Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Pete Davidson diagnosed with BPD

I just saw this, and good for him for being so open and public about his diagnosis, Saturday Night Live cast member Pete Davidson talks about his struggles with borderline personality disorder. From Marc Maron's podcast, by way of Rolling Stone:

Pete Davidson considers this past year a "fucking nightmare," due in large part to his borderline personality disorder diagnosis back in December 2016.
"I've been a pothead forever,” the Saturday Night Live star said. "Around October [or] September last year, I started having mental breakdowns where I would, like, freak out and then not remember what happened after. Blind rage. I never really did any other drugs, so I was like, 'I'm gonna try to go to rehab. Maybe that’ll be helpful.'"

Once there, Davidson said he gave up weed, but doctors guessed there might actually be a deeper-seated problem at hand.

After being treated for a bipolar disorder for a while and thinking it was his marijuana use, he finally got a diagnosis of borderline personality disorder:

Three months after going clean, however, Davidson still felt the same, and was formally diagnosed by a psychiatrist as having borderline personality disorder, or BPD. As a result, he is taking a new medication geared toward helping him manage his BPD.

"It is working, slowly but surely," he said. "I've been having a lot of problems. This whole year has been a fucking nightmare. This has been the worst year of my life, getting diagnosed with this and trying to figure out how to learn with this and live with this."

So far reactions to his news appear to be overwhelmingly positive:

So that's good news for reducing stigma for mental illness.


  1. Just dropped by to say I loved your book. It was an entertaining read and I loved your writing style and your way of telling it. I know nothing about sociopathy and to me you just sounded like a huge narcissist and maybe kind of a bad person irl but nothing out of the ordinary. I'm going to keep that book as one of my favorites. Book 2 maybe?

  2. Jamie I would fuck you so good. Like I don't even care if you're a sociopath or whatever. I've seen pictures of you and I'm like damn look at that smile

  3. Borderline from what I read doesn't sound like a personality problem, there are brain scans showings weird crap happening that isn't just from having a different personality.

    What's the difference between Aspergers and Autism?
    I think they removed it, its just autism least to most severe or something.
    I opened a webpage and it said "aspergers is diagnosed when speaking is on time, no mental retardation, and presence of self help instinct on time" seems arbitrary.

    I have toyed there is a biological component (stuff like seizures, hand flapping, echolalia, and brain dysfunctions) to autism and a personality (stubborness, obsessiveness) which is a result of growing up with the biological.

    I don't know. It's just a term used for a bunch of people with enough in common that it exists, but it gets so muddy since it like almost everything in the dsm is blurry.

    Schizophrenia commonly touted as a mental illness is now agreed to also be developmental like autism/aspergers.

    And are personality disorders really personality disorders all the time? Borderline and Schizotypal from what I read sound quite clinical. Sociopathy is not just a different personality. Narcissism probably is a personality problem in some cases.

    Depression is called a mood disorder, but there are numerous changes even to intestinal bacteria found in studies! What the hell? Not so much just a mood problem is it?

    We know absolute jack shit about anything, and it's the 21st century!

    Any answers or insights? It's confusing


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