Saturday, April 9, 2011

Acting the part (part 2)

M.E.: I've been put in a situation at work recently with social rejects and it is amazing the sort of things I am able to get away with around them, little slip ups, etc., that used to trip me up with some of my smoother colleagues. I think I wrote about this once, that I do very well in the first 30 minutes of sustained talking to someone (very charming), but the longer it lasts, there is more mental fatigue plus I start running out of completely safe topics or canned material. I often think the best way to figure out whether someone is a sociopath or not is to force them to keep talking with you until they start to crack and you start to see what's underneath. It would depend on the person, but I think that someone familiar with sociopaths would definitely be able to notice warning signs after about 4-6 hours of sustained one on one interaction. The trick would just be to isolate the potential sociopath for that long.

The possibility of being outted through conversation is what makes a fake diagnosis of Asperger's appealing to me because when you do slip up they'll just attribute it to that rather than getting online and googling your symptoms…


:) The 30 minute conversation is a little long for me- I was always great for about 20. I find, now, that I can sustain long conversations better as long as I have a goal with each one, like, "During this conversation, I'm going to work toward getting participant A to agree with me on 3 statements, so he files me away as like-minded." or "During this conversation, I'm going to change her mind on this, which would make my life slightly easier." I still have a limit, certainly, and I definitely get the mental fatigue you mentioned, but more than that I get bored. A person's drivel just doesn't hold my interest unless I am actively doing something with it.

The asperger's Dx is definitely appealing for covering slip-ups. I mentioned the possibility of aspergers to my husband, but his response was something to the effect of, "You don't have aspergers. You're just a psychopath who wants to be lazy." He is so funny.

As far as detecting other p/s individuals, I do try to keep an eye out so as to not get in their way. Don't get me wrong- I will take something I want, but I'm not interested in starting something with another p/s unless it is worth the effort and potential exposure. Co-worker 2 from the story hit some key p/s points the first week I knew her. I actually came home the first day and told Aristotle that my first day was good and that he should watch out for coworker2 (my work does a lot of whole-family events, so he spends a good bit of social time with the job people). During a safety training, when the speaker was flashing up gruesome pictures of the bad that can happen when being unsafe with the kinds of materials and equipment we use, I scanned the faces around the room, and all but two were disgusted immediately. Coworker 2 smiled first. :) Since, I've seen her mask slip just a little, here or there. At lunch, when the chatter moves to something morally or ethically based, she always waits for another's opinion and piggy-backs. When anything controvercial comes us, she takes the groups temperature before committing. Finally, the girls and I were all out drinking recently, when we were sharing our back-stories, and her's was one of early divorce, managing a mother with a pd, and mild sexual abuse by a step father. Nothing earth-shattering, but certainly triggers for a potential p/s. :)


  1. What's the point? Something fishy is going on..

  2. my guess is that m.e. is an aspie, the first sign was when he said he hated bullies, now he is having an identity crisis so he's trying to create his own definition of psychopathy.

  3. Psychopaths are irresponsible and unreliable. They do not honor contracts, undertakings, and obligations. They are unstable and unpredictable and rarely hold a job for long, repay their debts, or maintain long-term intimate relationships. Psychopaths are vindictive and hold grudges. They never regret or forget a thing. They are driven, and dangerous. Psychopaths possess a limited time horizon and seldom make medium or long term plans. They are impulsive and reckless, aggressive, violent, irritable, and, sometimes, the captives of magical thinking, believing themselves to be immune to the consequences of their own actions.

    Thus, psychopaths often end up in jail, having repeatedly flouted social norms and codified laws. Partly to avoid this fate and evade the law and partly to extract material benefits from unsuspecting victims, psychopaths habitually lie, steal others' identities, deceive, use aliases, and con for "personal profit or pleasure" as the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual puts it.

  4. Hey guys

    I may be off subject here but I am new here.

    I have a question for the socipaths her.

    What does it mean to be a sociopaths favorite?

  5. it means he is the least bored with you.

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  7. Hey you guys are online this am great!

    It would be more helpful to an empath to expound a bit.

    I am in a relationship which has been off and on for several months and I have read this and other sites at nausism.

    I really need to know if a SO professes love and comitment and show signs of that does that meean the wont screw other poeple and lie as it is your nature?

  8. WTF?

    I have read this blog for some time and you ssem to like to jabber on about your behaviors all the time.

    I am just trying to understand you bent bastards in my own weak empathetic way.


  10. confused, take it easy woman, i was having breakfast. it is not like we're paid to sit here and help you with your issues.

    don't buy the bullshit people tell you, look at their actions.

    men like to work with a portfolio of lovers, and they each hear the same 'yo're my most praised possession.'

