Sunday, April 3, 2011

Guest post: Sociopath song -- Sociopath


  1. Yeah, great song. Not...

    Fuck it. I am a narcissist.

  2. The song is one thing. The video says another. It says this guy is suffering. There's a gun next to him, he looks like he's in pain. Impending suicide or has he just committed murder.. But that is art and I don't care what that fabricated story is.

    But I'm curious. I have experienced someone being frustrated and depressed because of his inability to give based on the needs of another. I felt this person could sense the end was near. I think it depressed him and made him want to curse the "gods."

  3. Everything you said, Anonymous, is stupid.

  4. Classic - the lyrics are surprisingly dark.

  5. The cyber narcissist.

    By Sam Vaknin -

    To the narcissist, the Internet is an alluring and irresistible
    combination of playground and hunting grounds, the gathering
    place of numerous potential sources of narcissistic supply, a
    world where false identities are the norm and mind games the
    bon ton. And it is beyond the reach of the law, the pale of
    social norms, the strictures of civilized conduct.

    The somatic finds cyber-sex and cyber-relationships aplenty.
    The cerebral claims false accomplishments, fake skills,
    erudition and talents. Both, if minimally communicative, end up
    at the instantly gratifying epicenter of a cult of fans,
    followers, stalkers, erotomaniacs, denigrators, and plain nuts.

    The Internet is an egalitarian medium where people are judged
    by the consistency and quality of their contributions rather
    than by the content or bombast of their claims. But the
    narcissist is driven to distracting discomfiture by a lack of
    clear and commonly accepted hierarchy (with himself at the
    pinnacle). He fervently and aggressively tries to impose the
    "natural order" - either by monopolizing the interaction or, if
    that fails, by becoming a major disruptive influence.

    The narcissist - ever the intimidating bully - is not
    accustomed to such resistance. Initially, it may heighten and
    sharpen his paranoia and lead him to compensate by extending
    and deepening his grandiosity. Some narcissists withdraw
    altogether, reverting to the schizoid posture. Others become
    openly antisocial and seek to subvert, sabotage, and destroy
    the online sources of their frustration. A few retreat and
    confine themselves to the company of adoring sycophants and
    unquestioning groupies.

  6. One of my favorite uppity dark songs is Last Caress. That song can get stuck in your head for days :P

    If you don't get the lyrics/video, count yourself lucky :)

  7. You wouldn't happen to be attacking my music taste and personality on a sociopath blog, would you? :)

  8. I'm clearly an emofag for posting this song. Off to go and slit my wrists.

  9. If you call "goon" an attack on a sociopath blog, you are a seriously sensitive guy.

  10. My girly parts are a bloody mess right now, Medusa. You know how that goes. Throw me a choco bar and some midol, I need to unwind ^_^

  11. Medusa, stop rubbing dick around the web...

  12. I told you all, sociopaths are more sensitive than normal people, although it differs from the classis sensitivity.

  13. It's not a sensitivity in which you'd look at a dying individual and say "Aww poor you" it's a vengeful senitivity, sociopaths are very thin skinned, they can hide it with smooth conviction, but you will always see signs of anger, covert or overt.

  14. Really? Because I thought Medusa liked Danzig and was just being silly...

    But thanks for the analysis! I'll put it in my stack.

  15. I don't listen to Danzig. Someone compared me to him, is all.

    I only remember one cheesy ballad that I liked a loooong time ago.

    Never been much of a punk fan.

    Aerriane was a super-fan, though.

  16. Awwww, that's who it was!

  17. It's not a sensitivity in which you'd look at a dying individual and say "Aww poor you" it's a vengeful senitivity, sociopaths are very thin skinned, they can hide it with smooth conviction, but you will always see signs of anger, covert or overt.


    i think it's all in the eyes. you can almost feel their hatred by how they stare at you. and also body language. i have a friend that is very vengeful. vengeful people scare me, if i start to experience that emotion, that intense hate, i find ways to dispel it. but i also think there is a thin line between sociopaths and normal people, which makes sociopaths so hard to detect, at least the high functioning ones.

  18. There's a pretty big line between sociopaths and 'normal' folks. There isn't a very big line between what's required for ASPD and normal folks.

    You also get your varying degrees, your high/low functioning ones, the ones with co-morbidities, and then above that is psychopathy with many of the same issues too.

    As for people detecting my hatred or anger, sometimes they comment that they think I am, when I'm not aware how mad I look. I'm not feeling angry, just very focused...

    Vengeance is just something that needs to be taken care of more often than not. Sounds like your friend needs a new line of work/friends if he is constantly being back-stabbed or insulted.

  19. the reason i say there is a thin line is because given the right amount of circumstances, events, anger, etc. an empath can behave worse than a psychopath or sociopath. even though those incidents may be isolated, it still makes you question if you really know this person you thought you knew, and what they're capable of. i also see way too many socio-traits in so called normal people. "the wicked go astray from the womb-there is none good".

  20. I don't think sociopaths and psychopaths are horrible people. It's like getting angry at a dog for breaking into your cupboard for food whenever they get hungry. Except these dogs don't learn with the beatings not to do it if they think they can get away with it again.

