Friday, October 31, 2008

S is for Sociopath!

Interestingly, I saw this endorsement of my break-up-with-a-sociopath method to be used by sociopaths against empaths:
Seriously. I thought 'well, how can I get rid of him?'. He is a phantom from the past, who planned to haunt me with accusations of horrible things. He said he 'only wants our friendship back'. Yeah sure (sarcasm).

Now, I thought later, how can get rid of him without antagonising him? Obviously, making him drift away. If he decided he don't wanna be my friend any more, because I have become a horrible person, who's to blame for the failed friendship but him?
And then, a tiny little voice on the back of my voice said 'hey, back here is the product of a privileged childhood with very spoiling parents, maids, drivers, and very little conscience'. Why not? I mean, I could use being a sociopath for a while. So, I switched to my sociopath mode, and one MSN conversation later he got completely scared.

Lying, manipulating, and being a complete arsehole can be a lot of fun if your conscience can be switched off for a while!

I was missing the sociopath in me. Now, I'm gonna hug myself and gloat in my awesomeness. Then I'll dominate the world and everything in it :)
What a charming tale of sociopath empowerment. I used to have a little post-it note above my desk at work: "Go, go super sociopath." You know, just as a reminder of who I was for whenever I needed to bring down the sociopath wrath on the heads of my enemies or otherwise plot their doom.


  1. Yes Sociopaths are everywhere. They are Cold and Emotionless and are the worst kind fo human beings. Myself and many others are being stalked and harassed on a daily basis by this woman:

    1. Doesnt give the right to be an abusive sociopath in retaliation like this aricle suggest js the writer and many commentors sound sociopathic themselves


  3. That Angela Bauer crap is NOT sociopathy. Does she really sound in control to you?
    What Angela is to "empaths," is how "empaths" are to sociopaths.
    If you don't see that, then you are an empath. Now burst into tears like I'm accusing you of something. Or burst into tears like I'm trying to say I'm "better" than you. (But don't try to improve yourself.)

  4. The NAgela Buer incident is more cyberpath than sociopath. Either way, she is a messed up woman with no understanding of right and wrong.

  5. breaking up is easy,they will just simply find another idiot,its your emotions and common sence that you must get in check and just find another and redirect your time and energy

  6. My sp was smart charming said all the right things. Showed interest even let me beleive he loved me without ever saying it. He said it was in his actions... i knew better especialy when he completely alienated me when a better prospect shiwed up. He would spend weeks ignoring me saying horrible things about my family and even my kids. Telling me my words were worthless or how selfish i was. Yet all the time i paid every bill. Mortgage electric his phone as well as mine. Even give him moneys for his car. Helped him to see his daughter whom he left in another state. All the while pleasing him sexualy the only way he or anal. I nvr got any sarisfaction sexualy. Some how he turned everything around as if it were my fault. When he stopped having sex w me it was my fault he hurt his back..bla bla bla...those are words he used on me when i tried to express my feelings or to talk about what was real.. our lives and people in it. The only comversations he had w me were about third world countrys and bs like the weather. If i dared bring up his faults or hoe he was treating me he spinned it to be something i did to deserve his treatment. My family wondered why he wouls disapear when there was a gathering or why he never helped w bills. Or why after six years he hadnt introduced me to his own child while im letting him live w my kids.... im just now understanding that he has no concius no guilt no remorse... worst no love... i feel sadned that he will never know love or give it. But i am happy now i know that i can find someone i can love and will love me back. " Goodbye sociopath" "HELLO LIFE"

  7. "When some people see things as beautiful other things become ugly.
    When some people see some things as good other become bad."

    This quote could be used to put sociopaths in perspective, as closely as possible. By reading the quote you began to realize not very closely at all. Funny how sociopath world is about sociopaths but most of the humans that have something to say have a very narrow sketch of how a sociopath is. Not only is it rare that you will encounter someone that is and owns up to it. Most will never get a from row seat, most will never understand just how complex our minds are. For those that do, see what so many will never see. There is no way to defend yourself, it is the ultimate "power" I guess you could say. There is no way to stop it and when you catch it you're so easily manipulated to believe otherwise. No one wins but the sociopath, humans care too much. That's why they are such an easy target. But sociopaths are humans, just a better version. On the subject of love, sociopaths can love deeper than humanly possible. Everyone that says otherwise is fixated on the idea that love is red roses, cards and teddy bears. Snap out of it for a second, stop being human for a second and put it into perspective. The kind of love most people will never feel, true love. Humans just corrupted the idea of love; the world makes too many rules for love. You just have to let it do what it does. With that being said, all this breakdown of a sociopath is very general. It's not this simple(not like it's simple at all) but each sociopath is different. It's very easy to filter out the real sociopaths and the people giving their two cents. Let me write this now because I might never take the time to do so detailed. Most comments are a waste of time, much like mine. Because real sociopaths won't take much time to explain ourselves. Sites like this and other breakdowns are only to keep hope alive among humans, the vulnerables... That there is a way to prevent it. To avoid being played, that's just it. You are like a piece in a game of chess. There's no way out but through. For the people that will argue about how I am wrong, just remember: you are not in my head. You will never be, you will always be where I want you. Silly vulnerables.. Therefore the puzzle cannot be solved. Only by a true sociopath, which many will never encounter. Have fun trying though! Best of luck, you'll need it.

    P.S I find it hilarious that before commenting it says, please prove you are not a robot. Hahahaha. What?! Most humans are, that's what make them so predictable. Easily manipulated. HA! Hashtag sociopath humor? Haha, anyone.....? No.... Okay. :b At least I found it funny.


  8. when I was younger I thought it was so cool to be able to turn me being an ass hole on and off at will this defiantly helped me in my life constantly and I would generally be rewarded when I turned it on and rarely when I turned it off unless it had gotten me in a messy situation yeah when i was a kid i thought it was like my super power ha ha

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