    Get a portfolio of people yourself until exclusivity is sealed in (and requested by the guy with a ring put on the thing). That way you are not spending your minutes whether this asshole is really only with you, but more like arranging your availability for your other lovers (like he is doing it with you). Eventually you may like to dump him before he dumps you. Or, he realizes the competition is tough and he wants to have babies with you and marries you (then starts cheating on you, but that is another issue, accept the beast, men have more testosterone than you so they will want to fuck more and they don't care what hole is available as far as looking for a place for their stick).

    By the way this discussion applies to all men, not just sociopaths.

  11. confused, what is nausism?

  12. OK let’s clear up a misunderstanding.
    I am guy with a SO girlfriend.
    My SO is just beginning to admit that she “might be” a SO and we both want to make this work in spite of her condition and predisposition to lie and fuck around. However she does admit to the fucking around part.
    I just want your opinion on whether or not a SO women is capable and or likely to stop fucking a sucking other guys when she swears she want a life with me ONLY and tells me I am her ”favourite”.

  13. Sorry for my bad typing.

    She does admit to fucking or sucking anyone ever outside of a relationship which I know is bullshit.

    I mave have missplelled nausim I meant to say I have researched SO for months on blogs and websites and she is.

  14. That's interesting. I mean, in all honesty, it's refreshing to see that women are reaching equality on the testosterone scene as well.

    So, my advice does not change. Think of yourself as a pioneer in the front where men finally have to deal with women like themselves.

    I don't understand why you don't want to believe what she says. I mean, as far as I am concerned if my lover tells me she is fucking around even if she does not I assume she does. WHat's your problem? Why are you so codependent? Go have a testosterone check, you may need supplement.

    Try turning things around. You tell her you're fucking around too. Or, is it that you are doing it anyway and not telling her but being a woman plus a socio she sees through you?

    What is your own truth, confused?

  15. IU've experienced similar things to you and your reader, ME. Very nice post, today. Long-term conversation can feel like a marathon at times...

    Confused, what are you actually confused about? If she's actually a sociopath, and trusted you enough to tell you, then consider yourself blessed. If you actually love her, work something out, just know what you're dealing with. I've never told a lover before, and probably never will.

    The alternative is that she's just yanking your chain, trying to seem more cold and heartless than humanly normal, so you can let her go.

    Telling a lover your biggest secret, that's not something common among folks like us that really do have this issue. The potential ramifications can be extreme.

  16. And don't listen to that twat, squelless. Ridiculous advice gleaned from shitty dating sites and Cosmo magazine.

  17. i was about to say g'mornin note. now i say, dip your head in the toilet, you need a face wash, note. i love you, shit face.

    did you feel threatened by a new breed of woman, all of a sudden, m.f'er?

  18. oh, your eyes, got a piece of shit in the corners.. wipe those off, pseudosocio note.

  19. confused, did you learn anything from The Notable Path? we typically call him Not Able Path, or note out here. he is one of the high strung, narcissistic, semi-macho pseudosocios here. but he gives a damn good b-job when he wants to, so he's useful.

  20. OK guys my serious bad here.

    I just re-read my post.

    Fuck I am not just an idiot empath but I left the word NOT.

    As in she does NOT and will NOT admit to any wrong doing.

    She tells me I am her favorite and when ever i get close to busting her on lies and fucking around she tells the classic it my "anxeities" etc and she has done nothing despite the evidence.

    sorry again for the bad typing.

  21. you deserve to suffer, confused.

    answer the specific questions, and start talking about your own shit, jealous piece of crap. she may not be the socio, you may be the one with npd or bpd. You sure sound like a beeper. I'm referring you to Not Able, he likes spending time with people like you.

  22. Ha. "I'm sorry, no socio is available to take your call right now, please try again later."

  23. Hey aqueless

    I am very willing to say I a fuck up BPD etc.

    I just asked you all if you are capable of monogomy when you want to or not.

    I dont think the fact that screwed up my orignal post should exclude me here.

    I have seen you entertain some stupid empath shite.

  24. adam/note/UKan, etc.April 9, 2011 at 7:45 AM

    no, socios are NOT capable of monogomy.

    BUT, we don't trust your diagnosis of her as socio.

    WE don't like it when people freely give away the title that BELONGS to US.


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  26. If you read messed up string of posts and all the replies.

    She has studied over her lifetime Hares definetion of sociopath and has recently with me started talking about it so she is not by my standard a SO but by her own admitiance.

    Thank you for the simple admition that a SO is incapable of monogomy despite her denials and best outgoing messaging to the contrary.

    It just stupid of a empath to enter into an conversation with a So who has a vested interest in continue a relationship were she is getting benifits from the lies so I apoligize to you for my inept empath bullshit.

    I tip my hat to your honesty on the subject.

