Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Jesse James

I've thought that Jesse James might be a socio or narcissist candidate ever since the adultery scandal -- the fact that he charmed Bullock into marrying him in the first place (she apparently saw something that no one else did?), the criminal history, the recklessness, the self-centered self-assuredness, the blasé attitude about the harm he caused others, the subsequent painting himself as a victim of childhood troubles, the Nazi paraphernalia? He just didn't seem to have the same sense of right and wrong that most people have.

He apparently just came out with a memoir and is promoting it, including doing an interview with the Hunffington Post. He doesn't seem that broken up about anything. When asked if about how he feels about denying his children a loving stepmother and a stable home:
Do you feel guilt for what you've put your kids through?

Well, I feel guilt, I feel guilt that I decimated their lives and the marriage to Sandy and all that stuff but kids are surprisingly resilient. I've never tried to hide anything from them. I'm 100% devoted to them and they're happy and healthy and thriving. They're all getting straight A's in school, they're good, strong kids so I think despite what a f*ck up everybody thinks I am and a terrible person I must be doing something right because my kids are pretty awesome.
That plus some other comments in the interview and the other available information about him make me think that there may be something to him, or maybe I'm reading too much into things.


  1. ASPD not a psychopath.

    1. Aspd is what the DSM4 or other editions call psychopathy as they are still in denial of the Hare model. Too much pride and too much adherence to the old fallacy about everyone having some good blah blah. Some people are born bad. May as well choke on the truth, brother.

  2. "Kids are surprisingly resilient" has been the catch-cry of misled parents everywhere, and the self-help industry they pay to assuage their guilt, since it became culturally acceptable to put kid's most basic needs last.

    Obviously, I have no idea if Mr. James is a sociopath or a narcissist, but soulless social climbers are a dime a dozen in Hollywood *shrug*

    He's grabbed his fifteen minutes of fame the only way he can, by riding someone else's coattails shock-jock-style, and he's running with it.

    I would, however, advise his current bride-to-be to run in the opposite direction.

  3. He's missing that psycho swag.

  4. i massacred sw.

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  6. We don't want to rent your shit mother fucker! If we did rent it we wouldn't bring it back, cock sucker.

  7. Oh no, Jase killed SW! We clearly need to put tougher keyboard controls in place.

  8. ur on my hitlist looser

  9. I've met Jesse a few times -- we see each other at parties. Kat's a doll. He's my favourite reality star. Sandra got punked.

  10. i have no idea who he is but he looks like kernal sanders

  11. His sentimental tale of redemption brought a tear to my eye.

    Like all reality stars, he's a has-been and a never-was, but he's never lost hope.

    As far as shameless gold-digging goes, he's good, but not the best.

    Ms. Mills kicks ass.

  12. i am going to stab that dancing goggle bitch

  13. *hands you knife*

  14. Will the real sociopath please stand upMay 10, 2011 at 4:09 PM

    Is Jesse James a sociopath like Joey Buttafuoco? This is the question that Joy Behar posed to Mary Jo Buttafuoco, who gained some firsthand knowledge of sociopathic behavior after being married to Joe Buttafuoco for more than a quarter of a century.
    “A sociopath is defined as someone who is a chronic liar and has no remorse or guilt for what they say,” Mary Jo told Joy. From the outside, it seems that both Jesse James and Tiger Woods do feel guilty and are remorseful for hurting their wives. “Sociopathy is not what those two guys have,” Mary Jo thinks.
    When asked why Sandra didn’t see the signs of Jesse’s serial cheating Mary Jo thought that probably had more to do with geography than anything else. “I think that when he met her, Jesse was charmed by her wholesomeness and goodness and sweetness. Maybe he decided it was time to settle down.”
    “Then as time goes by she’s normal and boring. He may be thinking ‘Gee I thought that’s what I wanted.’ She goes off to do a movie and he gets temptation and he goes back to his old life,” Mary Jo said.
    The victim of the infamous Long Island Lolita affair, Mary Jo understands what it feels like to be betrayed by infidelity. But there’s one big thing that Mary Jo still can’t understand about Jesse James and Tiger Woods. “Why do these guys think they can get away with it?” she asked Joy with disbelief.
    Since Mary Jo had stayed married to Joey Buttafuoco for seven years after his mistress shot her in the head, Joy asked Mary Jo if Sandra should stay and try to work things out with Jesse.
    Without hesitation Mary Jo said, “Run! Run for the hills! Don’t look back – go! Bye-bye!”

    Mary Jo Buttafuoco is the author of “Getting It Through My Thick Skull: Why I Stayed, What I Learned, and What Millions of People Involved with Sociopaths Need to Know.”

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  16. jesse vajayjay jamesMay 13, 2011 at 7:28 PM

    I am an irresponsible piece of shit

  17. "could the commentors please share some insights on the Oksana Grigorieva VS Mel Gibson power plays?"

    HE's a Jew hater and she hates herself?

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  19. Have you watched this video of him in the Letterman show? he talks about things he did as a child... sounds familiar

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