Monday, December 3, 2012

Cameron from Terminator: prototypical sociopath

Apart from Dexter and some less friendly portrayals of psychopathic killers, there aren't too many sociopaths depicted accurately in the media. There are some depictions of empathy-challenged individuals who share a lot in common with sociopaths, though. We have the new Star Trek movie coming soon with a very rational Dr. Spock. We also have the very sociopathic acting Cameron from the television show Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. In the most recent episode, "Complications," John (human) gives Cameron (humanoid/machine) a hard time:
(Cameron is riding with her foot draped out the window)
John: What are you doing?
Cameron: Feeling what it's like to get away from it all.
John: I don't think you are.
Cameron: What do you mean?
John: If by feelings you mean emotions, I'm pretty sure you still don't have any of those. And if by feeling you mean what it feels like to have the wind blow through your toes or your hair, (sighs) I'm pretty sure you can't feel that either.
Cameron: I don't think you understand how we work. I have sensation. I feel. I wouldn't be worth much if I couldn't feel.
Like Bladerunner, the show promises more exploration of what it means to be human via exploring what it means to be a machine.

This episode uses the Bladerunner imagery of flipping an overturned tortoise back on its feet in the desert, a hypothetical that was used in Bladerunner during psychological tests to distinguish humans from replicants who do not possess the same capacity for empathy. In perhaps a bit of overexplanation, Cameron comments on John's mother flipping over a tortoise in the desert:
Cameron: There are many things I don't understand.
John: Like what?
Cameron: The tortoise.
John: What tortoise?
Cameron: It was on its back by the side of the road in Mexico. Your mother turned it over.
John: She was helping it.
Cameron: I know. But why?
John: 'cause that's what we do. When we, uh... When we see something that's, uh, in pain, or in trouble, or whatever, we try and help it.
Cameron: Empathy.
John: Something like that.
Cameron: But not everyone would turn the tortoise over.
John: No. Some would just leave it there.
Cameron: Some would probably drive over it and crush it.
John: Yeah, I guess they would. Is that what you'd do?
Cameron: It didn't seem like much of a threat. We're not built to be cruel.
John: Yeah, that's one for cyborgs.
Cameron: Yes.


  1. Is it cruel to kill a monster?
    Isn't that the premise of many of Dexter episodes.
    No pity.

  2. Why NOT flip the turtle back over? Now you have a turtle who owes you one or feels personal loyalty.
    Nothing wrong with that.

  3. That was Vigilius, by the way. LOL.

  4. In the same episode, after the discussion between John and Cameron over the turtle-flipping incident, Cameron turns over a man lying on the ground very deliberately, apparently to show she's not cruel. Though first she threw the man around his living room, and choked him a bit too.


  6. Vigilius, metaphorically, yes, you could construe that helping some-one/thing out could benefit you through reciprocity. However, helping a tortoise out, or literally, those/things that you won't get any benefit from, is not something that sociopaths, or cyborgs, would think to do. Empaths are the idiots who will help anything that's in pain or distress for no other reason than its state.


    1. WHen my antisocial narc/mal narc (whatev) was getting rid of his TV, he went to a parking attendant and told him if he wanted it to take it, bec he was going to leave it on the street at that moment. Granted, the act was done in front of me, and I know he likes people to think him "good".

      Is this kind of behavior learned from all the times someone may have said that being a "good" person will give one good feelings? -He also had depression.

      SOmeone here said a sociopath can be helpful with strangers. Is this act consistent with sociopathic behavior?

      Now, he was likely to tell about the above behavior. It felt to me he was convincing himself he was capable. He also left reminders he could be "good" , like saving notes from thankful people.

      Don't non-sociopaths do the same?

      I defend my ex because he was trying. I would not go out with him again. But it was touching to see him try and even brag a bit.

      If I have done something completely selfless, I remember those times and it gives me joy. Who here thinks it gave him joy?

      And if so, what is the difference? So what if it is not clear definitive empathy? Who can tell the difference, and doesn't the act matter more than the reason for the act??

    2. Being helpful is probably not something consistent with sociopathic behaviour, and at the same time it is. Someone brought up Dexter in earlier comments, rightfuly so. His "code" or whatever, is answer to your question I'd like to think.
      Sociopaths can be helpful, and it will be consistent with that certain sociopaths behaviour. Something like that sociopaths can use to control themselves - though in my experience it comes with self-development, selfimproval, looking inside yourself for answers.
      Yes, being helpful does not really fit general sociopath image. But it may, if sociopath chooses to be like that, or have been raised like that. I can see that work when there is no exposure in the enviroment, that would make sociopath "act" along his nature.
      But I wouldn't treat it like something sociopaths do with joy. Rather a habit, social pattern they are taught or learn along their path, it may fit "their sociopathy". Then again, what does make one sociopaths? Do some sociopathic traits make you more of a sociopath than the other?