  27. confused, not just original post, not a typo. how confused or moronic or a troll are you?

    she does fuck around, why are you putting on a mask now? Tell us what's wrong with you? small stick? just give a good b-job, and buy a bigger plastic stick.

    hire note to help you if necessary, get over your performance anxiety. kesu may be available for hire as well.

    confused said...
    OK let’s clear up a misunderstanding.
    I am guy with a SO girlfriend......
    My SO is just beginning to admit that she “might be” a SO..... However she does admit to the fucking around part.

    April 9, 2011 6:42 AM

  28. as painful as it is to admit, dump her is the best advice you got so far. can you dump her?

  29. Don't pay attention to those rascal's.

    If your confused it's because she's conflicting in her words and actions.

    Confusion is a greart tool.

  30. "I just asked you all if you are capable of monogomy when you want to or not."

    Capable, definitely.

    Congratulations on taking life-changing advice from a troll at a Sociopath website (squeless).

    They never listen, do they? Nope. You will indeed get what you deserve.

  31. Well you guys definetly have the upper hand being devoid of emotion is a great thing in advancing yuo agenda.

    i wont the classic simp empath and rail on you.

    I am more curios than anything.

    You presnet a interesting canundrum to me.

    Forget the girlfriend I was fucked with her before I started i get that.

    I have mussed that in the time I have studied SO's that it would be much easier to get through this shit life having no emtional bagage.

    It just seems we are both cursed me with to much emtion and you with none.

    I guess the grass always looks greener etc etc.

  32. Hey did you get tired or go for lunch or what?

  33. yeah, and when note says 'he ' is capable what he really means is that he is not monogamous by choice, because he is capable of everything, being a grandiose narcissist socio.

    Socios are capable for anything for a short while, but the question of what is in it for me, and the lack of remorse/regret/etc. will always result in them dumping (and steadily losing in life).

    socio or empath, people lose one way or the other,; so live your fucking present w/o worrying about past/present or your lover's whereabouts.

  34. confused, you really are one needy little creature. stay around here, and learn from these people how to not give a damn much.

    you'd make a great beta for someone here. any takers?

  35. Hey, what if your beta picks up on the things you do or say and turn it on you, joking like,
    When you can't meet them they say "you suck" so when they can't meet you tell them they suck.

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  37. Now we have a conversation.

    I am not sure what a beta is but I'll bet if it means being codependant sucker for SO them I it!

    You are quick to tell us empaths we are weak and lost but you don't offer much in the way of info on how you manage us.

    i am very curious.

    would it help if offered scenario from our perspective then you could reply as to how you manouver us to get what you want?

    Like we say "I love and need and you say the same but really mean XXX?

  38. just when you bored the hell out of all the socios here you think you now have a conversation.

    maybe you are an aspie, lol. how old are you? seventeen?

    empath does not mean that your heart can break. what makes you think you are an empath?

  39. OK anonymous dick weed!

    You are just an "also ran" chiming like a bith!

    If you got something worthwhile to say then say it!

    I mentioned the "conversation to limped dicked fucks SO's!

    Please excuse my empatheic rant calling you an idiot!

    I honour a SO's superior position of NOT being imcumbered by emotion but that does give dolts like you cart blanche on being an ass hole!

    You fuck and I am 46 and sick of you!

  40. I told you confused don't let them get to you.

    What you read them saying to you on here is pretty much what goes through their heads when their with people they hang with.

    So her inner monologue has simularities.

  41. is english a second language confused?
    either way you sound like a fucking idiot

  42. At least confused has some spunk, eh? Refreshing.

    Ok, Confused. This is how it works.

    You and I are together. You're good company, and I'm endearing. However, I'm not connected to you. There's nothing you can do to prove you are the superior in the relationship. Any attempt at dominance is a laughable offense, because I genuinely believe I am superior to you in almost every way, and there is little you can do, if anything, to prove otherwise. I see you as a simple creature, but simple pleasure is what I seek. Nothing complicated. I can't feel 'complicated' because I lack a cornerstone of emotions, called compassion.

    Sleeping around with other people won't bother me, but I do like you for what you provide. Warmth, loyalty, and hopefully decent in the sack. It's nice to have someone like you instead of just brown nosing you. Save the admiration for the real NPD narcissists.

    The only thing stopping me from cheating on you is that I see something good for me that I want to keep, and cheating might compromise that. If I want to cheat on you, it's either that you are now boring/not fulfilling my needs, or that I want some excitement in life to cure the tedium of life.

    My suggestions? Keep things interesting. Go on adventures, go travel, see new things, try new places. It'll be taxing, but the alternative is that you lose her. Do you really want that?

    Because although a sociopath may lack many emotions, they're pretty practical motherfuckers and know a good thing when they see it. She clearly hasn't given up on you. It's all in your hands now. Your alternative at 46 is to be single again and try your luck with younger divorcees or washed up cougars. Perhaps having a sociopath girlfriend wouldn't be such a bad thing for a guy like you. At least she'll always be looking out for her own best interest, and if you make that your best interest, it can work.

