Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Obama: Narcissist?

Normally I wouldn't even bother discussing narcissists, given my deep disdain for them. But after reading this article asking whether President Obama has NPD (Narcissistic Personality Disorder), I thought it was worth posting. Of course I don't condone the outing of anyone on the personality disorder spectrum, particularly those who are empathy challenged. I know Obama supporters will be offended by this analysis, but what I find more controversial is that the author suggests that we have mandatory personality disorder testing for politicians. What?! First step politicians, second step internment camps for all empathy-challenged. And just because some narcissistic politicians have done bad things doesn't mean a whole lot of them haven't done good. Let's hear it for Bill Clinton!


  1. What non-narcissistic human being would want to be President?

    Can't honestly think of any... If there is any, they sure are outliers and with them being outliers, I doubt they ever get elected.

    Though, for a narcissist, he sure has quite a sense of morality. He might be one of the few high-functioning narcissists.

    Oh, by the way, I find it funny/impressive that you simply stated your stance in the title and barely went into explanation and it came off as obvious and self-evident.

  2. In way, everyone in a position of power like Obama would be a narcissist. He has control of the most powerful country on the Earth. The lives of 300 million people lie in his hands. Yes, he is a narcissist. I know for a fact that I don't care about my country or ego enough to have such a highly stressful job as president.


  3. Nothing in either article really goes into detail giving BACKED UP arguments as to why Obama is being labeled narcissistic, other than stating some supposed crappy childhood (whoopdeedoo). The initial article is clearly Republican based, and both want to just describe the traits of narcissism and let you say, "Oh yea, totally, that's Obama," when in reality, you could say the same about any President, Democrat or Republican.

  4. Dr. Sam Vaknin, one of the world's foremost authority on narcissism has not only explained clinically how Obama is a narcissist, but he has explained how he is a DANGEROUS narcissist. Dr. Vaknin stated in his analysis that we have reason to be exceptionally afraid of this man.

    Get out and do more reading.

    1. Unfortunately, it's you who needs to get out and do more reading. Dr. Vaknin is not a mental health professional nor does he have one whit of education/experience in the field of psychology. Don't believe everything you read without taking it with a grain of salt.

  5. "just because some narcissistic politicians have done bad things doesn't mean a whole lot of them haven't done good" XD that someone might think that any politician has done "good" is truly funny yet sad, I hope that you've learnt in the last 4 or so years that its not true because i don't like to see interesting people be so childish as to think that the people who rule the world have anyone's but their own interests in mind.

    Ability to control things does not indicate intelligence.

  6. Clearly, obama sitting at the knees of Rev. Wright gives me all the information I need on him. And the other truth is obama is a complete liar. These two insights tell all I need to know about obama.

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