    3. Why are empaths idiots because they help out another creature in distress who make not be able to work itself out of a dire situation? Doesn't this selfless act help perpetuate the survival of life?

    4. I think that psychopaths are good-doers because they don't think what's good and what's bad, they just act in a way they think is right. And there aren't many differences between giving TV to park attendent or throwing out/leaving in a random place but if you pick the first option, you get a new friend that might be useful one day whereas when you leave TV you don't get anything. Even if you won't ever meet that person again, you still gain more.
      Narcissists want to be perceived as good, tho.

    5. can the sociopath learn that it feels good to assist another human is my question.

    6. To the sociopath, it DOESN'T feel good to help another person. It's a waste of effort with no reward unless there is something to gain from the act (such as inducing reciprocity).

    7. "Empaths are the idiots who will help anything that's in pain or distress for no other reason than its state."

      If a socio is in pain and distress then the smart thing would be let it die.

      Idiotic is being smart enough not to see or understand that empaths and socios are wired differently mentally, therefore their thoughts and behaviours on many levels are contrary.

    8. It would be wise not to flip the socio over. But, if you made the conscious choice to not assist the socio, then you live with the consequences. unlike the socio, knowing that you used your power advantage to determine another's fate, you should care for taking something away. Something that you will never be able to produce. Socio's that understand the laws of the universe would be wise to not destroy life just for the sake of destruction. Unleess they embrace evil.

      Now that brings it full circle. Were you aware that this back dweller represents evil. Do you embrace all that is good? Therefore, are you justified in determining evil's fate?

      Stay away from judge, jury, and executioner.

  7. Cameron was an aspie. Even the shrink in the show diagnosed her as one :P

  8. I flipped a turtle over onto his feet. He said thanks and pulled out a snail shell bong and smoked a bowl with me. Totally worth it and now i always help turtles :)

    1. My friend threw a snail way into the woods from the sea shore, thinking he was helping it. A minute later a guide told him that the snail worked very hard, having inched years in order to get there for it's benefit. He felt terrible.

  9. Psychiatric disorders are caused by increased intelligence?

    1. How many mentally ill people apply their intelligence or are capable of doing so? ?

      How many mentally ill people can appreciate their intelligence when their lives are consumed with the hindrances and burdens their mental illness brings?

      What percent ?

  10. :) Good Morning Sociopathworld!!!!!

    How are you all today?!?!?!?!

    Iam finally going to the dentist today for my tooth! LOL!

  11. I put an episode on yesterdays thread.

    Good Luck at the dentist, Rich!

    1. Thank u for letting me know!!! Iam gonna read and save it :)

      Iam going at 2:45 so it is in like 2 and a half hours, just for x-rays and stuff...... For today.

  12. Medusa
    If you need a friend, I have an e mail address if you click on this.

    1. Monica, how do you think a person is able to get another to trust them when they do not trust themselves?

    2. What does that mean?

    3. Sorry.. what i was thinking about is too complicated to explain and also full of too much serious retardation. I can't get a handle on what i mean either .

    4. I think what you were trying to say is how can I help people when I don't trust myself. If you have to be perfect before you can help people, no one will help anyone. Jump in where you are. We, all, have something o give. We all have life experience. We, all, have made a million mistakes. That is for sure. Don't wait until you are perfect, or look for someone who is. That waiting game does not work.

  13. We're right back to comparing sociopaths with futuristic technology…

    1. M.E. is a human being. S/he not always has time to write something scientific or up to date. Then M.E. brings an old post back and goes out. Also this blog is about sociopathy which is connected with many things, media and artificial intellect included. Also you should be glad that you have a place to stay where rationality stands above morality. Did you knew that group therapy is benefitical for psychopaths?

    2. Hey Mee…

      Guess what you sensitive little thing you, I am a human being too. I'm not a fucking droid (although that is still in debate with one person). I am entitled to my opinion. My opinion is "OH GREAT! Next we'll be comparing personality disorders to eastern ways of thought! Oh Yea… did that too…"

      ME is also a self reported sociopath who I doubt gives two… NO… ONE squirt of piss what I think. I spout off shit like this because I like to see my white words shinning back into my face, kid… it proves my existence somehow. Feeds that narcissistic fuel. I suppose I could go get in healthier ways…

      You should watch your tone… I should be so glad. Glad for what, you say? "a place to stay where rationality stands above morality" Where is this place, Mee? Where are you talking about?

    3. Of course you have your opinion, I just pointed out where it was wrong. You can complain in any way you like, I doubt that M.E. gives two… NO… ONE squirt of piss what you think.