  43. The only thing stopping me from cheating on you is that I see something good for me that I want to keep, and cheating might compromise that"

    you are worse than m.e for creating new definitions, it's because you'd feel bad if you did it just admit it and drop the bad boy persona.

  44. Projecting, much?

    Did it hurt the first time you cheated on someone, or were you ashamed that you didn't feel bad about it? Or perhaps you were cheated on, and the dagger in your heart scarred you too deep. It must be very sad and pathetic for you, coming here to pick fights under the comfort of being anonymous. It must make you feel some small measure of power, trying to slander your superior. Does it get you off? Trying to push my buttons? No, please go on. My personal favorites are being called Narcissist and Bad Boy. I can certainly be quite naughty. But you'll find I don't react to punishment very well, my dear. By all means, carry on. Squiggle around some more, worm. Show us your slimy layer as you eat the dirt you slither in.

  45. Thats Note words of wisdom or verbal beating, all dished out accordingly.

    And the beatings will continue till morale improves.

  46. Thanks to TheNoteablepath

    I am trying to gain a concensus which may not be possible.

    I have spoken with my SO and she is despaate to make it "all good again"

    This is somewaht irelevant as she is as he says but what are her motives?

    Clearly she needs and desire my adoration and yes insane sex. OK

    Empaths need more not much though just commitment and truth, but that seems like a million miles away.

    Just please answer the question can she be with one perosn sexually or not even if I work my hardest to exciting as you say?

    It is obvious she is fucking around now so how does one capture a sociopath?

  47. Is a big secret you guys hold on dumb fuck empaths?

    If this so fucked then just say I a dumb fuck wishing for nervana.

  48. Capture is not your goal, silly. Being allowed in to admire her splendor is. She is like a wild tiger, dear.

    I agree with Note on the adventures. This is the single most important point for keeping her for sure. This will stimulate your creativity. Take up tango. Fly her to Argentina. Learn tantra. Rock her world. Get it.

    Your addiction to serving her needs and the internal adventure and puzzle boxes she provides will keep you enthralled, entertained.

    Just remember self-care. A place she cannot touch you can go to to regenerate, such as running, martial arts. This is one of the reason people have affairs, its the perfect form of regeneration. Yet its complicated. At least in Jiu-Jitsu you get a belt. Stimulating sublimation is the secret to monogamy.

    I will borrow one of Medusa many furs for your wedding.

  49. It's not just your love and adoration she needs if she's cheating.

    You should make your relationship more casual and not look for a future, but thats just my opinion.

    One day at a time can be like night and day. Tryto step back and watch, be like a third party.

    If she's cheating she might stop. If she sees she can't make you believe her and it doesn't pull you in deeper like she's the grand prize.

  50. BTW Your desire to "capture" is cute. So much pain. very male. Kinda sexy. I see you with a club sitting around a fire like a Neanderthal. I love when I am desired for capture. Good luck I say.

  51. it would seem this is a about guys and girls.

    Hey if could fuck a terorize people with remorse I would but I can't.

    If this conversation is purley entertainment them one of yuo fucks might have the balls to tell me I out to lunch!

  52. You're one neurotic piece of work. No wonder she's kept you around :) It's always the boring ones that need to go.

    She CAN be monogamous, you should ask yourself, and her, why she isn't content with you. No two people are exactly the same. Perhaps she does have motives, but more likely she's acting on impulse or desire. Sociopathy is a cluster of cognitive and behavioral tendencies. And since no two sociopaths are exactly the same, at best you'll get a few people agreeing with each other on a good day.

    As I said before, she saw something good, and she wants to keep it. Find out why she is sabotaging that, and see if it can be remedied. If not, a bachelors life for you! Unless you're willing to risk STDs and possible pregnancies from different loins. To each their own.

  53. Yes, she probably could be with one person, given enough reason.

    Why do you want to be with someone who does all these that hurt you so much? Masochist? Feel like you deserve it? Or maybe, are you trying to change her?

  54. Is Notable the only voice of reason herin?

    Thank you and thank you again!

    Ya I am a fucked up mess! Take fucking good look idiots ALL OF YOU!

    I am a product of a fucked life which make chum for the sharks i.e. you all!

    This person has extended what I belive to be an olive branch albeit the most fucked up branch there is.

    She truly wants the perfect life but cant get over her nature as I cant stop being a codenpendant loser.

  55. YA like hello!

    That does take away my loerdom.

    By the way I am very bright which only make this more fucked up for me to continue.

    Everything I have read says "RUN FAST AND HARD AWAY!"

    I have one last thing to ask and please try to just answer instead of abusing me as easy as I make.

    Can this work or should just give up?

