Monday, October 12, 2015

Brain Broad radio show

Sorry, I missed notifying anyone about the original broadcast of me being on this web radio show. If you're interested, I believe that you can download it here for a limited time:


  1. It was worrisome that at times, I couldn't differentiate M.E.'s voice,
    from the radio host's. Do they come from the same region of the country?
    Are they the same approximate age?
    M.E. is going to need to cultivate a special style of inflection to be media
    unique. And she's got to get off these rink a dink provincial radio programs and
    on T.V. so she can exploit her attractiveness.

    1. I could differentiate the voices all right.

  2. I'm listening to this right now, and so far it's excellent. Great material, M.E..

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