      Well, even if you prove your existence by writing nonsense, it only matters for you now. You'll care less about it once you're dead.

      You have know idea what tone I used, apparently. Virus, I was talking about this place (:

  14. RavenDecember 2, 2012 12:06 PM

    I'm not sure I can relate to that. What I can relate to is fear of my own power, and the influence I am capable of having on others. You often bring up fear of success. I fear the added responsibility that success brings.

    It's not succeeding that I fear- it's keeping it, or asking it where it ends. I see my potential staring back at me in the reflections of the people I affect around me, and it's daunting. Like trying to imagine what infinity is like.

    I have been thinking about what you said. I did what you said about the positive comments and it gave me more courage.

    I have been thinking about the above statement. I am afraid of my healthy narcissism. We all need it.It is a self love, self acceptance and self regard of our essential personhood. I was punished for daring to even think that I was a "someone": a person separate from the malignant narcissist.

    This is the biggest fear I seem to come across, now.

    1. I think most people experience what you are talking about at some point in their lives. We have influence on others and others influence us constantly. It's reality.

      And Monica keep on writing if you find it helpful, it's very entertaining. I always smile or laugh when I read a new Sofa episode.

    2. Thank you, Edvard!

    3. I hope that you can see those same oppressive behaviors at play in your fellow SW posters, doll.
      As I've said before, I was not even allowed to choose my own favorite color.

      And the people who come here will try to twist your mind into a pretzel, so that you will start accepting their reality only.

      You want real without all the head games, power plays, filters, prejudices, and narcissism? That's what your heart is for.

    4. SDCEO SociopathworldDecember 3, 2012 at 9:54 PM

      Raven Dark, stop doing your foreboding witch dance. We aren't in the business of scaring people to death here.

    5. Dark Raven is right. "And the people who come here will try to twist your mind into a pretzel, so that you will start accepting their reality only."

      That is what a cult does. It takes people who are downtrodden or seeking, and makes like the leader is saving them. Cults are just faux religious groups who want you to worship a leader and their leader's cause. That is all.

      If you had a family you don't think did you justice, you are the most favorable prey.

      A new recruit has trouble leaving their new loving family. This is difficult for borderline to leave, as the borderline thing is they were not mirrored.

      This kind of place, where people mirror you and make you "feel the love" is just same whore different dress. That is all.

      In my life I drift as if I have no control of my choice of partner. Gravitating to controlling people for the challenge is pretty boring and sad way to live and love. It is not remotely love.

      This is jail for a person with low emotional stability, a flexible sense of self, a burning need for control, and need for love and acceptance.

      If love is the answer then we must seek it in ourselves first. I must find how I was born, not what I was made into.

      One foot out the door saves my life but destroys real love.

      Monica, this is why I ask about trust. I will not ever trust someone who wants to control me, and I seek out others to solve a past.

      If I become hostile, I have broken my promise. I present as a cool=headed person, keeping my pretty little smiling face on.

      Once I am ugly face, I am giving a person up and it is over. This does not make sense to me. And I gravitate towards another person repeating for control as well. Toxicity in the air I do not want, yet I am party to this scenario.

      This is unfortunate for the person who loves me because I morph to manipulative, crazy making, Jekyl and Hyde behavior. Eventually the truth will emerge that this need for absolute reciprocity controls Me.

      This is neither freedom nor a climate for love.

      If love is the answer, and lies in truth, I am not love and I am untrustworthy. I am a lie in the beginning.

      Can I change to be a trustworthy person with no agenda for reciprocity? If I always seeking (previously unconscious tendency0 for someone who wants to control me so I can solve my upbringing, i am not true love.

      PS: No sociopath can recruit a borderline properly who knows this about themselves.

    6. ^This goes with next post, too.

    7. Hi Friend
      I thought you were trying to insult me~ I see you were trying to talk. I am listening, but I don't really understand what you are saying, in a practical real life way. Can you give me real life examples?

    8. I am confused. I would like to give an example but it is too personal.

    9. I figured. It's ok! I am here if you ever want to talk :)


    I just wanted to say Hi, Iam gonna type out the story of what happene.

    PS- My nurse/ assistant lady was MY AGE and SEXY and fine AS HELL! WHOOP WHOOP!!!! :)

  16. (Part 2 of 2)

    At this point we are done and he says, I will have the prescriptions ready for you when you leave...... So they send me back to the waiting room, and than the sexy nurse called me back to the back, and she handed me the Amoxicillin, and than handed me the Vicodin ES and she said "The doctor said not to take a Vicodin ES until at LEAST 4-6 hours after your xanax, preferably 6 hours" than she said "Because if you take it before than or take them together, you will be "Flying High"!!!!" LMAO!!!!!! I WANNA MARRY HER!!! but she probably hates me cause I have bad teeth, she had beautiful pearly whites! Mine are nice and straight and perfect looking from when I smile, but the X-Rays show something way different and the 2 cracked ones are in the back of my mouth, they are the ones I chew with so nobody knows I have cracked teeth.