  56. I can't believe you are replying to this idiot, I stopped reading his comment after the first.

  57. Of course it can work.

    Do you think, sincerely, that she is a scary person that you need to run and hide away from? What has she done to betray you other than spread her legs for other men?

    A history of betrayal is a good tool for measuring danger levels. Let's hear what she has done in the past, so we can better understand what you have been going through.

    You can run and hide all you like. The coward's way is always easiest. I've found that option on attractive when it's life and death situations, though. So let's hear it. What has she done to you?

  58. But fundamentally you enjoy it?
    Then yeah, it'll work.

  59. I wouldn't forgive being cheated on. Get rid of her or cheat on her with someone else.

  60. So dick wad Adam is out of scope for a reasonable conversation.

    Go fucking pull the wings of a fly dimwit!

    The other guys seem to engage something inteligent.


    She has lied about all things even the shit that does not matter.

    That digestable except when i comes to fucking around on me I am sorry that is a non starter for me.

    we recently had a really good talk as close to the real she that is and she said she fucked up in the early day and after we have spent serious time togehter I believe she knows that I know she is a SO or whatever and she wants it to work. She has fucked and sucked for months and now say she is committed but what do I have to verify TRUST in her wordÉ With huge gaping holes in her schedule it does take a rocket scientist to figure out she is lying.

    So you say if she wants it to be real just go with the flow and take the cock in her mouth as part of the gameÉ

    If that is the best then I am out.

  61. You have to consider what he's going through, Misanthrope, not how you would react. He's clearly having dissonance, who comes to a sociopath website for dating advice anyway? Haha.

    Hey, if she's willing to go monogamous, then do whatever. But if it feels like a rule you are imposing, I guarantee you 100% she will break it. Just tell her that if she wants to make it work, then show that she's up to it. If she cheats again, dump her ass, just don't tell her you will, otherwise she will see you as a threat to her authority and superiority.

    Basically say, 'If you want this to work, show me that you are willing to.' Don't say anymore than that. Don't put her in a corner, but don't let her walk all over you too. Stand the middle ground.

  62. I have a question for you all.

    Have any of you admited to an empath who yuo were encolved with that you were either a SO or fucked around and to what end did tht work out?

    You like to suggest how I might work tis shit out but I bet you fucks have never came clean to any other than a blog. yes/no?

  63. I was around at my mothers house yesterday for dinner, I usually make my own when I'm over at her house because she is extremely unhygenic, but she promised she would make sure it was clean. I always check everything in her house before I eat with or off it, I seen her let a filthy cat eat from a dinner plate once and from then on I did everything myself.

    She prepared the dinner and put it in front of me, just as i was about to eat a carrot I seen a little black spot on the carrot, i looked closer and it was this strange fly looking thing. I exploded with anger, called her a fat filthy worthless peice of shit, I bombarded her with name calling for another five minutes, then i got bored so i decided to go lower with the verbal abuse.

    I told her that she was worthless and mocked her codependance, I said that she was programmed to accept abuse by her tyranical father, she said the usual, that I'm a prick and she was glad she wasn't made of stone, in an attempt to mock me. I knew i was getting to her, every time I turn up the heat she needs a cigarette to calm her nerves, I mocked her on that also lol.

  64. Hey Notable

    Are you sure you are a SO?

    You seem way to empathetic to my cause?

    Don't get me wrong I would have given up on your mates a long time ago a just figured it out.

    No disrepect intended but they are NOT the sharpest knives the drawer.

  65. Alot of people seem to come here for dating and relationship advice. I remember a while back it was all that alot of people could talk about. This place is like a vacuum for all different kinds of fucked up and unusual people.

  66. What esle do you ding dongs chat about other than how you fuck us idiots over with our own weak as emtional shit?

    Duh! If we did not beg your opinions what would you do with yuo time? like fuck that bitch one more time in the ass? LMAO

  67. I honestly can't wait until my mom dies, I'm due like 200k when that happens, I say it to her, how the fuck are you not dead yet? Every time I look at you you are smoking and you are vastly overweight, just die, and give me my hard earned money.

  68. I can't stand the way this fagot types. Yes you dumb ass if she cheated once then she will always cheat. The hell is wrong with you? How can she stand to have someone as idiotic as you around. You fucking jabber on and on endlessly with your insecurity. Can you even form coherent thoughts? Do you talk like you type? If you do I would fucking cut you. I hate idiots. Neurotic beeper idiots are even worse. Now shut the fuck up. You made me read 64 comments of dribble for nothing on a god damn Saturday and I am not even usually in my house of Saturdays. This is fucking bullshit.

  69. Amen to that, Misanthrope. I just find it very funny, in a sad sort of way.

    No disrespect taken, confused. But don't mistake advice for empathy. If you look around here, and ask questions the right way, you can get what you want or need. Yelling and calling people dickwads isn't very effective when dealing with children though (or obstinate adults), and there are many children here.

