Monday, May 31, 2010

Sociopaths in the news: predator

This article is worth reading about a textbook sociopath running amok:
With wonder and horror, authorities and associates are recounting a singular crime spree in which, they say, a dogged con man exploited others' goodwill or greed.

"This guy wanted that quantum leap," said Greg Ovanessian, a veteran San Francisco police fraud inspector, "from zero to everything."

In his wake, authorities say, he left ruin. He contributed to the 2008 closure of New College of California in San Francisco, which had been around for 37 years. He is accused of conning an art collector out of $400,000 - money he blew in Las Vegas.

In the capper, police say, Niroula and an odd band of accomplices killed a Palm Springs retiree and tried to sell his home. That has the 28-year-old Niroula - whom San Francisco prosecutors call the "Dark Prince" - in a Riverside County jail awaiting a Sept. 7 murder trial.
Among the priceless text messages Niroula sent to friends and lovers:
"I am a predator. That's why you love me."

"Honey, everyone believes me until they have been conned ... some even after that."
I included the mug shots above of Niroula, his accomplices, and people that got caught up in everything just because I think it is very obvious who the sociopath is.


  1. Jeez, all those guys are so ugly!!

  2. Another idiot put behind bars.

    Kill a man and sell his house? Jesus Christ, was that really their best option?

  3. is it the friendly innocent looking guy at the bottom by any chance?

  4. ...and i was wrong. it's the obvious guy.

  5. sociopaths are generally very ugly... they try and make up for it by being garbage

  6. Niroula's got some beautiful blue eyes.

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