Friday, April 14, 2023

Interview with Baptist African American Psychopath Part 2

 Confessions of a Sociopath author M.E. Thomas interviews Marion the Flash again about manifesting, seeing with the third eye, confidence, making your own magic, and other topics. 

Part 1:


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  2. Pure empathy makes you as powerless as the one suffering. Its better to use compassion that way you stay separate so you can still come from a place of healing.

    1. I disagree - please let me explain. Empathy's function is social cohesion and leads to collaborative action. For example, if a fellow is suffering, we are motivated through empathy to help them. If a fellow has been wronged, we are motivated through empathy to find justice.

      So many people get hung up on sociopaths having little or no empathy. In response, sociopaths argue that empathy is dumb or flawed or whatever.

      I hope, at some stage, people can get past this meaningless impasse.

      People get frustrated / shocked when sociopaths don't show empathy so it's an easy element to fixate on.

      I think the conversation will progress far more rapidly when sociopaths can simply acknowledge, yeah, we don't have empathy - that's just how it is. We're selfish, that's just how it is*. We are, however, good at problem solving, seeing things from a non-collective (i.e. disinterested) perspective, and being accepting of people for who they are.

      My challenge to sociopaths is to stop reacting to the empathy callouts. In my experience, sociopaths avoid blend at all costs and this is, in my view, getting in the way of advancing the conversation about what's really going on with sociopaths.

      * In my experience, this is how sociopaths describe themselves in personal relationships. There seems to be a challenge taking this approach at a collective level and maybe it's because there's more risk collectively and defence mechanisms understandably kick in

    2. *avoid blame at all costs


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