    I get emails and messages from a lot of people with the same sort of questions in similar positions. I've advised you, a few other people have, and now you know what you can do.

    I do have a feeling though that you are royally going to fuck it up. I guess it's hard to keep a cool head when it comes to something so thoroughly wrapped up and strangled by emotions. Break a leg!

  70. Adam, I knew that was you before reading your name.

    You are too fucking cute and amusing.

    Confused, Note's has more censor's in his brain that work then most and it's probly because he pushes his thought process out of it's box.

  71. I like how notable calls anyone who is openly abusive a "child". It's a blog, helping people on here isn't going to get you or me anything, the only reason you could be doing it is for the good of it.

    I come here to tell my stories and get feedback, not help people, if I wan't to abuse people then I will.

  72. I've been called alot of things but cute isn't one of them.

  73. I was referring to children in the literal sense, Adam. Such as under legal Adult age. Perhaps your own insecurities are slipping through.

    Never called cute? That is a damn shame. Perhaps you are so angry and misanthropic because your hideous mother's fruit didn't fall far from the tree =/ We all can't be blessed with good looks, I guess. Maybe you can compensate somehow.

  74. I want to ask a question, do any of you ever have an emotion or feelings in dreams that you don't have when awake?

  75. I meant cute and cuddly. It's rather the opposite, nothing to do with looks. It's hard to take you seriously, you come off as if you are stuck in the victorian England era or something.

  76. I very rarely dream, and if I ever do I can't remember them.

  77. Heaven forbid you take me seriously! Think of the consequences.

    I'm not sure, This I Know. I don't remember feeling during dreams, but I haven't had a dream in a very long time... I think I might, nothing sticks out as a sensation I haven't felt in real life.

  78. "and mocked her codependance"

    I'll laugh if that back fires. It's your aunt and mothers codependacy that keeps you off the streets you fucking trust fund baby.

  79. Haha Misanthrope, don't tell me you work, do you?

  80. If it backfires, we mostly likely won't hear about it, Misanthrope. Who will pay his internet bills?

  81. I can remember my dreams that are close to waking up and I do things and feel stuff that is nothing like reality.

    I probly wake up from a dream thats intense every night.

  82. I rarely dream. I had some recurring dreams when I was a child. One was I was some sort cop detective. My partner got killed, sliced to shreds, by some midgets. It made me mad so I went off and killed the midgets. They were trying to kill me too. I never really had nightmares as a child either. Just a few. My response was always to just go back to sleep. I did have the falling dream more then once. I don't try to hold onto the memory of my dreams so it is hard for me to say whether I have emotions that I lack during the day in my dreams.

  83. Oh man! Adam just called someone else hard to take seriously!

  84. I've never had a nightmare. I've had some weird shit happen, but never something that scared or flipped me out.

  85. Back when Bill Clinton became President I had a dream he was coming on to me and took his dick out and it was bent (crooked) and then when the whole Monica Lewinski thing came out which was months later she said his penis was crooked. LMAO

  86. I still have fear responses. Like looking down from the edge of a cliff will make my heart race and adrenalin pump. It just doesn't make it to the outside.

  87. You have a keen, prophetic mind for phallus, This I Know. You might be able to predict the next Big porn star.

    Have you considered soliciting your services?

  88. I use to fall alot in dreams, down stairs and off high things.

    I've also had quite a few where I've killed in self defence.

  89. 'Adam

    My story above'

    No way. I would never have guessed. Not in a million years. ;/

    Adam. You are the funniest creature here. God love ya.

  90. I really don't love Adam...

  91. Thanks Note, I actually have alot of sex in dreams, but life has enough to offer me that I don't need to solicit.

    Unless your offering?

  92. Notme, stop giving me all those credentials, the narcissists will be at my throat. :P

  93. "don't tell me you work, do you?"

    I'n a way. I do things to make money, you could call it work. Point is that whatever I do I do It myself. I don't have a safety net. When my parents threw me out during my teens I had make my own way, I didn't get to go live with my aunt. I doubt you'd survive one minute on your own. You're not a sociopath. You're probably not even a narc or whatever you've decided to be today. You're just a spoilt brat.

  94. Not, not offering, This I Know.

    Medusa might be able to help you out, though. She apparently has experience with the porn industry.

  95. Ahhhhh, I'm not into bitches that have idenity/gender issues or have to dominate every conversation, stateing their opinion as fact.

    Now I'll just go off and lick my wounds.
    Maybe fall asleep and lick Bill's dong.

  96. "When my parents threw me out during my teens"


  97. Last dream I had, I was sitting on a chair staring at a wall. Then I woke up.

  98. Adam, I doubt they'll care. Get the hint.
    Adam! Wake the hell up you insane little munchkin. :D

  99. you were staring at you're future, a nut ward wall.

