Monday, August 7, 2017

Trust as Explained by Game Theory

This was an interesting page/exercise sent to me via Twitter applying the concepts of game theory to the generation and maintenance of trust.

People no longer trust each other. Why? And how can we fix it? An interactive guide to the game theory of trust:

It takes like 20-30 minutes to complete. At first I was turned off a little by the arbitrary constraints of the game, but they end up dealing with that issue later on -- so patience pays off! I've seen these models before, but it was interesting to apply it more directly to trust. Also, I hadn't seen the addition of mistakes/misunderstandings into the model before too. That has already changed the way I view others and the world. For instance (this might not make sense until you do the exercise), a friend of mine recently had an Amazon package fail to be delivered. She assumed that it was some shady neighbors stealing the package and was going to stop having any packages delivered, even though she has had like 20 successful package deliveries so far. I encouraged her to keep trying until she has another package go missing, just in case there was a mistake or other one off occurrence that shouldn't necessarily change her game playing strategy. It's a risky strategy maybe, but in her case she has no other convenient alternative for package delivery.

Without really remembering, I had applied essentially the "Diamond Rule" to this game. I think this worked ok (and probably works better with actual people than bots?), but it is true that in a situation in which there is a mistake, it can also compound a mistake into a global loss.

There's that phrase "fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me". But this game suggests a more optimal rule, when mistakes are factored in: "Fool me once, ok, I take it on the chin. Fool me twice, shame on you with punishment."


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  4. M.E. had an illuminating tweet up recently:

    M.E.‏ @sociopathworld Jul 31
    "The seduction itself is ALWAYS A LIE. It is a lie you demand of a potential partner so you can live your illusion of what love should be."

    And the elusive "mama squirrel" (a.k.a "MSoeur," which means "the scattered one") also had an interesting video of herself posted by her master, see it here: Check it out:

    As for H.G. Tudor, he is interesting, if overly focused on the home life. He is focused, narcissistic, and enthusiastically sadistic. He would have no reason to come on here, there are far more fruitful places to go for an active hunter.

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      The rational intellectual people on here are more interesting than a cagey little pathetic animal like that one.

  5. Rational intellectuals I have stumbled across, don't spend their time online pretending to have multiple PDs, mental illnesses nor catfishing ~ "hunting" as it were. Not to mention the fabulous oddity of gender dysphoria as the latest criteria in the DSM.

    1. Exactly right. In case clarification was needed, my statement was directed at the two anonymous comments above yours, the author of which fulfill all your listed criteria, including multiple personalities, "hunting" online, and possibly even gender dysphoria.

  6. LIAR!!!!!
    Well I am shocked.
    These fucking Dr Unity posts? They're bullshit! I know!!!!
    Hasn't even been seen on WhatsApp for over a year, won't answer the phone to me or reply to my emails!
    How the fuck am I supposed to interfere with someone's free will now?
    Sickening that's what it is. And shocking of course. Can't believe we've been lied to.
    I had such faith in Dr Unity, I've read the heart breaking stories of the poor, poor lost souls on here, aching for the love they've lost (newsflash fatties, he's off fucking some slag and spreading his black AIDS because you're a wanker who believes in and advocates love spells) and I wanted to commend him on his work, but alas, seems all Dr Unity is actually any good for, is making the threads look more popular than they really are, by filling them with horrendously spelt African drivel.
    One question though Doc, what the fuck is with the white eye make up circle?
    Is that where the power to stop folk living their lives according to their choices emanates from?
    You do good work, keep it up Doc.

    As for you others, since when is this site a witch hunt for pseudonyms? And why is it so important? It's incredibly pathetic posting under different names, no doubt having conversations where you validate yourselves, but who really cares?
    Sites dead, let it die in peace and quiet.
    And, if all else fails, we can contact Dr Unity and bring Sociopath World back.
    Against its own free will obviously.

    I miss Vegas :(


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