    Than I wait for the bill of what it is going to cost for all the shit to be done!!!! LOL! HERE IS THE KICKER, with my insurance, the 3 root canals will be $1,110, and I will need 2 crowns and the crowns will cost me $800!!!! WTF?!?!?!? IAM GONNA HAVE TO PROSTITUTE MYSELF TO PAY FOR THIS!!!!!!! I dont know if iam ever gonna go back unless it is alot less, that is crazy!!!!!

    I do wanna see the sexy nurse again though, because she was all like "It was nice to meet you" and I said the same and thanked her, than watched her as she walked away! LOL, watched from the back! WHOOP WHOOP! She was a keeper! She could get me pain meds and nitrous oxide and have wild dental chair sex with me if I could ever pull that one off! LOL

    But she is probably married, she wasnt wearing any rings though because she had to keep opening my mouth and putting her fingers in there for the X-rays (she had gloves on lol), but a nice fine thing like her HAS TO BE TAKEN, or maybe she is a dangerous borderline/narcissist/sociopath type, Iam really into those girls! LOL! My last two relationships we with a diagnosed sociopath and a non diagnosed DEFINATE NARCISSIST/ probable sociopath.

    Anyway, that is Rich the Uber Empaths dentist story, Iam drinking a nice sugary 4 loko with 12 % alcohol and waiting for my mom to bring me some more beers and the vicodin ES home :) LOL

    Sexy nurse lady, if you are reading this, I LOVE YOU!!!! HOLLA!!!!

  17. Haha! Thanks Themes, but why? What's the occasion?

  18. Replies

      Themes you never fail to make me laugh!!!!!

      She is a sexy thing, and I do believe in miricles!!!!!


  19. It was time for the weekly staff meeting. M.E changed it to Tues Morning at 9.A.M, as he had something planned after work. What that was, no one knew, but they were curious, as they always were, about him.

    He sat at the center of the semicircle. Raven and Elicit were sitting close, legs almost touching. Literary Anon was giving Monica a cold stare, as if she had scratched his new Jag, or something. Rich looked like he had not slept in a week. Zoe looked classically pretty. She was wearing a pink cashmere twinset with the diamond tennis necklace, given to her by Franklin and Mary on her graduation from medical school. Virus had a his eyes alert, from the habit of being in the Marines for so many years. Edvard had his classic unflappable expression, such that no one knew what he was thinking. Mee was sitting next to Edvard, seeming bored. UKan was passing out pastries from a silver tray which he had gotten on sale at Pier One Imports, during one of his weekly runs for office and janitorial supplies. Medusa was slumped in the chair, finishing up her video game, with the sound turned off.

    1. UKan was passing out pastries from a silver tray which he had gotten on sale at Pier One Imports, during one of his weekly runs for office and janitorial supplies.


  20. Thank you, Edvard <3

    Up From The Sofa

    Rich looked as if he had not slept in a week. He was driving outside of Bluebirds apartment, every night. She had one room mate, a hottie and the loser boyfriend who was managing to sleep with both of them. Hell if Rich could get a glimpse of that.

    Bluebird, either, wore the same thing every day or had a wardrobe of blue hoodies because she never deviated from the same look--and I mean the EXACT same. Bluebird was plain looking, not the caliber of woman to whom Rich was, usually, attracted. Rich had different plans for Blue hooded Bluebird. Maybe, Grandma Rich would turn into the wolf when Bluebird checked the bed.

    However, Rich took a sharp detour from his attention to BB when he had an unexpected dental appointment. The dental assistant was Rich's dream woman. She was signalling she wanted Rich. He could tell in how she gently touched his mouth with her long pink nails. She lingered a moment or two longer, next to his chair, as she asked him if he had much dental decay. At his next dental appointment, he would ask her out for a drink. That tattoo on her neck told Rich all he needed to know about how she performed en la cama. They would swing from the chandeliers, if he could get mom, step dad and goofy uncle to go out for a night.

  21. "Apart from Dexter and some less friendly portrayals of psychopathic killers, there aren't too many sociopaths depicted accurately in the media."

    Is Dexter an accurate depiction of a sociopath? I'm honestly curious.

  22. What would be the name of what might be really weird physical manifestations in the body of attempts to get feelings going? I can't even describe it to Google. It's making me ill and I haven't been eating or sleeping either. My body is doing bizarre things.

    1. I am going through it, too. I can't really describe it, either. I was just thinking that before I came on, here. Maybe, we can help each other. I could use some help, too.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.


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