  100. I do. I believe the last time I took note of it was when I broke up with an s/p type. Chilling.

    It was definitely a wake up call.

  101. Notme, Adam wouldn't be any fun if he woke up, he'd probably start crying all over the place. :)

    Aha! Word-verification = sychos!

  102. You have such high standards, This I Know.

  103. No, I won't accept you're reality, my word is law, I'm going to force my reality onto you're petty reality.

  104. I know tn. It's definately a sacrifice. But I did enjoy calling him an insane little munchkin.
    And I love just yelling Adam! randomly. Kinda like telling a little naughty child off.

    Adam, my reality would fuck with your mind honey-bun.

  105. I hope i never become humble, humble is another word for defeated.

  106. That was a really humble thing to say Adam.

    It is fun isn't it, notme!

  107. You can only be honestly humble when confident.

    I bet you like humble people.

  108. Destructive traits:

    Accepting what's given
    Self Directed
    Taking other points of view

  109. What is wrong with you, anon 1:41 ?

    Alot of the above is what that TED speaker Indian/Brit was talking about when he was talking about soft power. You are a bunch of stupid people.

    That's it, I'm off to lovefraud where women who were defrauded keep getting fooled.

  110. @I love Tn


    Like that baby? I can be really humble for you.

  111. Oh dear, been a while has it Adam? Can't say I'm surprised...

  112. mis, note, notme, would you be interested in having sum freaky group sex with me and my phillipeno house maid?

  113. Soulfulpath said...
    BTW Your desire to "capture" is cute.

    I see you with a club sitting around a fire like a Neanderthal.

    April 9, 2011 11:13 AM

    I saw him with a fishing pole capturing his own shadow....

  114. Adam said...
    My story above.

    April 9, 2011 11:50 AM

  115. I am so lonely today, it's unbelievable. I almost fancy this confused guy's situation that he at least has some socio who is willing to spend some time around him.

    It is really taking me away from my loneliness when I come out here. I start enjoying the irony in the place, and get readjusted thinking 'I can't take myself seriously' when I see how everyone else here takes themselves so seriously. It's an amazing mirror of truth, SW is. All you have to do is just look at it.

  116. I have the urge to kick you scell. I don't know why exactly but I do know I have the urge to kick you.

  117. Kick me slow than eat me long.

  118. Sounds fun. Time and place.

  119. :) I'll go take a bubble bath, Kesu. Will leave the light out for you.

  120. will you suck my asshole after i take a dump and forget to wipe, kes?

  121. I think the most hilarious part of Sociopathy/Psychopathy is that the more self aware you are, the more you realize that you really are a monster. It's completely counter productive, if you ask me.

    But someone has to be the monster. Why not us?

  122. if you say so, the fat lady sang...

  123. Does that fat lady ever do Spoken Word?

  124. you know, it ain't over till the fat lady sings. i put a period at the end of your statement by having her sing. last words were yours.

  125. Charlie called, he wants his worm back. Squiggle, motherfucker, squiggle.

  126. You know what note. I actually agree. I was thinking yesterday that this place is actually bad for my mental health.

  127. Not everyones idea of a monster is the same though.

  128. What's your point?

  129. Being a monster by being cruel to someone might make us a saint in the eyes of someone else, if they feel that person deserved it.

  130. This comment has been removed by the author.

  131. Being a monster by being cruel to everyone is the general idea of a monster.

  132. No. Being a monster is a sum of your parts forming a larger, cohesive creature. No single act defines a person's entirety.

    Pretty much everyone has their moments of cruelty. Learn something better to use.

  133. Hello, Emily May. What brings you to these parts?

  134. "My reality would fuck with your mind honey-bun" as quoted by the inner monster of notme.

    "Not everyones idea of a monster is the same though" quoted from the inner monster/saint dimension of I love tn.

    "Being a monster is a sum of your parts" is Note idea of divide, comingle and conquer.

    Question . . . Does knowing one's monster make one more opt to leash it for show (the Dolce and Gabbana leash) or for control (chain link with spike collar)?

  135. Knowing my inner-monster means accepting the reality that it exists, and when you accept that, it becomes a real, conscious part. It's no longer stumbling through life, doing your own thing. You look at situations from a new angle, an outside angle. It allows introspection where I've had none before, a careful dissection of character.

    And some monsters we have hidden, at least for me, go deeper than a simple PD.

  136. Ram Das was asked in an interview what happened to his neurosis after all his years of exploration and consciousness work, his answer . . . "what used to be monsters in my life are now little chamoozes I invite over for tea."

  137. Hi guys I am back and I have a new wrinkle in my stupid story.

    I cut a so called deal with my SO which you wil laugh at.

