Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Outting Myself?

M.E.: I'm planning on outing myself as a sociopath in my next book club meeting for East of Eden. What do you think? Good idea or bad idea?
Friend: Hm. People don't really understand what you mean by that. They just think you are being facetious, and East of Eden is not the venue for facetiousness
M.E.: Well, it has the one character who is a sociopath, right? People always say she is this caricature of evil when really she is just like a textbook sociopath.
Friend: I dunno buddy. Why out yourself?
M.E.: Maybe I don’t want to be ashamed of it. I feel like it is the topic of the day for me, so to speak.
Friend: are you ashamed?
M.E.: No, but why would i need to lie about it?
Friend: No one is asking you if you are one. Don’t ask don’t tell. :)
M.E.: I seriously feel like these are my people and we are constantly being maligned.
Friend: Buddy... I think the only sociopaths that are maligned are the ones that hurt people. You don’t hurt people.
M.E.: Don’t I?
Friend: Well, maybe the approach should be like--hey, I have problems, don’t understand social norms, but I adapt and learn... blah blah blah. And that's not entirely true... I think people are really coming around about people with autism and Aspergers. Sociopath implies serial killer.
M.E.: I know! Oppression!
Friend: Well, considering the other popular -path is psychopath...


  1. Friend: well, maybe the approach should be like -- hey, i have problems, don’t understand social norms, but i adapt and learn... blah blah blah. and that's not entirely true... i think people are really coming around about people with autism and aspergers. sociopath implies serial killer
    M.E.: i know! oppression!

    LOL! That' nice!

    Instead of "way to keep the black man down, yo!" you come up with the sociopath's equivalent!

  2. The best way to convince people that you are not a sociopath is to admit that you are one in a seemingly honest and candid manner, thereby demonstrating "honorable" traits that negate the diagnosis. I've witnessed a very clever sociopath successfully pull this off and could only watch in utter shock as people fell all over themselves to help him realize that he was mistaken about himself and needed help to see what a good person he was.

    It's pretty damned clever. But dangerous when victims of said sociopath become a scapegoat to blame for this horrific injustice.


    1. yep, i met a sociopath who did this. she's a total con.

  3. You've already been outed. You're Jamie Lund. Re: your book's less-than-stellar reception, I blame your editor. How could s/he not tell you? There is only one thing this society finds more disgusting than the sickest, most sadistic, most brutal murderer: a dull jerk.

  4. i do realy enjoy your book it helped me find myself

  5. She has been revealed as Jamie lund:


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