    It's a life of amorality, not immature or passionate immorality. Yes, it does often lead to ill ends. But if someone was truly being a horrible person, or acted like a horrible person, wouldn't that require them to stray from their MO? Otherwise it's just business as usual, no?

    Just imagine what life would be like if morals and convictions had no pull over you. Imagine all the sorts of 'fun' you would get into. Would that make you a horrible person, or a free spirit?

  21. how do the different personality disorders signal that they are angry? i heard that a narcissist will just stand and stare at you like you are less than human or verbally bombard you. how do sociopaths/borderlines react?

  22. the people i suspect are socios are conniving, i get bad vibes from them. then again it could be me projecting. but then again, my intuition has never been wrong, and by never i mean never. so to answer your question, from my experience, socios are really sneaky.

  23. sneaky, meaning, they won't directly show you their anger but you better believe they are plotting your demise, like bad mouthing you behind your back so you don't get that job promotion, etc..

  24. No way? That goes on here anon.

  25. I prefer getting them fired, personally.

  26. It's funny how people think of the corprate world as soon as psychopathy is mentioned, the fact is that most psychopaths are parasites, wife beaters and control freaks.

    A certain few may go towards business, but 80% of the time providing the individual is actually a psychopath, the psychopath will change his mind and leave without thinking, narcissists are impulsive and psychopaths even more so, so it's rare for a person like that to reach the very top, when they do, they don't stop with what they have, psychopaths take everything for granted they feel they deserve it.

  27. Impulsiveness levels directly correlate to whether that person is high/low functioning, not their specific label per se.

    It has less to do with label and more to do with motivation and a means.

  28. I'm indifferently callous, I like to think that there is a selfish goal towards the harm I cause rather than me setting out to be an asshole.

    I don't care if someone calls me an asshole or a prick. It isn't my style to go out of my way to ruin someones day, not that I would overly care if I did, it's just not me, the cruely I inflict is goal orientated, every time I call my aunt a name it is to bring her down and bring me up, I don't feel bad when I do it nor do i feel good, I feel nothing, it has to happen, If she died right now I wouldn't care nor would i go to her funeral. I am indifferent not evil.

  29. I have a friend who talks about hedonism. I like this person very much. But he fully admits that if there were no boundaries, he'd only want more and more and more. I've asked him straight up if he thought he was a sex addict. He said: "Probably. I think so"

    It's a problem. Marry/love a sex addict, and there will be bumps in the road!

  30. They should invent a narc collar, zap me every time I abuse someone.

  31. "how do the different personality disorders signal that they are angry?"

    Let out a big sigh, focus inward, and measure words. Do the robot.

    If not, get throat checked for blood, run to the bathroom to spit it out.

  32. I have one of those. Want to come over for dinner, Adam?

  33. No, i only eat at Dorsea.

  34. If I'm angry you'll most likely know Anon, if not then and there, at some point. If I like you you'll definately know. If I don't, you'll most likely know. If I'm angry I'll attack you verbally and hard, if i'm in a rage, i may get physical, but that's rare. Or I'll go up to you in a controlled way and tell you to stay away from me.

    The narc I know, will try to destroy you verbally, and hurt you physically, in front of everyone. Similar styles, but differ in empathy, the narc, for me, appears merciless, cold.
    Also with anger, depends on impulse control, which differs from situation to situation, person to person.

    I believe the socio is more underhand, a silent assassin. But these guys can tell you more.
    I'm not gonna be plotting behind your back, I'd rather step away and leave the situation when it gets to that point, but i may still have a chuckle when something bad befalls you.

    Notable, did you ever find your beeper threatening? Or did you just chuckle under your breath when she raged?

    Also, is all anger defensive? If not, how can you tell the difference between a defensive attack, and something more cold at its heart?

  35. I did forget to mention, If the anger has had time to rest, (but it doesn't go away totally until I confront the situation), then my first option is always to talk with the person, explain to them that they hurt me in whatever way, and then see what happens from there. Depends on their response. So I'm capable of being reasonable, but I rarely forget a slight.

  36. Notable, i'm glad you posted that song on your blog. I accidentally deleted the one you sent me.
    I think that's gonna be my funeral song. Macabre?
    I do like it very much.

  37. oh i forgot to mention. I can also get withdrawn when angry. (me trying to control it). It's a mix of possibilities. meh.

  38. When someone offends me I just look at the person smirk, point my finger at them and burst out laughing, then I ridicule them on various things, it could be their girlfriends looks, or how little money they make. I'm always saying things like "you don't know who you are dealing with" or "you are a nobody compared to me" people think it's hilarious but I'm dead serious when I'm saying it.

  39. Underhanded? I guess it can be, but that's just your perspective. To me, I'm getting even or taking advantage of someone without a hitch. Why should it be honorable? That's ridiculous.

    It's not an obsession of living in the shadows, it's about keeping your head on your shoulders.


  41. I'm not saying honour is the issue.

  42. I know, I was just pointing out why, is all.

    Forgot to answer your other question. No, my beeper never intimidated me. She'd sometimes weird me out though when she had her dissociative episodes, notably the first time it happened.


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