Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Sociopaths in Shakespeare: Edmund

“Now, gods, stand up for bastards!”

From Edmund’s soliloquy in Shakespeare’s “King Lear”

Edmund, bastard son of Gloucester, is one of Shakespeare’s most intriguing villains. Crafty, manipulative, self starting and utterly anti-social, Edmund ruthlessly climbs the social ladder and into the hearts of two sisters, which in turn finally leads to the destruction of a family and a dynasty. But as he himself lay dying near the end, Edmund seems to repent, to show a spark of humanity. Does this mean he wasn’t really a villain after all? Or can villains actually be more complex than is normally supposed?

If only people were as simple as their labels...


  1. If only people were as simple as their labels...

    From your mouth to my God-complex ears.

  2. Is this question supposed to sound as retarded as it does? It's like asking, "Can some eggs be bigger than others?"

    Dude, seriously. If you're going to write, write something worth reading. These questions aren't thought provoking. They aren't insightful. Every sentient being on this planet is complex, including all the people you resent. Yes, villains are more complex than what is "normally" supposed. Surprise surprise, it's no big secret. Nobody cares. They're dangerous. They get locked up.

    How can you people take this stuff seriously? It's like reading the scribblings of a fourth grade intellect proclaiming to be a master. Yes, little Billy, the sky is blue!

    Conversation ensues.

    About what exactly?
    Was there ever any debate?
    About any of this shit?

    You people are all so fucking stupid, I can't even begin to imagine what it's like to live life the way you do. Seriously, I post on here as the picture perfect definition of stupidity, with hints in all the right places, and you fucks can't see the mockery in it. You're too stupid, or too egotistical, to recognize when you, yourselves, are being mocked, yet you laugh and pat each other on the back for your inside jokes about the stupid "sheep" that make up the general population.

    Please. Spare me.
    You're fucking retards.

    I am the definition of perfection.
    You are weak.
    You have no fire, no passion.
    You follow protocol.
    You are society's bitches,
    and right now, you're M.E.'s bitch.

    M.E., whatever formula you're using to come up with these topics, please switch it up. I'm getting really sick of reading the same shit over and over.


    1. 7 years late but you are possibly the biggest fool I have ever come across. This guy was trying to extend his knowledge on a Shakesperian play and you decide to come on to this and write nothing but pure waffle which has no benefit to any one trying to seek information from this site. Seriously, there is something wrong with you if you have nothing better to be doing them mocking and putting down people. Best of luck in life and maybe in these 7 years you have realised what a spastic you are

  3. Peter Pan said, "Is this question supposed to sound as retarded as it does..."

    Interestingly, I took that last question as rhetorical or maybe even sarcasm. It's possible that's what it was. I also remember that subtly is sometimes difficult for you to grasp, as your latest rants indicate. I didn't mean that as an insult either, just an observation.

  4. No shit it was rhetorical. What's your point? Does M.E. blog to point out stupid shit that everyone already knows, regardless of the literary devices he chooses to use? Who the fuck cares if it's a rhetorical question? Really, who? How is that relevant?

    This blog is an exercise in stupidity.


  5. My point dear PP is that you need to lighten up. It is after all, just a blog. You're just an anonymous and overly dramatic commenter who appears to be taking all of this far too seriously. Chill out man! Get back on those meds, get laid, get a life, something.

    Having said that, I'll take my own advice and cease communicating with you. Life is too short.

    Take care.

  6. Peter Pansy, again, you are a fucking retard!!! I don't think anyone asked for your opinion nor cares when you force it upon us.

  7. I'm sorry, Anonymous. I didn't realize you folks were so sensitive. I'll back off a bit. Let me know if there's anything I can do--short of vanishing, of course--to ease your pain.

  8. Yes sociopathy must exist along a spectrum - just like everything else in physical and psychological reality - and some parts of sociology must be deeper and more interesting than the common assumptions would suggest.
    But is it true in your [whoever reading] view, that for the bulk of sociopaths, there is a very close relationship to the weak and the vulnerable..almost two sides of the same coin of mediocrity? Even though psycopaths despise them and take pleasure in using and abusing them [the weak and vulnerable], nevertheless they are to be found hanging around them, seeking them out, getting their ego kicks out of them.
    It seems that all but the most high functioning sociopaths are fairly low ranking in society and although they abuse the weak, are nevertheless very closely connected to the weak and useless. Talk and think about them constantly (albeit as a way to see themselves in a better light), seek them out, manipulate them, abuse them and so...but it's like a marriage defined by weakness and pointlessness.
    Is this fair or not in your view?

  9. The weak are steps in the stairs to greatness. The relationship you are speaking of is like relating shoes to steps.
    Peter Pan is an attention whore. He's jealous of M.E.'s blog and the attention it gets, so he frequently throws temper tantrums. He makes arguments about nonsense which just sound like long winded speaches about why what he says is important, and why what everyone else says is not. He tries to subvert topics onto nothingness. His nothingness. Why? Because he wants to be the topic, and he is nothing. Just like never never land his reality does not exist except in fairy tales.

  10. Haha, you're such a fool, Pager.

    I don't care if you give me attention. I want to see you get pissed off. I want to see all of you get pissed off, annoyed, disgusted, offended, angry, hurt, sad, confused, etc etc. I don't care if I'm at the source of it or if it's something M.E., TB, or any other dipshit says. I just want to watch the fireworks.

    I love chaos. I love watching people struggle, even if it's as minor as the frustration of being confronted with something beyond their control.

    It's beautiful. Poetic. Soothing.

    There's only so much I can do on this blog, and most is admittedly petty. It works for me, though, and that's all that matters.

    But seriously, if you want to shut me up, either stop getting worked up, or incite each other to anger, and I'll gladly just read and only chime in occasionally to fuel the flames.

  11. Nobody gets worked up over you except that loser Thunderball. You're insignificant. Just like you are in real life. Another nothing.
    You swung the bat several times on this blog and just keep striking out. You can see your comments get more desperate as time goes on, but even at your most offensive all you get is temporary new comers to bite. A failed troll. Wow. How can you live with yourself when you fail even at that.
    I want you to stay. I love tearing into you. You set yourself up like a idiot time and time again.

  12. Oh, how cute.
    Pager thinks his magical sociopath psychic powers allow him to see into my real life. :)

    Please, by all means, continue tearing into "me". Then into the next "me," and the next, and the next, until I run out of fictional personalities for you to waste your time on.

    Do you realize how ridiculous you sound? Just a couple short months ago, you were referring to me as the only one here with a brain. You had no idea who I was then, and you're no closer now.

    The biggest difference between us is that I understand and embrace the fact that most of my comments are stupid. But you seem to think you're actually accomplishing something, demonstrating some kind of intelligence or superiority, when you're really just running in the psychological equivalent to a hamster wheel. For that reason, I'll always have the last laugh, if for no other reason than that I have no shame, no remorse, and no regret, and the delusional hypocrisy so common to SW comments will never cease to amuse me.

    So keep doin' what yer doin' my li'l sociopal, and I'll do the same.

  13. You burn names....

  14. Because you change your opinion...

  15. What you dont understand....

  16. Is that the only person you are fooling is...

  17. You're the only one I know of who switches names. Looks like the jokes on you, eh?

  18. You are the joke

  19. I am the punchline

  20. Ummmm. Can someone say weirdo???


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