Sunday, May 15, 2011

Socio song: Judas

Someone sent this to me. Is it really a socio song, and if so who or what is socio? The lyrics, Judas, Jesus, Gaga, or her fans?


  1. its got bikers in the vid....doesn't that make it socio.... aren't we all just like a frenzied biker gang..... looking to rape murder and rob... after listening to it i don't see any other connection.....

  2. Lady gaga is a cunt, i hope she gets raped and shot.

  3. r most sociopaths pedos or only sum

  4. I will say this video is beautifully crafted.

    The motif of 'The betrayed and the betrayer as secret lovers.' is a central visual message. Best portrayed in the bathing scene and in the kiss between Jesus and Judas.

    From the lyrics . . . "Jesus is my virtue, Judas is the demon I cling to" Perhaps this is what makes it socio; the freedom (god like abilities) vs. limitation (the pull to destruction).

    This song and images can be quite a playful mirror for SW readers. Even though I am not a Gaga fan per se, her brand has attracted quite the entourage. I admire the show. Yet she will not have my worship.


    When he comes to me, I am ready
    I'll wash his feet with my hair if he needs
    Forgive him when his tongue lies through his brain
    Even after three times, he betrays me

    I'll bring him down, bring him down, down
    A king with no crown, king with no crown

    I'm just a Holy fool, oh baby he's so cruel
    But I'm still in love with Judas, baby
    I'm just a Holy fool, oh baby he's so cruel
    But I'm still in love with Judas, baby

    I couldn't love a man so purely
    Even darkness forgave his crooked way
    I've learned love is like a brick, you can
    Build a house or sink a dead body
    I'll bring him down, bring him down, down
    A king with no crown, king with no crown

    But I'm still in love with Judas, baby
    I'm just a Holy fool, oh baby he's so cruel
    But I'm still in love with Judas, baby

    In the most Biblical sense,
    I am beyond repentance
    Fame hooker, prostitute wench, vomits her mind
    But in the cultural sense
    I just speak in future tense
    Judas kiss me if offensed,
    Or wear ear condom next time

    I wanna love you,
    But something's pulling me away from you
    Jesus is my virtue,
    Judas is the demon I cling to
    I cling to

  6. not really sure where M.E. is going with this, seems senseless as the only thing socio about this song is a rejection of CHRIST in favor of judas..... seems about as potent as madonna’s losing my religion but not as catchy (i don't per se like madonna but )

    anyway im hoping M.E. has a look at my song just a bad penny by big black.... better song and surely about an S.

  7. it is an amazing video...although all her songs are starting to sound alike.. to me..the wife of a socio..her song bad romance...speaks to me about a relationship with a socio..

    i want your ugly i want your disease..

  8. Losing My Religion is by R.E.M.

    Gaga's lyrics (and everything else about her) are mostly word salad to me.

  9. medusa whats the song by madonna that i am thinking of.... she burnt the pic of the pope on SNL singing it..... cant believe i got pop music mixed up lol....

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Confused again, dear. Sinead O'Connor is the one who ripped up (not burnt) a photo of the pope.

    You are probably thinking of Like a Prayer.

  12. didn't madonna parody sinead on snl? and didn't gaga and madonna make out on snl?

    very interesing

  13. hey guys, do you think it's safe for me to live in a ground floor apartment?
    I'm deciding between one of those and an upper floor one (first/second) so too inconvenient for burglars.

    Hm. What do ya think?
    I DON'T wanna get killed or burgled. :( The windows all have bars on them. The only other way they'd somehow get in is through the two doors. (lock picking etc). But, if the locks are really secure would there still be a possibility for a break-in?

  14. NOTME.... its safe for you to live anywhere.... except anywhere near me.

  15. Forget GAGA -Movie list of fem-sociopaths or femme fatales.

    Barbara Stanwyck in Double Indemnity (The Last Seduction is based on this film)

    Ann Savage in Detour

    Ava Gardner in The Killers

    Jane Greer in Out of the Past

    Rita Hayworth in The Lady from Shanghai

    Gaby Rodgers in Kiss Me Deadly

    Susan Hayward in I Want to Live!

    Simone Simon in Cat People

    Jennifer Tilly in Bound

    Anjelica Huston and Annette Bening in The Grifters

    Christina Ricci in The Opposite of Sex

    Janie Marèse in La Chienne

    Louise Brooks in Pandora's Box

    Mieko Harada in Ran

    Isuzu Yamada in Throne of Blood

    Audrey Tautou as Angélique in He Loves Me...He Loves Me Not

  16. that is a great list!!!!!!!!!!!!111

    gene tierney: leave her to heaven

  17. I want to meet a real fem-socio here. I want to hear real tales of manipulation and destruction from her own babies to her partners

  18. you just want to know so you can brace yourself. if there was one here she would dole out the stories very slowly. she would strategically place them in your line of vision to thrill you unexpectedly

  19. I want to hear them!

  20. i literally made someone smell their own shit.

    nuff said

  21. please go on, medusa, I am all ears.

  22. I have a blind date with someone who triggered me. I will sharpen my blade but I will try not to let it slip out of my purse.
    Medusa how did you let yourself relax with this new fella ur seeing?

  23. maybe he will cancel. That would be alright i guess

  24. SW movie night additionsMay 16, 2011 at 8:28 AM

    Reese Witherspoon in Vanity Fair

    Natalie Portman in The Professional

    Linda Fiorenting in The Last Seduction

    Kathleen Turner in Body Heat

    Hayley Stark in Hard Candy

    Jane Greer in Out of the Past

    Charlize Theron in Monster

    Kathy Bates in Misery

  25. This could not be more blatant. she's in love with a sociopath. she'll do anything for this person who has betrayed her over and over again. She loves the sociopath, but he is a demon.

    Judas is the sociopath. And Gaga is the victim.

  26. response grading systemMay 16, 2011 at 12:40 PM

    Anonymous you get an "A"


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