Wednesday, May 26, 2010


The problem with that kid who faked his way into Harvard was that he took it one step too far. Adam Wheeler allegedly forged several documents to get admitted to Harvard, including straight-A transcripts from MIT and a prestigious prep school. While he was there, he collected tens of thousands of dollars in scholarships and grants. Adam was eventually caught when he applied for the prestigious Rhodes and Fulbright fellowships, using a fake transcript and plagiarized research. A professor he asked for a recommendation from noticed some similarities between Adam’s article and that of another Harvard professor, and that was it for Adam.

Many have noted that Adam would have gotten away with it if he had taken the degree and ran. Probably. Lying is very difficult to pull off flawlessly, particularly a continuing lie, such as pretending to be something or somebody that you aren't. Those lies are like being in the mafia. It can be great at the time, good experience, above average pay, but eventually you want to get out before you get caught or killed.

Some say that this Adam kid got greedy. They say that a lot about con men and habitual bank robbers too. I don't really think that is the issue for a lot of them, though. I think for a lot of people with a lifestyle outside of the law, it is the lifestyle itself that attracts them. Either they want the constant thrill, or there is no legitimate outlet for their particular skills and they'd hate to see their talents go to waste. Or they just don't know any different, or in my case, a little of all three. I have gone too far myself. Eventually you get tired or lazy or sloppy, you make a mistake, and depending who is around to see it, it could be a disaster. Luckily most of my slip ups have been relatively private. But it's sort of a but-for-the-grace-of-god type situation.


  1. M.E. would you kindly answer to my email i sent couple days ago.

  2. no oulet for their skills...
    I like that M.E.

  3. I disagree.

    The problem is that he lied at all. For a sociopath, lying, cheating, and stealing are the easiest ways to get found out. So why even do them at all? You don't have to lie about achievements that are actually yours so simply accomplish them.

    The ONLY thing that a Sociopath has to lie about are their emotions. If this is your only form of deception, it will be very hard for anyone to pull your mask off, and even if they succeed it will be that much harder for them to convince anyone else if they succeed.

    The problem with most sociopaths is lack of discipline. It is something they are inherently lacking in. If a sociopath can teach themselves discipline then, truly, the sky is the limit.


  4. I have to agree AO. I think that is one of the major differences between so-called "successful" sociopaths and the ones who end up in San Quinten. But you have to admit that kid had major cojones to pull that little scheme off.

  5. Sure, he had cojones. You'd have to be one gutsy, insane dude to try and con your way into a Rhodes Scholarship. You'd also have to be kind of stupid. I mean he plagiarized from a professor at his OWN school. If that isn't poor planning I dunno what is.

    Blind confidence and brash courage will only get you as far as luck allows. This reminds me of the story of the soldier who won the Canadian equivalent of the medal of honor in the (Korean War?) for charging a hill full of machine gun nests and single-handedly bayonetting all enemy opposition. Yeah, he won a big medal, he also tried the same thing later on and was killed in the process.

    Frankly, I'd rather play it safe and see my hard work and well laid plans slowly crystallize into something more certain.


  6. Sociopaths who are successful are so because they take risks. Sometimes you take the same risks over and over, then you get comfortable. I don't agree with the above comment that sociopaths should ONLY lie about emotions. There are many things sociopaths are engaged in besides fitting in (which comes naturally anyway), and I'm sure many of them require lying and manipulating. I'm not a fan of absolutes on anyones lifestyle, and sociopaths are the last ones that need them.
    I've taken heavy losses in getting comfortable outside the law. I'm sure many of us have. This bloke was a genius and I liked the article. Cheers to you mate.


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