Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Sociopath quote of the day: outplay

"You might get lucky and beat me, but you'll never outplay me."

-- Chris Ferguson, a.k.a. Jesus, poker champion


  1. it's pretty clear now that Zoe has fully embraced her narcissism. too bad narcissists rarely succeed in outsmarting their better half.

  2. Oh shut up, Anonymous. Your comment has absolutely no worthy contribution to a feasible discussion.


  3. ...and?

    you give this place far too much credit, 2.

  4. Anonymous: "...and?

    you give this place far too much credit, 2."

    I suppose. However, I'm not much for random bullshittery unless it's somehow amusing. (That's to say I already know about narcissists pretty well and if we were to discuss Zoe's narcissism, I'd be bored because it'd be a discussion of things I already know.)


  5. anonymous, don't be a bore. either put out or get out.

  6. "That's to say I already know about narcissists pretty well and if we were to discuss Zoe's narcissism, I'd be bored because it'd be a discussion of things I already know"

    you must know yourself pretty well then, zoe/2.

  7. anonymous, are you the same anonymous of above? i must have some status or power here in your eyes to be worthy of the sniping.

    but you don't get it. while i don't like narcissists, i could care less that you think i'm one, or that others might. see?

    you provide no details, no proof, no data, no substance. the narcissist in me wants to hear more! but you're too scared. you're too scared it might reveal more about you than me.

    you resent my taking up the space that you feel entitled to. but you don't have the courage to fight for it because fighting for it means you might lose, and losing would challenge your right to the mental pedestal you have placed yourself on. so all you can do is lurk and try to shoot others down.

    i've known your type in real life. you're quick to criticize and snipe at others (but only behind their backs) but so terrified of being criticized back that you share nothing with anyone, ever.

    you dare not even pick a make belief name and identity, in case it should provide us with something to grab on to and rock your precious pedestal.

    i think i will call you Precious.

  8. Anon: "you must know yourself pretty well then, zoe/2."

    This comment made me giggle. Are you somehow implying that I may be Zoe? Really? (I seem to be using the phrase "Really?" a bit frequently in my comments. Hummm.)

    Ok, let me take apart your oh-so-clever retort. I find the false veneer of intellect and wit that you portray to be quite silly.

    Stating that I know very well about something is perfectly normal. Stating that I would be bored to discuss said things because I already know about them is also normal.

    These two things are not narcissistic what-so-ever, even when combined.

    Is the evolutionist who says, "I don't want to debate with a theist because I've already discussed God and I know about the concept well, so it bores me" narcissistic? Of course not, Precious Anon.

    Oh, by the way, Zoe, can we keep it?! I promise to get all kinds of carpets that it can wet with insecurity!

  9. you do realize it not only piddles everywhere it goes but also sheds, shits, stinks, pukes, and makes noise?

  10. BUT ZOE.


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