Sunday, December 20, 2020

Brad Zoom!

Brad and M.E. talk about DMT and how it helped him to understand the interconnectedness of humanity, living life more outside the closet, keeping people on our radar, psychopathic gray rage, etc. 


  1. Funny that you were surprised about this peeing thing with female psychopaths, I've peed in public places many times too, but not publicly seen. Peed my pants twice - with a heightened sense of smell I couldn't stand having to smell my pee until I could do laundry, so I learned to stop doing it. Arya also mentioned Villanelle peeing in public (in the book) the first time you and Arya spoke to me on zoom. Haha!

    1. I find it fascinating and oddly alluring. How unusual it is, is hard to gage. Internet search confirms it is a fetish. The proportion of women sociopaths compared with general population does suggest it as more common to the group. Then again sociopaths are less inhibited so that many be a factor.

  2. Merry Christmas

    I'm pretty amazed at the features you can get in a cheap phone these days. It's not worth taking an expensive phone out riding with me, but I wanted something functional - really happy with my Motorola.

  3. Thanks to Brad for his openness and honesty. The idea that the manipulations and other things sociopaths get up to can be done to benefit rather than to hinder is interesting. The negative aspects could have been a reaction to perceived threats or just survival tactics.
    The ability to "see" people for what they are rather than what they think they are takes keen observation and a detached view point. Maybe we should have more sociopaths as therapists.


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