Friday, May 15, 2015

Monetary incentives

From a self-identified narcissist who has sociopathic leanings:

I'm mentioning this to you because it illustrates your point about sociopaths and incentives.

I've been in a few long-term relationships with women. In the beginning, I'm on my best behavior, because I'm trying to seduce them and get them to want to give me whatever I want. After I sense that the woman is hooked, I'll start doing unfortunate and disgraceful things, like not showering regularly, showing up late, farting in her presence or pissing in the kitchen sink (if she's using the toilet).

This can get to be quite unfortunate, because I don't necessarily want to do the bad habits, but my impulsiveness gets the best of me, so I'll keep doing them anyway. Often the woman nags me, which is a bit like trying to teach a pig to sing; it doesn't work and annoys me. She just gets more and more irritated.

Monetary fines work - and they work wonders. E.g. $5/fart. That is, if I fart and she calls me on it,  have to hand over $5 in cash.

I've done this with a few women. They think it is crazy when I bring it up. Then they think it is funny. Later on they are just happy about the results.


  1. Is this a stupid joke? Sounds like an animal to me. Enough said.

    1. Lol!
      You bitter little killjoy anons!

      I found this hilarious.
      Does he have a whole pay scale for the crap he pulls? For example, a "squeaker" ( is $2, but holding her head under the covers after a fart that makes her puke is say $50?
      Does he get an added fine if there are dirty dishes in the sink he peed in?

      Seems like an incentive for him to get the most value for his money otherwise.

      Most women will tolerate at least some of these antics anyway. His girls want a new dress, they just have a Mexican Food Night...if it works to make both of them happier, go for it.
      Besides, imagine the conversations they would have haggling over the price. Comedy gold.

      Personally, I think it is more fun to give incentives. Eg, get your man to shower by inviting him to join you when you do. Get soapy, get messy, get clean, get messy again... ;)

    2. This is pure comedy gold. I would make a mint off of my husband. It is also pure genius. Motivate yourself to behave properly. I do this in other ways but it awesome. My husband did it the opposite way when I wanted to quit smoking. He took all the money I did not spend on cigs and put it in bank account marked for a vacation to Tahiti. Very inspiring. As I am sitting in bed typing this my husband now owes me $5.00 and my cat owes me $20.00.

  2. you sociopaths are nothing more than trash. simple like this.

    1. I'd think a more accurate representation would be during sex, the woman says how much she loves me and I just stare at her blankly. The guy who submitted this might be trash who has some weird cohabitation fetishes.

    2. There, there, Douche...

      It's ok to not respond with tender words to your talking blow up dolls. They only LOOK surprised at your lack of emotional attachment.

      It doesn't make make you trash at all!

    3. Sappy professions of love and blank stares. Sounds like you guys really know how to get it on.~

      You might have at least responded by putting your hand over her mouth to shut her up. ;)

    4. "weird cohabitation fetishes"

      LOL. Of course, *you* would take this shit seriously. XD

    5. Haha who else would adopt a mocking tone of casual seriousness? I just read the first comment in a highly opinionated emotional voice and it humored me.

    6. "I'd think a more accurate representation would be during sex, the woman says how much she loves me and I just stare at her blankly...Haha who else would adopt a mocking tone of casual seriousness? I just read the first comment in a highly opinionated emotional voice and it humored me."

      So what happened to..."I actually love the feeling of watching someone's emotions bleed out, but I at least avoid doing that by behaving normal."?

  3. He stays on his best behavior until his hooks sink in.... So does EVERY man who's ever had a woman. They may not piss in the kitchen sink (or at least they don't get caught), but eventually every man becomes themselves warts and all.

    In this man's case it's not the goofy monetary system that makes the relationship work. It's finding a woman who doesn't believe in nagging and tolerates his quirks. If only the rest of us could be so lucky.

  4. Anyone else reminded of the Family Guy sketch where Peter has a farting competition with Michael Moore (a la Duelling Banjos)?

  5. This sounds like more of a logistics problem. Get a place with a second bathroom. Build a man cave. Live in the country. Put some space around your bad habits. You don't want the kind of woman who would tolerate the kind of man who does what you describe.

    1. Sounds more like a dumb ass.

    2. Well, yea, there is that to consider...

    3. Ugh. People... This is obviously a troll post, posted as a joke by M.E... :P

  6. Ok unrelated. For the women out there. And please answer honestly hoping without judgment of any kind would be nice. Why is it that I get so turned on thinking of my husband fucking another women - and then me fucking her afterwards too? I told him this a few times - and he laughed. The fantasy is in my head..... and no, I really don't want to act on it at all. It's in my brain. Neither would he. He just said we shouldn't go down that road because it spirals down a path you wouldn't want to be on. But some women claim to love it as it enhances the relationship. But why is my brain hardwire I'm this way ?

