Friday, October 6, 2023

Saul Goodman/Jimmy McGill Psychopath?

Confessions of a Sociopath author M.E. Thomas talks with WeiWei, T Pocket, and RT about whether Saul Goodman is a psychopath.


  1. Maybe Saul Goodman is the perfect example of what people think a psychopath is.

  2. xiangxuxiang aka misstiffie aka r/ aspd and sociopathy mod unmasked

    the fake psychopath revealed
    shes just a lil girl who loves her mommy and kpop, likes to pretend to be a doctor on reddit cried to mommy when her favorite kpop band broke up , made up stories about being abused by her daddy who she says is dead but met up with him for father's day this year

    this da same chick m.e asked to be on her podcast on the ama . what a joke fr

    1. I think it's more likely the photos they use on reddit are stolen from this account. Bit of a leap to say this kid is pretending to be a doctor. They probably don't have a clue about the reddit catfish thing going on and what makes it worse is people are probably fapping over this poor kid

    2. ME, fake personas and catfishing. Future zoom chat topic?

  3. it's the same person their mommy says to leave her alone because they are not well and she might khs because she cuckoo


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