Monday, September 29, 2008

Interview with an Empath (part I)

M.E.: You were the one who first outted me as a sociopath. Do you remember that?

: I don't specifically remember "outting" you, but it is very likely given my history with sociopaths.

: So you have outted other sociopaths as well?

: At least one, an old and dear friend. And maybe others. I don't know, people come to me a lot with crises of identity.

: How did you get to be so good at sniffing out sociopaths?

: I don't purposely seek out sociopaths, unless it is completely subliminal. Remember, you randomly got placed with me in the office at that internship. What I have been able to do is recognize that sociopaths are more numerous than most people assume. And I know a bit of what to look for, having been so close to one for so long. Although I suspect there is a lot of "diversity" among the "sociopath community." hehehe

: Ha, nice scare quotes.

: Also perhaps having been "out" to myself as queer since an early teenager, I am able to recognize and appreciate those who are outside the norm. I don't know.

.: So you think you being gay has somehow given you sociodar?

: I think it has given me an awareness of things outside the norm. My world view allows me to recognize the "good" or the "beautiful" everywhere.

: Even in the tiny black heart of a sociopath, apparently.


  1. I seem to attract sociopaths. I had not recognized the pathologhy within the paradigm of the inability to empathize with others, or the end goal of destroying covertly. I engaged in the ego battles and enjoyed the mental chess matches. When the covert attack manifested, I defended myself and fought back vehemently. The escalation of attacks on two separate occasions by two separate "winners" landed me in jail. And the third dramatic set up by #3 sociopath- my hot girlfriend at the time also got me arrested.
    It took 3.5 years of her un-ending drama and jail time I spent (tasers included) from "winner" #2 to lead me to sociopath world and decipher the nightmare I was living.
    #1 sociopath (and most obvious) Mr Evil, self proclaimed vampire, my ex best friend- haven't talked to in 12 years. Fuck him! Sinister piece of shit runs like a little bitch when the shit gets thick!
    #2- Mr. Winner is a very dangerous man! His return to his alcoholism chased away the 3 people who were close to him in daily life. Left to rot alone! But he has his superficial social (family/work)circles still. The closest I've come to being killed was through his very skillful and patient set up!!!
    #3 - the hot ex girlfriend! Destroying men in the most systematic way I've ever realized. Dangerous but not highly intelligent. I may not see it coming if she devises a new strategy.
    But fuck all of you! Because what I enjoyed about you was actually your deceitful web that I was blissfully oblivious to.
    #4 - The Topper!!! Blind,ignorant, stupid me! #4- Mom !!! Fuck you too! Cunt!!!

    I know more of you. And truly, I dont give a fuck about any of you. My door is closed! Go feed on the emotional sheep. I won't pacify your boredom. Liars dont interest me any more. Fucking parasites! Fake, Users, Liars!!!!!! Destroyers!!!

  2. Hmmmm.... Never had "sociopath" on my list of definitions of people;mostly because until I read the Psychology Today article, I thought all sociopaths are serial killers... Of course, thanks to the media. Never thought about it before. But now that I have... I mostly have dealt with those who have Borderline Personality Disorder which seems almost just as manipulative as a sociopath but it is ALL about emotions.
    I'm impressed that your gay empath friend above is that attune to the human race, but it seems he would have to be since he would have to always determine who he could trust his secret to...

  3. Sociodar.

    So that's what they call it.

    I'll put it next to the gaydar dial.

    This post is old. But I'm bored.

    Speaking of back corners, M. E., have you seen a short film called the Backwater Gospel? Not about sociopaths really, but it's a hilarious look at people being sheep. Perceptive, if a little shallow.


  4. More people need to be on

    !!! it used to be connected to this blog but was disconnected over a year ago. We need fresh blood and lots of interesting things have happened recently (relates to drama: that will go down in the forum's history!


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