    She say she is a liar but has not had any sex with anyone other than me for the entire time we have had a realtionship which is over 6 months.

    You tell me if that is possble?

  138. Possible? Yes. It's certainly not impossible. Improbable? I dunno, haven't met the broad.

  139. Well she has told over time she has failed in every relationship she has had and she admited to fucking around before.

    I may be a dumb empath but I don't think I am that special that she all of sudden is going straight just for me.

  140. It is what it is.

  141. OK so you tired of me I get it.

    All I have been after in all these posts is a for a SO to be straight up as your on the internet hiding behind nick names and state the obvious about my SO.

    That is to confirm or not that if she is a SO that whatever she says is a manipulation to get me to provide sex, adoration etc.

    I have seen other threads where you jump in and state your SO point of view so why are you so redicent?

  142. that's about the third time fendaril comes here, leaves a comment, then deletes it, and leaves.

  143. It's a shame. I looked her up online and she looks painfully average :(

    We gave you our point of view. Now you're back asking the same questions. You're now being more boring than before. Go away and enjoy time with your 'I'm not quite sure if she's SO slutty' girlfriend.

    Best of luck. Break a leg.

  144. stop telling people to break a leg you sadist. ;)

  145. Notable I have gotten from you is "it is what it is"

    Is it possble to get a female SO response?

  146. How good are you actually in bed? Are you worth it?

  147. My SO girlfriend say she has the most amazing sex with me does that get me an anwser to my question?

    I could hook with you if that helps? lol

    My question is that my SO girlfriend swears she has fucked around on me all evidence to the contrary. Specificly that she has told me about fucking around all her life.

    My question is is it lilely or even possible if she value me as her stated favorite that she can be monogmous?

  148. Holy fuck this shit is boring.

  149. this guy confused, supposedly 46 years old, comes across as 17 to me, how about you guys? How dumb is he really, or is he fucking up with us?

    Today watched a nova science program. They showed a person who kept saying da da da. Then they said close your eyes and tell what the person is saying and this was it sounded ba ba ba. Then they explained it that they actually taped someone saying ga ga ga but did a voice over someone saying ba ba ba. Sure enough when we looked at the person we saw da da da. Their point was that hearing clues almost always are a combo of hearing and visual clues. So ga ga combo translates da da.

    This is the only true learning coming today That guy confused, he was the most boring ever. Sleep over, shake him, shape up..

  150. girlfriend of confused boring empathApril 9, 2011 at 9:29 PM

    I cannot decide if I should be just with my boyfriend. He has been on the computer all day. He must be cheating on me.

  151. Confused, monogamy is a choice, as is an orifice. There are no certainties in this world so make sure you're getting something more out of a liaison than just someone else's changeable choice to let you put your stick in their vajayjay. Gold-diggers and sperm-thieves have the right idea. You, my dear boy, are just a pussy-whipped loser.

  152. none of you can be socios, socios don't know how to use a computer.

  153. you are all dead.

  154. Her first boyfriend told her he killed a person in his teens. She was in love with him until he cheated on her. Then she took him back. Before all this, she had her roommate fuck him in front of her so that she could desensitize herself because she knew deep down he was probably a dog -atleast he was before he met her. Later, he cheated with members of her clan. That roommate of hers is the one who made him tell her he did so. (Later on in life, she heard that he told a close mutual one that SHE was the person in his life who taught HIM that he'd never be a faithful person.) Guess he was sorry but would not ever have changed anyway. She had become undone, and her doctors did the best they could. But she was scarred. Scar tissue is the strongest tissue. The only thing that helps is daily massage, stretching, use of the area, blah blah blah.. But the pain will always be there. No?

  155. Very late to the game today...

    @confused... Enjoy what you have for now. Don't get too emotionally attached. If you already are, learn to be permissible and don't bother with possessiveness. Have fun, keep it interesting and if your girl is cheating on your, what stops you from doing the same? People want what they want. Some people are willing to do more than others. Figure out what it is you're willing to do, put up with, and stick to it. Keep your eyes open. Have fun while it lasts.

  156. This comment has been removed by the author.

  157. Dude. If she says she fucking around on you, and you're her favorite... It means she enjoys playing/being with you, but there is no evidence to the contrary that she isn't stepping out. Take her for her word. You may be her favorite, but you are not her only. It is what it is.

  158. I find that it's much easier just not talking. People love to tell other people about their problems, their relationships, blah blah blah. Keeping your mouth shut and feigning attention goes a long way toward giving yourself an image as a "good listener". Keep a little bit of canned wisdom in the pantry and you'll Gandalf everyone into liking you or leaving you alone.

    Also, squeless, are you seeing anyone right now?

  159. What should one invest in such a relationship as confuseds? How did 'boredom' become the favorite trigger of the whole plethora of the subconscious's diarrhea?


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