    1. You sound in dire need of dominating. Tell us more how you'll fuck her in your fantasy. Will you sit on her face and choke her?

    2. You sound like you have watched waaaaay too much rape porn, you sad case.
      Don't listen to him, Superchick.

      Honestly, it sounds perfectly normal to me. You already have him, but the chase is invigorating, isn't it? As is the chance to play...

      Another woman wants him, she fucks him, but he still chooses you. Lets you explore your wish to be with another woman. Proves how desirable you are and not just to him.

      I think he is right though. Fantasy is one thing, reality can be a bit of a PMSing bitch. All sorts of jealousy might get stirred up if you were to go through with it. Jealousy and insecurity, where you might not be able to stop thinking "did he like fucking her more than me? Does he think of her?" etc.
      Tread carefully with this can of worms.

      I would recommend some role play, but if you really want to do it, definitely go with a pro.

    3. I'm heeding the advise Anon 6:40 ; ) but exactly what you wrote has resonated. Also the fact that I get so much pleasure just watching a women all over him....watching them go at it full force. .. ( it turns me on O fuckeen big time/ fuck/Orgasm) just thinking about it.
      But my mind might start over thinking.... Fantasy land and role play is where the play must stay .... In the mind. :)

      Do you enjoy literotica/erotica? I love hearing that shit.

    4. It was just me. The green eyed Kat

      I know what you are saying. Role play could be incredibly fun here.

      Tell him you want to play. That you'll meet him at a nice hotel bar.
      What he doesn't know is that you will get your hands on a new dress and a wig. Make-up can make you look almost unrecognizable.

      Wait at the bar. Flirt a little.
      Surprise him when he shows up. Chat, drink, dance, whatever...
      Stay in character. Seduce him.

      Go upstairs to a room you already booked. Camera and maybe some toys waiting.

      Now would be a very good time to ask for something you might have wanted to try for a while. Ask him what he wants.
      Be it an all over massage/ body slide (I recommend coconut oil) before tying him up, blindfolding him and having some fun with candles and ice. Or just fucking on the balcony. Or getting very dirty in the shower... do whatever it is you want.

      Keep the wig on.
      Film it all.

      Just keep the tape safe and you can have yourself some wonderful footage of him fucking another woman. A gorgeous seductress ;)

      As for erotica, I do like it, but honestly, I think my personal preferences might not be to your taste...

    5. They would almost certainly be to mine... ;)

      Kat's suggestion to combine hot wax and ice is a very good one. The contrast between hot and cold is sublime when interspersed with other forms of stimulation. And the blindfold will keep him on edge, guessing what sensation might come next...

      I've done this. It's delicious.

      I am not naturally predisposed towards monogamy. What you describe- plus a whole lot more- I would do in reality, if my partner's limits were more flexible.

      I am not jealous. I would love to take another woman with my husband. Unfortunately, he is not so inclined.

    6. @Kat, love your erotica story. Your pretty good at that yourself. It turned me on. Would be fun and exiting role play to act out on. : ))
      @A, you - Kat and I would have fun together reminiscing. :D Pologamy should get more of the spotlight i believe... it's natural to some just like monogamy is to others.

    7. Most people can't handle it. I get that.

      Tell me, Chiquita... What would you reminisce about?

    8. We can exchange and listen to our erotica experiences or even things we would love to try out. It would be fun :*

    9. I very much enjoy reading and writing erotica, Superchick. Exchanging erotic experiences and fantasies with you sounds like it would be a lot of very tempting fun.... Especially now that I know what turns you on.

      But I don't know how long we'd keep talking... ;)

    10. Hello Alter.
      A pleasure to hear from you, as always.

      Yes, I have a feeling I would not be hearing gasps of shock were we to talk about tastes. One of few people here who could give me a few things to consider ;)

      I know what you mean about jealousy. Unfortunately, I am a very possessive girl. When I, subtly, suggested bringing another girl into our bed, my husband laughed and said "First, why would I want anyone else? And even if I agreed, I don't want to think about what you would do to her if she tried to touch me..."
      He knows me too well.

      Funnily enough, with my exes I couldn't care less. As long as it didn't affect me, they could fuck half the town for all I cared. Hmm.

      Superchick, thank you. I'm sure we would have a devil of a time if we ever got together...but sharing erotica sounds promising too. Hope to hear more ideas from you both soon.

      Ps. My apologies for taking so long to reply, I am on vacation at the moment.

