other irons in the fire entertainment-wise this weekend. How's work going?

    13. Work is good.

    14. Oh, psychobitch world. Im so so sorry, i forgot to wish a happy friday the 13th yesterday.

    15. My Friday the 13th was very calm, almost blissful I'd say. I guess I love those kinds of Fridays?

      Good job guys lol.

    16. Hey north.

      Have you looked at your relationship with your sociopathic lover from the angles of self preservation and self destruction?

      I'd like to hear your thoughts on that.

    17. Those seem pretty bleak possibilities. Can't I aim for something better?

  4. Well, yes, pretty bleak I guess, particularly if you see those as outcomes. What about looking at those as motivators?

    I wanted your take before putting my own slant on it. But I will share more of my thoughts.

    I understand part of your attraction to you lover is that he makes you feel stronger. He makes you feel like a survivor. He makes you think. He energizes you. Is that right?

    On the other hand, he treats you like crap some of the time. Unbeknownst to him by the sound of it. Then he apologizes the best he can, and treats you like a queen. You provide excuses for him. Sounds a bit like a cycle of abuse to me.

    You may not want to think of your relationship in this light, I completely get it but surely it must have entered your mind. You are smart, analytic, well read and very articulate.

    The balcony story was quite jarring...

    1. North is an abuse case. Anyway, remind me what happened on the balcony again?

    2. Pro-tip: psychopaths don't control reality simply because they have a hunter narrative in their own minds. What runs around in his head is not a reflection of me, but of the way he sees the world. Dear me, what do they teach them in schools these days.

      I'm happy to elaborate if you wish. Please do consult my convo with Swop to deduce my personal goals (hint: it's a bit more ambitious than self-preservation, lol)

      Anon 7:29. Put your name out there baby and we'll dance.

    3. So anyway, what happened on the balconey?

    4. Take the hint anonymous...

  5. Anyone read Scout Bolton's blog? That one was kinda interesting. Is that a faux pas bringing up someone else's blog?


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