  7. We're just animals. Animals who know we are going to die. "Theory of mind" as the book DENIAL describes it. In case you haven't thought about it, you are going to die. Just as I was typing it, phone rang. It's our pest control service on the way to spray our home on five acres in the woods. They spray for carpenter ants and termites and the like. I will ask when the technician arrives, "Can you spray for sociopaths and psychopaths?" So stay away!

  8. Who gets that offended by farts? When I need to let one rip, I tell my wife to pull my finger, and then we both laugh about it.

  9. Most people know about how many women are "masochistic", actively looking for a male to humilate them. But that has to do with masochism, not sociopathy. The most fearsome thing in our world is the triangular shape of a white shark "snout" just above the waterline, exposing pink gum, teeth and black dead eyes. The sociopaths most powerful feature perhaps is the ability to "take insults" from nobodies & just walk away. Empaths would be bellowing, ranting with anger, and the socio just walks away. Power.

  10. The true psychopathic reaction towards violence is: that its "disappointing". Its like those stories when folks witness executions and say the same thing, "nothing was there". A pure socio (non sadist/non antisocial) will avoid violence except for self defence because it has "no taste".

    1. Violence is a tool, and an experience. Sometimes it's necessary to get what you want and sometimes it's enjoyable. There's no reason to spurn it, and no reason to seek it.

      The only time violence has been disappointing was when it cut short emotional sadism, which is way more interesting.

  11. don't put every shit you do on sociopathy. it may not be because of that, that you are an ass.
    you, like many others, are making us look bad.

  12. The beautiful female sociopath IS NOT TRASH, not by ANY MEANS!
    It's just that she needs to be kept under a man's thumb. (Listen to
    "She's Under My Thumb, " by the Rolling Stones.)
    A woman like Casey Anthony, or Jodi Arias can do no harm as long as she
    knows who the boss is. Do you think for one minute that if the men in Jodie's
    orbit, in the prison she's in, bartered sex for privildges she'd say "No?"
    She would say "Yes!" Prison poses no barrier to the sociopath using sex.
    And the recently reemerging Casey Anthony has been trading sexual favors,
    with men older then her father for years. She is living a luxurious lifestyle.
    Just the other day in N.Y., another beauty arrainged the murder of her fiance.
    They were each on the river in kyaches, She punched holes in his little coenue.
    and he drowned. It was very simular to the classic film about a female Sociopath called, "Leave Her To Heaven," (1946) A sociopathic woman is
    jealous of the close relationship that her boyfriend has with his nepthew. She
    lures him into swimming across a lake and when he can't make it, she won't let
    him back in the boat.
    Why waste these beauties? After they've done something like that, they have
    only one REAL use.
    Do you have any idea how many smiles Jodi can STILL put on men's faces?

  13. If it works in some places for swearing, why not farting? Too funny.

    Call me trash if you want - but more imaginative epithets might get a chuckle - in my younger days I floated more than a few air biscuits as a weapon.

    I had a dorm mate at university that was annoying on many levels - so, being lactose intolerant, I ate cereal every meal for a couple of weeks to "make a point." He got the point.

    I sort of felt bad for the other roommate though...

  14. First post ever here ;)

    I read ME's book this winter and it really resonated. Sometimes it was like reading an inner monologue of my thoughts about my life. Crazy.

    My mom is fairly narcissistic but I can't really pin down any major trauma. My uncle definitely has aspd and he was a total wild child growing up - arson, vandalism, theft, animal cruelty, oh and once he blew up part of his school to get the day off! He's a great guy :)

    Anyway apparently it runs in the family. So technically I'm a psychopath, not a socio...and I'm completely incapable of affection or empathy at all.

    As a female psychopath, Anon 5:45 you can eat my ass if you think any self respecting s/p would willingly put herself under any man's thumb, especially your fugly one lol!

    I really relate to the OP - seduction is so much fun but keeping the thing going is really hard. Most people think that because I'm female, and flirting with them, maybe more depending on the person, that I'm theirs exclusively. At which point I laugh and walk away. Losers.

    I did meet a guy I was really into. I seduced him, it was perfect, he was into me but not too clingy, everything was great. Then I fucked another guy. Whoops.

    So I totally get the whole everything is great until after successful seduction and then you fuck it up. I wish there was a way to keep the focus of the seduction after it ends and stay loyal to that one person. Monogamous s/p's here any advice? I mean how do you do it?

    HLH you're trash. Cute trash XD

  15. U should prob go find someone that thinks your worth what u want. Might I suggest O.E. trin. Wanksters dont dictate my value.


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